G1 Cartoon Background -

Laserbeak was an animal Transformer, not a humanoid one.  His only lines were bird calls.  He was primarily used to spy on the Autobots, but was used in other ways as well.  On Cybertron, Laserbeak spied on Optimus Prime as Optimus made plans to leave Cybertron.  On Earth, Megatron dispatched Laserbeak to investigate who tried to assassinate him.  It turned out to be Cliffjumper.  Laserbeak flies towards the two Autobots to kill them.  They split up, hoping Laserbeak can only follow one of them, but Laserbeak fires a drone at Cliffjumper, while following Hound.  Cliffjumper is able to evade and destroy the drone, but Laserbeak is able to catch up with Hound.  He fires on Hound, making him crash.  Later, when Megatron is fighting Optimus Prime on an oil rig, Laserbeak helps Megatron, helping him defeat Optimus Prime.

Laserbeak helps the Decepticons repel the Autobots when the Autobots try to prevent the Decepticons from leaving Earth.  The Autobots are too powerful for the Decepticons and Megatron orders the Decepticons to enter the spaceship to leave Earth.  The spaceship crashes into the ocean.

After months of staying off the Autobot radar, the Decepticons strike again.  Soundwave and Laserbeak attack a power plant to steal it’s energy.  Soundwave sends Laserbeak to deal with the human workers.  The other Decepticons join and form new Energon Cubes.  The Autobots attempt to stop the Decepticons and Laserbeak fights Bumblebee.  When Megatron sends Bumblebee to the Autobots to lure them into a trap, Laserbeak watches.  When the Autobots are trapped by the Decepticons, Laserbeak attacks Prowl, but is captured by Ratchet.  
Sometime later, Megatron is trapped on Cybertron.  When he returns, Laserbeak and Rumble welcome him back to Earth.  Laserbeak is sent to attack Bumblebee, Spike, and Chip.
Another time, Optimus Prime is wounded in battle.  Megatron sends Laserbeak to learn more of Optimus Prime’s health.  He flies to the Autobot base and transforms into cassette mode to sneak into the base on Brawn’s shoulder.  Laserbeak then transforms back into bird mode and spies on the Autobots.  In real time, he transmits his findings to Megatron.  The Decepticons observe that Optimus Prime is barely functioning and that the Autobots are having trouble repairing him.  Megatron orders Laserbeak to attack Optimus Prime, causing even more damage.  Laserbeak then returns to the Decepticon base.

Aside for being a spy, Laserbeak is able to pick up transmissions from spy devices.  When the Autobots use their spy satellite to spy on the Decepticons, it is Laserbeak who discovers the satellite.  He then reports to Megatron what he learned.  Soon, the Decepticons are attacked by Brawn and Windcharger.  After Soundwave and Reflector are injured, Laserbeak chases Windcharger.  Windcharger and Brawn escape inside of Skyfire, but return with reinforcements.  The Decepticons take over a foundry in a small village to get raw materials for a new cannon.  During the battle, Brawn steals Megatron’s arm cannon away, but Laserbeak steals it back.  Laserbeak then tries to attack Bumblebee, but Bluestreak shoots him out of the sky.

Soundwave sends Laserbeak into the Ark to kidnap Sparkplug while Rumble and Ravage distract the Autobots.

After the Decepticons are successful in bringing Cybertron to Earth, Megatron orders Laserbeak to bring him more humans so they can be turned into slaves.  One of the humans he abducts is Spike.  Before he can return to the Decepticon base, Bluestreak shoots him down and saves Spike.

Megatron uses Laserbeak to guard the Autobots while they are sinking in quicksand.  Ironhide wants to use his liquid nitrogen spray to free the Autobots, but Laserbeak attacks him.  Mirage shoots Laserbeak down with his shoulder rocket, causing Laserbeak to unintentionally transform into cassette mode.  Jazz catches him and once the Autobots are free, Jazz “plays” Laserbeak to gain information on the Decepticons.

Laserbeak reports to Megatron that the Insecticons are attacking people in Bali.

After Spike’s mind is put into a robot body, Laserbeak watches the Autobots and reports back to Megatron.

