Cyberverse Bumblebee Toy Review (with Build a figure part)

Price- $29.99
Class- Deluxe? Not specifically sure


Siege was amazing. I got most of the line, but I had some issues with the line as a whole. The Cybertronian vehicle modes were nice, but part of me craved accurate Earth modes. I have Reveal the Shield Grapple, he's good, but he doesn't feel like Grapple to me. So I was in Target in Feb 2020 and they had about 20 Grapples and I knew I had to get him.

Bot Mode-

I'm just going to cut to the chase, Grapple is amazing. On an engineering note, he is probably the best engineered figure in my collection (as of now) aside for 3P figures. He is sturdy, he has lots of options, amazing articulation. Grapple is primarily orange, which is fine because that's how he looked in G1. The grill of vehicle mode is his chest. He has smokey clear black windows, a little silver on the shoulders and face and blue headlights. His articulation is PHENOMINAL. His head can turn left and right and just a hair up and down. His arms have movement up and down and in and out. He has upper arm swivel, more than 90 degree bend in the elbows. Waist rotation, legs can go in and out and up and down. Knee bend and foot tilt. Grapples hands are black and both can fold into the wrist to reveal a port which you can attach the attachments which he comes with (more about that later). He is a hefty figure that tabs together really well. His hands are 5mm ports. You can store his laser hand on his back. He also has numerous 5mm ports throughout his body which you can attach weaponizers or modulators to (in the near future, I plan to use Zetar as Grapple's partner) . And of course, he has small tabs which you can put effects parts onto.


Since I only have one Earthrise figure at the point I am writing this review, I can't speak for the line as a whole, but Grapple's transformation is more simple than Siege transformations. I was able to do the entire transformation without looking at instructions or a video. For complexity, I rate the transformation a 5 out of 10. For fun, it is a 6.25 out of 10. Honestly, I think I may have liked a little more complex transformation to have a bit more pay off, but it really isn't an issue at all.

Vehicle Mode-

Grapple's vehicle mode is PERFECT. He is an orange crane with silver, black, and blue details. The crane arm can elevate and it can turn. The hook can be folded up to reveal a port which you can attach his accessories. There is great weapon storage (the hand gun can plug into either side and the gun hand can attach to the crane). He is a bit small and feels a little out of scale if you put him next to a deluxe sized figure. The head folds up very well and you don't see any robot parts in vehicle mode.


Grapple comes with 3 accessories. A blaster which looks great. He has a laser hand/tool hand which is what I use for the standard configuration of Grapple. OH! He is packed with the laser hand attached to the crane arm, it took me about 45 seconds to find it because I thought it was left out since there wasn't a tray for it in the package. He also comes with a four pronged claw. I don't really know what to do with the claw and what it is meant to connect to. So to me, it is a melee weapon.

3rd Party Add Ons-

At the time of writing this review (Feb 2020) there are no upgrade kits. If that changes, I will revisit the review. I'm anticipating that Matrix Workshop will make something because they made add on kits for almost every Siege figure.


Grapple is one of the best Hasbro figures I've ever owned. I don't even like the character of Grapple that much, but I adore this figure.


I think he could've been just a hair bigger in vehicle mode.


Grapple is a great figure. I wasn't expecting him to be as great as he is and I'm a bit blown away by how amazing he is. I can't wait for the inevitable Inferno redeco/retool. Out of 10, I rate Earthrise Grapple a very solid 9. On a side note, I am planning to keep RTS Grapple and repurpose him as Hauler

American Retools and Repaints-

N/A (it is very probable that we will get an Inferno retool/redeco since in G1 Inferno and Grapple shared the same mold, maybe not for the head though)

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