Digital Art

This Page is for the digital art I have created using my Transformers Collection and Photoshop

Click on the transformer to be takento their profile (if the profile exists)

CW Liokaiser vs Unite Warriors Computron

A scene from the G1 Episode Kremzeek

Beast Wars Metals Megatron on main street

Studio Series Ironhide in Africa

CW Guyhawk on an Alien Planet

Takara Legends Roadburn in front of a castle

Titans Return Weirdwolf in a Decepticon Base

Studio Series Shadow Raider

TAV Evil Ratchet on an alien planet

Siege Ironhide in front of an Abandoned Store

Titans Return Misfire in a cave

Siege Soundwave in Africa

Titans Return Galvatron vs Titans Return Alpha Trion in front of the Eifel Tower

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October 25 2019