Digital Art

This Page is for the digital art I have created using my Transformers Collection and Photoshop

Click on the figure in the picture to be taken to their profile page (if it exists)

Transformers Prime Megatron (with the upgrade kit) at a military base

Siege Optimus Prime vs Impossible Toys Nightbird

Beast Machines Jetstorm on Cybertron

Combiner Wars Torchbearers

If you can find it, get the Renderform head for TR Galvatron. It really makes the figure a great one

TLK Hound vs TLK Megatron on a green field

CHUG Tracks by a mansion

Combiner Wars Dezarus in Africa

iGear Gears by a castle

Another great Renderform accessory!
Titans Return Metalhawk

POTP Dreadwind in a Decepticon Ship

Titans Return Brawn in the depot

A scene from the Marvel G1 book

Planet X Snarl vs Victorion

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October 25 2019