G1 Cartoon

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Kup interrogates Sandstorm after he leaves Paradron to escape the Decepticons.  Kup doesn’t believe that Sandstorm is being honest because he has no knowledge of Paradron.
Kup and Spike are part of the inspection team of Metroplex.  They encounter Starscream’s Ghost who wants to steal Metroplex’s eyes for Unicron.  When Kup is distracted, Starscream tries to possess his body, but is unsuccessful.  Starscream does damage the city’s security functions and Kup hands out assignments to the Autobots to protect Metroplex.

When Galvatron and the Decepticons infiltrate Cybertron to steal the Power Core Converter, Kup is part of a group of Autobots which attempts to fight off the Decepticons.  Galvatron fires on the tunnel, where the two groups of Transformers were fighting, and the Autobots are buried in rubble.  The Decepticons escape and soon, Kup and the rest of the Autobots dig themselves out and continue their pursuit.  The Autobots find the Decepticons fighting techno-organic creatures which have been in hibernation for millions of years.  The largest creature feeds on a number of Autobots and Decepticons, turning them into energy vampires.  Arcee is about to be changed, but Kup saves her, but becomes an energy vampire in the process.  Kup is restored by Perceptor.

Sometime later, Kup is part of an Autobot away team to the Planet of Junk.  They plan on investigating why the Junkions have become hostile.  En route, the Autobot team is attacked by Cyclonus, Scourge, and the Sweeps, and they crash land.  The Autobots aren’t significantly damaged by the crash and wind up fighting the Decepticons.  Kup transforms to lead the Decepticons away, but is damaged in the process.  He is about to be killed by two Sweeps, but is saved by Omega Supreme who kicks the Decepticons into a hole.

On Cybertron, Kup is part of a team who travels to the core of Cybertron to fix a sabotaged power generator.  Grimlock accidentally destroys their navigation device, and Kup hopes that the automated defenses don’t attack the group of Autobots.  Rodimus Prime orders Kup to stay with Grimlock.  Kup and Grimlock wind up finding the malfunctioning generator.  Kup starts to be effected by the sabotaged generator’s output, but Grimlock continues to function properly (well as proper as he can).  Grimlock destroys the generator, and somehow is given an increased intellect!  Grimlock realizes that the automated defenses have been activated and Rodimus Prime and Ultra Magnus are in danger.  Kup follows Grimlock and is shocked when Grimlock uses his brain to disable the defenses instead of simply using brute force to destroy them.  Kup joins Rodimus, Perceptor, and Grimlock when they travel to Unicron’s head to prevent Decepticons from harvesting Anti-Electrons.  They are too late because Galvatron already acquired them and uses the Anti-Electrons to shoot the Autobots out of the sky.  Kup and the rest of the Autobots are shaken, but not damaged too badly.  Soon after they escape the ship, they are attacked by the Terrorcons.  The Terrorcons are too powerful for the small band of Autobots, but Grimlock uses his newly heightened intellect to create the Technobots who even the score.  The Decepticons are defeated but Grimlock had to sacrifice his intellect to give Computron life.

At one point, the majority of the Autobots were occupied by a battle on Earth’s moon with the Decepticons.  Kup is in command of Cybertron when it is attacked by a creature known as Tornedron.  Tornedron ingests all of the energy of Cybertron.  Kup and Cybertron are restored after Grimlock defeats Tornedron.

Kup returns to Earth and helps save Defensor from the Decepticons with Sky Lynx and Rodimus Prime in Japan.  No humans are hurt, but there is a lot of property damage.  The Japanese government is tired of all of the damage caused by the warring Transformers.  Rodimus is overwhelmed and Kup tries to cheer up his friend and leader.  Before he can, they are interupted by Marissa Fairbourne, who says that the EDC needs Rodimus’ help.  Rodimus can’t handle leadership and he storms off.  Kup explains to Captain Fairbourne that Optimus Prime went through the same internal conflict when he first got the Matrix.  Kup is witness when Rodimus Prime reverts back to Hot Rod after loosing the Matrix.  Hot Rod storms off, leaving the Autobots without a leader.  Kup helps fight the Decepticons, now led by a Matrix mutated Scourge in Japan.  He actually doesn’t recognize the Decepticon at all.  Kup is damaged when Scourge fires on him, but before Scourge can kill him, Broadside saves Kup.  

When several Autobots are infected by the Hate Plague when trying to recover Optimus Prime’s body, Kup helps the police battle Superion (who was infected).  Kup is severely damaged by Superion but is repaired by the same Quintesson who brought Optimus Prime back to life.  Kup joins Optimus, and several other Autobots, while they look for a cure.  Kup winds up getting infected, but is cured when Optimus Prime uses the Matrix to destroy the plague.

