Digital Art

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Skywarp on Tattooine

Siege Chromia on Cybertron (or Bespin)

Prime Ratchet outside of a hospital in Houston Texas

Tarn in the Machine City from the Matrix

Studio Series Stinger in a parking lot

POTP Sinnertwin in a cave

FOC Thundercracker on Cybertron (or Nar Shaada)

Arcee at 7-11

UW Swindle in an army base

Studio Series Clunker Bee outside of the mall

CW Pyra Magna and TR Nautica on Caminus

TF Prime Breakdown

SS38 Bee movie Optimus in Boston

Siege Megatron on the bridge of a Decepticon Warship (or the Enterprise d)

Cosmos on Mars

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January 3rd 2020