Go Directly to Galvatron

G1 Cartoon Background -

Megatron’s origins are shrouded in mystery (Depending on the writer of the episode, this was the 1980s so there were very few series, especially cartoons, that made series bibles).  In one episode he was built by the Constructicons, and in another episode he built the Constructicons.   Regardless of his origins, he is considered, in the G1 Cartoon, both the first Decepticon and the leader of the Decepticons.  He is a tyrant and a killer who was actually the cause of Orion Pax becoming Optimus Prime. He is stronger, faster, and better armed than most Transformers.  He is a leader and a liar.  The “Classic” Villain.

On Cybertron, Soundwave informs him that the Autobots are planning to leave Cybertron to search for a world with more energy.  Megatron feels that he and the Decepticons deserve every last shred of energy in the universe and plans to follow the Autobots.  He leaves Shockwave in charge of the Decepticons who stay on Cybertron.  When Optimus Prime and the Autobots leave Cybertron in the Ark, Megatron and the Decepticons follow in their ship, The Nemesis.  The Nemesis and the Ark fly into a meteor shower and the Nemesis starts to lose power.  Megatron sees that the Autobots are clearing a path and orders the Nemesis to fly in their wake.  Megatron orders the Decepticons to board the Autobot ship.  After a brief battle, the Ark crash lands onto prehistoric Earth.  The Autobots and Decepticons stay dormant until 1984 when the volcano erupts.  Skywarp is the first to be brought back online, and he soon brings his leader back to life.  Megatron has the rest of the Decepticons (even the treacherous Starscream) brought back to life and they leave the Ark to explore Earth.  Before they start to explore their new planet, Starscream fires on the volcano which holds the Ark.  Megatron scolds him for wasting energy.  Megatron plans to make a new base of operations on Earth, and then build a new space cruiser to return to Cybertron with.  He sends Starscream, Soundwave, and Rumble to gather the materials.  The three Decepticons return and Megatron orders the rest of the Decepticons to start construction.  Unknown to Megatron, Hound and Cliffjumper are spying on them.  Cliffjumper tries to assassinate Megatron but misses.  He sends Laserbeak to investigate.  When Thundercracker reports that a vehicle, which may or may not (and it wasn’t) be an Autobot is approaching the Decepticon base, Megatron sends Ravage to investigate.  Megatron then sends the Decepticons to an oil rig to drain it’s energy.  Megatron is quickly attacked by the workers, they throw rocks and tools at him.  Megatron fights back by throwing a large pipe at the workers, sending them into the ocean.  After the Decepticons transform the oil into Energon, they are attacked by the Autobots.  Megatron transforms into his gun mode and Starscream wields him to attack the Autobots.  Once Optimus Prime lands on the oil platform, Megatron transforms back into robot mode and fights Optimus one on one.

Megatron’s next plan is to create a tidal wave to create more power for Sherman Dam.  Then harness the energy into Energon Cubes.  Megatron and the Decepticons burst into the power plant, shattering the wall.  Megatron fires in the air and introduces himself to the workers.  The tidal wave is overloading the dam, causing it to break apart.  Megatron is pleased by the destruction.  When the Autobots arrive, Megatron quickly fires on them, but misses (for someone who is a gun, he sure had crappy aim).  Megatron heads inside of the dam and the Autobots follow.  Again, he fires and misses the Autobots with his fusion cannon.  Megatron tries to leave the dam and Optimus follows.  Megatron punches Prime, knocking him off of the platform, but Optimus Prime hangs on to the platform.  Megatron starts to crush Optimus Prime’s hands with his feet, but Optimus gets up when Starscream causes and explosion.  Megatron orders Starscream and the Decepticons to retreat with the Energon Cubes while he continues to battle Optimus Prime.  On top of the Dam, Megatron and Optimus Prime fight each other using energy melee weapons.  Megatron forms a purple energy mace out of his hand.  Optimus Prime starts to taunt Megatron, causing him to become enraged.  Megatron starts to loose a little bit of his self control, but is able to knock Optimus down.  Optimus Prime continues to defend himself from Megatron and gets up.  Megatron gets one good hit in, causing Optimus to fall off the dam into the river.  He then escapes back to the Decepticon base.  After the battle on Sherman Dam, Megatron sends the Decepticons all over the world to steal energy.  They now only need one more batch of Energon so they can power their spaceship to return to Cybertron.  He and Soundwave decide to mine the ruby crystals of Burma.  Starscream uses some of the Energon on a weapon, depleting the Decepticon supply.  Now the Decepticons need to make two supply runs instead of one.  The second run will be for rocket fuel.  Megatron organizes the Decepticons to travel to the crystal mines.  Megatron watches as Starscream oversees the mining operation.  He estimates that there is enough energy in the ruby crystals to power all of Cybertron.  The mine is blown up by Bumblebee and Sparkplug, but the Decepticons escape.