After Optimus returns, Kup finds his way back to Cybertron.  Kup, and about 10 other Autobots try to defend the Plasma Energy Chamber from the Decepticons.  To reach the chamber quickly, they take an Autobot shuttle.  The energy of the chamber supercharges the shuttle and sends it to a remote part of the universe, to a planet called Nebulos.  Their ship is destroyed, and the Autobots look for a way to return to Cybertron.  The Autobots are attacked by a group of Nebulan rebels, who think that the Autobots were weapons sent by The Hive to destroy them.  Kup and the other Autobots are restrained and brought to the rebel base.  The rebels attach magnetic bombs on the Autobots.  As the rebels are about to activate the explosives, the Decepticons arrive.  Through very little effort, Spike is able to convince the rebels that the Autobots can help them.  The rebel leader sets the Autobots loose to battle the Decepticons.  Kup tries to battle Apeface, but Apeface tosses him away.  The Autobots are able to briefly defeat the Decepticons, but Kup, and a few other Autobots, are taken hostage by the Decepticons.

While being a captive of the Decepticons, Scourge tries to interrogate Kup about the location of the key.  He even resorts to torture.  They are soon saved by the Autobot Headmasters and brought to the rebel base.  The Decepticons soon attack, and overwhelm the Autobots.  The Decepticons have bonded with the Hive to become Headmasters and Targetmasters.  They are able to defeat the Autobots in battle and steal the Key from Brainstorm.  After the battle ends, Kup becomes a Targetmaster with Recoil as his partner.  Optimus Prime then arrives on Nebulos and meets the enhanced Autobots.  With Optimus leading them, the Autobot Headmasters and Targetmasters travel to Hive City to reclaim the key.  They quickly find that Hive City has been turned into Scorponok who attacks them.

Scorponok abducts Arcee, who took the Key back from Scourge, and flies away to Cybertron.  Kup and the rest of the Autobots follow in Optimus’ shuttle with Kup at the helm.  When they reach Cybertron, they find that it isn’t there anymore!  Because of Optimus’ visions, he realizes that Cybertron has been brought to Earth.  Optimus orders Kup to set a course for Earth, and the Autobots prepare to fight again.  When they reach Earth, they find that Cybertron is orbiting it.  The Autobot Headmasters and Targetmasters are the last surviving Autobots.  They want to search out the key to the Plasma Energy Chamber and destroy it before Galvatron can make the Earth’s sun go supernova.  Optimus will not let that happen.  Kup asks why and Optimus tells Kup that “Alpha Trion told him”.  That is more than enough for Kup to follow Optimus’ plan.  The Nebulan rebels are afraid of the supernova hitting Nebulos, so they leave their Autobot partners to destroy the key.  The Autobots follow, but wind up captured by the Decepticons.  Cyclonus is about to fire on all of the captive Autobots, but before he can, Fortress Maximus arrives on Cybertron.  Kup and the rest of the Autobots are saved by Cerebros and Spike after Scorponok is defeated.

Marvel G1 Comic

In the Marvel G1 comic book, Kup wasn’t stationed on Earth at first.  He was part of the strike force on Cybertron led by Fortress Maximus.  When Fortress Maximus tells to his soldiers that he wants to leave Cybertron to go to the peaceful world of Nebulos, Kup reminds the group of Optimus Prime, who left Cybertron millions of years ago and disappeared without any trace.  Even though he is apprehensive to leave, he does go to Nebulos.  Kup’s worries are legitimate when, after several accidents, the Nebulan Army attacks the Autobots, killing many.  Kup disobeys Fortress Maximus and fights back.  Maximus orders Kup to stop firing and retreat or he will have to fight Maximus directly.

After Fortress Maximus surrenders to the Nebulan government, Kup leads the Autobots in creating a commune for peace in the Nebulos wilderness.  Before the commune is created, all of the Autobots who live there give up their weapons.  One of the leaders of Nebulos, who befriended Fortress Maximus, named Galen takes a group of Nebulans to the commune to speak to the Autobots.

For several months, Kup and the majority of the Autobots live in peace in their commune, despite the conflicts happening around them.  After the Monsterbots are defeated, Kup meets with several Nebulans who consider themselves Freedom Fighters, while the government which is led by Scorponok and Lord Zarak looks at them as criminals.  The Freedom Fighters choose to Binary Bond themselves with several Autobots, including Kup.  They are able to transform themselves into the weapons of the Autobots becoming the first Targetmasters.  They ambush Scorponok and the Decepticons when Scorponok tries to prevent the Autobots and Freedom Fighters from getting supplies from a garden.  Even though the Targetmasters prove to be more than a match for The Decepticons, the battle is causing a lot of collateral damage.  To prevent any further damage or injury, the Autobots retreat.  The Autobot Headmasters join Kup’s group in the commune and they leave Nebulos for Earth.

On Earth, Kup is part of a strike force organized by Spike Witwicky and Fortress Maximus to recover Buster Witwicky from the Decepticons.  Because of his time on Nebulos, Kup has become hardened.  He is more of a war horse and makes mention that Spike is too sentimental to be bonded with Fort Max.  He doesn’t want peace, he wants to help destroy the Decepticons now.  When the Autobots start their attack on the Decepticon base, Kup makes Fortress Maximus stay back with the shuttle because he is too emotionally conflicted with Spike being part of Fort Max.  Kup leads the Autobot Targetmasters onto the Island Base but they don’t find anything at first.  When the Decepticons realize they have been infiltrated by Autobots, they activate the automated defenses attacking The Autobots.  The Targetmasters are overwhelmed and Kup orders a retreat, causing Fortress Maximus to take matters into his own hands.

