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Gears is one of Optimus Prime’s original crew members of the Ark.  After the Ark crashed on Earth, he spent four MILLION years in stasis lock.  In 1984 he is repaired and restored to life.  Gears has a personality that is very negative.  He complains often.  In vehicle mode, he is a small, blue pickup truck.

When Ravage infiltrates the Ark to steal files, Gears uses his infrared Light to track the Decepticon panther.  Ravage is given false information and sent back to the Decepticons.  Hound then makes a holographic rocket base and Gears is sent to fight the Decepticons.  Megatron knew it was a trap and the Autobots plan wasn’t successful.  Now that the Decepticons have enough energy to return to Cybertron, Optimus Prime and the Autobots attack the Decepticon base to prevent them from leaving Earth. The Autobots have the upper hand in the battle, but the Decepticons retreat to their space cruiser and crash into the ocean.

After months of peace, the Decepticons resurface and attack a solar power plant.  Optimus Prime organizes a team of Autobots to stop them.  Gears is included in the team.  The Autobots crash into the power plant and fight the Decepticons.  Gears and Cliffjumper engage Starscream in battle to prevent him from escaping.  Starscream fires at them, hitting the ground, but knocking the two Autobots down.  Starscream escapes..  Gears wants the Autobots to follow the Decepticons, but Ironhide was injured and that is the priority to Optimus Prime.  Later, Gears is part of a rescue party to save Spike from the Decepticons.  The Autobots don’t know they are walking into a trap.  The Autobots go to a cave where Bumblebee tells them is where the Space Bridge is.  There is nothing there and Gears is the first to consider that Bumblebee’s memory circuits were altered.  Inside of the cave, the Decepticons trap the Autobots inside, and attack.  When the Decepticons retreat to the Space Bridge, Starscream fires on the entrance, trapping the Autobots in the cave.  Ratchet starts to repair Bumblebee inside of the cave and discovers that Bumblebee’s memory circuits were altered (Gears was right!).  Once Ratchet repairs him, he reveals the true location of the Space Bridge.  Together, the Autobots fire on the rocks which are keeping them trapped in the cave.   They then go to the correct location of the Decepticon Space Bridge.  They arrive at the right moment, just before Megatron is about to send Spike to Cybertron.  Megatron is then caught in the Space Bridge and it activates.  Megatron is thought to be dead and the Decepticons retreat back to base.

When the Decepticons are causing climate change by stealing Earth’s thermal energy from the Arctic, Gears is part of the assault team to stop the Decepticons.  When they get to the Arctic, Skyfire attacks and the Autobots scatter.  The battle ends when Skyfire brings Spike and Sparkplug to Megatron.  When the Autobots try to save them, Gears, Ratchet, Ironhide and Hound fall through the ice.  They travel through the ice caves, and come across Soundwave and Reflector making Energon Cubes.  Megatron discovers them and they are detained.  Gears and the Autobots are bound to a large crystal.  Starscream wants Skyfire to execute them.  Skyfire refuses and Starscream shoots him in the chest.  Thinking that Skyfire is dead, Starscream then fires on the captured Autobots.  When the dust clears, he sees nothing but Autobot body parts in the snow.  Thinking they are dead, Starscream returns to the caves.  The Autobots were saved by Hound who made an illusion of dead Autobots.  The Autobots reunite, but are quickly attacked by Starscream, Skywarp, and Thundercracker.  Skyfire joins the Autobots and defeats the Decepticons.  

 Gears goes on a mission with several other Autobots to fight the Decepticons at a dam.  When the Autobots arrive, the Decepticons come out of hiding and attack.  Gears is shot by Soundwave and is knocked into Bluestreak.  Megatron hooks his fusion cannon up to the turbines, supercharging his weapon.  He attacks the Autobots, sending them crashing into the water.  The Decepticons bind the Autobots with energy chains, and prepare to destroy them.  Gears survives because Wheeljack and the Dinobots attack the Decepticons.  

Gears and the Autobots take Skyfire to Peru to stop the Decepticons from turning an energy crystal into a weapon.  The Autobots fight the Decepticons in a mining village.  While retreating, Megatron fires on a mountain, causing an avalanche to occupy the Autobots.  The Autobots save the village and all of its inhabitants.  The Autobots then make their way to the Inca Temple to battle the Decepticons.  As they approach, Megatron fires the cannon at the Autobots, but they are able to dodge his attacks. The Decepticons attack in force, and the Autobots are trapped behind cover.  The battle is won by the Autobots when Skyfire turns the tide of the battle in the Autobots’ favor.

