Digital Art

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A weak homage to DOTM with FE Prime Bumblebee and SS Crowbar

Super Mach Alert at Harvard

Titans Return Hot Rod vs Beast Wars Metals Megatron in a green field

First Edition Prime Bee outside of a haunted house with Steven Segal looking at him

Studio Series Bee movie Bumblebee outside of a building

Studio Series Cogman on an alien planet

Studio Series Drift by a tree

Titans Return Misfire flying in the night

CHUG Inferno on Geonosis

Transformers Prime Bulkhead outside of a building

Arms Micron (Prime) Wildrider

Cybertron Vector Prime in a temple of unicron

Maketoys Add On Cyclonus on Charr

Toyworld Goldbug in Mos Eisley

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March 6th 2020