After The Underbase Saga, the Autobot numbers are severely depleted.  Kup is part of a skeleton crew which is guarding the Ark while Optimus Prime leads the majority of the Autobots into battle.  Decepticon Micromasters infiltrate the Ark, they plan on destroying the Ark with explosives and Kup attempts to stop him and with Blurr they try to defuse the bombs.  Getaway suggests they abandon ship, but Kup won’t allow it.  He knows there isn’t enough time to save the deactivated Autobots and won’t let them be obliterated.  He is saved when Ratchet, who was on Cybertron at the time, uses the Space Bridge to transport the explosives from the Ark to Megatron’s secret headquarters on Cybertron.  When the explosives go off, everyone assumes Ratchet has died along with Megatron.

After Ratchet and Megatron’s death, Hot Rod and Kup notice that Optimus is strongly considering giving up fighting.  Kup not only recognizes Optimus as a great warrior, but he is a figure which makes the Autobots rally against the Decepticons.  He knows that if Optimus quits, the Decepticons will win.  Hot Rod makes a plan to control a robot remotely to make it look like it went out of control.  He hopes Optimus will regain his confidence by easily destroying the robot.  Kup advises against this and the robot actually goes out of control.  Kup is quickly attacked along with several other Autobots.

After The Matrix Quest, Grimlock wants to resurrect the Dinobots.  Kup tries to stop him from taking their deactivated bodies.  Kup wants to let him, but knows its wrong.  Before Kup can make up his mind, Grimlock sucker punches him and takes off with the bodies.  Almost right after Grimlock leaves the Ark with the deactivated Dinobots, Nightbeat brings the hybrid Ratchet/Megatron being to the Ark.  When Kup enters the room, he only sees the Megatron half and is about to attack.  Optimus gets in the way and the Megatron half punches Prime making Kup shoot the hybrid.  Nightbeat stops Kup from attacking the creature any further, telling Kup that Ratchet is part of the creature.  The creature has a very simplistic understanding of the world and then attacks Kup, Nightbeat, and one of the Autobot Pretenders and escapes onto the Ark.  Kup wants to hunt the creature down and Optimus won’t let him.  Kup won’t allow the stasis locked Autobots and the Ark itself to be put in harms way of this creature.  Because of the Hybrid creature, the orbit that the Ark is in is starting to degrade, putting it in danger of crashing to Earth.  Kup threatens to relieve Optimus of command if the creature isn’t hunted down.  Optimus gives in and takes the gun from Kup to kill the hybrid.  Kup mentions that it is better to be dead than a creature like that.  Optimus fights the monster but can’t bring himself to kill it.  He winds up bringing the hybrid creature to Fixit, an Autobot doctor, who believes he can separate the two Transformers.

Now that Optimus doesn’t have the Matrix, he needs to do something drastic to combat Unicron.  He surrenders to Scorponok, hoping that both forces can work together to fight the dark god.  Apeface tries to take Kup’s weapons from him and Kup fights back until Optimus calms him down.  Kup is in a detention cell with Hot Rod and they are the first Autobots who are freed by Optimus Prime when he tries to escape.  Kup is skeptical to follow Optimus again because he is worried that Optimus will betray them again.  Optimus explains that Unicron is not the Decepticon enemy they have faced for millions of years, he is unique and they need to fight him with a different strategy than they are used to.  Kup and Hot Rod attack Scorponok and Bludgeon.  Kup uses his vehicle mode to combat Bludgeon.  After defeating Bludgeon, Lord Zarak telepathically commands Scorponok to grab Kup by the head with his claws.  He threatens to kill Kup unless Hot Rod puts Lord Zarak down.  The tense stalemate ends when Optimus Prime arrives.  Optimus makes a true treaty, forming an Autobot/Decepticon alliance to destroy Unicron.  Almost immediately after the truce is formed, Shockwave, Starscream, and several other rogue Decepticons attack and destroy Scorponok’s base.

Kup is one of the survivors of the attack and when Optimus wants to search for survivors, Kup reminds him that the alliance is more important and Optimus’ responsibility is to help Scorponok.  Optimus disagrees and wants to let the Decepticons fight each other so Optimus can find his Autobot comrades, but he does want to join the battle to prevent it from spreading to the humans.  The battle ends when GB Blackrock’s team of super powered humans, known as The Neo-Knights attack Scorponok.  

That battle ended when Primus teleported both Autobot and Decepticon alike to Cybertron to fight against Unicron as a united army.  Kup is uncomfortable fighting alongside Decepticons, but quickly gets used to it when both forces unite to protect Optimus Prime and Scorponok from a group of Unicron worshipers.  

After Unicron is defeated, Cybertron self destructs and the Decepticons become imperialistic again.  They conquer the planet Klo and when the Autobots go to help, many are killed.  Kup is one of the few survivors, and he fights the Decepticons under Grimlock’s leadership.  The Decepticons are about to wipe out all of the Autobots, and a repaired Optimus Prime arrives on Klo and saves all of the Autobots, sending the Decepticons into retreat.