After escaping the mines, Megatron and the Decepticons look for rocket fuel.  Ravage returns (he was captured by the Autobots) to the Decepticon base with information about a facility that is making rocket fuel.  Starscream, again, shows his disdain of Megatron’s leadership.  Megatron continues to put Starscream down, who is always trying to overthrow Megatron.  Starscream fires at Megatron, trying to shoot him in the back.  Soundwave warns Megatron who uses an energy shield to deflect the blast.  Megatron is furious, he points his fusion cannon at Starscream to destroy him.  Starscream stars pleading for his life.  Megatron fires, but only to wound.  He needs Starscream to destroy the Autobots. Megatron plans to attack the base, but he knew it was an Autobot trap.  Megatron knew that Ravage escaped too easily.  He is the only one that goes, the rest of the Decepticons that join him are junk drones.  While the Autobots were trying to ambush the Decepticons, they were at a different site getting the energy they needed.  Megatron joins his Decepticon legions while they are attacking the military base with the rocket fuel.  Now the Decepticons have enough energy to travel back to Cybertron.  Megatron orders the Decepticons to board the space cruiser as the Autobots arrive.  Megatron transforms into gun mode and arms Skywarp.  Together they attack the Autobots.  Megatron transforms back into robot mode and attacks Optimus Prime.  Optimus Prime shoots the fusion cannon off of Megatron’s arm.  The two leaders battle each other hand to hand.  They grapple with each other, but Optimus Prime starts to win.  He knocks Megatron to the ground and demands that Megatron calls off his Decepticons.  Megatron refuses.  Ravage leaps on Optimus Prime and Megatron retreats to the spaceship.  The rest of the Decepticons follow Megatron into the ship.  The ship takes off and Megatron sees that Optimus Prime is flying after the ship.  He uses the ship’s weapons to knock Optimus Prime out of the sky.  Starscream then challenges Megatron again for leadership.  Megatron warns Starscream that if he is successful, there will always be someone trying to eliminate him.  Before Starscream can attack, Mirage appears and damages the ship. Starscream shoots Mirage and Megatron shoots Starscream.  The Decepticons crash into the ocean.

The Decepticons survive the crash and stay quiet for several months.  In that time, they build a sophisticated base of operations under the ocean.  One day, Megatron receives a communication from Cybertron, it is his old ally Shockwave.  Shockwave tells Megatron that the Decepticons on Cybertron are running out of Energon, also that the new Space Bridge is operational.  Megatron plans to steal all of the energy from Earth and send it to Cybertron.  Megatron sends Soundwave to attack a power plant.  Once the workers are subdued, Megatron and the rest of the Decepticons arrive to create Energon Cubes.  As the Decepticons are completing their mission, the Autobots attack!  Cliffjumper tries to attack Megatron, but Megatron is way too powerful for the small Autobot.  He swats Cliffjumper away with little effort.  Then Optimus Prime arrives to engage Megatron.  Megatron fires on Optimus, knocking him to the ground.  Megatron attempts to destroy Optimus Prime with another blast from his fusion cannon.  This time, Optimus Prime is able to avoid the blast and grabs Megatron.  He tosses Megatron into machinery and the two battle hand to hand.  Megatron falls into a turbine and gets super charged.  He is able to injure Optimus enough to plot his escape.  He transforms into gun mode and arms Soundwave.  He plans to finally destroy Optimus Prime.  As he fires, Ironhide leaps into the path of the energy blast and saves his leader.  The Decepticons then escape with their Energon Cubes.  Megatron plans to use the new Space Bridge to send the cubes to Shockwave on Cybertron.  Their first test is unsuccessful and Starscream takes the opportunity (again) to remind Megatron that he would better leader than Megatron.  The Decepticons then catch Bumblebee and Spike spying on them.  Megatron makes sure that the Decepticons don’t kill the spies so they can be used as test subjects for the Space Bridge.  Before Bumblebee and Spike can be sent to Cybertron, the Space Bridge malfunctions.  Bumblebee escapes but Spike remains in Decepticon captivity.  Megatron sends Skywarp and Starscream to catch Bumblebee, but he is able to escape. Inside of a cave.  When Bumblebee leaves the cave, he is captured again by the Decepticons.  Megatron alters Bumblebee’s memory circuits and sends him back to the Autobots to lead the Autobots into a trap.  Bumblebee lures the Autobots into a cave.  Once the Autobots enter, the Decepticons fire on the entrance, trapping the Autobots.  Then the Decepticons attack.  Megatron is about to fire on Ironhide, but Optimus Prime leaps in the path of th energy blast, saving him.  Optimus Prime’s foot gets stuck in a pile of rocks and Megatron plans to use this to his advantage.  He deploys a buzz saw from his arm and fires it at Optimus Prime.  He inadvertently winds up freeing Optimus.  Optimus points his gun at Megatron’s back, giving Megatron the chance to surrender.  Megatron deploys a gun from his hand and fires at Optimus Prime and hides in the cave.  Shockwave then reports to Megatron that the Space Bridge is operational again.  He orders the Decepticons to retreat from the cave.  Megatron then transforms into gun mode and they trap the Autobots in the cave.  The Decepticons return to the Space Bridge.  Megatron gives Spike some last minute instructions so he can safely travel to Cybertron with the Decepticon Energon Cubes.  Before he can activate the Space Bridge, the Autobots arrive and save Spike.  Megatron tries to gather all of the Energon Cubes that were in the Space Bridge pod.  He is then caught up in the Space Bridge and transported away.  The Decepticons assume he died but he arrives on Cybertron.

