Earthrise Hoist Toy Review

Price- $19.99
Class- Deluxe


I kind of came a little late into the Earthrise party. Not that I was on the fence about getting any of the figures, or being able to afford them. I held back in buying them because of Matrix Workshop. They put out some AMAZING add on kits and I was waiting for the Hoist set to be delivered before I picked up Hoist (same with Cliffjumper and Wheeljack which are coming soon). There will be a review of just the add on kit very soon, but this review will cover the actual figure and some things will be discussed about the add on kit. Also, Hoist holds a special place in my heart. Not because I really love the character, but Hoist is on the cover of my first comic book EVER.

Bot Mode-

So Hoist is my 4th Earthrise figure and I really like him a lot. That being said, he's actually my least favorite figure that I've gotten so far. But that's only because every other figure has gone above and beyond. Hoist is a really good figure, but he isn't that perfect figure like Optimus Prime and Grapple are. Again, really good figure and you should get him. Something Hasbro did with Siege and Earthrise is, the Deluxe figures aren't all the same size. I love this, Hoist is just a little taller than Siege figures and his body doesn't look trim like a warriors, it looks like an overweight contractor, which works perfectly for the character. I hate comparing one figure to another in a review, but I have to say it, Earthrise Hoist does everything right that Thrillin 30s Hoist does wrong. Hoist's torso is dark green, as are his hands and lower legs and head. His eyes are blue, which is a nitpick issue for me. In G1, I believe Hoist's eyes were yellow. It added a better contrast, but he doesn't lose points for having blue eyes. He has yellow and black stickers all over his body which come from vehicle mode. His lower arms and upper legs are white. It looks a bit bland, I would've preferred that they used the off white which was used in Siege Apeface. His backpack device??? No idea what to call it, but it is white where I think it would've looked a lot better if it were gunmetal or silver. The panels from vehicle mode on the arm hold back arm articulation a little bit. His head can move up and down slightly and of course left and right. He has orange "wings" on his back. The arms have way more than 90 degrees of bend. His knees have standard articulation but no ankle tilt. There is bicep swivel and his hands are on mushroom pegs so they can turn. I don't want you to think I don't like Hoist because I really do. If I got him before I got the other Earthrise figures, I'd like him more. There is a QC issue on my specific figure where the hands are a little less than 5mm holes so he can't hold his weapon. To my knowledge, I haven't heard of anyone else having this issue. Considering I use the Matrix Workshop kit for it, that isn't a big issue. Also, the fact that it didn't happen to every figure, just mine isn't an issue. Oh yeah, like all Earthrise and Siege figures, there are 5mm ports on his body to plug Weaponizers into as well as small pegs for effects pieces.


Every other Earthrise figure I have has a pretty simple transformation that is pretty fulfilling. It feels like the "poetry" of Earthrise is to be a little easier to transform than previous Generations lines. Hoist goes back to the slightly more complicated transformation. It isn't very hard, but in comparison to other Earthrise figures, he is a little more complicated. I used a video to help me transform him, but halfway through I was able to get it done without the rest of the video. For complexity, I rate his transformation a 7 out of 10. For fun, 7 out of 10 as well.

Vehicle Mode-

Just like Grapple and Optimus Prime, Earthrise Hoist's vehicle mode is near perfect. Thrillin 30's was a modern day interpretation of Hoist, Earthrise Hoist is pure 80s and I love it. He is a green tow truck wich yellow and black tape on the sides. The back of the truck is orange. There is a little robot mode kibble in the bottom of the vehicle mode, but I accept it but don't love it. He has a silver grill, black wheels with silver rims. He pegs together very well and rolls very well.


Hoist comes with a blaster which is meant to peg into his hand. As I mentioned earlier, the hand hole is just a little too small for me to get the weapon in. Honestly, I don't love the weapon that much but I was always planning to get the Matrix Workshop kit to add onto the figure, so again, not an issue.

3rd Party Add Ons-

Matrix Workshop made a very good kit for Hoist (review coming soon). It is 2 blasters/tools which can replace the hands and a hand weapon.


Aside for a few small issues, this really is a good figure.


A little too much bland white (Specifically the back tool) and the arm panels hold back some articulation.


Hoist keeps the trend of really fun figures coming out in Earthrise. He's a good figure, but not as good as the others that I was able to find. Better than the thrillin 30s figure. Without the upgrade kit, Hoist gets a 7 out of 10. With the upgrade kit, a 8.25 out of 10

American Retools and Repaints-

Earthrise Trailbreaker (coming 3rd or 4th quater 2020)

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