Dr Wu Transformers Prime Star Saber

Original Price: 9.99-14.99 on ebay

Commentary -

Dr Wu is probably one of my favorite 3P upgrade makers. Even the sets that I'm not immediately drawn to, I wind up getting. I'm pretty sure I have more Dr Wu 3P stuff than any other upgrade maker. The Star Saber was only in 2 or 3 episodes of Transformers Prime, yet it became incredibly iconic. Dr Wu made 2 different Star Sabers based on the design in Transformers Prime. One with a blue blade and one with a silver blade. Honestly, I love them both tremendously. Both of the swords have 5mm handles and can be held by any figure with a 5mm hand. Aside for the blue and silver, Dr Wu made (in lower numbers) a black hilt with a red blade, and a blue hilt with a red blade. Oh and a silver hilt with a purple blade. Honestly, I have all of them. The silver handle with the blue blade, I think i have 4 of. Off the top of my head, I know I arm my Takara Legends Ginrai (aka Powermaster Optimus Prime) with that one, but I had to dremel down the hilt a little bit. Siege Optimus Prime (and when I get Earthrise) is armed with the silver on silver. TR Overlord is armed with the Black hilt with the red blade. TR Galvatron and POTP Rodimus Unicronus both have the purple blade. This is a well constructed (similar if not better quality than a Hasbro release) but I would only give this to an adult collector. It is a bit sharp and a kid may hurt themselves with it. Ironically, I don't arm my TF Prime Optimus Prime with the Dr. Wu Star Saber. The version of Prime Optimus Prime that I have is the APC KO of First Edition Optimus and it came with its own Star Saber that was based on the Dr Wu version, but if you have the next to each other, you can see that they are not the same.

Pros -

It's incredibly well made and works with almost any Prime you have

Cons -

Honestly, No cons at all.

Grade -

This upgrade kit gets a 10 out of 10.

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