Starscream takes command of the Decepticons and Megatron impatiently waits for Shockwave to repair the Space Bridge.  Megatron wants to return to Earth, he knows that Starscream is causing the Decepticons to fail.  He contacts the Decepticons, revealing he is still alive.  He orders Starscream to steal Anti-Matter from a laboratory.  Starscream tells him that the Decepticons need repairs before they can attempt another mission.  Shockwave repairs the Space Bridge and Megatron returns to Earth.  When he arrives on Earth, he is met by Rumble and Laserbeak.  Megatron is impatient and doesn’t wait for Starscream to join him.  He attacks the lab to steal it’s Anti Matter with Rumble, Laserbeak, and Reflector.  Before the Decepticons can gain the formula, the lead scientist erases it, but not before he emails it to Chip.  Megatron “reads” the computers and realizes it was sent to someone (Chip) before it was deleted.  Megatron doesn’t know at first who it was sent to, just that it was sent.  Megatron figures out that Chip has the formula and sends Starscream, Soundwave, and Thundercracker to retrieve it. The Decepticons are able to create Anti Matter and use it to create powerful Energon Cubes.  Megatron orders Thundercracker to kill Chip, but Hound, Mirage, and Bumblebee save him.   Hound creates numerous holographic duplicates to confuse Megatron.  The Autobots save Chip and escape from the lab, with the Decepticons firing at them.  Once Chip is safe, Optimus Prime plows into the lab to fight the Decepticons.  He carries a number of Autobots inside of his trailer.  When the Autobots attack, Megatron uses the Anti Matter Energon Cubes as weapons, causing a massive explosion.  The Autobots are somewhat damaged, but the Decepticons escape.  Once they power themselves up, they make their way to the Autobot base to attack the Autobots.  Sideswipe and Sunstreaker are the first to defend the Ark.  Megatron then absorbs Anti Matter Energon Cubes and transforms into gun mode.  Starscream wields him to attack the Autobots.  Optimus Prime drives into Starscream, making him drop Megatron.  Skywarp picks him up, but Chip plants a device on Skywarp.  The device gives control of Skywarp’s motor control to Teletran 1.  Now under Autobot control, Skywarp uses Megatron to attack the Decepticons.  Megatron transforms back into robot mode, but the device also tainted the Anti Matter.  Megatron ejects it and the Anti Matter explodes.  The Decepticons retreat back to base.

Megatron sends Starscream, Skywarp, Thundercracker, and Soundwave to attack a munitions factory to create more Energon.  Starscream’s mission is successful and Megatron orders him to return to base.  Megatron plans to send the new Energon Cubes to Cybertron.  Before they can return to base, the Decepticons are attacked by Optimus Prime.  Megatron watches the battle.  He orders the Decepticons to work together and focus their attacks on Optimus.  Megatron watches as Optimus is damaged by his legions.  The Autobots approach the factory and Megatron orders the Decepticons to retreat with the Energon Cubes.   Back at the Decepticon Headquarters, Megatron asks the status of Optimus Prime.  Starscream claims that Optimus Prime is dead.  Megatron is skeptical and sends Laserbeak to spy on the Autobots.  He wants confirmation of Optimus’ condition.  He knows that if Optimus Prime dies, the Autobots will pose no threat to the Decepticons.  Laserbeak transmits his findings to Megatron while he spies on the Autobots.  Optimus Prime is alive, but only holding on by a thread.  Megatron orders Laserbeak to attack Optimus Prime while he is being repaired.  Optimus’ condition only gets worse with this attack.  Megatron then contacts Shockwave to see when the Space Bridge will be operational.  He plans to send more Energon to Cybertron (like usual).  The Autobots attack and it starts to rain.  Megatron orders the Decepticons to let the Autobots win because of the rain.  This inspires Megatron to use Acid Rain as a weapon against the Autobots on Cybertron.  Starscream then tells Megatron that they need to take advantage of the dwindling Autobot numbers and attack.  For once, Megatron agrees.  Megatron leads a Decepticon assault on the Autobot base.  During the battle, Megatron knocks Sideswipe out of the sky.  The Decepticons look like they are about to finally destroy all of the Autobots, but at the last minute, Optimus Prime is repaired and saves the day.

