Digital Art

Click on the Transformer to be taken to their profile (if it exists)

Siege Shockwave talking to Megatron in a Decepticon Base

TR Metalhawk flying in Armenia

Botcon Gelshark/SkyByte at the beach (gun is a shapeways gun)

Beast Machines Blackarachnia under Cybertron

CW Dead End in a town

Robotmasters Optimus Primal at a bar

Studio Series Jazz in Aztec Ruins

Studio Series Drift vs Beast Metals Megatron in a Green Field

Skids in Commack Long Island

TR Orion Pax on Cybertron

MMC Megatron vs Siege Ironhide in Russia

TLK Hound in a Meadow

CHUG Sandstorm on Utapu

Arms Micron Jet Vehicon in Boston Public Garden

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January 26th 2020