Years later, Kup is still part of Optimus Prime’s army and a trusted adviser.  He accompanies Optimus when Grimlock asks Optimus Prime for a meeting.  When the trio of Autobots arrive, they are quickly attacked by Decepticons.  The Decepticons are quickly repelled and at the end of the battle, Grimlock arrives.  He brings the Autobots to an abandoned Decepticon Fortress and they find that the Decepticons have been expanding their empire.  The Decepticon leader Jhiaxus uses his starship to fire on the Decepticon base and captures the Autobots.  Optimus and Grimlock are the first to liberate themselves and frees the Autobots, including Kup, who are in a detention cell.  All of the Autobots fight their way off the ship and live to fight another day.

Optimus Prime starts having apocalyptic visions, Kup brings him out of one and tells him that Grimlock has left the Autobase with a raiding party.  Optimus, Kup, and Hot Rod track down Grimlock’s raiding party and save them from captivity.

IDW Re-Generation One

In the years that followed The Last Autobot restoring Cybertron, Kup remains a trusted advisor of Optimus Prime who lives in isolation.  Kup has become the leader of The Wreckers, a team of elite Autobot warriors.  

He and Ultra Magnus visit Optimus Prime to tell him that the Decepticons are about to have a gathering to gain political power.  Kup wants to send The Wreckers to stop it, but Optimus Prime does not allow it. Optimus doesn’t want to give the Neo-Decepticons a reason to feel more subjugated.  Kup was right to want to stop the gathering because it ended with a Decepticon attack which destroyed The Last Autobot.

Days later, Kup is training in a holographic simulator against a virtual Bludgeon and Galvatron.  He defeats the simulation of both Decepticon leaders.  His training is interrupted by Springer who points out that a simulation of Megatron was about to shoot him in the back.  Springer takes Kup out of the simulation to tell him about a stand off with several Decepticons.  Kup decides to use the Wreckers to end the conflict, but Ultra Magnus will now allow it.  Kup criticizes Magnus that the once legendary warrior is becoming weak.  He asks what the Decepticons could do to make Magnus react with action.  Ultra Magnus explains that those are Optimus Prime’s orders.  Kup attacks the Decepticons with The Wreckers against orders.  The Decepticon terrorists and Insecticons are captured while Kup and Springer work on disarming the bomb which the Decepticons activated.  They disarm the bomb and save the day with Perceptor’s help.  Soon after, Ultra Magnus and Optimus Prime meet to discuss The Wreckers mission.  They can’t decide if The Wreckers should be reprimanded for disobeying orders.  

Kup isn’t adapting to the new status quo of peace.  He is a warrior first and not a politician.  Kup wants to travel the universe and hunt down the remaining Decepticons.   When Kup approaches The Wreckers to join him, they unanimously agree to join him.  Kup and The Wreckers travel to Earth using the Cosmic Carnival (see Sky Lynx) to get there without the Autobots or Decepticons knowing.  Once they reach Earth, they sound out probes to look for Decepticons and find that Earth is now a wasteland and Megatron has taken over the planet.  Megatron quickly becomes aware of the probes and sends nuclear missiles to attack the Autobot shuttle.  Kup and the rest of The Wreckers escape to Earth in escape pods.

Kup feels defeated, he realizes this his rash actions have stranded them on Earth with an army of Decepticons hunting them.  Kup is mentally defeated.  Between the Wreckers being shot down and stranded on Earth, as well as feeling partially responsible for Megatron taking over Earth.  Springer takes partial command of the Wreckers from Kup.  They start to look for a communications device strong enough to reach Cybertron to call for back up.  The Wreckers find a powerful enough device to potentially get a message to Cybertron, but the Decepticons find the Wreckers.  Kup uses himself as cannon fodder to distract the Decepticons long enough so The Wreckers can reach the communications hub.  Kup battles the mindless Decepticons but is over powered by Zombie Skywarp who still is able to teleport.  The Decepticons take Kup as a prisoner and bring him to Megatron.  Megatron reveals that he wants The Wreckers to get a message to Cybertron to attract Optimus Prime (didn’t this happen already in the alternate timeline of Generation 2?).  Megatron then infects Kup with Scraplets to lure The Wreckers out of hiding.

Springer, Whirl, and Sandstorm fly to Washington DC to save Kup, knowing its a trap.  They are shot down, but before they are executed, Optimus Prime arrives on Earth to challenge Megatron.  Zombie Starscream goes to Kup and gives him a strained message, he needs to destroy Ratchet’s head, which Megatron has been carrying with him as a trophy.  Kup uses Megatron fighting Optimus Prime as an opportunity to kill the Ratchet head.  First Aid reaches Kup before Kup can reach the Ratchet head and attempts to cure his Scraplets.  Kup orders First Aid to hand over his gun.  Kup fires on the Ratchet head, causing Megatron pain.  This gives Optimus Prime the opportunity to finally kill Megatron.  Kup was given the cure for Scraplets (water), and recovered.  

After returning to Cybertron, Kup accompanies Hot Rod as he walks through the city of Iacon  Hot Rod reveals to Kup that he has been having visions and asks for Kup to continue giving him guidance.  Hot Rod wants to announce to the public that he has been having the visions of the future, but Kup tells Hot Rod that the Autobots just recovered from near extinction, they don’t have the capacity to take any more bad news.  Hot Rod gives a speech to the Autobot population, who give him a poor reception.  Someone throws a grenade at Hot Rod, Kup protects him and gets the young Autobot leader to safety.  Hot Rod is shocked on how violent the Autobots were acting.  Kup tells Hot Rod that he thinks Optimus Prime made a mistake in giving him command, he tells Hot Rod that it may be a good idea to give leadership of the Autobots to Ultra Magnus.

