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Hoist was a season 2 addition that showed up with no back story.  He was another Autobot whose main function wasn’t just another warrior.  Many times, Hoist was shown building something new or assisting with repairs.

Hoist’s first mission on Earth was when the Autobots confronted Megatron in South America.  Megatron had enhanced himself with the Heart of Cybertron and damaged most of the Autobots.  Hoist helped gather the injured and helps them get back to base.

Hoist and Grapple design a solar tower together.  They build a model and predict that if it is built, it will help both the Autobots and the planet Earth.  Hoist helps Grapple propose the plans to Optimus Prime.  They bring the model to Optimus and Hoist tries to start explaining it to him.  Grapple gets insulted and takes over the presentation of the solar tower.  Optimus Prime thinks it is a great design, but won’t let Grapple build it.  He feels that it is too vulnerable to Decepticon attack.  As Grapple is finishing his presentation, Teletran 1 alerts the Autobots that Powerglide has been attacked.  Grapple and Hoist transform to help their friend.  Hoist and Grapple find Powerglide and repair his battle damage.  After repairing Powerglide, they transform to return to base.  Grapple suggests to Hoist that they build the solar tower themselves.  Hoist doesn’t want to disobey Optimus Prime.  Hoist finally talks Grapple out of the project when he explains that the two of them don’t have the strength, man power, or energy supply to build it.  Grapple reluctantly agrees.  The two Autobots get ready to return to their base when they notice they are being spied on by the Constructicons.  They transform to escape, but Scavenger blocks the opening of the canyon with a large boulder. Hoist and Grapple try to back up through the canyon to escape, but Mixmaster pours concrete into the canyon.  Scrapper leaps on top of the boulder with his arms in the air.  He tells Grapple and Hoist that he doesn’t want to fight.  Hoist and Grapple don’t believe him and fire missiles at him.  He dodges the missiles and the rest of the Constructicons come to his aid.  Bonecrusher creates a landslide and the two Autobots are restrained.  Scrapper leaps into the canyon again.  He promises that the Constructicons don’t want to harm them.  He assures them that Megatron has no knowledge of this meeting.  Hoist frees his blaster arm and is ready to attack Scrapper, but Grapple tells him not to.  Grapple is curious to see what Scrapper has to say.  Scrapper proposes and alliance with the two Autobots to build the Solar Tower together.  Grapple is skeptical about the alliance, but Scrapper frees both Autobots and the Constructicons fly off to prove their honesty about an alliance.  Later, Hoist and Grapple meet with the Constructicons.  They reveal that Long Haul is carrying a significant amount of Megatron’s Energon Cubes.  The two Autobots believe that the Constructicons want an alliance.  The Constructicons work very well with Hoist and Grapple.  Hoist welds the structure together.  Right after the Solar Tower is completed, the Constructicons show their true colors.  Megatron attacks Grapple and Hoist to take control of the tower.  The Solar Tower is destroyed in the battle between the Autobots and Devestator.  After the battle, the Autobots search the wreckage for Hoist and Grapple.  When they are found, they apologize to Optimus Prime and he forgives them.  Optimus Prime punishes the two Autobots by making them clean up the debris by themselves.