Megatron’s next plot to make Energon is to steal energy from the Earth’s core.  They use crystals found in the Arctic.  They unintentionally cause the entire planet’s temperature to go down.  Rumble makes tunnels in the ice using his pile drivers.  He exposes a large robot trapped in the ice.  Megatron orders Starscream to dig the robot out.  Megatron estimates that because the robot is so large, he will be a superior warrior.  He plans to turn the robot into a Decepticon.  Megatron watches as all of the Decepticons work together to restore the large Transformer.  Megatron notices that Starscream is showing concern for the Transformer.  Starscream reveals that he knew the Transformer, Skyfire in the past.  When Skyfire wakes up, Starscream and Megatron convince him to become a Decepticon.  Megatron stretches the truth and tells Skyfire that the main mission of the Decepticons is to restore Cybertron.  Skyfire joins the Decepticons and guards their Arctic Base.  The Autobots fight Skyfire, and Skyfire brings Spike and Sparkplug to Megatron.  He still thinks the Decepticons are good and the Autobots are bad.  He hopes that Megatron can clear up his confusion.  Spike and Sparkplug are detained inside of an ice cage.  Megatron checks on the progress of the Energon Cube creation, and catches several Autobots.  He orders them to be captured for termination.  Starscream almost kills Skyfire and thinks he killed the Autobots (it was all a hologram).  Laserbeak reports to Megatron that the Autobots and Skyfire are functional.  He sends the Decepticons to attack the Autobots.  Megatron then joins the battle and has his obligatory hand to hand battle with Optimus Prime that he looses.

Megatron starts to look into renewable sources of energy to create Energon Cubes.  He sends Reflector and Soundwave to a hydroelectric dam to do reconnaissance.  Once they return, Megatron sends the Decepticons to attack the dam.  The Decepticons are able to take over the facility because the Autobots are unaware of the attack.  Of course the Autobots learn of the Decepticons’ attack, but this time, Megatron is prepared.  The Decepticons ambush the Autobots as Megatron watches.  He hooks his fusion cannon up to the turbines, supercharging his weapon.  He attacks the Autobots, sending them plummeting into the water.  The Decepticons bind the Autobots with energy chains, and prepare to destroy them.  Megatron savors the moment.  He and the rest of the Decepticons point their weapons at the Autobots.  Before they can fire, Wheeljack arrives with the Dinobots.  Megatron fires on Sludge, but Wheeljack hits Megatron in the torso with an attack from his shoulder blaster.  Megatron falls and, of course, Starscream tries to take leadership of the Decepticons.   Megatron recovers from Wheeljack’s attack and transforms into gun mode.  He attaches himself to Starscream, who was in jet mode, and together they attack the Dinobots.  The Decepticons are defeated and retreat.

Megatron goes to an Inca Pyramid to steal The Crystal of Power.  Soundwave, Reflector, and Skywarp join him.  Starscream and Thundercracker arrive with a device made from stolen steel.  Megatron wants to use the device to weaponize the crystal.  Laserbeak then reports to Megatron to tell him that the Autobots are spying on the Decepticons.  Megatron uses the crystal cannon to destroy the Autobot satellite.  The energy blast winds up destroying the cannon.  Megatron, Reflector, and Soundwave fly off to get new material to make a new cannon.  While flying, Megatron notices Skyfire following them.  Brawn and Windcharger jump out of Skyfire to attack the Decepticons.  Soundwave and Reflector are taken out of commission, but Megatron shoots Brawn.  Megatron then transforms into gun mode and arms Soundwave.  Together, they fire on Brawn, but Brawn is able to dodge the blast.  Brawn leaps away onto a hill, and Soundwave fires again.  Soundwave misses again and Megatron transforms back into robot mode.  The two Autobots escape from Megatron and the Decepticons.  Then Megatron travels with several Decepticons to a mining village to get the materials they need to rebuild the cannon.  The Autobots attack the Decepticons int he foundry.  Optimus Prime drives right into Megatron, knocking him through a wall.  Megatron’s arm cannon falls off, and Brawn steals it.  Brawn then fires on Megatron with Megatron’s own weapon.  Megatron falls to the ground.  Laserbeak takes the cannon away from Brawn and returns it to Megatron.  Megatron fires his cannon at Brawn, but Brawn is able to evade the blast.  Megatron fabricates an alloy to create the new cannon.  He has Skywarp come to the foundry to get the new materials.  Once the Decepticons load the metal into Skywarp, they retreat back to the Inca Temple.  While escaping, Megatron fires on a mountain, causing an avalanche to occupy the Autobots.  Now that Megatron has the new metal, he rebuilds the cannon and tests it on a mountain (he really doesn’t like mountains in this episode).  Megatron then sees Optimus Prime and the Autobots approaching the Inca Temple.  With Laserbeak on his shoulder, he fires at them relentlessly with the cannon, but misses with every shot (again, for someone who transforms into a gun, you should expect him to have better aim).  As the Autobots get closer, Megatron orders the rest of the Decepticons to defend the temple.  Optimus Prime and Ironhide manage to climb the temple to attack Megatron.  Megatron then fires at them with the cannon, hitting Ironhide.  Megatron looses control of the cannon when Brawn and Starscream are wrestling with each other next to Megatron.  Ironhide attacks Megatron again, leaping over the cannon and tackling Megatron.  Megatron quickly turns the tide of the battle.  He lifts Ironhide over his head and throws him at Optimus Prime.  Optimus catches Ironhide, but Megatron gains the advantage when Optimus is distracted.  He points the crystal cannon at Optimus, but Skyfire saves the two Autobots from destruction. Optimus Prime then climbs to the top of the temple and attacks Megatron.  With Megatron defeated in battle, and the cannon destroyed, the Decepticons retreat.

