Digital Art

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Studio Series Shadow Raider in Vice City

Titans Return Blurr by a cabin

Combiner Wars Dead End in a park

YOTS Omega Supreme vs Gobots Zod in Australia

AOE/TLK Autobots in the Desert

Siege Megatron in a Decepticon Ship

Siege Great Shot in Morocco

CHUG Arcee vs UT Rampage in the desert

Beast Hunters Optimus Prime on an Alien Planet

UW Silverbolt flying in the grand canyon

CHUG Springer on an Alien Planet

RiD2.0 Power Surge Starscream in Brooklyn NY powered by the Underbase (this is a weak homage to the G1 Marvel Book)

POTP Wreck Gar on a dirt road

Combiner Wars Pyra Magna on Caminus

CHUG Skywarp at the bank (I think in Florida)

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March 18th 2020