Dr Wu Transformers Prime Dark Star Saber


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Original Price: 9.99-14.99 on ebay

Commentary -

Dr Wu is probably one of my favorite 3P upgrade makers. Even the sets that I'm not immediately drawn to, I wind up getting. I'm pretty sure I have more Dr Wu 3P stuff than any other upgrade maker. The Dark Star Saber had a little more exposure in the show than the regular Star Saber, but it still was only in a hand full of episodes. I ADORE this sword. I actually have about 6 of just the purple ones. I'm not going to describe what the swords look like because a picture is worth a thousand words and you can just look above the text to see how they look. But one thing you can't get from the picture is, the handle has a removable peg on the bottom of the handle which you have to take off to put in the hands of the figure. For every Megatron, and even Tarn, I have a purple sword for. My ROTF Bludgeon has the Green sword. My SDCC Nemesis Prime has the red Dark Star Saber. There is also a clear blade, but thats the only version of the sword i don't have and honestly, I doubt I will ever get it. A clear sword just doesn't work for me. But that's my personal choice, if you want a clear sword, you will not be disappointed with anything Dr Wu makes. The quality of the plastic is as good as Hasbro's if not possibly a little better. One of my swords broke, but as I mentioned earlier, i have at least 6 of the purple ones so it isn't really an issue. At one point, the Purple Sword was out of production and I saw a bunch of them go for at least 60 dollars on ebay. I refuse to pay that much for an accessory, no matter what it is. But soon after the purple swords were sold out, Dr Wu made another batch.

Pros -

It's incredibly well made and works with almost any Megatron or Decepticon you may have

Cons -

In comparison to the Dr Wu Star Saber, it's about 90% as well made. so that really isn't a big deal.

Grade -

This upgrade kit gets a 9.75 out of 10.

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