In the Decepticon base, Megatron reviews footage of the Dinobots defeating the Decepticons.  He is disgusted that the stupid Dinobots were able to defeat his cunning Decepticons.  Starscream explains that the sheer brute force of the Dinobots overwhelmed the Decepticons.  Megatron makes defeating the Dinobots his priority.  He sends Soundwave to spy on the Dinobots to learn their weaknesses.  When Soundwave returns, Megatron learns that Slag is hostile, Grimlock is arrogant, and Sludge is stupid (even for a Dinobot). He learns of a meteor which contains massive energy inside of it. He plans to trick the Dinobots to join the Decepticons.  Megatron and the Decepticons fly to the Dinobots.  After the Dinobots attack, Megatron talks them down.  He admits that they are stronger than he is, and that they are also stronger than Optimus Prime.  Megatron tells them that they should lead the Autobots because they are stronger than all of the Autobots.  Megatron manipulates the Dinobots into wanting to kill Optimus Prime and take over the Autobots.  He then orders Starscream, Skywarp, and Thundercracker to take the meteor away.  While the Dinobots were battling Optimus Prime, Megatron and the Decepticons were making Energon Cubes from the meteor’s energy.  Starscream tells Megatron that the energy from the meteor is becoming very unstable.  The Dinobots arrive with Optimus Prime as a prisoner.  Megatron asks why they didn’t destroy Optimus, and Grimlock tells him that he will destroy Optimus Prime when he is ready to.  Suddenly, all of the Energon Cubes made from the meteor’s energy explode!  Before the Decepticons can collect themselves, Snarl and Swoop attack the Decepticons.  As the Dinobots fight, the meteor gets more unstable.  The Decepticons retreat just as the meteor is about to explode.

Megatron allies himself with a deranged mad scientist named Dr. Arkeville.  This is an interesting development because until now, Megatron viewed the human race as inferior.  He sends Starscream, Skywarp, and Thundercracker to India to harness solar power.  Together, Megatron and Arkeville watch the progress of Starscream’s mission.  The entire mission was a diversion so Soundwave can infiltrate the Ark.  Megatron and Arkeville need a human guinea pig, so Soundwave and his cassettes abduct Sparkplug.  Arkeville tests his mind control chips on Sparkplug and turns him into a mindless slave.  Megatron then contacts Shockwave to get an update on the new and improved Space Bridge.  The new Space Bridge has a larger capacity than the previous one, but it also consumes more energy.  Shockwave tells Megatron that their entire Energon cache will be depleted.  Megatron catches Dr. Arkeville eavesdropping on him and Shockwave.  When Dr. Arkeville asks what the Space Bridge is, Megatron tells him that it doesn’t concern him.  With the success of the hypnochip, Megatron plans to enslave the human race (this was actually first done in the first few episodes of Challenge of the Gobots).  The Decepticons detect an Autobot attack, Megatron leaves the base and attacks the Autobots underwater.  Sunstreaker avoids damage and swims behind Megatron.  He fires a torpedo at the Decepticon.  The Decepticons allow the Autobots to “save” Sparkplug so they can bring him back to their base.  Once the Autobots return home, Megatron leads the Decepticons to attack them again.  Sparkplug turned Teletran 1 off and in doing so, all of the Autobot defenses.  Before Megatron can destroy the Autobots, Spike quickly repairs Teletran 1 and activates the Autobot defenses.  Megatron then supervises Thundercracker on modifications to the Space Bridge.  Starscream brings Dr. Arkeville to Megatron as a jet.  Megatron then reveals to Arkeville that he is planning on transporting the entire planet of Cybertron to Earth.  Megatron plans on using the gravitational field of Cybertron to create disasters all over the Earth and use those disasters to create Energon Cubes.  This will most likely destroy Earth if it is successful.  When the Autobots attack the Space Bridge, Megatron orders Arkeville to use the human slaves as soldiers, knowing that the Autobots won’t hurt a human.  Megatron fires at Optimus Prime who dodges the attack.  Megatron runs away, but Optimus Prime chases him.  Megatron climbs a mountain with Optimus close behind.  As Optimus Prime gets close, Megatron kicks him in the head and Optimus falls.  Optimus Prime gets up and tackles Megatron before he can activate the final pylon of the Space Bridge.  Megatron kicks him away, sending Optimus Prime flying.  Megatron manipulates Optimus Prime to activate the final pylon.  He tells Optimus that if he doesn’t activate the last pylon, Cybertron will be destroyed by the Space Bridge.  Optimus Prime has no choice and activates the final part of the Space Bridge.  Cybertron is now transported to Earth, causing disasters all over the globe.

