Earthrise 2020 Predictions

Since I did a 2020 prediction for Studio Series, I am going to do one for Earthrise (the generations line for 2020).  Like I did with Studio Series, I am going to take into account the trends for the last few years.  It seems like Hasbro got into a good groove with Siege and my first prediction is that Earthrise will be as fun.

Since Battlemasters and Micromasters are too chaotic to make any type of accurate prediction, I m going to leave those out.  I will only be attempting to predict what will come out in Deluxe, Voyager, Leader, and Commander.

So to quote Heath Ledger as the Joker, here we go….

Here’s the facts

1) Every Generations line of Transformers since Combiner Wars has had AT LEAST one Optimus Prime, some have had 2 (see Titans Return).

2) Every Generations line has had at least one Megatron aside for Power of the Primes.  There was a Megatronus, but that isn’t REALLY Megatron.

3) There was 1 commander size figure

4) There was 5 Leader sized figures in Siege (and Selects which used Siege molds), three of the 5 were original molds.  There was one straight repaint (Shack Wave) and one HEAVY retool (Cybertron Optimus Prime)

5) There were 15 Voyager sized figures in 2019 between Siege and Selects.  Six were unique molds.  Two of the unique molds were not retooled or repainted at all.

6) There were approximately 30 (maybe 31) Deluxe figures.  6 were weaponizers, 3 of the weaponizers were retools of the other 3 weaponizers.  11 of the 30 (or 31) were unique molds (including the weaponizers).  Which means 19 or 20 were retools or repaints. (counting the Refraktor 3 pack as one figure)

7) Earthrise has already shown that this year’s version of weaponizers will be bases for Micromasters.  

8) At least for Optimus Prime, as leader figures in Siege had armor to make them bigger, it seems like that is continuing to some effect, a voyager figure which comes with extra “stuff” to add to the price point.

9) From what we’ve already seen revealed, it looks like Earthrise will redo many characters from the first 2 seasons of G1 with some wild card members (like they did Spinister, Apeface, and Barricade).

Unlike my studio series predictions, Generations can be a little more tricky.  Where there is a more defined list for Studio Series, it is a bit harder to gauge what will be released in those “wildcard” figures.

So here’s what has been announced


Optimus Prime with Trailer




Ironworks (Micromaster base)

So here’s my predictions for each size class with my defined probability.


I heard a rumor about Sky Lynx, but that is far from confirmed.  Probability Medium High

Tidal Wave - Not rumored, but there is a lot of fan desire.  Also, 2019’s commander class figure was an Autobot, so I think they may want to mix it up a little.  I would say medium probability

Other Possibilities……

Star Saber - medium low probability.  He didn’t win the fan vote for POTP and aside for a very short list Hasbro isn’t known for releasing a ton of Japanese characters.  I know he was in IDW, so that may help.  

Deathsaurus - basically the same exact thing I said about Star Saber

Overlord - low probability.  Again, primarily Japanese figure, and yes he was in IDW.  But Overlord was in Titans Return and he got INCREDIBLY marked down.


Optimus Prime (already been announced and revealed)

Bomber IDW Megatron (from about the same time as the Chaos storyline click on Megatron's text to see a pic of what this figure would look like if made) - I think this specific Megatron is a lot more probable than other possibilities and my guess for IDW Bomber Megatron hits 2 different size classes.  It isn’t written in stone that Optimus and Megatron have to be in the same size class.  In Combiner Wars, Optimus was a Voyager and Megatron was a leader.  But IF they are going to do the same size class, I can see Megatron coming with armor which makes him look like how he fought D-Void.   Probability that Megatron will be in the line, near 100%.  Probability that he will be a Leader sized figure, maybe 50%.  I chose this Megatron as a possibility two fold, 1 because Earthrise (from what we’ve heard) is going to stick close to Earth based modes and Bomber Megatron is one of TWO obvious choices (see my voyager guesses).  

