Transformers Glossary

Action Master -
A line of “Transformers” made at the end of G1.  They were more detailed versions of the familiar characters, but they had no ability to Transform.  Grimlock was the only Action Master shown in the comic book.

The Protagonists in Transformers media.  They are usually led by Optimus Prime and are “the good guys”.

Beast Wars-
A TV Series from the 1990s which brought back Transformers. This was later to become a sequel to Transformers G1.

A fan description of the lines which started with Classics and continues today with Generations.  It is generally a re-imagining of classic transformers with a modern twist.  CHUG stands for Classics, Henkei, Universe, and Generations.

A planet where the Decepticons lived in Season 3 of the original Transformers cartoon.

Also sometimes known as Gestalts.  These are a large robot made of anywhere from 4-6 smaller robots.  In combined form, their mental faculties are at times limited but their strength is augmented.  Due to Mass Shifting, they are about the size of skyscrapers.  (See Devestator, Superion, Defensor, Bruticus, Predaking, Menasor, Computron, Abominus, Monstructor, and Pirhanacon)

The Planet where the Transformers come from.  In G1 comic continuity, Primus (see Primus) lived in the core of Cybertron.  In G1 cartoon continuity, it was created by the Quintessons as a manufacturing plant.  In Beast Machines it was established that the planet was organic like Earth before the Quintessons terra formed it.

The Antagonists in Transformers fiction.  They are usually led by Megatron but unlike the Autobots they have numerous factions.  They are imperialistic and will do anything to gain power.

The Earth Defense Command.  This was a law enforcement group which protected Earth in Season 3 of Generation 1.  They were allies of the Autobots.  Their most prominent member was Marissa Fairbourne.

This is the lifeblood and fuel for transformers.  In different continuities there are also different types of Energon.  In Beast Wars there was raw wild Energon which would have a detrimental effect to any transformer without an organic shell.  This needed to be processed to become fuel.  In Transformers Prime, there was dark Energon which was the blood of Unicron (see Unicron).  This was able to resurrect a dead transformer into a zombie like form.  In Transformers Prime there was also Red Energon which was able to provide super speed.  In Transformers Prime there was also Tox-En which was toxic to Transformers.  In G1, primarily the Energon was shown in Energon Cubes.  In both Transformers Energon and Transformers Prime, Energon was able to be forged into weapons.

Transformers who were Binary Bonded with a human sized creature who was able to transform into the head of the robot.  In Vehicle mode, the Human was given the option of becoming the driver/pilot of the Transformer.  The benefits of this are increased mental faculties and increased reflexes.

Iacon -
The capital city of Cybertron.

Matrix of Leadership-
This is a device which only the leader of the Autobots possesses and utilizes (with some exceptions).  It is passed from one Prime to another as the previous Prime dies.  It enhances the owners wisdom and leadership abilities and in some circumstances, causes a reformatting. (See Reformatting and Rodimus Prime).  When opened, it can become a powerful weapon.

Mass Shift-
Certain transformers have the ability to grow or shrink for their alternate modes.  Megatron is able to shrink to become a blaster for other Decepticons, Soundwave is able to shrink to become the size of a 1980s hand held tape player, Broadside is able to grow to the size of an aircraft carrier which can house other transformers.

Introduced in Transformers Armada, minicons are a new faction of transformers that are Human sized.  They are able to Powerlink (see Powerlink) with traditional Autobots and Decepticons to add to their power and/or unlock new abilities/hardware.  In Transformers RiD2.0, a mini con is just a smaller Transformer that does engineering work and other tasks the regular sized Transformers don’t want to do.

The Plasma Energy Chamber -
A foundry inside the core of Cybertron where the first Transformers were forged.  The energy of the chamber is very unstable and dangerous, but it can’t hurt organic beings.

Similar to the process of Headmasters, Powermasters are Transformers who are binary bonded to a human sized creature and is able to use their energy instead of Energon.  This was developed originally by Decepticons to be able to thrive in planets without Energon.  Autobots also used this technology (see Optimus Prime)

Powerlink- This is a term introduced in Transformers: Armada where two transformers combine.  Unlike Combiners (see combiners) this is not a large skyscraper sized Transformer.  When a transformer powerlinks with a minicon, they get more power and/or hardware.  In Transformers Energon the term changed a little bit to mean two regular sized transformers combining.  This would cause an increase in power and a few times it caused super speed.

Transformers whose body is inside of an Organic Shell.  This differs from Maximals and Predacons because the Transformer can leave the shell and in most cases, the shell does not transform.  It is unknown if these organic shells protect against Raw, Wild Energon like the beast modes in Beast Wars.  The Organic Shells provide additional strength and firepower, as well as a repair function.  Most Pretenders can control their Organic Shell after the two have separated. 

A “baby” transformer.  This is an amorphous mass with a Spark (see Spark) that has no allegiance, Robot mode or Vehicle mode.

When a Transformer is altered by the matrix (See Rodimus Prime) or the oracle (aka Vector Sigma).  When a Transformer is reformatted they are enhanced both physically and mentally, many times with new alternate modes and abilities.  At the end of Beast Machines, the entire planet of Cybertron was reformatted to become an Organic Planet again.

Space Bridge/Ground Bridge-
A method of teleporation transport for Transformers.  A space bridge can transport someone anywhere in the universe, a ground bridge was used in Transformers Prime by the Autobots and can only transport someone on the same planet.

This is the soul of a transformer.  The spark also forms the personality of a Transformer.  One of the few ways to create a spark is Vector Sigma (see the Aerialbots)

Another type of Binary Bonded Transformer.  This time it is with a human sized creature and a transformer’s gun.  In Targetmaster form, the Transformer has better accuracy and stronger firepower than a non-Targetmaster.

Triple Changers-
Transformers who have two vehicle/alternate modes and one robot mode (See Springer)


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