When the Autobots travel to the undersea Decepticon base to save Sparkplug, Gears is part of the team.  He and the Autobots swim to the Decepticon headquarters.

When Cybertron gets transported into Earth’s orbit, the gravity creates a lot of natural disasters that damage much of Earth.  After Cybertron is sent out of Earth’s orbit, Gears helps the Autobots rebuild Earth.  Gears and Brawn work on repairing a broken dam.

Gears travels with the Autobots into the forest to help Wheeljack test his new invention, the Immobilizer.  After a successful test, the Decepticons arrive and steal the device.  When the Autobots fight the Decepticons for possession of the Immobilizer, Gears is frozen.  Gears is restored after Carly reveres the polarity of the Immobilizer.

Optimus Prime gets a distress call from a miner whose gold mine was attacked by Decepticons.  Optimus sounds the alarm to rally the Autobots, and Gears complains that he was lubing his cable relays (whatever that means).  Gears slowly walks to Teletran 1 while the other Autobots are running quickly to answer Optimus’ call.  Bumblebee jumps over Gears to get to the mission briefing.  Gears is part of the Autobot team that goes to the mine.  When the Autobots arrive, Optimus Prime tells the Autobots to be quiet.  They observe the mine and see that the Decepticons have placed the miners in an electrified cage.  As the Decepticons are about to kill the miners, the Autobots attack.  The Decepticons free the miners to prevent the Autobots from attacking.  Megatron orders the Decepticons to capture Gears.  Soundwave wields Megatron in gun mode and fires at Gears’ feet.  The attacks create a hole which Gears falls into.  Starscream is about to shoot Gears, but Megatron wants him alive.  Skywarp lifts Gears out of the hole and flies away with the tiny Autobot.  Gears is placed in a cell in the Decepticon jungle base.  Megatron reveals his new invention which will piece the sun to gather solar energy and plans to use Gears to make it function.  Gears refuses to help the Decepticons.  Megatron orders Starscream to shoot Gears with his null ray.  Once Gears is incapacitated, Megatron takes a circuit board that only Gears has, to make his invention work.  After the circuit board is removed, Gears’ personality changes.  He was a cranky and complaining Transformer, now he is happy and upbeat.  Gears is actually happy to be a Decepticon slave and helps them fill Energon Cubes.  Gears even recognizes that he shouldn’t want to help the Decepticons, but he is happy to be a good helper.  Starscream gets angry at Gears and tries to shoot him.  Megatron prevents him from hitting Gears, but Gears is knocked into Soundwave who accidentally throws an Energon Cube into Megatron’s machine.  Gears continues to make Energon Cubes.  Gears starts to question his happiness as a slave and starts to consider grabbing his circuit board from the Decepticon machine.  When the Autobots attack, Gears tries to reclaim his circuit board from the machine, but is stopped by Starscream.  Starscream stands over Gears and points his blasters at him.  Gears pleasantly tells Starscream to watch out behind him.  Starscream doesn’t believe Gears and Bumblebee rams into him, saving Gears.  When Megatron throws Optimus Prime into one of the Solar Needle’s energy streams, Gears shoots the machinery and prevents Optimus Prime’s destruction.  Megatron transforms into gun mode and Soundwave fires him at Gears, knocking him to the ground and injuring him.  Megatron holds Optimus Prime hostage and orders Gears to repair the Solar Needle.  Optimus realizes that if he asks Gears nicely, Gears will listen.  So he asks Gears to destroy the Solar Needle.  Gears disables the Solar Needle and the Autobots jump into action to fight the Decepticons.  Starscream tries to shoot Gears, but Gears knocks him to the ground and throws him at Soundwave.  Optimus Prime, Wheeljack and Ratchet disable the Solar Needle and save the Earth, but only after Gears’ parts are returned.  Once he gets his circuit back, he becomes the old complaining Gears.

When Ironhide takes command of the Autobots because there are two Optimus Primes, Gears goes on a mission with the Autobots to investigate a crevice in the desert filled with energy crystals.  The Autobots walk into a Decepticon trap.  Gears quickly complains that he is getting dirty.  The Decepticons are defeated and the real Optimus rejoins the Autobots.