Hoist shows himself in the battle against the Decepticons after Megatron thought the Autobots were dead.  The Autobots prove to be too powerful and the Decepticons retreat.
Hoist joins the Autobots when they go to a rocket base to test a new weapon called the Negavator.  The weapon was created by Wheeljack as an addition to the Autobot arsenal. The Negavator is a tank like vehicle which a Transformer can ride inside of that has the power to vaporize mater.  In it’s first test, the Autobots vaporize a space rocket.  This event is one of the few times when the Autobots join forces with the government.   It is unclear if Hoist had any part of the design or building of the Negavator. All of a sudden, Red Alert’s early warning system goes off, alerting the Autobots that Decepticons are approaching.  Optimus Prime orders the Autobots to transform into vehicle mode to engage the incoming Decepticons.  The Autobots try to exit the compound, but they are ambushed by Rumble, Frenzy, and Ravage.  The three small Decepticons are unleashing a torrent of laser fire on the Autobots.  Optimus orders the Autobots to transform out of vehicle mode and fight the Decepticons.  Optimus Prime, Ironhide, and Hoist are the first to start fighting.  They ready their weapons, and Buzzsaw joins the fight.  From the air, he fires on the three Autobots. Optimus Prime orders them to fall back so the heat from the laser attacks won’t damage their internal processors.  Ravage fires a missile at the door of the bunker.  The explosion prevents the Autobots from being able to leave to protect the Negavator.  Hoist and Grapple work together to clear the rubble from the door so the Autobots can escape.  Hoist deploys metal tentacles with shovels from his vehicle mode and passes the busted concrete to Grapple.  Once Hoist and Grapple clear a path for the Autobots to escape the bunker, they see the Decepticon cassettes trying to get to the Negavator.  Optimus Prime orders the Autobots to open fire on them.  Inferno is forced to short out the Negavator to save Optimus Prime.  Between the Negavator being shorted out and the small team of Decepticons being outnumbered and outgunned, Soundwave orders a retreat.  Rumble fires a rocket inside of the Autobot bunker and Red Alert is caught in the explosion.  Hoist hears Red Alert’s calls for help and transforms into vehicle mode to rush into the control room.  Hoist digs him out, but Red Alert’s mind circuits have been damage.   Hoist gets in the cockpit of the Negavator and pilots it back to the Ark.  The Autobots transform into vehicle mode and travel through a desert canyon back to the Ark.  They are ambushed by the Decepticons when Rumble uses his pile drivers to create an avalanche.  They transform into robot mode, but boulders continue to fall on them.  Starscream, the Seekers, and the Coneheads swoop down from the air in jet mode and start unleashing a fury of weapons fire on the Autobots.  Hoist exits the cockpit of the Negavator and works with Grapple to dig out the Autobots.  They deploy huge grabber claws to remove the rocks.  After the Decepticons retreat, Optimus Prime realizes that Red Alert’s mental functions have been compromised.  Hoist and Inferno try to restrain him so Red Alert can be repaired, but Red Alert pushes past them and runs into a forest.  Optimus sends the Autobots to catch him before he gets worse.  Optimus, Ironhide, and Hoist track what they think is Red Alert to a city.  When they catch up with the car, it isn’t actually Red Alert, just a Fire Chief’s car that looks exactly like Red Alert.  Optimus, Ironhide, and Hoist track what they think is Red Alert to a city.  When they catch up with the car, it isn’t actually Red Alert, just a Fire Chief’s car that looks exactly like Red Alert.  Optimus, Hoist, and Ironhide search the city tirelessly but can’t find Red Alert.  Even though he may explode, Optimus orders the Autobots back to base so they can protect the Negavator and recharge.   They transform and return to the Ark.  Hoist actually seems more worried about Red Alert blowing up than Optimus is.  After recharging, Optimus and Hoist bring the Negavator back to the bunker in the military base.  They secure it in “Level 9” of the bunker and activate the defenses.   Optimus Prime, Inferno, Hoist, and Ironhide intercept Red Alert as he is trying to leave the bunker with the Negavator.  They think that Starscream his holding Red Alert prisoner, but Red Alert tells them that Starscream is his partner.  Hoist offers to repair Red Alert’s malfunctioning mental circuits.  Red Alert shoots the Negavator at the Autobots but only destroys their pursuit route.  Then, Megatron shows up with the Decepticons and takes the Negavator.  Red Alert is temporarily given clarity when Starscream shoots Red Alert with a Null Ray.  Red Alert sets the Negavator to explode and the Decepticons retreat.

