Digital Art

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Robotmasters Optimus Primal in Africa

Transmetal 2 Iguanus by an abandoned private school

CHUG Trailbreaker in the apocalypse

iGear Gears in Paris

POTP Darkwing/Blackwing in the post apocalypse

UW Superion in Australia

Takara Legends Dai Atlas in a hangar

BW Shadow Panther vs RiD2.0 Strongarm in a stadium

POTP Wreck Gar in a Junkion Ship

Armada Wheeljack in a city

CW Liokaiser at an approaching storm

MMC Megatron on the lost light

Takara Legends Sonic Bomber by a tree

Redeco of Transmetal Waspinator in a Predacon Base

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January 10th 2020