Digital Art

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CW Drag Strip in the Boston Gardens

CW Pyra Magna in Germany

CW Breakdown on a bridge

First Edition TF Prime Bumblebee in a parking lot

Unite Warriors Slingshot in India

CW Blackjack on the street

Titans Return Convobat in a field

TR Hot Rod in Beijing

CW Optimus vs Studio Series ROTF Megatron

Studio Series Clunker Bumblebee at the beach

UW Afterburner in Bespin

Beast Wars Neo Saberback in an Alien Desert

Perfect Effect Beast Gorira (Aka Optimal Optimus) on Yavin 5

Siege Megatron in a city

Fansproject Blue Armor (aka Ultra Magnus the Duly appointed protector of the Tyrest Accord)

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December 11th 2019