Megatron and the Decepticons have won, for now.  Megatron orders Soundwave to clear the area around the Space Bridge.  Soundwave creates a massive sonic attack that causes pain for both the Autobots and the mind controlled workers.  The Autobots are forced to retreat.  Starscream criticizes Megatron because he let the Autobots escape.  Megatron strikes Starscream to the ground for his comments.  Megatron wants more slaves.  He has Laserbeak bring him people for Arkeville to use his hypnochips on.  The Decepticons return to their undersea base.  Soundwave notifies Megatron that Cybertron’s energy reserves are critically low.  Megatron tells Soundwave to tell Shockwave to expect Energon soon.  Megatron finds out that Dr. Arkeville’s are successfully creating a significant amount of Energon Cubes.  The Decepticon’s undersea base is damaged by a seaquake and a tidal wave.  It is taking on water.  The Decepticons are trapped in their control room and Megatron uses his cannon to set them free.

Megatron has the human slaves build a Sea Funnel.  It’s purpose is to harness the energy of a tidal wave to create more Energon Cubes.  Megatron then orders Starscream to install a generator, but Starscream refuses.  Megatron hurls the generator at Starscream and again, orders him to install it.  Arkeville complains to Megatron that the slaves will drown when the tidal wave hits.  Megatron doesn’t seem to care.  Megatron then tells Arkeville to stay away from Starscream.  Megatron then goes to Rumble to check on the approaching tidal wave.  Rumble tells Megatron that he sees the Autobots riding the tidal wave on surfboards.  Megatron has already collected a significant amount of Energon Cubes, so he leaves the base in his new spacecraft.  He doesn’t feel that it is necessary to fight the Autobots or defend the Sea Funnel.  Megatron and Skywarp travel to a tropical island and use the slaves to create more Energon Cubes.  Megatron catches Starscream trying to drain Dr. Arkeville’s brain energy to make his own Energon Cubes.  As typical for Starscream, he wants to take leadership of the Decepticons away from Megatron.  Megatron is about to kill him for mutiny, but Skywarp distracts him (unintentionally).  Starscream transforms into vehicle mode and escapes with Dr. Arkeville in his possession.  Skywarp tells Megatron that the slaves are now unpacking the Energon Cubes from their ship.  Then the Autobots reveal themselves.  The Decepticons battle the Autobots, and are about to defeat them.  Just as the Decepticons are about to win, Skyfire appears with reinforcements.  From inside Skyfire, Wheeljack uses a device he created on Cybertron to free the minds of the slaves.  Megatron transforms into gun mode and fires at Skyfire (this is the first time that Megatron doesn’t need someone to pull his trigger).  Skyfire is hit and crash lands.  Megatron makes his way to the Decepticon space craft.  He is intercepted by Optimus Prime who wants to fight.  Optimus Prime lets him escape so he can save the Earth.  The Autobots destroy Megatron’s ship, and the explosion caused by the Energon Cubes inside of it knocks Cybertron out of Earth’s orbit.  Earth is saved and the Autobots think that Megatron is dead.  Megatron did survive and is in space.