After the attempt on Hot Rod’s life, Cybertron is filled with civil unrest.  Kup uses the Wreckers to help restore peace.  It turns out that the Decepticons are manipulating the regular citizens to riot.  

Soon after the Decepticon plot is defeated, Ultra Magnus orders Kup and the Wreckers to infiltrate Fort Scyk, a Decepticon stronghold.  The Wreckers attack, but it is a trap.  The fortress was devoid of Decepticons, but filled with explosives.  The base blows up with the Wreckers inside.  Luckily, none of the Wreckers are killed.

Soon after, Bludgeon uses all of his resources to attack Cybertron.  Kup wants to use the Wreckers to defend Cybertron, but Prowl wants to utilize the Wreckers in a more strategic way than simple foot soldiers. After Perceptor figures out that the War World is controlling the invading battle drones, Prowl sends Kup and The Wreckers to War World to disable all of the drones at once.

Kup and The Wreckers sneak onto War World successfully, but find it devoid of Decepticons.  They are not aware that they are being hunted by Decepticon leader Bludgeon.  Bludgeon ambushes the Wreckers and impales Sandstorm.  Roadbuster tells Kup to accomplish the mission while he and the rest of the Wreckers distract Bludgeon.  Kup attempts to leave the battle, but Bludgeon follows him, realizing what Kup is trying to do.  Bludgeon and Kup fight, but Bludgeon is a better warrior.  As Bludgeon is about to kill Kup, Rodimus Prime arrives.  Rodimus Prime saves Kup and kills Bludgeon.  After Bludgeon is defeated, Starscream uses the Ark to attack War World.  Rodimus Prime orders Kup and the Wreckers off of War World so he can get the War World to a safe distance from Cybertron.  It is about to explode and Rodimus Prime wants to minimize casualties.  Kup, the Wreckers, and Rodimus Prime save Cybertron and the Autobots.

After Bludgeon is defeated, Jhiaxus becomes the new threat of the moment.  He defeats Rodimus Prime and captures the remainder of the Autobots.  In captivity, Ultra Magnus asks Kup why he is so calm.  Kup replies that he is simply waiting, and almost right away, explosions go off throughout The Hub.  Kup ordered the Wreckers to do what they do best, Wreck and Rule.  Rodimus eventually fights his way to free the Autobots, and Rodimus tells Kup that when they get home to Cybertron, they will “have words”.  The Autobots escape from The Hub as it starts to self destruct.

Kup and the rest of the Autobots return to Cybertron to find that it has been aged and corrupted.  Kup quickly comes to the conclusion that Rodimus Prime has some idea of what’s going on.  Suddenly, the group of Autobots is attacked by Dark Matrix Energy creatures.  Slingshot and Hosehead are killed.  Kup starts the defensive attack against the creatures.  Blaster is able to subdue some of the creatures and Perceptor studies them and they find out that the creatures are actually altered Autobots and Decepticons who were on Cybertron when Rodimus and the Autobot fleet attacked Jhiaxus.  Rodimus Prime orders Ultra Magnus and the rest of the Autobots to search for Galvatron.  They get to the Star Chamber, a room which controls the Space Bridges.  On their journey and after they reach the Star Chamber, they are attacked by Dark Creatures.  After building up their defenses, they realize that Galvatron is keeping open the Space Bridge from Earth to Nebulos.  Ultra Magnus and Kup split the Autobot forces, Ultra Magnus goes to Nebulos, and Kup goes to Earth.  

When Kup and his team of Autobots reach Earth, they are quickly greeted by the Human Resistance who attack the Autobots.

IDW Transformers

Even as the war between the Autobots and Decepticons started, Kup was old.  His first chronological appearance is backing up Orion Pax and Ironhide during a battle with the Decepticons.  They saved Blurr from being destroyed in the crossfire, but Kup thinks very little of Blurr.  Blurr is a racer not a warrior and Kup feels that it is a waste of talent.

Orion Pax and Megatron ally themselves to overthrow Zeta Prime.  Ultra Magnus, Kup, and Springer are sent to help defend the Senate.  Once they see the proof of Zeta’s atrocities, they join the fight against Zeta Prime.  Kup shows that he is good friends with Ironhide.

After Scorponok destroys a refinery, Optimus Prime summons Kup to get information of the Dinobots.  Kup tells Optimus that they were a formidable team before they vanished unexpectedly and have been off the grid for a long time.

Kup seeks out the Dinobots and convinces them to meet with Optimus Prime.

Sky Lynx transports Kup and the Dinobots to help stop a riot at the spaceport.  Kup and the Dinobots arrive to help and the Dinobots turn themselves over for punishment for the refinery explosion.

Inside of Metroplex, Kup joins Ultra Magnus when he is watching Ratchet and Wheeljack work on purging the feral Energon from Grimlock.  Hot Rod enters and Kup scolds him for being late.