After the Dinobots are defeated by the Decepticons in an airport, Red Alert, Hoist, and Inferno arrive to help clean up and repair the Dinobots.  Hoist lifts Grimlock out of the rubble and then the rest of the Dinobots.  He places them on a destroyed plane so he can bring them back to the Ark for repairs.  Ratchet, Wheeljack, and Hoist work on repairing the Dinobots, but they are having trouble.  The Dinobots are severely damaged.  Ratchet complains that he is tired of using primitive tools and parts on Earth.  Hoist agrees and comments that the tools on Cybertron are vastly superior.  Hoist follows Optimus Prime to a power plant that the Decepticons are trying to control.  As the Decepticons are making Energon Cubes, the Autobots arrive to fight.  

Megatron steals a device from a scientist and uses it to disrupt all communications on Earth.  Because motorists in a mountain range didn’t know snow was coming, they are trapped on the snow filled road.  Hoist and several other Autobots rush to save them.  They use a snow tire function in vehicle mode to reach the motorists. A car slides off a cliff and Hoist uses his claw arm to catch it.  As the Autobots finish rescuing all of the motorists, they are attacked by Ramjet and Thundercracker.  The two Decepticons cause an avalanche.


Warpath and Hoist combat the Decepticons near Stonehenge.  The Decepticons run into a cave and Warpath traps them inside by destroying the opening.  Hoist starts to dig a new hole so they can pursue the Decepticons.  Hoist, Warpath, and Spike follow the Decepticons back in time to the year 543 AD. Princess Nimue was being chased by evil knights and Ravage.  She is very quick to ally herself with the Autobots, not knowing anything about them, but she leads them to help the king from the dragon.  Hoist assumes that when she refers to the dragon, she is talking about Starscream.  Using his internal computer, Hoist estimates (only by a year off) the date.  The Autobots don’t worry about altering the timeline and ally themselves with the king to fight the Decepticons.  Hoist helps Spike by designing a suit of armor for him so he can take part in the local tournament.  The tournament was created to settle a local land dispute.  Obviously, the Autobots have no objection about possibly interfering with the timeline.  Hoist makes the armor and Spike notices that he is running low on power (from the glowing light on his chest).  Hoist lifts Spike on his horse so he can participate in the tournament.   Spike is defeated, but then the Decepticons reveal themselves.  Rumble and Ramjet are representing an evil lord.  The King defeats Rumble and Ramjet in a fair joust.  Starscream wants to rule the land, so he abducts the princess.  He transforms and escapes away with her in his cockpit.  Starscream can’t fly because he doesn’t have enough energy.  Warpath and Hoist try to intercept Starscream, but they crash into each other.  Warpath and Hoist lead the king’s army to Blackthorne’s castle to save the princess and defeat the Decepticons.  The Autobots are running low on power.  As the Autobots and the King’s army try to storm the Decepticons’ castle, they are attacked by catapults which are armed with explosives.  Hoist helps the King’s army get across the moat by spreading his body over the trench.  The army uses Hoist as a bridge.  Hoist lacks the energy to fully participate in the battle.  He continues to help the King’s army climb into Blackthorne’s castle.  Warpath leaps off of Hoist into the castle.  Starscream and his legions seem like they are about to win the battle.  A wizard arrives on the battlefield and creates lightning to recharge the Autobots.  Hoist and Warpath are unable to use their weapons, but they are able to transform.  In vehicle mode, they leap over the moat and storm the castle.  They break through the outer wall and drive into Starscream.  Hoist deploys a cable from his vehicle mode and captures Starscream’s primitive energy device and binds Rumble and Ramjet to it.  He launches it into Starscream.  The Autobots defeat the Decepticons and capture them.  A wizard guides the Autobots, Decepticons, and Spike back to the time portal, but now it is guarded by a dragon.  The dragon is defeated and everyone returns to the proper time.

