Digital Art

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Skywarp on Tattooine

Siege Chromia on Cybertron (or Bespin)

Prime Ratchet outside of a hospital in Houston Texas

Tarn in the Machine City from the Matrix

Studio Series Stinger in a parking lot

POTP Sinnertwin in a cave

FOC Thundercracker on Cybertron (or Nar Shaada)

CHUG Arcee at 7-11

UW Swindle in an army base

Studio Series Clunker Bee outside of the mall

CW Pyra Magna and TR Nautica on Caminus

TF Prime Breakdown by a castle

SS38 Bee movie Optimus in Boston

Siege Megatron on the bridge of a Decepticon Warship (or the Enterprise d)

Cosmos on Mars

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January 3rd 2020