The Decepticons unleash a powerful assault on Kup and the Autobots.  Everyone is saved when Trailbreaker erects a force field around them.  Once the dust clears, Kup continues attacking the Decepticons.

That night, the Autobots celebrate their victory.  Prowl commends Optimus Prime for capturing 5 Decepticons without firing a single shot.  Optimus says he couldn’t have done it without his soldiers.  Prowl asks Optimus if he is going to address the troops.  Optimus wants his soldiers to celebrate the night.  Optimus goes outside and sees Kup.  Kup suggests that Optimus addresses the troops.  Optimus feels that he isn’t a good enough public speaker to do it.  Ironhide agrees with Optimus.  Kup tells Optimus that he is a Prime now and he is more than just a soldier.  He is a leader.  Optimus predicts that the war is going to last for a lot longer than everyone expects.  Kup asks why and Optimus tells him that they aren’t just fighting an army, they are fighting a philosophy and they can’t defeat that.  Ironhide asks Optimus Prime if he thinks that they can’t win.  Optimus Prime replies that an idea can’t be defeated, but it can be changed.  Optimus goes back into the building, but Ironhide remains talking to Kup.  Ironhide tells Kup that Optimus Prime is the finest soldier he ever met and he loves him, but he doesn’t always understand him.  Kup agrees

Kup is marooned on a desolate planet.  A robotic humanoid lion crashes on the planet.  Kup rushes to him in vehicle mode.  The lion thinks that Kup is there to save him, but Kup cuts his head off.  Kup reveals that the planet has 2 suns and many unusual crystals.  Kup’s mind is corrupted by the sonic vibrations of the crystals.  Kup goes to his camp where Outback’s dead body is.  Kup thinks that Outback is still alive somehow.  That night, Kup starts to hallucinate that the ghost of Springer (who isn’t dead) is going to kill him.  He then starts to hear many voices chanting his name.  He looks outside and sees Zombie robots approaching.  He asks Outback what he should do, but Outback is dead so he doesn’t answer.  As the sun rises, the Zombies disappear.  The next night is exactly like the night before it.  It turns out that the Springer Ghost that he saw was a holographic message that the real Springer sent.  The zombies were Autobots in radiation suits.  Trailbreaker uses his force field to protect him from the radiation and brings Kup back to the Autobots.

Kup is rebuilt as a pretender without an internal robot and without organics (so isn’t he just a rebuilt Kup?).  He is forced to always smoke a “Cy-Gar” because it keeps him from hallucinating.

Drift helps the Wreckers by fighting Decepticons with his swords.  Kup has no idea who Drift is since Drift has no faction symbols on him.  Kup asks Drift what he is doing there.  Drift tells him that he was trying to sneak in.  Kup replies that the Wreckers aren’t so subtle. Drift and the team of Wreckers save Topspin, Blaster, Whirl, Sandstorm, and several other captives.  The Decepticons are about to enter the holding area to fight the Wreckers and Drift.   The captain of the ship, Turmoil, fires his blaster through the wall.  The Wreckers and Drift start fighting the Decepticons again.    Deadlock opens fire at Drift and the Wreckers, and the rest of the Decepticons follow his lead.  Deadlock breaches the bulkhead of the ship and Drift and Kup fall int the hole.   Kup realizes that Drift used to be the Decepticon warrior Deadlock.  Drift explains he isn’t Deadlock anymore.  Kup figures out that Drift found the third faction in his travels and left being a Decepticon.  Drift explains he just wants a second chance to do good.  Kup starts to trust Drift.  Kup learns that the other Autobots have gotten to safety.  With the Autobots safe, Drift wants to destroy the ship by overloading the power core.  Turmoil finds Drift and Kup.  Drift plans on dealing with his former commander and tosses Kup out of the ship to safety.  The next day Kup asks Drift to join the Wreckers and he accepts.

Hot Rod, Blaster, Kup, Springer, Blurr, and Drift were on an Autobot space craft that was hunting a Decepticon ship called the Torment.   Blaster detects that the Torment is about to do a Quantum Jump and escape. Kup thought that they disabled the Torment’s quantum drive.  Blaster projects that their destination is Cybertron.  Springer assumed that Cybertron was off limits to anyone.  When they reach Cybertron, they find themselves surrounded by Decepticon warships.  The shields and navigation systems are malfunctioning.  The Decepticons open fire and the Autobots are left defenseless.  The Autobot ship crash lands on Cybertron.  Once Hot Rod finds out that the Autobots on Cybertron are allies, Kup reveals the Wreckers to them.  Kup wants to speak to Optimus Prime.  Jazz tells him that he is in charge at the moment.  Kup assumed that if Optimus was unable to lead, Prowl would be in charge.  Jazz explains that things have changed.  Kup criticizes Jazz that the Wreckers were able to get into the Autobot base without any sentries securing the location.  Jazz tells him that he has everything under control.  Springer tries to back up Kup, but Jazz flips him over his shoulder.  Blurr goes to help Springer, but Jazz punches him and takes his weapon.  Jazz points the blaster at Kup.  Jazz tells Kup that the reason he didn’t see sentries is because they were well hidden.  Mirage appears from being cloaked on guard duty.  Jazz tells Kup that he has to show him something.  Jazz shows Kup the severely damaged Optimus Prime.  Jazz tells him that Devestator hurt him.  Kup is saddened and comments that Optimus never knew how to not be a soldier.  Jazz tells Kup that there is a traitor in his group, but he doesn’t know who it is.  Kup commends Jazz on his leadership skills.  He asks Jazz if the other Autobots know that Optimus is dying, and Jazz says that they do.

