Takara Henkei Hot Shot Toy Review


Price- not sure what the original price was in Japan, but it cost me about 40 on ebay in 2019
Class- Deluxe


At the time, I LOVED Transformers Armada. It was the first time in a long time that we got Autobots Vs Decepticons in a proper way. Sure, Robots in Disguise/Car Robots had the Combaticons as Decepticons, but their main force was Predacons. Beast Era, only brief cameos of Autobots and Decepticons. Despite my liking of Armada, the toys were pretty sub par. I think Armada is my least favorite of eras for toys. We had some AMAZING figures in RID/Car Robots, many of which still hold up today. But Armada figures lacked articulation, they were pretty kiddy, and the gimmick at times was a bit intrusive. Armada Hot Shot is probably one of my least favorite figures that I've ever owned. But towards September of 2019, I found a site (that's legal) is streaming Armada (for free). So I kind of wanted some of the Armada figures. I got a new copy of Armada Red Alert (review to come sooner than later), but Hot Shot... Oh my stars and garters, I need a proper Hot Shot. So I did some research and I found out about a figure I really didn't know about. CHUG Hot Shot. Well, CHUG Hot Shot has a major flaw, he has no weapons (originally he was going to). Even Armada Hot Shot had the stupid back cannon. So I continued researching and I learned about Henkei Hot Shot, basically the same toy as CHUG Hot Shot, but he comes with two blasters. Does this figure scratch the itch of a proper Hot Shot????

Bot Mode-

From first glance, Henkei Hot Shot really doesn't look like he is vastly improved from Armada Hot Shot. Well, he really is a lot better. Henkei Hot Shot is mainly yellow and red, he has a visor on his head that can move up and down and it is cast in clear blue plastic. Where Hot Shot really shines is articulation. While, a Siege or Prime Wars CHUG figure has more articulation, Henkei Hot Shot is pretty good. He's about 80% as articulated as a figure made today (in 2019). His arms move in several places. His legs move. A big reason I got him over a new Armada Hot Shot is that his head can turn. This really makes for some really dynamic poses. The only thing that Armada Hot Shot has that Henkei doesn't is the big blaster on his back. Well, I never liked that aspect of Armada Hot Shot, so I don't really mind that it isn't there.


Henkei Hot Shot has a much more satisfying and entertaining transformation than his Armada precursor. Basically, Armada's was stand him up and fold out some panels. Heknei Hot Shot has a really fun transformation that stands up to current figures today. For fun, I rate it 8 out of 10. For complexity, I rate it 5.75 out of 10.

Vehicle Mode-

Hot Shot looks very similiar to his Armada version, but just a bit more streamlined. He is a yellow car and it's very cool. Armada Hot Shot looked like a 3 year old's transformer. Henkei looks a lot more mature while being the same character. There is weapon storage, his two blasters turn into exhaust pipes.


Hot Shot comes with a few accessories. He has a mini con (jolt) who honestly, I never took pictures of. He can half transform into a speed mode on Hot Shot's vehicle mode. Hot Shot also comes with two silver blasters which can fire blue clouds of exhaust. The accessories of the original Hot Shot kind of bothered me. If you lose the engine block, you can't transform the figure. Hasbro learned their lesson and there are no accessories which are mandatory for the transformation.

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Henkei Hot Shot is a really fun figure. He is well articulated, looks great, and has tremendous play value.


Minor issue and a little bigger issue. The minor issue is, in the Armada cartoon, Hot Shot had a gun which looked like an engine block. I would've liked to see that incorporated as yet another weapon, or instead of the weapons he came with. Bigger gripe is, even though he is more articulated than Armada Hot Shot, he still needs just a little more articulation in the upper arms. He also DOESN'T have 5mm hand holes, so you can't give him other accessories (like the Armada Star Saber)


Well, I had 2 choices for a more modern update to Hot Shot; Henkei Hot Shot and Siege Cybertron Hot Shot. I am pretty sure i made the right choice in getting the one I did. I like Henkei Hot Shot a lot more than I thought I would, but he is far from the perfect figure. Again, I do like him a lot. I rate Henkei Hot Shot 6.75 out of 10

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