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Combiner Wars Skylynx vs the Borg

Takara Blackarachnia in the woods

Transmetal Cheetor vs TR Scourge

CHUG Tracks vs ROTF Ravage

TR Repugnus vs Energon Snowcat in Antarctica

CHUG Bumblebee at Ankgor Watt

Original Beast Wars Tarantulas in the temple of Unicron

Transformers Prime Megatron (with Upgrade Kit) in an alien stronghold

Cybertron Cannonball in a Crystal Garden

TLK Hot Rod in India

TR Wheelie at an abandoned Store

Beast Wars Metals Megatron vs TR Convobat in the desert

Titans Return Overlord at Jones Beach in Long Island

CHUG Smokescreen on a desert road

BW Jetstorm in a canyon

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February 21th 2020