Jazz and Kup continue their conversation.  Jazz reveals that Megatron took the Matrix from Optimus Prime.  This is why Megatron has become so bold.  Kup tells Jazz that Megatron has already killed two other Primes (Sentinel and Zeta) and he doesn’t want to see it be a third.  Kup agrees with Jazz that there is a traitor in the group.  Someone gave access codes to the Decepticons and that is how they are able to stay one step ahead of the Autobots.  Kup wants to name Jazz his second in command, even though Springer is already his second in command.  Prowl says that Jazz is a good choice for second in command.  Kup gathers all of the Autobots.  Prowl asks him if he is going to tell the Autobots that the Matrix is missing.  Kup doesn’t think it is the right time to tell them yet.  Kup wants to figure out a way to recover it. The next thing they know, a monster Insecticon scout approaches the Autobot base.  Roadbuster calls out to Kup.  Kup sends Drift to deal with the Insecticon.  With minimal effort, Drift decapitates the Insecticon.  Another Insecticon approaches and Perceptor uses a sniper rifle to kill the Insecticon with one shot.  

All of the Autobots drive through Cybertron.  Kup asks Jazz to recall how they got where they are.

After Ironhide assaulted Mirage, Kup takes him aside.  Kup is angry that Ironhide attacked his comrade without provocation.  Kup is worried that they won’t have enough soldiers to properly fight.  Ironhide tells Kup that Mirage was a traitor.  Kup knows that Mirage isn’t the traitor, but won’t say who is.  Kup still wants a friendship with Ironhide.  He is impressed that Ironhide never took a command position so he could remain a soldier.  The Insecticon swarm starts it’s attack on the Autobots.  Perceptor tries to pick off the Insecticons with his sniper rifle.  Blurr speeds into the base and Kup chastises him for not being an adequate look out.  Kup asks where Drift is and Blurr doesn’t know.  The Autobots flee from the Insecticon horde.  Kup and Perceptor ride on top of Roadbuster while firing their blasters.  Cliffjumper fires at the swarm while riding on top of Hound.  Hound has trouble driving on Cybertron’s smooth surface with his Earth based vehicle mode.  Kup tells everyone to stay close and he has something planned.  Before the battle, Kup and Perceptor hid a series of explosives.  At Kup’s command, Perceptor takes out two pistols and shoots the explosives, creating enough debris for the Autobots to get away.  Again, Perceptor impresses Cliffjumper.  Ratchet asks what happened to Drift.  Bumblebee doesn’t seem to care.  Kup tells everyone to keep the speed up because they didn’t stop the swarm, they just slowed it down.  Perceptor is hit in the neck with a dart by one of the Insecticon swarm.  Kup loads Perceptor on top of Roadbuster and the other Autobots open fire.  Kup tells them to continue onto a bridge where there are more explosives (I guess the Insecticon Swarm is too stupid to understand that the Autobots are saying what their plan is in the open).  Cliffjumper asks who is going to shoot the explosives since Perceptor is unconscious and he suggests that Springer transforms into helicopter mode to do it.  Springer explains that he can’t transform into helicopter mode since the crash.  Blurr offers to do it since he is the fastest and he has the greatest chance of escaping before getting blown up.  Kup doesn’t want Blurr to sacrifice himself.   Ironhide wonders where Sunstreaker is.

The Autobots are loading a large weapon.  Ratchet reports to Kup that almost everyone is at full strength, but morale is at an all time low.  Ratchet and Kup agree that they need Optimus Prime back.  But Optimus is incredibly damaged.  Ratchet says he wishes he had the “old” Perceptor back because Perceptor would’ve been able to help repair Optimus.  Ratchet feels they don’t need another “clown” with a gun.  Ratchet tells Kup that Optimus may not survive (he is repaired like 10 minutes later)

The Autobots prepare to make a final stand against the Insecticon swarm.    As the Insecticon swarm approaches, Roadbuster fires the massive cannon at them.  The battle continues as the Autobots fight to survive.  DrThe Autobots are about to lose, but they are saved by Omega Supreme.  Omega Supreme stomps a lot of Insecticons and then fires his blaster at them.  Optimus asks how Omega Supreme knew they needed help.  Hot Rod tells Optimus Prime that he signaled Omega.  Omega Supreme transforms into rocket mode and the Autobots escape back to Earth.

Kup punches Bombshell in the face and he falls off of Sideswipe.  Skywarp swoops down in robot mode and grabs Kup.  Kup gets an arm free and shoots Skywarp, who drops Kup.  Kup falls into water.  After Optimus Prime defeats Megatron, the Decepticons escape with Megatron in their possession.

