MMC Impactor (Aka Spartan)Toy Review

Class- 3P, closest to a large Voyager


I never read the Marvel UK books, so before I read the first half of IDW, I really had no clue who Impactor was. One of the things I love in most continuities (even the movieverse before I started really liking the movieverse) was the concept of the Wreckers. The concept of a commando unit of Autobots was just really really cool to me. I was aware of the MMC Impactor for about a year or two before I actually got it. What held me back at first was, there were other characters who I wanted before him. Then when a leaked list of Siege hit, I saw that Siege was going to release an Impactor figure. So I waited to see what that looked like before I committed to MMC Impactor. If a 20 dollar figure could scratch the Impactor itch, I'd rather get that than a 75 dollar figure. Well, I don't like Siege Impactor, he's one of the few figures of Siege that I didn't get. Logic prevailed, a 3P figure is always going to be better quality than a mainline figure.

Bot Mode-

Impactor has a very unique look and I love it. His head looks like a Roman Spartan (probably why MMC called him Spartan). Being an MMC 3P figure, he's a hair bigger than a standard voyager, but as I said earlier, you really get what you pay for, and every MMC figure I've gotten has wound up surprising me about how great it is. Spartan's helmet is yellow and you can see his silver face under the helmet. He has green eyes (which is a little weird but it isn't a dealbreaker for me, I just prefer my Autobots having blue eyes) and a stern expression on his face. His vehicle mode cannon is on his right shoulder and it is removable. His torso is primarily purple with a little bit of yellow and silver. His arms are purple aside for his biceps being yellow. His biceps are on a mushroom peg so they have good range of movement. His hands are yellow, but they are removable and you can replace them with a harpoon or a drill. It takes more than just popping out the hand and replacing it with the tool/weapon, but this means it is more secure in the port. His thighs are cream color and have swivel. His lower legs are yellow and he has about 90 degrees of bend at the knee. His ankles have good ankle tilt. He looks REALLY good and like a total bad ass. He displays very well with TR Kup and Siege Springer (or CHUG Springer, but I'm the only person who doesn't think CHUG Springer is the best thing since sliced bread). Impactor is not an original mold, he is a tremendous retool of MMC Turmoi. Turmoil is probably one of the rarer MMC figures and I can't find one for anywhere near close to a reasonabe price, so the mold is very fresh to me.


Impactor's transformation is a bit more complicated than a typical MMC figure. Personally, printed instructions aren't the best for me to follow, so I had to watch a video on youtube.For complexity, Impactor's transformation is 7.5 out of 10 (it's in the area of Studio Series transformations) and for fun, the transformation is a 6 out of 10. FYI you have to line a lot of stuff up exactly perfect to do the transformation. Also, there is a small amount of partsforming. Which in this circumstance does bother me a little. The plates on tank mode you have to partsform and I really think that there should be very minimal parts forming on a 3P figure. If you notice in the vehicle pics of Impactor at the bottom of this review, you will notice that I wasn't able to correctly line up the pistons in the cannon.

Vehicle Mode-

Impactor's vehicle mode is a Cybertronian tank. This is probably one of the most successful Cybertronian vehicle modes of any figure in my collection. To me, a Cybertronian mode should NOT have a seat for a driver or a cockpit or anything which even hints that a smaller driver can drive or ride inside of. Impactor is a mainly yellow and purple tank. The cannon from robot mode is the main cannon. The cannon can move up and down, but it can't spin, which is kind of an issue because many mainline figures at 1/3 of the price can turn their guns. It's not a deal breaker, but it does cause Impactor to lose a few points.


Impactor comes with a BUNCH of accessories, and he makes up for some of his minor shortfalls with the accessory assortment. Both hands are removable and can be replaced with either a drill or a harpoon. So that's really cool and makes for some interesting pictures. As I mentioned in the Robot Mode section, his cannon in vehicle mode is able to be attached to his shoulder. He also comes with a pistol which I vaguely remember hearing that it is a gun that can wipe memories of Transformers or something like that. Whatever it is able to do in the comics, I really don't care, it is a cool looking weapon that is silver.

3rd Party Add Ons-



From what I've read in IDW, Impactor is a really cool and unique character. This figure really does the character justice. The removable hands is a very nice touch. he is very imposing and displays really well. AMAZING articulation. The added engineering in the hands for the replaceable tools is a nice touch because they won't just fall out and get lost.


There's some partsforming which kind of bothers me a little bit.


I really like this figure. Considering there are 2 choices for Impactor, Siege and MMC, MMC's version is the logical choice. I rate it a 7.75 out of 10

Retools and Repaints-

MMC Commotus (aka Turmoil) (I would love to get this figure, but it is VERY rare and because of that, VERY expensive, if MMC ever re-releases him I will get it)


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