MFT Huffer


Class - 3P (about a Legends or Scout sized figure).


Huffer is one of the few G1 figures I remember having as a kid. I think a grandparent didn't want to get me Optimus Prime so they tried to convince me that Huffer was Optimus. Huffer is also one of those characters who never was handled right as a toy. There were a few Legends figures, but they just didn't look at all right to me. I had Botcon Huffer which was a redeco of Cybertron Armorhide, but he really didn't hold up well at all. On, I saw that someone posted pics of MFT's Huffer and Pipes. I got Pipes first, and liked it so much I got Huffer.

Bot Mode-

Huffer is a solid figure in Robot mode. Where Huffer really didn't do anything of consquence in most of G1 (his biggest achievement was whining and one time transporting Optimus Prime's trailer), this figure makes me a huge Huffer fan. He was relatively cheap to buy (under 25 shipped). I have a few legends sized 3P figures, and they rarely do anything aside for piss me off. Huffer is the exception to that rule. He looks AMAZING. He is primarily blue, purple, and orange. His eyes look really cool. His arms are silver and have good articulation (for a Legends size figure, not a deluxe or bigger). He can move his arms and bend at the elbow. HIs legs can move well but there isn't a significant thigh swivel. All in all, he's a good figure.


Transformation is fine. Nothing crazy, but Legends figures never have complicated transformation. The transformation is pretty simple and honestly, its a little too simple to be really fun. But I'd rather have a transformation which isn't fulfilling and have no problem transforming it than a super complicated transformation that is satisfying. For complexity I give Huffer a 3.75 out of 10. For fun a 5.25 out of 10

Vehicle Mode-

I like Huffer's vehicle mode, but if you're a stickler with scale, most legends/scout figures aren't going to work for you. But it doesn't bother me at all. He is an Orange and Blue truck.Its cool. the windows are blue. There are silver smokestacks. He rolls fine


Accessories are the only place where Pipes (also from MFT) is better than Huffer. All Huffer comes with is a welding torch as a hand weapon. He doesn't have 5mm hands so I can't use an extra weapon or get something on shapeways. I gave Huffer one of Pipes' guns. Huffer also comes with a KO of the diaclone line. A warsuit that has a small person. I already have a few of those suits (to act as Skywatch Mechs in my headcannon) but its a nice addition, albeit not needed. I'd rather they gave Huffer an actual weapon or a lower price point instead of the Diaclone Mech Suit. But thats not taking away from my overall thoughts of him.

3rd Party Add Ons-



He looks really good. Solid quality plastic. simple transformation.


He is so close to being perfect that it hurts. If he just came with an actual weapon, he would be near perfect.


Honestly I really like MFT Huffer. I think it is engineered very well and the plastic quality is good enough where it doesn't feel cheap. He wasn't expensive to buy at all. Aside for not having a proper weapon, he's a really good figure. I rate him 8.25 out of 10. Honestly, I wish MFT made more figures that I was interested in.

American Retools and Repaints-

MFT Pipes is a retool of Huffer




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