Springer greets the new Wreckers recruits aboard Ultra Magnus’ ship.  Springer is joined by Perceptor, Kup, Twin Twist, and Topspin.  Ironfist is in awe to meet Kup.  Verity isn’t impressed by Kup at all.  Kup threatens to throw Verity out of an airlock.  Springer gives the Wreckers their next mission.  They are to go to Garrus-9 and defeat the Decepticons who overtook the prison.   For a year, the Decepticons have had control of the outpost.  Springer sees that Ironfist is lagging behind.  He asks Ironfist if he is okay.  Ironfist says he is fine but Springer doesn’t believe him.  Springer tells Kup to keep an eye on Ironfist.  Kup notices that Springer is a little upset and asks why.  Springer feels the strain of leadership and is tired of building the Wreckers team just for it to fall apart again.  Kup asks Springer if he is thinking about Impactor.  Springer says it is hard but not impossible to not think about him.

Before Ultra Magnus goes back to Earth, he helps brief the Wreckers on their mission.  The Decepticons have had control of Garrus-9 for three years.  The Autobots thought that the Decepticons were using Garrus-9 to transport Energon, but Overlord is there.  Verity asks Kup who Overlord is since the other Wreckers are very intimidated by him.  Kup explains to Verity who Overlord is.  Ultra Magnus chastises Kup for making everyone think that Overlord is omnipotent.    Springer also tells the Wreckers that they need to find Aequitas.  Springer wants the Wreckers to take two space pods to damage the shields around Garrus-9 and rescue the surviving Autobots.  Then steal a shuttle to get out of there.  And find Aequitas.   As the Wreckers start their mission, they realize that Verity (now with a suit of robotic armor) has left Ultra Magnus’ ship to join them.  The Wreckers breach the shields around Garrus-9 and almost right away, the Decepticons open fire.   The Autobots use the pods’ weapons to fire at the Decepticons.  Springer’s team’s pod is hit and crashes to the ground.  

After the Wreckers crash, they attempt to reunite but they are pursued by Decepticons.  Guzzle is able to shoot two Decepticons in the face.  Kup and Impactor follow suit and open fire on the Decepticons.  Impactor wants to get revenge for Fortress Maximus.  Springer wants the Wreckers to save the hostages.  Impactor tells Springer that the cells are directly below them.  Top Spin and Twin Twist make a hole in the floor so the Wreckers can get to the cells.  Twin Twist makes a large hole in the floor and the Wreckers fall into it.  Kup and Guzzle climb down a ladder to get to the high security wing of the prison.  

In the maximum security wing of the prison, Kup and Guzzle see a squad of Decepticons in the hall.  Kup gives his Cy-Gar to Guzzle to hold while he takes on the entire squad on his own.  Kup and Guzzle plan to set a prisoner free to help them.  Snare arrives with his arms up and says he isn’t going to fight them.  He tells Kup and Guzzle that the prisoner they want to release, Grimlock, has been gone for a long time.  As Stalker is about to cut Impactor’s eyes out, Guzzle and Kup arrive and shoot Stalker.  Once Springer get’s free, he kills Stalker.

While the Wreckers fight Overlord, Guzzle is ripped apart by the Phase Sixer Decepticon.  Kup is horrified  Impactor fires his harpoon into Overlord’s eye, spurring him on.

(the following section is about the IDW Infestation storyline, it is unknown if this is canon or not since there are many continuity errors)

Kup joins the Autobots when Galvatron and zombies attack Las Vegas.  Kup leads the charge with Spike and Skywatch.  When Kup sees the zombies, he becomes paralyzed with fear because it reminds him when he was marooned and hallucinating.   Later, Bayonet reveals herself to be a vampire and impales Kup with her claws.

Bayonet reveals her true colors, she isn’t a Transformer, but she is an interdimensional vampire named Britt.  Britt uses her magic on the Transformers, causing them pain.  She knows that their technology will not prevent her magic at all.  Britt reveals that she used her powers of perception to make everyone see her as a Transformer.  Kup gets an arm free and shoots Britt in the face.  Optimus and Prowl rush to Kup’s side after Britt drops him.  The Zombies (both human and robot) try to crowd Optimus Prime and Galvatron’s forces.  Prowl calculates that the living will lose to the dead.  Optimus Prime asks for suggestions.    Both sides of Transformers regroup to make a battle plan.  Galvatron demands command of the Autobots.  Wheeljack announces that the force dome that he created is running out of power and the zombies will soon be able to leave Las Vegas.  At this point, Kup has been infected.  Britt plans to get Cybertron from a previous timeline to turn into a zombie army (or something like that, this whole storyline is really convoluted).  Prowl communicates with Kup (who is still infected and barely holding onto life) and tries to separate the virus from his core consciousness.  Prowl tries to get Kup to destroy the time portal that Britt made.  Kup is able to change the coordinates of the portal and the zombies, Britt, and Kup are sucked into the Dead Universe.  Galvatron retreats when the crisis is over and Jhiaxus makes a portal.

(to be continued)


After becoming a targetmaster, Kup's firepower and accuracy were increased. Kup isn't as smart as people think, he just has experienced a lot.

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Some theorize that before Kup was Kup, he was Orion Pax's friend Dion, one of the first vicitms of Megatron. There is no proof in this and is mainly fan speculation.

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