The Autobots receive a warning from Teletran 1 that a rocket is being attacked by the Decepticons.  The rocket is carrying a satellite which can be used as an energy source.  The Autobots plan to go to defend the rocket but they start to become evil.  Teletran 1 detects “evil” in the base, and that evil is the Autobots.  Megatron and Starscream snuck into the Autobot base and altered their recharging station to turn the Autobots evil.

When the mayor of Central City declares an Autobot Day holiday, Gears is part of the parade in vehicle mode.  Soon, the Autobots are accused of being evil and are arrested.  The Autobots are given a trial and are found guilty.  They are exiled from the Earth forever.  

After the Autobots were exiled from Earth, Cosmos guides the Autobot spacecraft away from Earth.  The ship is destroyed and the world thinks the Autobots are dead.  They survive when Trailbreaker surrounds the Autobots with a force field and links it to Cosmos.  Cosmos takes the Autobots back to Earth.  

Jazz leads Gears, Ironhide, Bluestreak, Sunstreaker, and Mirage on a recon mission.  Jazz leads the Autobot caravan and winds up splashing mud all over Gears.  Gears complains, but Jazz claims it is good for his complexion. The Autobots follow a dried up river.   They  discover that the Constructions made a dam to divert the river for the Decepticons.  They lose track of the Constructicons at a waterfall.  Devestator sneaks up from behind the Autobots and throws a rock at them.  They fall off a cliff but aren’t damaged.  Devestator leaps off of the cliff to engage the fallen Autobots.  He quickly uses his eye lasers to attack the damaged Autobots and they fly into a rock wall.  Gears and the Autobots are able to escape when Sunstreaker and Mirage trip Devestator.  

Gears participates in the Autobot race for charity.  The Decepticons show up with their new device and use it to trap the Autobots in vehicle mode.    Optimus Prime tells the Autobots to transform and prepare for battle, but they can’t.  The Autobots attack the Decepticons while in vehicle mode.  The Decepticons subdue the Autobots by shooting out their tires and overheating their engines.  The Autobots are captured and brought to Megatron’s ghost town.  Megatron plans on using a crushing device to destroy the Autobots.  Before Megatron can accomplish complete Autobot destruction, Wheeljack, Ratchet, Brawn, Huffer, Bumblebee and their human friends arrive with a grenade that restores the Autobots’ ability to transform.  The Constructicons merge into Devestator and fight the Autobots.  Gears throws a boulder at Devestator’s back, but Devestator swipes his hand at Gears and sends him flying into the air.

  The Decepticons covered themselves with a substance called Electrum which makes them unable to be damaged.  Gears prepares to defend the Ark from the Electrum enhanced Decepticons.  During the battle, Gears tries to stare down Megatron and continues to fire his blaster, even though Megatron isn’t taking on any damage.  The Decepticons defeat the Autobots, but they let all of the Autobots survive.

Perceptor creates a substance called Corrostop.  The Autobots want to use it to protect all of Earth’s man made monuments.  The first monument that the Autobots work on is the Statue of Liberty.  Gears helps spray the Corrostop on Lady Liberty.

Gears and the Autobots watch a news report on Teletran-1.  They learn that Jazz and Cliffjumper were abducted by a group of unknown Decepticons lead by Starscream.  The Decepticons attack the Ark   Megatron and the Decepticons are attacking the Autobots because someone stole personality components of Renegade Decepticons from Cybertron.  Megatron realizes that the Autobots are not responsible and the Decepticons fly away.

While on monitor duty, Gears picks up a distress call from a school.  Optimus Prime sends Ironhide, Bumblebee, and Gears to investigate.  When the three Autobots get to the school, they immediately transform into robot mode.  The kids are disappointed that the Protectobots didn’t come.  Gears explains that they are all on the same team.  Without knowing what the problem is, the Autobots follow Ironhide into the school.  They find an out of control robot named BOT trashing the school cafeteria.  Gears feels like the Autobots are wasting their time with a junkyard robot like BOT.  BOT tosses a tray of corn at the Autobots and knocks them down.  Gears is angry.  He takes out his gun and shoots BOT.  BOT grabs the lid of a pot and deflects the blast back on Gears.   Gears finds the entire battle degrading.  BOT runs out of the cafeteria.  Bumblebee tries to follow, but the door that BOT ran through is now locked.  Gears tries to bust it open, but he can’t, BOT has barricaded the door with desks.  BOT jumps out a window.  One of the teenagers leads the Autobots out of the cafeteria outside the school.  BOT runs into a building and into an elevator.  The Autobots continue their pursuit.  Ironhide tells the kids to stay outside where it is safe.  Ironhide stops the elevator and the Autobots climb 30 floors up to intercept BOT.  The kids enter the building and reactivate the elevator.  As the three Autobots continue climbing the stairs, they encounter Swindle.  Swindle defeats the Autobots and escapes with the Combaticon personality component which the kids unknowingly installed into BOT.

