Digital Art

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TR Misfire in front of Power lines

Transformers Prime Ratchet with Energon Crystals

Too bad Optimus Prime can't be President. Constitutionally it can't happen because he wasn't born in the US

TR Brawn in a wasteland

TR Blurr in a Meadow

This pic goes out to all of my Boston friends. CHUG ARCEE in Fenway Park

RTS Grapple (aka Hauler) by a building at night

BW Silverbolt on Eukaris

First Edition Transformers Prime Bumblebee in front of an abandoned mall

Combiner Wars Victorion in Alaska

WFC Optimus on Cybertron

SND Nova Prime (thanks Geekatron Prime for assembling him for me) on an alien planet

TR Overlord (the clear exclusive Prime masters make really good engines) in Alaska

Generations Cosmos at Best Western

Studio Series Stinger in Boston

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January 5th 2020