Soundwave sends Laserbeak to capture Carly after she tries to attach a device to the hull of the Decepticon base.  Laserbeak catches Carly as she gets out of the water.  She tries to turn the engine of the boat on, but it won’t start.  To defend herself, she throws the scuba tank at Laserbeak.  Laserbeak avoids the scuba tank and grabs Carly.  He brings her back to the Decepticon base.

Laserbeak follows Powerglide, Spike, and the Dinobots to a secret island with dinosaurs on it.  The island has a strange energy field and the Decepticons are interested in harnessing it.  When Laserbeak spies on the Dinobots, a small pterodactyl approaches him.  Laserbeak shoots his eye beams at the dinosaur, scaring it away.  Laserbeak makes an inventory of the natural resources on the island before returning to the Decepticons.

When the Decepticons are using a stolen machine to create Energon Cubes in a valley, Laserbeak is assigned to be the look out.  He discovers the Autobots approaching and returns to Soundwave.

Laserbeak travels to Japan with Rumble and Frenzy to steal a sophisticated robot created by a human.  The robot is a female ninja robot named Nightbird.  While Rumble and Frenzy are attacking the auditorium, Laserbeak fires on the roof of the building and opens up a large hole.  He flies in firing his blasters.  Prowl is hit by an energy blast and knocked to the ground.  During the battle, Ironhide fires on Laserbeak, but the bird is too fast for Ironhide to damage.  Laserbeak shoots a piece off of the ceiling, and it lands on Ironhide, pinning him to the ground.  The battle ends when Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp rip the ceiling off of the building and steal Nightbird.  Once Nightbird is stolen, the rest of the Decepticons retreat.  Laserbeak helps Megatron and the Decepticons fight the Autobots after Nightbird is captured.

Starscream leads Skywarp, Thundercracker, and Soundwave to attack a gold mine.  Soundwave quickly deploys Laserbeak to assist.  Laserbeak fires his blasters at a small hut and rips the man inside of the hut through the wall.  Then Laserbeak transforms and goes back inside of Soundwave’s chest.  Later that episode, Soundwave uses Laserbeak to defend the Decepticon Solar Needle from Autobots.  Laserbeak injures Bumblebee in the battle.

Megatron sends Laserbeak to battle occupy and subdue Optimus Prime when the Autobots are investigating a deposit of energy filled crystals in the desert.  When Optimus sees Laserbeak, he immediately starts to fire his rifle at the bird.  Laserbeak dodges the blasts and returns fire.  Optimus Prime is shot and falls into the valley.  Then he makes holographic recordings of Optimus Prime’s appearance for Megatron.  

Laserbeak and Buzzsaw fly over the ocean to explore it.  They discover the underwater city of Atlantis and report back to Soundwave and the Decepticons.  When the Autobots travel to Atlantis, Soundwave sends Laserbeak and Buzzsaw to attack Wheeljack.  After the Decepticons ally themselves with Atlantis, they invade Washington DC.  Soundwave sends Laserbeak to attack Hound and Prowl, but Hound shoots Laserbeak.

When the Seekers attack the Ark, Soundwave sends Laserbeak and Rumble to back them up.  Laserbeak attacks Prowl from the air, but Prowl fights back by snaring Laserbeak with a weapon attachment of his.  After Megatron and Starscream sabotage the Autobots’ recharging stations, the Decepticons retreat.  Laserbeak shoots the cable that Prowl was holding him with.

When the Decepticons are occupying a team of Autobots so the Insecticons can feed, Soundwave deploys Laserbeak and Buzzsaw to attack Optimus Prime, Jazz, and Inferno.  Inferno uses his hand blaster to send Laserbeak plummeting to the ground.

Laserbeak helps Megatron and Soundwave sneak through Quantum Labs on a mission.  Soundwave and Megatron use their mass shifted alt modes to hide inside of the laboratory.  Soundwave is the first to transform, and he gives Laserbeak the key to the guitar case holding Megatron.  Megatron transforms and the Decepticons stealthily travel through the compound.  Laserbeak creates a hole in the main building’s roof so Megatron and Soundwave can enter.  After Megatron enacts his dastardly plan to control oil tankers with a powerful super computer, the Autobots sneak onto the Decepticon oil platform.  Laserbeak helps defend it and grabs Spike in the battle.  The Autobots are forced to surrender.