Hoist goes to New York City with the Autobots to be part of the Crime Buster campaign.  The Autobots are getting involved in stopping local crimes.  Hoist is stationed inside of Sparkplug’s garage which acts as a mobile base for the Autobots.  Hoist notices that Tracks enjoys being bait so the Autobots can catch car thieves.  Hoist goes on patrol with Huffer.  Somehow, Hoist shrinks himself to be human sized and rides inside of Huffer.  The two Autobots are stuck in traffic created by a car accident.  Hoist gets out of Huffer to help clear the accident in vehicle mode.

Hoist is shown repairing Skids after an unsuccessful mission fighting the Insecticons.  Hoist goes on a mission with the Autobots to a jungle valley.  They want to save Cosmos and prevent an infestation of Morphobots from spreading.  Cosmos is rescued by Blaster, Bumblebee, Hoist, Tracks, and Ironhide.   Hoist tows Cosmos away to get him repairs.   
Hoist and the Autobots are confined to the Ark by Optimus Prime after several Autobots go missing.  They have been captured by a big game hunter named Lord Chumley who wants to hunt Optimus Prime for his own pleasure.

Hoist helps rescue motorists from drowning when Blitzwing destroys a bridge.  Hoist uses a retractable claw in tow truck mode to lift the waterlogged cars out of the water.  The bridge starts to crumble, so Hoist dives into the water to perform repairs.  Later, Smokescreen and Hoist drive on a highway together to search for four missing Autobots.  They are contacted by Powerglide who found their remains at a football stadium.  The Constructicons took the remains of the missing Autobots and turned them into a throne for Blitzwing.  They drive into the stadium and enter the Highway Maze that the Constructicons built for Blitzwing.  The first group of Autobots got lost in the maze and that is how Blitzwing defeated them in battle.  Hoist and Smokescreen are able to navigate through the maze with Powerglide’s help.   Smokescreen uses his smoke cloud abilities to make Scrapper choke.  This gives Hoist the cover he needs to lasso the throne and steal it from the Decepticons.