Rodimus Prime - Probability that he will be in Earthrise, low.  Probability that he will be made with how I can potentially see a leader Rodimus is medium high.  With Optimus Prime coming, we’re finally getting a near perfect Generations Optimus Prime.  So use that model to make the perfect Rodimus Prime, a voyager figure with a trailer that turns into a battle platform.  No armor that turns Hot Rod into Rodimus.  No way too big figure like what they did in Power of the Primes.  But again, I’m not sure I can see them doing Season 3 characters until chapter 3 of War For Cybertron

EITHER Toxitron or a Black Convoy/Nemesis Prime/RID Scourge - easy repaint/retool of Earth Rise Optimus, which we already know is coming out.  High Probability, if I were to choose one that I can see having the highest probability, I think I would guess RID Scourge with a different trailer and accessories from Earthrise Optimus.

Octane - I’m throwing this in as the final original mold for Earthrise for 2 reasons.  1) if he were made as a leader, he could also potentially be an easy retool to make RID Scourge.  But Siege has Astrotrain as a leader.  So since Hasbro is redoing the Decepticon Triple Changers, I can see him being a potential candidate.  Probability is medium

Thunderwing - Thunderwing is one of the more interesting Decepticon leaders.  His g1 pretender gimmick could very easily fall in line with the play pattern of the armor add on feature.  He’s lower probability than I would think, mainly because I don’t remember him ever being on Earth in the G1 comic.  But maybe in 2021.  Low probability.  Less than Rodimus Prime.

Finally, (and this only counts if they do an IDW Bomber Megatron) G2 Dreadwing - pretty easy retool, change the armor to a big missile launcher and add a new head.  Bada bing bada boom,  Probability (if IDW Bomber Megaton Made) high probability.  If Bomber Megatron ISN’T made, incredibly low probability.

Thunderclash - This could EITHER be a new mold all together, or a significant retool of Earthrise Optimus Prime.  It fits in with the play pattern of a Voyager figure with added STUFF.  The only problem is, he isn’t the most well known character.  Probability… medium low.  If this list is at all accurate, I can see one of the following being made; Star Saber, Deathsaurus, or Thunderclash.  DEF not all three.  Considering Thunderclash has the most Earth-like alt mode, I would give Thunderclash a higher probability than the other two.

Sentinel Prime - we’ve already seen Hasbro retool Astrotrain into Sentinel Prime.  Maybe they will do it again, but honestly, I don’t think they will. Low Probability. Honestly, I could potentially see an Animated Sentinel Prime in a CHUG aesthetic (like CHUG Lugnut) before an Astrotrain retool.

Nova Prime/IDW Nemesis Prime - a retool of Siege Cybertron Optimus Prime.  Its possible, but the only way I see this happening is if it is a selects release.  Nova Prime isn’t the most well known character.  Although they have released retools of figures from previous lines in future lines. Low Probability

ONE random weird redeco.  This takes the place of Shackwave.  Some obscure diaclone or canceled toy figure to pad out Selects.  Probability - near 100%


Starscream (revealed)
Grapple (revealed)

Okay, lets get the elephant in the room addressed first.  
Inferno retool/redeco of Grapple - incredibly high probability.  Anything can happen, but since G1 had Grapple and Inferno share a mold, I really doubt they won’t do the obvious redeco.  I’d say this is near 100% probability

The other elephant in the room taking a crap and eating peanuts….
Thundercracker and Skywarp - This is a little less probable than everyone thinks.  Obviously, everyone who likes GEEWUN-esque figures wants a voyager release of Skywarp and Thundercracker from that mold.  It would take little to no new parts for Hasbro to make (maybe a different head for one or both of them just to distinguish from each other).  But remember, when POTP came out, everyone was expecting the other seekers.  So I’m not saying it is a guarantee, but it’s pretty high probability.  Considering that it looks like the Siege Seekers sold pretty well, I’d wager that they want to do the same thing again and give us a bunch of redecos and retools from that mold.  People are gonna buy them and it isn’t going to cost Hasbro a lot of money.

Coneheads - again, if the other 2 seekers are made, I wouldn’t guarantee that the Coneheads are coming from that beautiful Starscream mold, but I can see it being more probable than not.  A little extra thought is that, we haven’t had a new Ramjet in 13 years.  We’ve NEVER had voyager Coneheads that weren’t Third Party.  I can see Target or Amazon or Walmart doing a 3 pack of all 3 Coneheads.  Medium Probability.

