Matrix Workshop Siege Hot Shot Upgrade Kit Review

Original Price: 14.99

Commentary -

One of the newer 3P Add on Kit companies is Matrix Workshop. They've made at least one upgrade kit for almost every Siege figure. When I first heard about Siege Cybertronian Hot Shot, I honestly was going to pass on it. Mainly because he just looked like a blue Hound with a new head. Also, I really don't have many fond memories of Cybertron. When it was on TV, it was the period when I wasn't collecting Transformers and just as a whole, I feel that the Unicron Trilogy is some of the weaker parts of the franchise. When I saw this upgrade kit, I totally changed my mind about getting Siege Hot Shot. This set really makes Hot Shot not look like a blue Hound.

Assortment -

Hot Shot comes with two blades, a back pack adapter, two guns, and 2 each of a small missile pod and large missile pod. Installation is incredibly easy because they all fit into the 5mm ports throughout Hot Shot. The blades can either be held by Hot Shot or plugged into his forearms. The backpack works with the transformation joint to point forward. The guns also can plug into Hot Shot's arms. The 4 missile pods fit in very well and look good. Like most Matrix Workshop kits, the color is just a little off, but not enough to prevent me from getting it. Also, everything translates well in the vehicle mode.

Pros -

This set really makes Hot Shot feel like his own figure. It is well constructed as well. Some Matrix Workshop sets, the pegs have been very slightly too big or too small, but this set is pretty close to perfect.

Cons -

I have one VERY small gripe about this kit. The missile pods. First, and this is really really minor, by putting the missile pods on the shoulders and shins, you loose the ability to plug a weaponizer in. Again, not a big deal. Also, the large missile pods look a little awkward in vehicle mode. So I only use the small pods in vehicle mode and it looks great.

Grade -

This upgrade kit gets an 8.75 out of 10. I really love how this set does what I want it to do. It makes Siege Hot Shot not look like Hound.

Retools and Redecos -

Matrix Workshop has a redeco to fit in with Hound.

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