ITF Oversized KO of WFC Optimus Prime

Class- Voyager (for the most part)
Price - In the neighborhood of 40.00


Transformers War for Cybertron was one of the last Xbox 360 games that I ever bought, and I never completed it (nothing wrong with the game, i liked it a lot, but my xbox broke and I kinda gave up playing video games more than 2 or 3 times a year).  But I really liked the aesthetics of the Cybertronian vehicles.  When the WFC Generations line came out, I wasn’t collecting Transformers, but if I was, I would’ve very quickly skipped the Optimus Prime figure.  Optimus Prime should NEVER be a deluxe figure.  He is taller than most other Autobots and should always be at least a Voyager sized figure.  Flash forward to early 2018, I picked up the Orion Pax/WFC Optimus Prime two pack and aside for the size, I really liked the figure.  This motivated me to plan some Pre-Earth Transformer Digital Comics, but I couldn’t use WFC Optimus, he was just too small.  So I found out about the Oversized Knock Off of WFC and picked one up.  

Bot Mode-

Finally, a large enough Pre-Earth Optimus Prime that isn’t too big.  He looks AMAZING, like he was ripped right out of the game.  He is primarily red with blue detailing and the stereotypical Optimus Prime head.  He has silver and black details as well.  If you look closely, you’ll see some pink as well.  At first the pink kind of bothered me, but it feels kind of Tron like and it really grew on me.  He has two black “windows” on his chest which don’t carry over into vehicle mode.  To me, this is the stronger of the modes.  His arms move up and down and another joint gives them limited mobility to move out, but not too much. His legs have typical movement.   I don’t know if it is an issue with my specific figure or all of them, but all of his joints are VERY tight.  While transforming him, I was very nervous I was going to break something.  A big difference between the mainstream “real” release of the figure and the Oversized KO is the paint.  The paint on the Hasbro version was a flat red and blue, this version has a metallic shine to it, and I like that a lot.


This figure keeps the same exact transformation as his deluxe version.  I hated transforming this guy the first time with a passion.  The amount of trouble I had transforming this guy ranks up with only like 4 other transformers, and I don’t know why.  I think partially because he doesn’t use “typical” transformations for CHUG figures.  He involves a lot of movements that have to be made perfectly with no margin for error, or it just won’t work.  Also, the instructions I was given were poorly made (being a KO), so it was difficult to follow the instructions.  There is a lot of spinning of parts based on his waist and I kept feeling nervous I was going to snap something off.  For complexity, I give him a 7.5 or 8 out of 10. For fun, I give him a 3.5 out of 10. (please note that some of the anger I have with the transformation is because the plastic isn't as good as a Hasbro or Takara release so I am afraid of breaking it while transforming him. It isn't horrible plastic, but it is just enough inferior where it scares me. Also, as of 2019, he is a bit hard to come by so if I break him, I won't be able to get another easily)

Vehicle Mode-

I like his vehicle mode, but I don’t love it.  It looks just like the game model, but I feel it needs a canopy for the rear.  It just doesn’t look finished, but that isn’t the toy’s fault.  He is a red and blue Cybertronian truck and it really works for me as Optimus Prime.  His gun pegs into a hole for vehicle mode.  What I really like about this mode is, there are no windows or cockpits.  I never understood why Cybertronian vehicles, especially before going to modern day Earth, would have windows or a cockpit for passengers.  They didn’t have anyone small enough to make a passenger!  Optimus rolls very well and feels sturdy.


Optimus comes with two accessories.  A gun and a big axe.  The gun is an up-sized gun from the deluxe figure, but doesn’t have the spring from the deluxe figure.  The Axe is great, but is just a little too big.  The Axe is in 3 parts and you have to take it apart each time you want to have Optimus hold it or put it down.

3rd Party Add Ons-

ITF made a gun (which looks like TF Prime Optimus' gun) a sword and a shield. I do not have the set at this time.


This guy is a great representation of a Pre-Earth Optimus, probably my favorite one.  Where the original “real” figure was way too small, this figure is perfect size.  Other Pre-Earth 3rd party figures, for the most part, are too big, this guy is a perfect balance.  He is armed well and displays well in both modes.


I HATE HATE HATE this transformation of this figure.  It is just too complex.  Also, because he is a KO, the plastic is not as good as a Hasbro figure.  I’d say it is 80% as good.


I like this figure, not amazingly but in no way to I regret buying him.  He has his issues, but displays really well and out of the options given for a Pre-Earth Optimus Prime, I really think this guy is your best choice.  But take him for what he is, he is a knock off, so you aren’t going to get the same quality as you would for a Hasbro or even most 3rd party company releases.  I got him for the specific purpose of digital art, otherwise I probably would’ve skipped him.  I give him a 6.25 out of 10.

Retools and Repaints-

ITF put out a Shattered Glass repaint. And possibly a Nemesis Prime version, but I'm not 100% sure at the moment.
There is also an Ultra Magnus deco. But I prefer Planet X Apollo for that figure since it is bigger.

Additional Commentary

Again, I feel that the ITF figure is the best option for a Pre-Earth Optimus Prime. The other option for a CHUG collection is Planet X Optimus Prime. Aside for being just a little too big to me, he isn't engineered THAT well. Like several other Planet X figures, the joints aren't constructed correctly. So the arms, legs, and shoulders can break easily by doing something as simple as transforming it correctly. If you drop the figure, you will most likely break it terminally. While it is not the worst offender of breaks for a Planet X Figure (the worst are the insecticons and Megatron, both have clear plastic joints. I've heard of people breaking the Insecticons when they transform them for the first time), I refuse to pay 90-130 dollars for a figure that WILL break. It isn't an IF with those figures, it is a WHEN. ITF Optimus goes for around... 40ish.





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