Digital Art

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A weak homage to DOTM with FE Prime Bumblebee and SS Crowbar

Super Mach Alert at Harvard

Titans Return Hot Rod vs Beast Wars Metals Megatron

First Edition Prime Bee outside of a haunted house with Steven Segal looking at him

Studio Series Bee movie Bumblebee outside of a building

Studio Series Cogman on an alien planet

Studio Series Drift by a tree

Titans Return Misfire flying in the night

CHUG Inferno on Geonosis

Transformers Prime Bulkhead outside of a building

Arms Micron (Prime) Wildrider

Cybertron Vector Prime in a temple of unicron

Maketoys Add On Cyclonus on Charr

Toyworld Goldbug in Mos Eisley

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March 6th 2020