MMC Brawn (Aka Gravus)Toy Review

Class- 3P, closest to a small Deluxe


Originally, I was going to get the two pack of Brawn and Guzzle. But then I realized that my collection is getting pretty big and I need to focus it more. So I picked up JUST Brawn on ebay. MMC Brawn is meant to be his IDW look, but to me, it feels more Pre-Earth/Cybertronian Brawn and that's what I consider him as in my collection. Since about.... 2018 I've made a choice that I can have another version of the figure if it is the Pre-Earth version.

Bot Mode-

So... MMC Brawn... I had such high hopes for the figure. I have easily 10 or 12 MMC figures in my collection and for the most part, they are all really good. I guess the guy who normally designs their figures had an off day or something. Don't get me wrong, Brawn looks good, but there is a lot of things which could've made him better and kept the same part/price point. From a purely visual POV, Brawn looks really good. He has a really nice head sculpt, he is primarily green with an orange chest. He has dark gray lower arms and upper legs. His lower legs are the same dark green. He has a square vent on his chest which is dark orange. Okay, so far so good. Looks good. First strike is his hands. They open and close and aren't exactly 5mm. For a 3p figure, it isn't a big deal if it doesn't have a 5mm hand as long as it comes with a weapon. But the problem is, because his hands open and close, he can't hold onto the weapon very well. Either it sags down or just falls out all together. Second strike against him, because of transformation each side (left and right) of his chest can move. Well, it lacks a tab or a pin or whatever because it moves out of alignment way too easily. Like REALLY easily and it is an issue. He has a bit of a backpack, but I don't really mind it at all. Looks pretty cool actually. Third strike, his articulation. If I am spending 3P money on a figure, I want 3P articulation. His arms are a bit too bulky and because of that, he doesn't look good if his hands are on his hips and it looks awkward putting his arms outwards in a "T". Because Brawn and Guzzle share engineering, you can pull apart Brawn's upper body and lower body. This is done because in IDW Guzzle got torn apart by Overlord. His legs can't do a split but there is a little bit of outwards motion. His legs can do a front kick, but he is too heavy so he can't stand up while doing a front kick. Also, at least to me, Brawn is a small Autobot. He is just a little too big for the character. Again, I would've chosen that Brawn was about 15% smaller because that would've made him a little cheaper to produce and then the price would've been less.


Brawn has an average transformation. I watched a video to do it, mainly because I got Brawn 2nd hand and it didn't come with instructions. It is actually kind of fun to transform. For complexity, I rate Brawn's transformation a 6 out of 10. For fun, a 7.25 out of 10

Vehicle Mode-

So I don't remember Brawn's vehicle mode in the first half of IDW (which the profiles exist for) but I like his vehicle mode. Visually it looks really nice and from an engineering POV it is the superior mode for this figure. In vehicle mode, Brawn is a futuristic/cybertronian... vehicle? Tank maybe? He has treads so I am going to say he is a tank. He is primarily green and orange with dark gray treads. There are yellow painted lights on the front as well as a painted blue windshield. It looks almost animal like because each tread is on an individual leg. He has a port on the roof where his weapon can plug into. He tabs together well (unlike the robot mode)


Brawn comes with a blaster. It is constructed well, but his hands aren't and because of that, it is a pain in the ass for him to hold it properly. This is not the gun's fault, it is the engineering of the hands.

3rd Party Add Ons-



I really like the vehicle mode. The robot mode LOOKS good.


Poorly engineered. THe chest keeps sagging down, the hands can't hold the weapon properly


I am really disappointed by this figure. If any other company aside for MMC made it, I probably would've liked it more. Every figure I have of MMC's for the most part is really good, and this figure just doesn't have the same quality that an MMC figure typically has. If this was a mainline figure, I would've accepted it a lot more as well. I rate MMC Brawn a 4.75 out of 10

Retools and Repaints-

MMC Guzzle (comes in a 2 pack with Brawn) (Retool)



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