Digital Art

This Page is for the digital art I have created using my Transformers Collection and Photoshop

Click on the transformer to be takento their profile (if the profile exists)

POTP Octopunch in Disney World

Titans Return Chromedome in Baltimore

TF Prime Leader Class Predaking vs TLK Megatron

MMC Roller in Iacon

Junkions on Junkion

Studio Series WW2 Bumblebee (or as I call him, Centurion) in a foggy field

Unite Warriors Lightspeed in Alcatraz

Studio Series Starscream plotting against POTUS

Unite Warriors Scattershot on Cybertron

TF Prime Jet Vehicon plotting against Han Solo

Beast Machines/TF Universe Night Slash Cheetor in a yellow field

CHUG Hoist in Berlin NY

Siege Ironhide in the Depot level of Goldeneye

Siege Ultra Magnus vs BW Metals Transmetal Megatron

This is a scene from the Marvel G1 Book

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October 26 2019