Digital Art

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The Last Knight Megatron (voyager) in Africa

MMC Vos in a cave being watched by the Borg

B'Boom/Apache with Stampy in an african plain

Combiner Wars Leozak in Alaska

Power of the Primes Punch in a dried lake

Titans Return Alpha Trion on Cybertron

Transformers Prime Cliffjumper in Houston Texas

CHUG Runabout and Runamuck

Robotmasters Beast Megatron on Mustafar

KO Impossible Toys Quintesson on Cybertron (or the grid from Tron)

Siege Shockwave in a Decepticon Base

Maketoys Tailgate meme

WFC Optimus Prime on Cybertron (or Coruscant)

Transmetal Rattrap on an alien world

Studio Series Cogman and TLK Hot Rod in an Autobot Hangar

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October 23 2019