Digital Art

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Transmetal Optimus Primal on Eukaris

Studio Series Ratchet vs TLK Barricade at the Washington Monument

Perfect Effect Jetpower Optimus Prime vs Titans Return Misfire in Vienna

Transmetal Megatron vs MMC Megatron on Venus

RiD2.0 Bumblebee on Utapu

Powermaster Optimus Prime on Cybertron (or the grid from Tron)

Siege Ironhide on Tattooine

Perfect Effect Jinrai vs Prime Vehicon at Stonehenge

Cyber Battalion Shockwave at the Northern Lights

Studio Series Bumbebee by a library

Unite Warriors Lightspeed in Athens

CHUG Wheeljack at the Ashton Apartments

Titans Return Kup and MMC Impactor at a Cybertronian Bar (wreck n' rule!)

Studio Series Sideswipe by a building

Siege Brunt vs Studio Series Cogman by a nuclear power plant

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March 30th 2020