Blaster - aside for Titans Return (which was incredibly too big), I can’t think of a non Cybertronian GEEWUN inspired Blaster.  So it’s kind of his turn to have a figure made, and honestly, I think he can share a lot if not all engineering with Siege Soundwave.  Not saying they would share many (if any) parts, but the same way that Ectotron shares engineering with CW Hot Spot)  I’m saying Medium high probability.

Armada Optimus Prime - like 18 months ago, we saw a prototype that Takara put out for an Armada Optimus Prime.  I think Hasbro may want to take advantage of a mold they don’t have to invest any budget for since it is already made.  Also, here and there, we’ve been getting Unicron Trilogy figures made in Generations.  Siege alone had Cybertron Optimus Prime and Cybertron Hot Shot.  I’d say this is medium probability

Twincast - I totally see this coming if Blaster is made as a selects figure or an exclusive.  Twincast is Blaster with a new color scheme.  Not 100% familiar with him because I haven’t seen a single episode of Headmasters, but in Siege we got Soundblaster, so it would make sense (if Blaster is made) to make a Twincast.  Probability if Blaster is made VERY high.  Probability if Blaster isn’t made, Zero chance.

IDW Bomber Megatron - yes I know I mentioned him as a potential leader figure, but if you don’t include extra armor for him, he could easily fit in as a voyager figure.  Probability medium high

G2 Tank Megatron - yes, I know we kinda sorta got a G2 tank Megatron from selects.  But lets face it, that wasn’t REALLY g2 Megatron.  That was Siege Megatron made to have a paint scheme of a canceled G2 Redeco.  G2 Megatron is an Earth based vehicle mode.  The only thing holding back his probability is that in Combiner Wars, there were 2 Megatron tanks.  In Titans Return, there was a tank Megatron.  In Siege there was a tank Megatron.  So this could either seal the deal or make it less probable.

G2 Dreadwing (only if IDW Bomber Megatron made) - see my previous thoughts.

Snapdragon - Snapdragon is that weird anamoly which I think will go completely outside of the box like the complete wave 5 of Siege.  Snapdragon is strongly desired to complete the Decepticon headmasters.  Scorponok is the Titan for Earthrise so I can see Hasbro bending the “on Earth” rules to give us a Snapdragon - Medium probability.

Artfire - this is obviously only if Inferno is made.  I wouldn’t have thought this would be a possibility but in Selects, we got Artfire’s partner; Ricochet.  So I think it is probably medium high probability as a selects release.

Rainmakers - I’m a bit conflicted on this, because I don’t think Hasbro wants to completely overdo it with the Starscream mold.  The Rainmaker Siege set started to sell well, now they are kind of shelfwarming (at the point this list is being written).  I can see it more probable that we will get the 3 Coneheads before the Rainmakers (again).  If Hasbro did all 3 seekers, all 3 coneheads, and all 3 rainmakers, then we’re getting 9 figures who for the most part have mostly the same mold.  Honestly, I don’t see it happening and I think the Coneheads will take the spot that Rainmakers had in Siege.  Although, if Acidstorm or Sunstorm were made as a single pack, I can see that happening more likely than another 3 pack.  Acid Storm was the only Rainmaker who had a mass release during Generations (and had one or two brief apperances in the IDW book) and Sunstorm was shown in the first Dreamwave ongoing arc.  But still improbable that they will be made in a 3 pack or single packs.

Random weird repaints - in the same vein as Cartoon Siege Megatron and Cartoon Siege Optimus and Arctic Megatron.  Some weird selects or store exclusive which can’t be predicted.


Wheeljack (confirmed)
Cliffjumper (confirmed)
Ironworks (confirmed)
Hoist (confirmed)

Keeping with the fact that they are focusing on Season 1 and 2 of G1, I’m going to go from there.

First things first…

3 Deluxe Micromaster bases to take the place of the 3 unique Weaponizers.  I also predict that there will be 1 repaint/retool of each of the bases.