Megatron doesn’t stay “dead” for long.  He returns to the Decepticon undersea base to see all of the Decepticons fighting with each other.  Once he appears, they stop fighting.  Megatron’s first task is, he wants to find Dr. Arkeville.  Laserbeak then enters the base and shows the Decepticons that Dr. Arkeville is with Starscream.  The Decepticons follow Megatron to Dr. Arkeville’s “secret” lab.  As the Decepticons are flying to Arkeville’s lab, Rumble notices that they are being followed by Autobots.  Megatron sends Skywarp and Thundercracker to attack the Autobots.  When Wheeljack hits Skywarp with a rocket, Megatron orders all of the Decepticons to attack the convoy of Autobots.  Megatron sneaks behind Optimus Prime, but Optimus Prime defends himself.  He knocks Megatron to the ground and aims his blaster at Megatron.  Megatron kicks Optimus away and gets up.  Megatron runs at Optimus Prime, but Optimus lifts him up and tosses him away.  He lands in a lake and orders the Decepticons to retreat.  The Autobots continue to follow the Decepticons, but the Decepticons lead them into a trap.  They guide the Autobots into a canyon filled with quicksand.  As the Autobots sink, the Decepticons continue their journey to Dr. Arkeville’s lab.  Soon after they reach the lab, Rumble tells Megatron that the Autobots are approaching.  When Megatron leaves the lab to investigate, Optimus Prime sucker punches him.  Megatron is sent into the wall of a canyon and grabs a big rock to attack Optimus with.  He throws it at Optimus Prime, but Optimus jumps out of the way.  The rock hits Rumble and knocks him to the ground.  Megatron fires at Optimus and Rumble follows.  The two Decepticons retreat inside of Arkeville’s lab but Optimus Prime follows.  Inside, Optimus encounters Megatron, Rumble, and Frenzy.  Megatron points his cannon at Optimus, but Optimus is standing in front of the generator.  He knows that if Megatron fires, the generator will explode and take Megatron with it.    Frenzy and Rumble retreat from the lab.  There are only seconds remaining before the generator detonates.  Megatron continues to point his blaster at Optimus, but before he can fire, Shockwave contacts him from Cybertron.  Shockwave reiterates to Megatron that the generator is about to detonate.  Megatron lowers his weapon as he and Optimus Prime look for the timing mechanism. Megatron finds it with two seconds remaining before detonation and rips it off the generator (sometimes brute force works best).  Megatron saved the Earth from complete annihilation.  Megatron starts to dismantle the generator as Optimus Prime watches.  The core is so hot that it starts to melt Megatron’s chest.  Megatron takes the core and wants to cool it, so it won’t detonate.  Optimus Prime notices that Megatron is momentarily distracted and tries to grab the core from Megatron.  He steals it away from Megatron, but Megatron leaps on Optimus.  They wrestle with each other for possession of the core.  It slips out of Optimus’ hands and rolls across the lab.  The core is more unstable now than before and is shooting out energy.  It is about to explode, but Megatron grabs it and runs out of the lab and Optimus follows.  The two mortal enemies work together to deactivate the core.  Megatron transforms into gun mode and Optimus Prime loads the core into Megatron’s barrel.  Optimus Prime fires the core into space where it safely detonates.  Optimus Prime and the Autobots return to their base.  Megatron finds Starscream, who crashed to Earth.  Starscream convinces Megatron not to kill him by explaining that he thought Megatron was dead.

Megatron gets a communication from Laserbeak that giant metallic insects are attacking villagers and fishermen in Bali.  Megatron is intrigued and organizes the Decepticons to investigate.  Thundercracker and Soundwave fly with Megatron to the Bali swamp.  Soundwave deploys Ravage and the Decepticons follow him to a small hive.  When Megatron pulls the leaves and branches off of the hive, he discovers a Decepticon Escape Pod.  The pod landed on Earth before the Autobots and Decepticons crashed to Earth, over four million years ago.  The Decepticons recruit the Insecticons to join them.  Together they attack several Autobots who were hiding in a cornfield.  For the first time in the series, Megatron talks about his origins (which there are several that conflict).  He says that the same Decepticon science that made him made the Insecticons (in some origin stories, he was the first Decepticon).  Before the Autobots can be terminated, the rest of the Autobots arrive to help.  Sideswipe and Sunstreaker tackle two of the Insecticons and then try to fight Megatron.  Megatron swats Sideswipe away and throws Sunstreaker.  Once the Autobots start attacking the Decepticons and Insecticons, they fly into the air to get away.  Megatron orders them to attack an oil refinery to create Energon Cubes.  While the main Insecticons are battling Skyfire and the Autobots, Megatron is in command of the clones.  Skyfire finds the Decepticons at the refinery and Megatron fires his cannon at him.  He doesn’t hit Skyfire at all.  Megatron sees the rest of the Autobots approaching and sends Ravage to deal with them.  When the Decepticons start losing the battle, Megatron ignites an oil tanker and sets it to hit the oil refinery.  Optimus Prime dives into the water and prevents the tanker from reaching the refinery.  Optimus Prime throws the tanker at Megatron.  The Insecticons turn on the Decepticons and steal their Energon Cubes  The Decepticons leave the battle to chase the Insecticons.

