Digital Art

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RTS Grapple (aka Hauler to me) at Camera Canon

Studio Series Ironhide in Cambridge

Siege Flywheels outside of a Building with a Borg Cube watching

Unite Warriors Swindle in Washington DC

CHUG THunderwing in the Machine City from the Matrix

POTP Landmine in Boston Commons

AOE Crosshairs vs Beast Wars Inferno in a field

Beast Wars Tripredacus Agent in a temple

POTP Abominus on an Alien Planet

RiD2.0 Drift in a winter night

TR Kup on LV426

RiD2.0 Soundwave (to me this was pre-earth Soundwave) on Cybertron

CHUG Cosmos by a building

Botcon Gelshark/Skybyte in a cave

Prime Dead End by a diner

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December 10th 2019