Digital Art

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A scene from the Bumblebee movie with CHUG Figures

Titans Return Hot Rod on an Alien Planet

CHUG Tracks in a cityscape

Studio Series World War 2 Bumblebee at Angkor Wat

CHUG Sideswipe in Mexico City

Combiner Wars Optimus vs a Skywatch Mech

KSI Sentry at Disneyland

CHUG Armada Starscream in a Decepticon Room

Transmetal Cheetor Flying

POTP Ricochet in a park

POTP Punch in Iceland

PE Beast Gorira (aka Optimal Optimus) on an alien planet

Siege Soundwave in Houston Texas

Titans Return Hot Rod in Washington DC during an invasion of the Borg

Beast Machines Cheetor on Cybertron

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March 10th 2020