Matrix Workshop Hoist Upgrade Kit Review


Commentary -

With Earthrise and Siege, most of the figures really feel like they are missing something. Matrix Workshop really fills that hole. They put out an upgrade kit for most Siege and Earthrise figures for a very affordable price. I put off getting Hoist until I got the Matrix Workshop kit first.

Assortment -

The Hoist kit comes with 3 pieces. A hand blaster and two blasters which can replace the hand of Hoist by removing the hand. The hand is on a mushroom peg so it takes little effort to remove. The Ratchet kit had the same concept, but the Hoist set really works better. The Ratchet kit was a hair too big and it was hard to get the adapters on and off. Hoist's kit is very simple and secure to get on and off the hands.

Pros -

Fills a perfect need for what the mainline figure lacks. Well constructed and everything fits well. I really like that Matrix Workshop listened to the fans and made the installation easier.

Cons -

You have to remove the kit to transform (which isn't really a big deal). Also, if you keep switching the parts, you may get some stress marks on the Hasbro hand. If you plan to just keep Hoist with the set and not switch it at all, this will not be an issue.

Grade -

This upgrade kit gets a 9 out of 10. There is nothing wrong with the set at all to not give it a perfect grade, its just in comparison to some other sets, this one feels a little phoned in. Its great and you should get it without a doubt, but I would've liked to have seen maybe some additional tools. The Ironhide and Ratchet sets had a lot of stuff, this just has 3 parts.

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