Digital Art

Click on the Transformer to be taken to their profile (if it exists)

Titans Return Galvatron looking at Earth from the Moon

UT Predacons in Mongolia

Prime Skyquake on a field

ITF OS KO of WFC Optimus Prime on Cybertron

Transformers Prime Cliffjumper by some graphitti

MMC Megatron in a catacomb

Robotmasters Optimus Primal in a Halo background (i like to think this is Eukaris)

Titans Return Misfire at Oriente Station

Siege Optimus Prime leaving Raccoon City

Studio Series WW2 Bumblebee at Berlin Gate

Titans Return Octane at the apocalypse

Planet X Grimlock vs ROTF Megatron

CHUG Nightbeat vs Impossible Toys Nightbird in Antarctica

CHUG Bumblebee on an Alien Planet

CHUG Skids in a dried lake

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March 31st 2020