MMC Roadbuster Toy Review

Class- 3P, closest to a small leader


I had CHUG Roadbuster. He was fine.... but he didn't wow me. Oddly enough, I wanted a good Roadbuster despite him being a character that is usually in the background. I love the Wreckers, but to me, Roadbuster is usually that dude in the back row, bigger than everyone, but will kick some Decepticon ass. I've been planning for a while to get Roadbuster, but with COVID-19, I have to prioritize money to buy stuff I need instead of stuff I want. I had a little extra money and saw a really good deal for Roadbuster, so I picked him up.

Bot Mode-

Roadbuster surprises me (in a good way) in every single way. I got him a day or two ago and I just can't put him down. He's great, but he does have a few problems, but he is far from a figure I can say "you should skip this". First thing I notice is that Roadbuster is REALLY big. I was expecting something like a voyager sized figure, but he is a lot closer to a leader sized figure. Which is a good thing. I learned yesterday that CHUG Roadbuster was merely a placeholder in my collection until I got this figure. So he is pretty bulky and looks like a bad ass. In robot mode, Roadbuster is primarily brown and yellow and green. I know it sounds weird, but the colors work really well together. His head is really cool, it gives the look of a loner who shoots first and asks questions later. It is mainly brown with a green visor. He comes with a 2nd head, but I prefer the one that came on the figure. Maybe down the road I'll take more pics with the secondary head. (see more about my thoughts of the head later in the review). His hands are a muted green which really resemble maces/flails and I really like it. Here's the first major part of why he isn't a perfect figure, his hands are unique to the toy. So they aren't 5mm hands so to speak. MMC has made a bunch of figures with 5mm hands so I don't know why they didn't do that with this figure. But it isn't such a big deal. His forearms have ports in them for extra weapons. Now here's the other thing that I don't love about this figure. His articulation isn't great. It's good, but the CHUG version has much better articulation at a substantially lower price point. If a figure is a 3P figure that I am spending 2-5 times the amount as a mainline figure, I hold it in a different view than a regular figure. His arms have big shoulders so you can't make him do a "T" which makes me sad because he could've been so close to perfect. His legs also are really bulky and because of that, the movement is a bit held back. Last bad thing (and honestly, I think this is my figure not a thing on EVERY figure because I haven't heard of this happening on anyone else's figure, so he doesn't lose points for this) is that his backpack doesn't peg in perfectly. But again, I think this is my figure not all of them.


I've never met an MMC figure that I didn't have fun transforming. EVERY MMC figure that I have has the perfect balance of being just difficult enough where it is fun, but never angering me. For complexity, I rate Roadbuster's transformation a 7 out of 10. For fun, I rate it an 8.25 out of 10.

Vehicle Mode-

Roadbuster's vehicle mode is amazing and near perfect. He is an armored Cybertronian APC. He keeps the same color scheme. There are a bunch of ports (two on the rear roof, one on the middle front roof, and two on the bumper) which you can plug in the smaller cannons. It looks really cool and gives a lot of options which I like. His main rifle can plug in on either side and there is a really cool engineering thing where the rifle has a decorative port on it that you don't notice until you plug it in. A nice touch (but in a few years I'll revisit this) is that his tires are made of a different plastic and feel a little like rubber. As long as it doesn't fall apart in 10 years, I love that. He has green rims on the tires. He pegs together very well and rolls very well. NOTE Roadbuster is packed in vehicle mode.


Roadbuster comes with 4 accessories. A rifle which looks nice (note, Roadbuster is a retool of MMC Strika and the Strika figure's rifle is similar but not the same). He comes with two arm blasters which can act as a bumper in vehicle mode or just added weapons in vehicle mode. He also comes with a 2nd head. The 2nd head is nice, but I don't understand why it is needed.

3rd Party Add Ons-



Really bulky, nice tires, fun figure, good transformation, good sculpting.


For a 3P figure, he needs a little more articulation.

What would Seth change about the figure-

First, I would give Roadbuster 5mm hands. The CHUG Version of the figure came with A LOT of weapons. I get they arent going to give us a small armory for the figure, but he could come with a pistol or some other stuff. I don't see the point of the 2nd head, so I would've used that tooling budget to add another weapon or two.


I really like this figure. I'm honestly shocked how much I like the figure considering I have no real connection to the character. Roadbuster gets a 7.75 out of 10.

Retools and Repaints-

MMC Strika (I wasn't planning to get this, but I recently picked up my old Beast Machines Strika figure and she sucks and this figure is so close to greatness, so down the road I will get her, she is a pretool)

MMC Bulkhead (I love Prime Bulkhead as a character, but the Bulkhead I have works for me enough where I don't feel like I need to spend 200 dollars for a Bulkhead. Also, I plan on displaying Bulkhead with Roadbuster in a wreckers display. So I don't like to display two of the same molds in one display)



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