Transformers Prime First Edition Bumblebee Toy Review


Class- Deluxe


When Transformers Prime came out, I wasn't collecting Transformers at the time. Also, aside for the first episode, I really didn't watch the show faithfully until half way through season 2. I had no clue that the First Editions were far better than the other versions. The First Edition figures are exactly what they sound like, they came out before the regular version came out. Since I really didn't become a big fan of the show until half way through Season 2, I really wanted the Season 3 deco of Bee. I had it, and honestly, far from a great figure, it was good, but not great. So I wanted to move on up like George and Wheezy and get what I was told was a better figure. I found one online just missing one of the wrist guns for an AMAZING price

Bot Mode-

Transformers Prime took a lot of cues in it's aesthetics from the first few bayverse movies. Optimus was a long nosed truck, and Bee didn't speak and was a sports car. This was the first time in my life that I started to accept Bee as anything beyond a VW Bug. To me, in my headcannon, Prime Bee is a different character from G1 Bumblebee. The first edition figures are made tremendously better than the later versions. It isn't a case of slightly better paint or different accessories, the First Edition figures were totally different figures from the later versions. Bumblebee is mainly yellow (appropriately) with black and blue details. His chest has the blue headlights of his car mode. His hands are open 5mm hands (and most of the time, I prefer a slightly open hand over a closed hand, just looks more natural). He has 5mm pegs on each arm that you can attach a blaster to. Even though it is totally not meant to be with Bumblebee, I got the Dr Wu AOE/TLK sword and shield set and he actually looks really good with it. Because he has the 5mm ports on his wrists, you can attach the shield. His articulation is good, but not perfect. Obviously his head can move left and right, his arms can move up and down and in and out. Thigh swivel and knee bend. I would've liked to have seen some wrist swivel and also some of the articulation is not as perfect as other figures just by design. Despite only being 90% as good as a figure in 2020, the other Prime Robots in Disguise version is WAY worse. I no longer have the figure, but it had worse articulation and an intrusive auto transforming gimmick.


I'm used to CHUG style figures more than anything and they have their own "poetry" to them. TFP figures are just a little different, there's a lot more folding panels than a CHUG figure. Despite being a little less intuative than CHUG figures, it's still a pretty easy and fun transformation. Also, the transformation is unique enough where it is a lot of fun. For complexity, I rate it a 6.25 out of 10. For fun, an 8 out of 10

Vehicle Mode-

In vehicle mode, Bumblebee is a sports car which feels like it is very inspired by a Camaro. But it isn't a camaro, its more of a fictional car design. He has blue windows, most of the body is yellow. There is an Autobot Logo on the chest. He has some black details and on the side of the car is a little tiny bit of orange. He pegs together well and rolls very well.


So the figure is supossed to come with 2 wrist blasters, but the one I got only had one (I knew it was that way when I bought it). I have three unofficial accessories for Bee too. In a nod to TLK, I gave Bee a shapeways hammer. Also, I gave him the Dr Wu Sword and Shield set for AOE/TLK Optimus. Looks really cool.

3rd Party Add Ons-



This is probably my favorite Bumblebee figure that isn't CHUG Bumblebee. He looks good, has a fun transformation, and is made very well.


Just a little less articulated than a figure from 2020


First Edition Bumblebee is a very highly recommended figure. If you want to have a Transformers Prime collection, this is one of the figures you should start with. He's also great for kids. I rate him an 8.0 out of 10. I really hope that APC makes a KO of this figure in the future which is painted like his Season 3 deco.

Retools and Repaints-

SDCC Taxi Bumblebee (repaint that came in a pack with a pink FE Arcee and small figures of each of the kids in Prime which are out of scale)




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