Gears was one of the numerous Autobot casualties when the Decepticons attacked Autobot City in 2005

Marvel G1 Comic

Gears was minimally used in the Marvel G1 Comic.  He was very grumpy.  After a battle between the Autobots and Decepticons over Sparkplug Witwicky, Gears is part of the convoy back to The Ark.  He nearly sideswipes a human on a motorcycle.  At one point the US Military attacks Megatron’s fortress and Gears is sent to be a scout.  He fights Spider-Man (no joke), who was there investigating.  Thundercracker throws a tank at the crowd watching the battle between The Decepticons and the US Military and Gears catches it, saving the crowd.  At this point, Spider-Man realizes that the Transformers are a little more complicated than he originally thought.  While the main team of Autobots are fighting the Decepticons, Gears and Spider-Man infiltrate the Decepticon Fortress together.  They save Sparkplug after fighting Soundwave, Ravage, and Megatron.

After a very long time of not appearing, Gears is part of the attack force which is tasked in protecting New York City from a mutated Starscream.  Gears is killed in the battle.

IDW Transformers

The Autobots leave the Skywatch base in a convoy while in vehicle mode.  Their destination is Omega Supreme.  The Autobots are escorted by Skywatch agents.  The convoy is attacked by human militia members armed with Megatron guns.  The Autobots transform to protect themselves.  Skywatch agent Pennington tells the Autobots that they can’t fight against humans and to leave the militia to Skywatch.  Ultra Magnus commands the Autobots to transform back into vehicle mode to go to Omega Supreme.  Huffer doesn’t want to retreat from humans.  He points out to Ultra Magnus that Gears was injured in the attack.  As the Autobots retreat, the militia continues to fire their weapons at the Autobots.  The Autobots continue to retreat and they are only two miles away from Omega Supreme.  Huffer still wants to fight back.  Suddenly, the cars carrying the militia explode in a burst of purple energy.  The Autobots transform and Ultra Magnus asks which of the Autobots opened fire.  Megatron dives to the ground and transforms.  The Autobots now know Megatron is alive again, and he has a new body.  Ultra Magnus commands the Autobots to attack Megatron.  All of the Autobots open fire on Megatron.  They don’t even scratch his armor.  With one shot, Megatron defeats all of the Autobots.  All of the Autobots are knocked down and unconscious  Before Megatron can finish off the Autobots, Skywatch agents shoot him.  Megatron is about to kill the Skywatch agents, but Ultra Magnus grabs his legs.  Megatron kills the Skywatch agents and pulls his leg free.

Spike and another Skywatch agent ride in Jazz to save the Autobots since Jazz is the fastest.  Jazz and Skywatch find the captured Autobots in a park.  They are guarded by several humans who are armed with Decepticon weapons which look like Megatron’s gun mode.  Gears asks the humans to put their weapons down.  Once Soundwave is disabled, the Decepticons lose control of the humans with the Decepticon weapons.

As the Kimia Outpost arrives in Cybertron’s orbit, it deploys its main cannon to attack the surface.  All of the Autobots dive to cover. Ultimately, Megatron gets free from Omega Supreme, gives himself new armor, and saves the Autobots from Galvatron.

The Autobots watch as an enhanced Megatron battles the Sweeps (successfully) The Decepticons who were on Earth join the fight with the Autobots.   When the Constructicons merge into Devestator, it turns the tide of the battle. Red Alert wants the Autobots to fall back to Omega Supreme.  Sunstreaker tells the Autobots that Omega Supreme is not in any condition to protect them.  Suddenly, all of the Decepticons go into a trance and stop fighting.  All of the Decepticons and all of Galvatron’s forces merge into a massive monster.  The Deceptigod known as D-Void.


Gears is armed with the standard Autobot weapons. In one episode, Gears showed that he had an Infrared light which can be used for tracking. He also has a unique microchip in him that can make massive pieces of machinery function.

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