G1 Cartoon

Huffer was one of the Autobots who crashed on Earth with Optimus Prime.  He was much smaller, but at times stronger, than the rest of the Autobots.  His personality was defined by worrying and complaining.  He wasn’t in the cartoon as often as other Autobots.  In vehicle mode, he transformed into a small and orange truck.  On at least one occasion, he was able to hook Optimus Prime’s trailer to his trailer hook.

His first mission was to stop the Decepticons on an off shore oil rig.  After a brief battle, Megatron damages the oil rig and retreats with the Decepticons.  

Huffer’s arm gets trapped in the wreckage and he has to be saved.  Brawn uses his welding torch to cut Huffer free.  Once freed, Huffer flies away to the Ark with Brawn.  Inside the Ark, he gets repaired by Ratchet.  He is quickly fixed and joins the Autobots to defend Sherman Dam.  The Autobots then attempt to stop the Decepticons from mining the ruby crystals of Burma.  When Optimus Prime is injured in an explosion, Huffer helps turn him over.

 Hound then makes a holographic rocket base and Huffer is sent to fight the Decepticons.  His smaller stature makes him a perfect stand in for part of the staff of the fake base.  Megatron knew it was a trap and the Autobots plan wasn’t successful.  While the Autobots were trying to ambush the Decepticons, they were at a different site getting the energy they needed.  

The Autobots are forced to evacuate their base when the volcano that houses their ship becomes active again.  Huffer, Ratchet, and Windcharger are caught in the explosion, but Skyfire saves them from destruction.

Megatron challenges Optimus to a one on one battle.  When it is time for the battle, Huffer is an observer.  Optimus Prime is severely damaged in the fight and looses.  Huffer tries to help by towing the extra weight of Optimus Prime’s trailer back to the Ark.  

The Autobots start to get irritated by the clumsy Dinobots.  Wheeljack tries to teach them finesse.  Huffer is skeptical.  Huffer’s skepticism is warranted when the Dinobots wreck the Autobot base. After the Dinobots move to Dinobot Island, time portals start opening up.  Huffer goes with Optimus Prime and the Autobots to investigate.  When the Autobots arrive in town, Hound picks up Bumblebee’s energy signature in a pile of wreckage.  Huffer rushes to the destroyed building to start digging his friends out.  After the Autobots dig Bumblebee and Spike free, they see a time warp.  A woolly mammoth and a caveman have already come out of the time warp and are causing damage to the town.  The longer it stays open, the more cavemen and mammoths come through the portal and damage the town.  The Autobots work to corral the cavemen and mammoths, and Optimus reminds the Autobots to be gentle since they are living creatures.  Huffer grabs a mammoth by the horns and grapples with it.  He subdues it by lifting it over his head and throws it.  He also claims he is one of the strongest Autobots.  Optimus Prime has the Huffer, Sideswipe, and Ironhide load the mammoths into his trailer.  The Autobots successfully send the cavemen and mammoths back to their proper time by sending everything back into the portal.

Ironhide takes command of the Autobots because there are two Optimus Primes.  Huffer goes on a mission with the Autobots to investigate a crevice in the desert filled with energy crystals.  It is a trap and the Decepticons immediately attack.  After Clone Optimus destroys a clone of Starscream, the Autobots accept the clone as the real article.  Windcharger emerges from the energy crystals and tells the Autobots that Spike has been captured by the Decepticons.  Clone Optimus doesn’t try to save Spike, and this tips the Autobots off on which Optimus is real.  Together, the Autobots shoot Clone Optimus and send him into the energy crystals where he is destroyed.

Huffer joins the Autobots in South America when they try to stop Megatron from gaining power from a Decepticon space ship.  Huffer falls in battle when Megatron fights the Autobots on his own. Together, the Autobots fire their weapons at a hill causing a rock slide.  The Decepticons are buried and the Autobots return to base to repair themselves.

When the mayor of Central City declares an Autobot Day holiday, Huffer is part of the parade in vehicle mode.  Autobot Day is cut very short when the Autobots are accused of being evil.  The Autobots are given a trial and are found guilty.  They are exiled from the Earth forever.  After their ship takes off, Megatron uses Teletran 1 to alter the flight plan to send the Autobots into the sun.

After the Autobots were exiled from Earth, Cosmos guides the Autobot spacecraft away from Earth.  Huffer feels depressed and defeated about the Autobot exile.  The ship is destroyed and the world thinks the Autobots are dead.  They survive when Trailbreaker surrounds the Autobots with a force field and links it to Cosmos.  Cosmos guides the Autobots back to Earth.

The Decepticons steal a device called the Voltronic Galaxer.  Optimus Prime sends out teams of Autobots to search for the device.  Huffer and Tracks stand on top of skyscrapers to explode a city for the device.  They don’t find the machine

Huffer goes with most of the Autobots when they attack the Decepticon base.  The Autobots want to draw out Devestator to gain control of him.  When Devestator finally appears, he kicks Huffer.

Huffer goes to New York City with the Autobots to be part of the Crime Buster campaign.  The Autobots are getting involved in stopping local crimes.  Huffer is stationed inside of Sparkplug’s garage which acts as a mobile base for the Autobots.  Tracks mentions that he really likes New York City, and Huffer accuses Tracks of preferring humans over Autobots.  Hoist goes on patrol with Huffer.  Somehow, Hoist shrinks himself to be human sized and rides inside of Huffer.  The two Autobots are stuck in traffic created by a car accident.  Huffer complains about the traffic jam and Hoist gets out of Huffer to help.  Huffer wishes he had wings like Tracks so he could fly over traffic.  Later, Ironhide, Windcharger, and Huffer defend New York City from Decepticon created drones.  The Drones were made of stolen cars.  When the drones engage the three Autobots, they quickly transform into mindless robots and shoot lasers at them.  Huffer accuses the drones of being bad shots, but one shoots a large sign off of a building and it falls on Huffer.

