Digital Art

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CHUG Cyclonus flying on an alien planet

Decepticons thwarting an alien invasion

Robotmasters Optimus Primal vs Car Robots Black Convoy at the Eifel tower

POTP Skullgrin vs Titans REturn Titan Master Repugnus

Siege Hound at an Irish Castle

Prime Dreadwing and his legion in Egypt

PX Apollo (WFC Ultra Magnus) in a temple of the primes

Prime Dead End on an alien planet

Beast Wars Neo Big Convoy in the Forbidden City

Siege Shockwave on Venus

Titans Return Orion Pax on Cybertron

Titans Return Scourge flying in space

TLK Hound in a field

SS38 Optimus Prime in Fortress Tyberius

CHUG Ramjet flying in skyline city

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March 11th 2020