Car Robots Fire Convoy/RID Optimus Prime Toy Review

(Please note, I do not have the American version to compare)

Class- Super (not a size class which is used anymore)


The first Robots in Disguise era is a tremendously mixed bag for me. I adored all of the original mold toys in that line, but the cartool was a bit too silly for me. Yes, more silly than G1. I was a freshman in college when I learned about Car Robots, and this was only weeks after Beast Machines ended. I knew I wanted him, but I already had an Optimus Prime and at that point, I was only allowing myself 1 of each character. So, I made it up that Fire Convoy was just a different character in my head cannon. Getting Fire Convoy was actually the first figure I ever bought online that wasn't from ebay. I actually ordered both Fire Convoy and God Magnus in one order, but the site sent me Black Convoy instead of God Magnus. 1 week after I ordered (and before it was delivered) news broke that Hasbro was going to release the figure in the US. Fire Convoy does have some differences from RiD Optimus Prime, but mainly the electronics have different sounds and on the US version, there is an extra Autobot logo and slightly different color.

Bot Mode-

Fire Convoy (who will not be called Optimus Prime in the rest of the review) is a very unique take on Convoy/Optimus. He has all the notes that an Optimus Prime should have, but he has a really unique look to him. His head is very nicely sculpted and has gold eyes. There are two horns on his side which can tilt up and down. His body is primarily red, but his chest has blue "windows" on it and there is a metallic finish on the chest. His upper legs are white and there are some vehicle parts on his legs. His back has the lights from Fire Truck mode which in the show, he used once or twice as a weapon. He has good articulation, but not as much articulation as a figure would have in 2020. His head can turn left and right, his arms have good but not great articuation. Then can move up and down and a little in and out, but he can't put his hands on his hips naturally. The legs bend at the knee and then the legs themselves can move up and down and in and out. He's about 85% as well articulated as a Titans Return figure. Oh yeah, his hands have 5mm holes so he can hold weapons made since the Unicron trilogy. There are two parts of the Fire Truck that turn into feet for super mode which can plug into the regular Bot Mode's shoudlers to act as rocket launchers. If I recall correctly, in the cartoon they called it strafe mode. You can also plug the super mode hands onto Fire Convoy to act as a melee weapon. He did this once or twice in the show. All of the extra truck parts can form into a base, but I hate base modes so I never did it.

Super Bot Mode-

One of the best parts of Fire Convoy is that he has the ability to combine with the back half of the fire truck to create a super mode. I've always been a massive fan of Super Modes and that is one of the selling points of this figure to me. His super mode is REALLY cool looking, but it has some flaws to it. Super Mode is a lot taller and primarily red. His ladder from vehicle mode is on his back and it can be deployed as a cannon, but it is not very easy to get him to stand up with the ladder cannon deployed. He also has blasters on each wrist, but (at least in the US cartoon) I don't remember him ever using them. His head is primarily red with gold eyes and silver details. It kind of reminds me of Beast Wars Season 1 Optimus Primal's head, but in the best way possible. The horns on his super mode can tilt up and down and I vaguely remember in the cartoon him doing that and shooting lasers out of them. His articuation is very hindered in this mode, but he can still move his head left and right, his arms can move up and down, and his legs can move a little. The pistol from regular Bot Mode can plug into his shoulder for some storage. My biggest problem with this mode isn't the lack of articulation, but it is the hands. The hands are opened and can't form a proper fist. So he can't hold anything and it looks a little weird. I think that if Fire Convoy were made today, a 3P company would make new hands for him. But considering Fire Convoy came out like 20 years ago, I don't see them being made. Oh, you can open up a panel on his chest which exposes a "matrix" but it looks nothing like the matrix from G1.


I really enjoy all of Fire Convoy's transformation. They work tremendously well and aren't too complicated. From vehicle to regular bot mode, i rate it a 5 out of 10 for complexity and a 7 out of 10 for fun. For regular bot mode to super bot mode, I rate the complexity a 4 out of 10 and a 6 out of 10 for fun. Yes, there is parts forming, but for a super mode, it doesn't really bother me.

Vehicle Mode-

Fire Convoy is a Fire Truck in vehicle mode. A bit of his Super Mode head can be seen, but I'm okay with that. He is primarily red with blue windows and the gray ladder. Fire Convoy (and the American Version) have rubber tires. In the 20 years since the figure has come out, a lot of the copies of Fire Convoy have had the rubber in the tires degrade, so it is hard to find a figure for cheap with the rubber tires intact for a cheap price. Luckily, I have one in tact. He ladder can move up and down and has small missile launchers in it. The front part of the truck can come off to be a smaller truck, but it looks weird


Fire Convoy's main accessory is his pistol. Normally, I'm used to Optimus Prime having a big rifle, but Fire Convoy's small pistol makes him have his own identity. I actually got a second gun just so he can "John Woo" it.

3rd Party Add Ons-



Fire Convoy was a good figure in 2000, and in 2020, he is still a good figure (but not as good). He has a great combined mode, and he even has a bigger combined mode (review coming soon) that is made with God Magnus. His gun is great.


The hands in super mode kind of bother me. Also, the rubber tires issue is a problem for me in some respects.


Fire Convoy is a really fun figure, and if you can get one for a good price, I suggest you pick it up. For 2000 (when he came out), he gets a 9.25 out of 10. For 2020, he gets an 8 out of 10.

Retools and Repaints-

No Retools, but there were a series of repaints from Sam's Club. In Japan, there was a clear plastic deco of Fire Convoy. There was an unreleased retool though. Fire Convoy was meant to be retooled into Protectobot Hot Spot and then the super mode had a Defensor like head.



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