Matrix Workshop Ratchet Upgrade Kit Review

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Commentary -

Like Ironhide, Matrix Workshop made a really good upgrade kit for Siege Ratchet. But Ratchet came with some good stuff, unlike Ironhide. Read on to see if this kit is really needed or if it could be passed on.

Assortment -

Siege Ratchet already came with a better accessory assortment than Ironhide. Where Ironhide had a hammer which turned into a half assed gun, Ratchet came with a gun, a wrench, and a backpack missile launcher. So is getting this set needed? Well, it's cheap enough that it isn't going to set you back. The set comes with the same pistol as ironhide, a new pistol, a missle for the missile launcher, and a large assortment of weapons and tools. My favorite of the weapon/tools is the blades that resemble Transformers Prime's Ratchet's blades. Also, the set comes with an adapter for each hand that you can plug the weapons and tools into. Unfortunately, the adapters are a bit too snug. You have to slide the hands off, which aren't too hard to do, and then slide the adapters on. But the input port is like a millimeter too big. Normally, I really don't care if something is a millimeter too big. But this time it really matters. It is a pain in the ass to get the adapters on and off. I actually wound up cutting my finger in the process (the adapters are pretty sharp). At one point, i couldnt get the adapters off and I was going to just get a 2nd Ratchet (he's pretty common at the time this review is being written and not too expensive). But I kept playing around with it and I got the adapters off and replaced the hands. The missle is a great accessory because without it, the missile launcher just doesn't feel right.

Pros -

While this set is not as needed as the Ironhide one, it is almost as appreciated. It's a lot of fun to give Ratchet a million different tools. All of the weapons/tools fit very well in the adapter.

Cons -

Two cons, and one of them isn't that big of a deal. The first (and biggest concern) is that the adapter is just a little off and it is really hard to get off and on. I took about 500 pics of Ratchet, and I don't see myself putting the adapters back on him. The other concern is that several of the tools are VERY small. So it is very probable that you will lose one or two of them. I wouldn't give this set to a kid at all.

Grade -

This upgrade kit gets an 8.5 out of 10.

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