Spike and Chip propose to Optimus Prime that the Autobots participate in a race for charity.   Huffer says it is a waste of energy.  Brawn says that Huffer can stay at the Ark for guard duty.  Ratchet, Brawn, Huffer, and Wheeljack remain behind to guard the base.  Bumblebee, Spike, and Chip return to the Ark so Wheeljack and Ratchet can come up with a cure.  They have trouble finding the Autobots at first because Soundwave disabled the abducted Autobots’ communications.  Huffer again states that he knew that the race was a bad idea (the Autobots really need to listen to Huffer more, this isn’t the first time that he was right about something and the Autobots didn’t take him seriously).   Hound sends the Ark a holographic message so the free Autobots know where to save the captured Autobots.  They receive the message just as Ratchet and Wheeljack complete construction on a grenade which will restore the Autobots’ transformation abilities.  Huffer is worried that they won’t be able to restore the Autobots and that the Decepticons outnumber them.  Ratchet and Brawn explain to him that they have no other choice.  Huffer and the free Autobots travel to the Decepticons’ Ghost Town with Spike and Chip.  As soon as they arrive, the are attacked by Decepticons.  Wheeljack’s grenade successfully restores the captured Autobots’ ability to transform.

Huffer is sent on a mission with a few other Autobots to defend a farm from a swarm of Insecticons.   Bombshell and Shrapnel work together to attack Huffer.  Their combined attack makes the small Autobot fall to the ground.  The team of Autobots are overwhelmed by the swarm of Insecticons.  The transform and retreat.  When the Autobots reach their headquarters, Grapple performs the needed repairs to Huffer.  Huffer goes on a mission with the Autobots to a jungle valley.  They want to save Cosmos and prevent an infestation of Morphobots from spreading.   

Tracks and Bumblebee are captured by the big game hunter, Lord Chumley.  Huffer helps the Autobots search for them.  Lord Chumley tries to capture Huffer by deploying a drill from a manhole an a claw from an electric pole.  Huffer has no clue that he is being targeted by drives away before he is attacked, avoiding capture. He returns to the Ark after being ordered by Optimus Prime to do so.  The drill destroys the claw when it misses Huffer.    

Huffer and the other Autobots are injured and Menasor returns to the Decepticons to expose the disguised Autobots.

Marvel G1 Comic

Huffer was a crew member of the Ark, the spacecraft that brought the Autobots and Decepticons to Earth.  He was minimally used in the Marvel G1 book.

The first time we see Huffer’s personality is after The Autobots save Sparkplug Witwicky from The Decepticons.  Megatron wanted Sparkplug to come up with a way to adapt Earth fuel to be able to be used by Transformers.  Sparkplug tells the Autobots that he was successful and Huffer says they need to kill Sparkplug for being a traitor.  Ironhide tries to calm him down and tells him that Sparkplug was a prisoner and had to do what he did to save his life.  Huffer retorts and says that in war you do whatever you have to so the enemy doesn’t win, even get tortured.   Optimus Prime settles the argument and the Autobots unify again to protect Earth.

Soon after, Huffer learns that soon after the Ark crashed, something from Cybertron came to Earth.  He tells Optimus and they realize it is Shockwave.  They also learn that five members of the Ark were revived at that point and were rebuilt as the Dinobots.  They find a historical record on the Ark and realize that The Dinobots were defeated by Shockwave Four Million Years ago, but their fate is unknown.

Huffer is next shown when Prowl is giving a tour of the Ark to GB Blackrock.  Huffer is working on repairing The Trans-dimensional Radio Wave Scrambler, a device that gives the Earth-bound Autobots the ability to contact Cybertron.  Soon after, Huffer was part of a team sent to find the Constructicons who were building a communications device meant to give the Decepticons the ability to speak to Cybertron.  Huffer separates from the group to destroy the dish, Soundwave orders Devestator to eliminate Huffer, but Devestator isn’t smart enough to change directions in what he is doing.  He is eventually attacked by Devestator and saved by a trucker who realizes that the Autobots are there to protect humanity.

IDW Re-Generation One

In the Regeneration One book, Huffer lived on Nebulos and was unstable due to his exposure to Nucleon.  Huffer is later rebuilt using Scorponok’s technology.  His new body is Nucleon free and he seems to be healthy again.  He is ordered to stay in an Autobot hospital until he get a full clean bill of health.  Blaster frees Huffer when he realizes that the Decepticons are using a sonic weapon to create violence among the Autobots.  The Decepticons realize Blaster is able to hear their sonic attack, which is adding to civil unrest, and they send assassins to kill the Autobots in the hospital.  When the Decepticons arrive, Huffer dispatches the first assassin with one punch.  The other Decepticons attack but Huffer is saved by Inferno and Silverbolt.

Huffer is shown later as part of a security detail which is supposed to defend Rodimus Prime during a diplomatic meeting between Rodimus and Jhiaxus.  Rodimus is assaulted and Huffer helps dig him out of the rubble.

IDW Transformers

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Huffer was stronger than most Autobots despite his small size.

Wacky Facts

Huffer is the only Autobot to transport Optimus Prime's trailer (aside for Optimus of course)
Huffer is one of the few Autobots who have had another Autobot drive him.

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