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One day aboard the Ark, Spike found Dinosaur fossils.  It inspired him and Wheeljack to create Dinobots, new powerful Autobots with Dinosaurs as alternate modes.  They were extremely powerful physically, but intellectually they were very limited.  Their leader was Grimlock.  Grimlock believed that right meant right and rebelled against the Autobots because of Megatron’s interference.  To battle the rebel Dinobots, two more were built.  Grimlock was very clumsy and eventually all of the Dinobots were moved to an island which was a temporal anomaly that Bumblebee, Spike, and Powerglide found which was dubbed Dinobot Island.  On Dinobot Island, the dinobots prospered but due to it being a temporal anomaly, they had to move back onto The Ark.  Traditionally the Dinobots’ enemies were the constructicons and they were some of the few who were able to form a defense against the combiner Devestator. 

Grimlock continued to lead the Dinobots and they were some of the few survivors from the battle of Autobot City.  They’re joining the battle tipped the scales in the Autobots favor.  They saved the day soon after on Quintessa by saving Hot Rod and Kup from the Quintessons with Wheelie’s help.  After Rodimus Prime took command of the Autobots, Grimlock took Hot Rod’s place as protector of Daniel Witwickey. 

After Ultra Magnus, Spike and Kup were kidnapped by the Quintessons at the Galactic Olympics, Rodimus Prime took Grimlock to Charr to spy on the Decepticons.  Grimlock started laughing at the poor state of the Decepticons and alerted Cyclonus and the rest of the Decepticons that Rodimus and he were spying on them.  Even though the Decepticons were under powered, they outnumbered the two Autobots and almost beat them to death.  They were saved by Springer and Arcee.  Rodimus directs the small team of Autobots to Quintessa where they save Kup, Ultra Magnus, and Spike.  Soon after, the Quintessons destroy their planet to destroy the team of Autobots

Another time, while listening to Kup’s war stories with Blur and Wheelie, they received a distress call from a Goo Planet by Wreck Gar.  He told them that an EDC Spacecraft crash landed (It was actually shot down by Combaticon Blast-Off)  on the planet.  They boarded Sky Lynx to investigate and found the ship was shot down by Death Crystals.  While Kup was investigating, Grimlock showed his typical juvenile personality and was very impatient.  Moments later, they were attacked by Runamuk and Blast Off.  Sky Lynx then rescued the Autobots. Soon after, the autobots land on the planet Dreg to see who was mining the Death Crystals.  Kup and Blur are attacked by the predacons, and Grimlock saves Kup.  His very presence scares the Predacons away.  While the Autobots were regrouping, Grimlock suggests that they destroy the creature known as Chaos who was biologically seeding the mine with Death Crystals.  Kup becomes trapped in the mine and he frees the prisoners, giving the autobots the forces they needed to overpower The Decepticons.

When Optimus Prime is partially resurrected by the Quintessons, he lies and tells the Autobots and Grimlock that a number of Autobots are dead, including Daniel and Spike.  Grimlock flies into a fit of rage

In Rodimus Prime’s new regime, the Dinobots had very little to do.  During a diplomatic event, Grimlock was forced into being a waiter.  When Daniel storms out of the event, Grimlock follows him to comfort his young friend to an abandoned part of Cybertron where Daniel accidentally opens up an ancient catacomb.  Grimlock clumsily and accidentally pushes Daniel into the catacomb and quickly follows, leaving his apron by the entrance.  Inside the catacombs they find strange markings that neither can decipher.  Like most of the time, Grimlock makes things worse by opening a portal on the floor that takes him and Daniel to another dimension where magic rules the land. They are quickly attacked by monsters that are part humanoid, part beast, part tree..  Grimlock fends them off, staying in dino mode and not using any of his weapons.  He actually even eats one of the monster’s weapons.   Ultimately, the monsters defeat Grimlock by using a magical sword which froze Grimlock’s leg, causing him to fall.  An evil wizard named… The Red Wizard (very creative name, since he wore red and was a wizard), watches them and saves the captured Grimlock and Daniel.   when they meet, Grimlock and Daniel ally themselves with him (after being lied to by the evil wizard).  It actually turned out that the Red Wizard was a Quintesson who was exiled to the magical domain by ancient Autobots.  The Red Wizard was only interested in manipulating Grimlock and locks Daniel in the dungeon.  During the battle, Grimlock is basically lost without someone giving him orders and is pelted by stones.  The Quintesson Red Wizard starts attacking the “good guys” with energy weapons and Grimlock does the same.  Ultra Magnus, Blaster, Blaster’s Cassettes, and Carly travel to the mystic dimension and they see Grimlock fighting.  They assume that Grimlock is fighting for right and join in (But seriously, shouldn’t they have known that Grimlock is a few energon cubes short of a dozen and wait to see what the real story is?)  Daniel and the real Red Wizard free the rightful ruler of the magical land and The Golden One (the rightful ruler) kills the Quintesson, burning him to dust

One time, they accidentally went to a different dimension where magic ruled and their combined lack of insight and overwhelming trust caused them to back the wrong side in that magical war.  Due to an accident, Grimlock became a genius, the smartest autobot, even smarter than Perceptor.  This ostracized him from the other Dinobots.  His intellect boost was short lived and he gave up his genius to imbue the Technobots with intellect and life. 

G1 Marvel Comic Book

Grimlock and the other Dinobots were aboard the ark with Optimus Prime and the other Autobots when it crashed.  They were reactivated earlier when Shockwave came to Earth looking for Megatron.  The Dinobots took forms of the local life, Dinobots and after a battle with Shockwave, were stuck in stasis lock in a tar pit.  Soon after the Autobots came back online in the 1980s, Ratchet discovered the Dinobots and after a short argument with Optimus Prime, he brought them back online. Grimlock’s personality in the G1 Comic was very different from the cartoon.  Where in the cartoon he was a lovable character, in the comic book he was basically an asshole.  He was smarter and more savage.  He did what he wanted and didn’t care about the results.
After Optimus Prime died, Grimlock named himself leader and was more of a dictator than a leader.  He named Bumblebee and Blaster fugitives, wore a crown, and even tortured other Autobots.  This caused Bumblebee to start to search ways to resurrect Optimus Prime.  When Optimus Prime was resurrected, Grimlock gave leadership back to Optimus.  Optimus named Grimlock and Fortress Maximus as his seconds in command. 

Starscream killed Grimlock and a time later Grimlock was rebuilt as a Pretender.  Optimus died again, this time destroying Unicron and Grimlock was appointed head of the Autobots again.  This time he mellowed out a little bit and Prowl was named his second in command.   He later went to rebuild the dinobots with an unknown energy source called Nucleon, Grimlock lost his ability to transform, but became more durable.

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Grimlock is one of the strongest Autobots there is who isn’t a combiner, he is possibly even stronger than Optimus Prime.  In dino mode, he is resistant to small arms fire and can fire a laser from his mouth.  In Robot mode he is armed with a double barrel pistol and a sword which can also shoot energy blasts.  In the G1 comic book, he gained a pretender shell which gave him even more protection from damage and he could control the armor from outside of the Pretender shell.  After being exposed to Nucleon, he lost the ability to transform, but became more resilient and strong.

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