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RID Black Convoy vs Beast Hunters Optimus Prime

Siege SOundwave by a windmill

Titans Return Alpha Trion vs OS KO of RiD2.0 Megatronus on Cybertron (or the grid from Tron)

POTP Hungurr in a green field

POTP Moonracer in a Cybertronian Temple

CHUG Bombshell in Queens NY

RiD2.0 Optimus Prime skydiving

CHUG Jetfire in Earth's Orbit

CHUG Trailbreaker vs Armada Megatron by a church in the fog

Siege Ironhide at an Apartment Complex

CHUG Wreck Gar in Prague

CHUG Starscream in a hangar

Titans Return Super Ginrai (aka Powermaster Optimus Prime) in a green field

Studio Series Bumblebee movie Bumblebee in an apartment complex

Siege Sideswipe (with Cog) vs CHUG Thundercracker on a Decepticon Ship

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February 22nd 2020