While Spike and Carly are riding inside of Hoist on a mountain road, two cars speed by them.  The cars are being driven very recklessly. .  Hoist starts to wonder when people stopped driving safely.  The cars continue racing down the treacherous road and split off from each other at a fork in the road.  One of the drivers has no idea that the road hasn’t been completed and drives off a rocky ramp.  There was a sign warning him, but he was going too fast to be able to react in time.  The car flies into the air and spins.  It lands on the roof of the other speeding car.  Before they can act, Spike, Carly, and Hoist are screamed at.  A film director was filming a stunt scene for his movie.  Despite the stunt being carefully choreographed, the stunt drivers loose control and both cars start to fall off a cliff.  The drivers are both unhurt, but that won’t last long.  Any help is too far away and will take at least 20 minutes to get to the mountain.  Carly suggests to Hoist that he helps.  The rocks supporting the stunt cars begins to crumble.  Time is running out.  Hoist drives to the cliff of the mountain and then transforms.  He starts to climb down the side of the mountain to get to the two cars (which is probably harder than it looks because Hoist only has one real hand).  As the stunt cars continue to slide off the rocks, the drivers reach out to Hoist.  Just as the drivers and the cars are about to crash to the ground, Hoist telescopes his arm out (an ability I don’t think has ever been shown previously or again) and saves the drivers.  The cars still fall to the ground and explode.  Once Hoist saves the drivers, he climbs up the mountain to bring them to safety.  He is greeted with cheer and applause from the movie’s crew.  The Director was so impressed with Hoist that he offers to put Hoist in his movies.  Hoist is happy to accept the offer.  Hoist drives to the studio, called Major Picture, with Spike and Carly tagging along.  Hoist transforms into robot mode and exclaims that he is ready for his big scene.  The Director barely seems to remember Hoist, and definitely doesn’t seem like he wants to be bothered.  He calls Hoist “Moist” and tells him to get a doughnut.  When Tracks swoops onto the set, Hoist wonders why Tracks came to the studio.  Tracks is soon followed by Sunstreaker, Warpath, and Powerglide.  The Director is so taken by the Autobots that he gives all of them a part in his movie.  Hoist goes from star to being relegated to just be a tow truck.  All of the Autobots complain to him that they don’t find their roles in the movie to be glamorous enough.  Hoist grudgingly tries to talk to the director on the other Autobots’ behalf.  When Hoist (or “Moist” as the director continues to call him) tries to talk to the director, the director acts like he has more important things to do and tells Hoist to get a bagel (I wonder if Michael Bay did this to Optimus Prime).  The other Autobots leave, but Hoist decides to stay on set.  The other Autobots return when the Director promises to give them larger roles in the movie.  All of the Autobots, including Hoist are given rubber masks and their characters in the movie are evil alien robots.  In one scene, the Autobots are in a fake spaceship.  By this point, the Decepticons have learned about the Autobots taking part in the movie.  Rumble replaces the pyrotechnics with real explosives.  The movie is halted and the Autobots are injured.  The Decepticons continue to attack the studio so they can get the only copy of the movie so Optimus Prime doesn’t know they were on the movie set (even though Spike and Carly saw the footage, and the Decepticons attacked the studio pretty openly, and the fact that large 20-35 foot robots really don’t blend in well, this entire episode is basically one big plot hole).  Hoist devises a ruse to get the Decepticons to lose interest in the studio and Spike and Carly.  He suspends them over a vat of “lava” and threatens to drop them into the lava with the film if the Decepticons don’t leave (but isn’t that what they want?  Spike dead and the film destroyed?).  Megatron quickly sees through the bluff because he knows an Autobot would never harm a human.  Hoist drops them in the lava and transforms.  He fires his hand blaster at Megatron.  Megatron thinks the negatives were destroyed, so he has the Decepticons fly back to base.  When they watch the finished film with Wheeljack, he reveals that the device that the Decepticons stole never worked. The Director decides he wants to make Hoist a big star, but Hoist says his work with the Autobots is too important.

Optimus Prime organizes a mission to go to Cybertron and prevent Megatron from giving life to the Stunticons.  Hoist travels inside of Omega Supreme’s rocket mode to Cybertron.  When the Autobots reach Cybertron, they hurry to reach Alpha Trion.  Optimus Prime knows that Alpha Trion understands more about Vector Sigma than any other Autobot, so finding him would be a good start.    The Decepticons already got to Alpha Trion and stole the Key to Vector Sigma from him.  Optimus Prime calls out to his mentor.  The Autobots find an injured and weakened Alpha Trion among the wreckage.  Optimus Prime tells Ratchet and Hoist to repair Alpha Trion.  Alpha Trion warns the Autobots that the Decepticons may have already reached Vector Sigma.  Optimus Prime leads the Autobots to Vector Sigma while Hoist and Ratchet repair Alpha Trion.  While the Autobots are being led through the underground catacombs of Cybertron by Vector Sigma, they come across a maintenance room.  The room is filled with the bodies of deactivated Transformers as well as some space crafts.  Hoist says they are nothing but junk, but Alpha Trion remembers them serving Cybertron well. Alpha Trion knows the way to Vector Sigma and continues to guide the Autobots on their journey.  The Autobots know they are on the right path when they are attacked by Centurion droids under Megatron’s control.  The Autobots open fire on the Centurion droids, but their weapons have no effect.  The Centurion droids continue their slow walk towards the Autobots.  One of the Centurions reaches Hoist and lifts him up into the air.  Hoist is thrown into Ironhide and the both tumble to the ground. The Autobots are unable to stop the droids so they escape back to the maintenance room.   Optimus Prime has Ratchet and Hoist rewire the dead transformers to act as interference for the Centurion Droids.  The droids make short work of the reanimated Transformers.  The second wave of reanimated Transformers leads the Centurion droids off a cliff.   After the Autobots learn that Vector Sigma gave life to the Stunticons, the Autobots return to the maintenance room and build the Aerialbots.

