Upgrades for Earthrise Optimus Prime Upgrade Kits
ToyHax Sticker Updates / ZXB-01A & ZXB-01B Upgrade kits
By Switt

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Commentary -

Let me just say that Toyhax/Reprolabels always does stand out work on all of their sticker sets. They've got a great niche business and provide quality work, even if it does take FOREVER to arrive sometimes. 
ZXB is relatively new, or at least new to me in regards to add-on upgrade kits. I'm just getting into the "figure specific" custom pieces. Aside from SND-04 X-Mortis Upgrade Kit, and the Perfect Effect combiner hands and feets upgrades, I'm picking up upgrades from Shapeways. The goal of this specific set, ZXB-01A + ZXB-01B is to flesh out Prime to match his G1 tv counterpart more. 

On a side note I did repaint the trailer as well with a quick coat of Rust-Oleum 2X Aluminum. It really helped give the trailer a little pop as the base colors are a little flat.


Assortment -


4x Sticker sheets


1 x ZXB-01A Roller
2 x missiles


1 × convoy anchor for the roller from ZXB-01A set
1 x rotating¬†energon axe 
2 x fenders for the rear tires
2 x stands for the convoy (In accordance with the classic image in G1 animations)
1 x radar with filler
1 x filler 

Build Time

Total build Time with paint, stickers and upgrades about 3 hours.

Pros -


It's a Toyhax sticker set, the biggest pro is always their attention to detail. This set has a reimagined version of quite a few of the hallmark stickers from the G1 toy as well as updates to match the G1 cartoon. Some make sense for aesthetic, like the little yellow triangles by the wrists on the forearms. Others little touches are an Easter egg, like emulating the "headlight holes" on G1 Prime on the figures hands, even though they aren't see aside from transforming. It's a solid sticker set that really helps the figure and trailer stand out

ZXB-01A + ZXB-01B

This set is mostly an upgrade set for Prime's trailer, with a nice touch of an Energon ax added in for Prime. The best part of these two sets is that it really fills out the holes left by Hasbro. The ZXB-01A set is pretty much Roller and a couple of missiles, but man is Roller a really solid piece of construction. I wouldn't recommend getting one set without the other.

The ZXB-01B set is the perfect complement to Roller with a bumper to back him into, fillers for the trailer bot, fenders and stands. There's nearly a dozen pieces between the two sets and aside from a little bit of screw removal, they're incredibly easy to put together (the stickers will take you way longer, I guarantee!)


Cons -


Biggest con of nearly all Toyhax sticker sets is also what makes them great...the attention to detail. Sometimes a sticker is unbelievably tiny to go in a spot, and sometimes that spot is hard to reach. Primes big old metal abs are a good example of that. I find myself using tweezers most of the time to get everything applied correctly. 

That aside, I'd say it's better to have more stickers than you need, and this set has quite a few. Myself? I decided to leave the trailer door stickers and Primes headlight sticker on the sheet.

ZXB-01A + ZXB-01B
The ax. I love the thing but the mechanics that make it work are very fragile. The ax slides the tiniest of spaces between Prime's collapsed hand and the forarm hosing. As side that their is zero side to side movement. \


Grade -

Toyhax set his upgrade kit gets a 9 out of 10

ZXB-01A + ZXB-01B - 8.5 out of 10 I'd give this set a higher rating but my ax lasted about 24 hours.


Retools and Redecos

ToyHax - None yet, but I can see a Nemesis Prime version hitting.
ZXB-01A + ZXB-01B - Same as above, well, if not, it's flexible enough to paint and use!


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