Laserbeak abducts Shawn Berger so Megatron can talk to him about discrediting the Autobots.  Laserbeak grabs Berger with his claws and shoots the window of his office with his eye beams.  Laserbeak flies to the Decepticons with Berger in his possession.

Now that the Earth is accepting the Decepticons, Soundwave, , Laserbeak and Ravage go to a night club and entertain the guests.  Laserbeak attempts to dance with a bunch of teenagers.  A boy offers to give Laserbeak a cracker, and it is very clear that Laserbeak wants to shoot him.  The Decepticons spend a very short time in a positive light with the public.  Megatron quickly reveals that he truly is evil at a press conference.  Spike runs off from the press conference with a tape that will exonerate the Autobots.  Soundwave sees this and sends Laserbeak and Ravage to catch him.  Spike trips on a light fixture and drops the tape.  Laserbeak shoots lasers from his eyes and destroys it.  Ravage speeds towards Spike with his fangs exposed.  He leaps at Spike, but Spike ducks causing Ravage to crash into a pile of boxes.  Laserbeak flies above Spike and shoots laser beams at him.  Spike runs through the hallway and dodges the barrage of energy.  Spike is rescued by Berger, who hits Laserbeak with a pole.  Ravage frees himself from the pile of boxes and tries to pounce on Spike.  Spike uses a bright light to blind and disable Ravage.

The Decepticons create a base of operations under New York City.  Laserbeak patrols the city and uses his eye beams to lift a manhole cover.  He flies into the manhole into the sewers and travels to the Decepticon base.  He shoots the door with his eye beams to open it and reports to Soundwave.  Later, Laserbeak spies on several Autobots as they travel in the water to get to New York City.  Laserbeak notifies Megatron that the sea faring Autobots are going tor rendezvous with Optimus Prime in Central Park.   Laserbeak is sent into action again with Buzzsaw later that day.  Soundwave uses the two Decepticon birds to try to catch Bumblebee and Spike.

Laserbeak maintains his role of “watchdog” when Megatron starts drilling underground to steal geothermal energy from the Earth’s core.  Laserbeak observes Autobots approaching the drill and reports back to Megatron.

Megatron sends Laserbeak to spy on Chip and Spike.  The Decepticons learn that their human friends want to organize a race between the Autobots for charity.

Laserbeak spies on the Autobots when they leave their headquarters to save Cosmos.  Laserbeak reports back to the Decepticons and tells them about the Morphobots and the chemical that Cosmos has which can hurt the Insecticons.

Laserbeak spies on the Autobots on the planet of Tlalakan.  Like always, he reports back to Megatron on what he observes.  This time, Laserbeak was discovered by Bumblebee.  Laserbeak is a bit more aggressive than usual.  He starts to chase the Autobots while firing his lasers at them.  Megatron and the other Decepticons join Laserbeak and the Autobots are forced to go underwater.  Bumblebee is captured and when Seaspray saves him, Laserbeak tries to reclaim the Autobot prisoner by flying into the water.  Laserbeak discovers the hidden kingdom of the Tlalakans and reports the location back to Megatron.  All of the Decepticons go underwater to fight the rebels.  Megatron compliments Laserbeak for his good work.  Laserbeak helps the Decepticons attack the rebels’ kingdom.

The Stunticons go on a mission for Megatron.  Soundwave sends Laserbeak to guide them back to the new Decepticon base.

After Starscream’s latest attempt to overthrow Megatron fails he is exiled.  Laserbeak carries Starscream out of the Decepticon base to the island of Guadalcanal.

Marvel G1 Comic Background -

Laserbeak had basically the same role in the comic book, but much more reduced.

IDW Background -

(coming soon)

Abilities -

Laserbeak was a superior flier. He was able to shrink down to the size of a cassette. He has lasers on his back and can fire lasers out of his eyes. He also can broadcast everything he sees back to the Decepticons

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