Bumblebee - Yes, I know its the easy guess, but I think it is a little less probable than we think.  Earthrise Cliffjumper LOOKS LIKE CLIFFJUMPER.  The only way they can make a successful Bee out of Cliffjumper is to add more than just a new head.  They would have to reshell at least half of the figure so it may not be as cost effective to do.  But he’s Bumblebee, one of the top 3 well recognized of all Transformers.  Probability medium.

Trailbreaker - easy retool of Hoist, blah blah blah…  near 100% probability of a retooled Hoist.

Tracks - not 100% sure how it would play out.  Not sure if he would be a retool of Wheeljack or if he would be a new mold.  But he’s one of the few season 2 people who really do need a new figure.  Medium high probability

Skids - Skids was in 2 episodes.  He just shows up with no explanation of where he came from, and is never seen again.  Not even in backgrounds of scenes.  So a GEEWUN skids, I don’t see there being a huge desire for him, especially since CHUG Skids is the IDW version which has more fleshing out.  But that is an IDW figure not a GEEWUN figure.  I’d say Medium probability.

Sunstreaker - this is the only Season one deluxe who hasn’t had a non combiner figure since Universe 2.0.  Yes, we got Combiner Wars Sunstreaker, but that was a filler figure.  Even if you take the Combiner Wars one into account, that was still what?  5 or 6 years ago?  Sideswipe came out last year in Siege and the blacklight message on his package translated into “Sunstreaker”.  So I think it is pretty probable that we will get a new Sunstreaker.  Also, the retool possibilities are a pretty long list.  High probability

Runabout and Runamuck - Rumored they are coming out.  They could be retools of Wheeljack, or if Sunstreaker is made, they could be retools of him.  I’d say that these guys are very very high probability.  Easy to make, both could use the exact same mold.  Earth based vehicle modes.  

Armada Cyclonus - this is a wild card because they can just take the Spinister mold and give it a new head and there you go.  I can’t see this being a brick and mortar release, but as a Selects or Amazon or whatever, I can see it happening.

Jazz - this one I am pretty conflicted about.  Part of me thinks that since we just had a new Jazz 2 years ago in POTP that was on shelves for the entirety of POTP that it is less likely that we will get a Jazz. Between him not selling and that he had a recent figure.  Also, I really can’t see much retool possibilities for Jazz aside for Ricochet who was a selects release within the last year.  So that diminishes the probability for the figure.  Probability - Low

Possible Wildcard - So I predict that there will be ONE of the following (that would be a retool or repaint of an existing figure).  An animated character in a Generations aesthetic.  A Movieverse figure in a Generations aesthetic, or a character from TF Prime.  Like how Cybertron Hot Shot and Barricade were simple retools I can see a non GEEWUN character getting some love.  Not exactly sure who, but based on what we’ve seen and based on my predictions, here’s who I think has a chance.

-Armada Wheeljack from Earthrise Wheeljack
-Energon Ironhide from Hoist
-Prime Bumblebee from Earthrise Wheeljack or if they made Sunstreaker
-Cybertron Red Alert from a potential Skids or from Hoist (and if Cybertron Red Alert is made, I can see them doing Cybertron Cannonball.
- Energon Towline - this was a Skids and Ironhide homage, so I can see if they made Skids, to redeco him into Towline.

So I guess it’s time for the actual list of candidates.  


Scorponok (already confirmed)


Logically, I am saying Sky Lynx despite I would prefer Tidal Wave


Optimus Prime (new mold)
Octane (new mold)
Thunderwing (new mold)

Black Convoy/Scourge/Nemesis Prime (remold)
Metalhawk (retool of Thunderwing)
Thunderclash (remold)


Megatron (either IDW Bomber or G2)

G2 Dreadwing (if IDW Megatron is made)
Twincast (if Blaster is made)


Modulator/Weaponizer II
Modulator Weaponizer III
Quintesson (long shot but has been rumored)

Retool of Ironworks
Retool of Weaponizer II
Retool of Weaponizer III
Wildcard retool


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