Digital Art

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Masterpiece Ratbat in Paris

God Ginrai (or Optimus Prime with Apex Armor) in the apocalpyse

TR Convobat vs TM2 Dinobot in a city street at night

Studio Series Sideswipe in a farm at night

ARmada Megatron in Nebraska

TR Hot Rod looking for Ghosts

Maketoys Swerve in a garage

Transformers Adventures Decepticon Ratchet (or as I like to call him, Toxin) in Germany

Toyworld Goldbug in a fortress

POTP Blot in Greece

TLK Barricade at a golf course

TLK Hot Rod in France

RiD2.0 Stormshot at an Observatory

Beast Wars II Galvatron in the desert

TR Chromedome on Nebulos

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February 18th 2020