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BW Dinobot vs CHUG CYclonus (with maketoys add on) in the desert

TLK Hot Rod at Route 66

Beast Wars Shadow Panther in front of a castle

Siege Hound on LV426

Studio Series Drift

Decepticon Ratchet (Aka Toxin to me) on a Decepticon Ship

CW Rust Dust on Caminus

Studio Series Clunker Bumblebee at McDonalds

BW Tripredacus Agent on a Space Ship

Siege Springer in Chicago

CHUG Inferno in Europe

RiD2.0 Bee vs Prime Megatron

POTP Dreadwing on Nebulos

BW TM2 Scourge vs BW Original Cheetor in front of a castle

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February 24th 2020