All of the Autobots that went to Cybertron to prevent the Decepticons from reaching Vector Sigma work together to build the Aerialbots.  Once they are complete, Optimus Prime plans to bring the mindless Aerialbots to Vector Sigma so it can breathe life into them.  Since the Decepticons have the only key to Vector Sigma, Alpha Trion sacrifices himself to reactivate Vector Sigma without a key and the Aerialbots are given life.  After fighting their way back to the surface through another army of Centurion Droids, the Autobots and Aerialbots take Omega Supreme to Earth.  Omega Supreme explodes from off screen battle damage when he reaches Earth.   While Ratchet works on repairing Omega Supreme, Optimus leads several Autobots to a military base to check up on the super fuel that they were protecting earlier.  He drives with Wheeljack and Hoist (always questioning why they didn’t stay behind to help Ratchet).  The military thinks that the Autobots were the ones who attacked their base, when it was actually the Stunticons.  Just as Optimus brokers a tenuous peace, the Stunticons race towards the Autobots at 300 miles per hour.  The Autobots fight the Stunticons, but the battle only ends because Megatron contacts the Stunticons to return to him.  Hoist later joins the Autobots in a plan to defend Seattle from being transformed by the energies of the Key of Vector Sigma.  Hoist helps the Autobots fight the Stunticons.
Wheeljack picks up the Stunticons energy signatures near the Autobot base.  The Stunticons have split up to gather three items for Megatron.  Hoist is deployed with other Autobots to stop the Stunticons before they return to the Decepticon base.  While Breakdown and Wildrider are driving recklessly to the meeting point, they are intercepted by Hoist, Grapple, and Inferno.  Wildrider speeds up so he can ram himself into the three Autobots.  The Autobots hold their ground and prepare themselves for the impact, but Wildrider drives around them. Wildrider spins around on the road and Hoist shoots him with his laser.  Both Stunticons are disabled and the Autobots capture them.  Hoist, Grapple, and Inferno guard the jailed Stunticons.  Breakdown launches himself at full speed into the energized bars which were trapping him.  He shatters them and attacks Grapple, Inferno and Hoist.  With one shot, Breakdown deactivates all three Autobots.  Hoist and the other Autobots are injured and Menasor returns to the Decepticons to expose the disguised Autobots.

After Megatron captures Perceptor to cure his Cosmic Rust, Megatron is willing to release Perceptor back to the Autobots.  Perceptor is infected with Cosmic Rust and is attached to a bomb.  Hoist goes with the Autobots to save Perceptor (he is hard to see in the shot, but he is standing behind Trailbreaker).

When the Aerialbots are attacked by the Combaticons in Iran, Hoist travels with the Autobots to save them.  During the battle, Slingshot is trapped inside of a cave.  Optimus Prime, Silverbolt, and Air Raid remove rocks from the mouth of the cave so Hoist can tow Slingshot out.   After the battle, the Autobots and Aerialbots travel together to a nearby Air Base for repairs.  Slingshot tells Hoist to avoid the bumps.


Marvel G1 Comic

After Optimus Prime regains the power of The Creation Matrix from Buster Witwicky, a group of new Autobots were created.  Hoist was one of them.  Along with the new Autobots, Hoist is shown around Earth by Bumblebee.  They are then assigned to investigate a Decepticon plot to harness sound energy as Energon at a rock concert.  After a successful battle with the Decepticons, and repairing the stage, Hoist and the Autobots return to The Ark.

Years later, Hoist is killed in a battle in New York City with a mutated Starscream.

IDW Transformers

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Hoist was a swiss army knife of an Autobot. He seemed to have a million different tools. In vehicle mode he had a number of different claws which came out of various parts of him. These claws were able to move rubble or anything else that needed removing. He was a skilled engineer who both designed and repaired.

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