Digital Art

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POTP Outback on Hyrule

Siege Optimus Prime vs Beast Hunters Leader Predaking

BW Dinobot on the Axalon

CHUG Straxus (not Darkmount) in a Decepticon Room

TR Skullcrusher in Baltimore

Maketoys Tailgate in China

Prime Bulkhead on Rishi

TR Getaway on a farm

Shockwave inventing Pretenders (and giving a logical reason for them)

DOTM Darksteel on an alien planet

TLK Bumbleee in Southold Long Island

TR Repugnus vs TLK Megatron

Siege Flywheels at an abandoned mall

Hound Times TWO (Siege and TLK)

CHUG Thunderwing at a Sith Temple

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January 4th 2020