Digital Art

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Prime Ratchet in Greek Ruins

Beast Wars Metals Megatron in the apocalypse

Transmetal Optimus Primal vs CHUG Skywarp

TR Hot Rod in a street at night

Cyber Battalion Shockwave in Australia

TLK Hound vs ROTF Ravage

KFC Cow in a field (I call him Cowtron)

CHUG RHinox and Transmetal Cheetor in a Maximal Base on Eukaris

Torchbearer in Hampton Court

Siege Ironhide by a desert school

POTP Outback in a town

Studio Series Jazz in an asian temple

TFCC Barricade in a bad neighborhood

CHUG Wreck Gar on Junkion

CW Sky Lynx vs Gobots Zod

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March 2nd 2020