Generation Selects Star Convoy


Price- $79.99 (on various websites, this was never in brick and mortar stores in the US)
Class- Leader


Power of the Primes... how you vex me. POTP is probably the line that has come out since I started collecting again that I have mixed feelings on. It was a total rehash of Combiner Wars. But it did have some really cool stuff. POTP Optimus Prime was NOT one of them. In complete robot mode, he was just too big, so I passed on him. I also didn't want an Orion Pax that turned into an Earth Truck. made no sense to me at all. If you aren't aware of who Star Convoy is, he was in one magazine once in Japan. In Japan they were planning to have a series with Star Convoy (a rebuilt Optimus Prime, not a new character like Ginrai) but it never got off the ground. Oh, in that magazine, the original Megatron came back too. The thing is, Star Convoy is meant to be about the same size as Super Ginrai, so where it didn't work for me in POTP, they retooled the Orion Pax and made him a smaller Optimus Prime. I fell in love with it when I first saw it and my mom actually got it for me for my birthday

Bot Mode 1-

I'm going to start with the cab/smaller bot of Star Convoy, then move onto the combined mode. The smaller Optimus is meant to be G1 Optimus, and he looks pretty good. He's a small voyager and looks kind of thin. He shares some tooling with the POTP Orion Pax, but has enough new stuff to be a new figure. He has a red torso with blue windows on his chest. The typical Optimus Prime head with yellow eyes. a silver grate for his "abs" Gray crotch with yellow details. and blue boots. He has pretty good articulation. Actually he has very good articulation. His head can move freely, his arms can move up and down and in and out. His legs have 90 degrees of bend, his knees move up and down. He has 5mm hands so he can hold almost any gun. If this was the bot that came with POTP Optimus, I probably would've gotten him.

Bot Mode 2-

Now its the big time talk. You can fold up small Optimus and clip him into the trailer to make Star Convoy. Honestly, again, I have no knowledge of Star Convoy aside for "he looks damned cool" Star Convoy is less of a retool of POTP Optimus than the small bot is to Orion Pax. They do share a number of parts, but for the most part, its the same figure with a new head and a gold thing on his chest. The gold thing is supossed to clip in, but it is engineered a little off. I saw a review where a guy showed you how to flip it and make it better. I didn't do it because the part is made of clear plastic and painted gold. That means that the plastic doesn't have the same durability as not clear plastic. I tried once and I did it wrong, so instead of tempting fate with an 80 dollar figure, I just accepted that he isn't perfect. Star Convoy has basically the same articulation as the smaller bot. Which is really cool. Not only is he imposing, but you can pose him well. His chest can open to reveal the matrix. Oh, if you remove Optimus from Star Convoy, there is a button on the back that you need to press first. It secures the figure but it you don't use the button, its either going to be really hard to remove Optimus, or you'll just break it all together.


So there are a few transformations for this figure. First, the Small Optimus into the Star Convoy body. It's pretty straight forward and pretty easy. Just fold up Optimus and put him in the chest of Star Convoy. It's simple but effective. The transformation from Optimus to cab is a little more complicated, but in no way hard. and folding up the Star Convoy body to turn it into the trailer, thats pretty easy too. For complexity I give it a 4.75 out of 10 and for fun, a 6 out of 10

Vehicle Mode-

The cab alone looks like how G1 Optimus should look. A red flat cab that connects with the trailer. The Trailer doesn't look much like the Star Convoy trailer, it looks a lot like a normal G1 Optimus Trailer


Star Convoy's accessories are good.... kinda, but not great. It is a newly designed gun which looks like the gun which came with POTP Optimus, but you can add the Matrix to it. Oh, he comes with a Matrix. its okay, but I don't love it.

3rd Party Add Ons-

There isn't an offical add on kit, but Matrix Workshop made 3 versions of Optimus Prime's ion cannon. one for deluxe figures, one for voyager, and one for leader. I arm the base Small Optimus Prime with the voyager gun and the combined Star Saber with the leader gun. I also use a Dr Wu Sword.


The core bot is amazing even on its own. Being Star Convoy, it solves the problem of a way too big Optimus


The gold part in Star Convoy mode is not perfectly engineered


I like this figure a lot. While it isn't perfect, it is a fun figure that I am glad I got. I totally skipped the POTP Optimus, but I do enjoy this figure. I rate him a 7 out of 10

American Retools and Repaints-

There are 2 Pretools of this figure

POTP Optimus
POTP Nemesis Prime

Neither do I plan on picking up


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