Megatron builds the Constructicons in his new base which is in a cave.  He sends them to steal energy collecting devices from a construction site.  When they return with the equipment, he is very pleased with them.  Megatron has the Constructicons attach the stolen equipment to another device.  Megatron then flies to the Autobot base alone.  Cliffjumper attacks him with glass gas and it solidifies around him.  Megatron breaks free and Wheeljack attempts to attack with a shockblast cannon. The cannon explodes instead of firing.  Ironhide fires at Megatron, but he is able to avoid all of the attacks.  Optimus Prime realizes something is different when Megatron doesn’t fight back.  Megatron invokes an ancient Cybertronian custom and challenges Optimus Prime to a battle one on one.   The loser has to exile himself and his army to deep space, but the victor can go wherever he wants.  Optimus Prime agrees to the terms.  Megatron returns to base and uses the Constructicons’ invention to take the additional powers of all of the Decepticons and funnel them into him,boosting his destructive ability. When the power transfer is complete, Starscream warns Megatron that Teletran 1 may be able to detect the power transfer.  Megatron sends the Constructicons to covertly disable Teletran 1.  All of the Decepticons travel to a crater in the desert to watch the battle.  Optimus extends his hand to shake hands with Megatron.  Megatron grabs it and sparks fly.  He tosses Optimus into the air like a rag doll.  Optimus is surprised to see how strong Megatron is.  Megatron aims his cannon at Optimus and fires.  Instead of an energy blast, it is Starscream’s cluster bombs.  Optimus is knocked back but shields himself from damage with his forearms.  Optimus Prime fires an energy blast from his palm and it hits Megatron in the torso.  Megatron shakes it off and uses Starscream’s null rays on Optimus.  Megatron starts pounding the ground like Rumble would with his pile drivers.  Optimus Prime is shaken by the tremor and falls into the crevice made by the earthquake.  He climbs out of the hole and grabs a large boulder.  Optimus Prime hurls the boulder at Megatron, but Megatron teleports away using Skywarp’s power.  Megatron materializes behind Optimus Prime and shoots him in the back with his fusion cannon.  Optimus falls to the ground.  Optimus Prime grabs his ion cannon and fires on Megatron.  Megatron is briefly phased and Optimus tackles him.  Megatron flies into the air with Optimus holding on.  Megatron uses Reflector’s strobe abilities to blind Optimus and make him let go.  Optimus Prime falls to the ground.  He points his arms at Optimus Prime and unleashes a sonic attack, using Thundercracker’s never before shown sonic abilities.  Megatron fires his fusion cannon one last time at Optimus.  Megatron wins the fight and Optimus Prime is near death.  The Decepticons follow the Autobots back to the Ark to make sure they leave Earth forever.  When the two armies arrive at the Autobot base, they see Devestator fighting the Dinobots.  Teletran 1 wasn’t deactivated, so Chip uses Teletran 1 to realize that Megatron cheated.  The Autobots are no longer forced to leave Earth.  Hound creates a hologram of an Autobot warrior even bigger than Devestator.  While Devestator is distracted, Optimus Prime fires and Devestator falls apart into the individual Constructicons.  The Decepticons and Constructicons are forced into a lava filled crevice.  Optimus Prime shoots Megatron into the crack.  The Autobots have won and the Decepticons are thought to be dead.

Somehow the Decepticons don’t melt and escape the lava without the Autobots knowing.  Also, Megatron somehow doesn’t have the stolen powers of all the Decepticons anymore.  Megatron organizes the Decepticons to attack an Air Force Base to steal fuel.  The officers fire on Megatron, but do no damage.  He makes them scatter when he fires on the humans with his fusion cannon.  The Autobots quickly show up to battle the Decepticons.  The Decepticons retreat when they realize that the battle cause all of the rocket fuel to be destroyed.  Megatron makes sure that the Autobots don’t follow him by attacking Bumblebee and Spike.  Later, Laserbeak reports to Megatron that Spike’s mind was put into a robot body.  Megatron is intrigued and wants to take advantage of this.  The Decepticons attack Autobot Spike to subdue him.  He is about to fight back when Megatron convinces him that the Decepticons are his friends.  The confused Autobot Spike becomes a Decepticon.  Autobot Spike attacks Optimus Prime on his own, and then uses Megatron in gun mode.  When Optimus falls, the rest of the Decepticons attack.  Sparkplug helps calm Autobot Spike down, and Megatron is turned into a weapon.  Autobot Spike uses him to attack the other Decepticons.  Megatron transforms and leads the Decepticons to retreat.

Megatron and Starscream watch the Autobots discuss Wheeljack’s new invention after Ravage plants a bug on Bumblebee.  The Decepticons plan to steal the device which causes anything that moves to be frozen.  After the Autobots successfully test the device, the Decepticons arrive and steal the device.  Laserbeak brings Carly to Megatron.  She was trying to attach an explosive device on the Decepticon base.  Megatron plans to use her as bait to trap the Autobots.  The Decepticon base is flooded when a bomb that Carly attached to the Decepticon base goes off.  Ironhide saves Carly and brings her to the surface.  Megatron improved the Immobilizer.  Now it’s effects are permanent.  Megatron uses the Immobilizer on Ironhide.  He plans to immobilize the entire Earth and take it’s resources.  Before he can activate the Immobilizer, Optimus Prime arrives.  He points his ion cannon at Megatron and fires.  Megatron is sent into the air and the rest of the Autobots arrive.  After battling the Autobots, the Decepticons retreat after Ironhide destroys the Immobilizer.

Megatron learns of Dinobot Island and all of it’s natural resources.  It is filled with volcanoes and geysers.  Megatron organizes the Decepticons to attack it to create more Energon Cubes.  Starscream is worried that the strange energy waves surrounding the island will cause the Decepticons trouble.  Megatron tells him to be quiet.  Megatron leads the Decepticons (and several new ones who just show up with no rhyme or reason of where they came from) to Dinobot Island.  He plans to steal all of it’s energy.  Starscream again comments that the energy field surrounding the island worries him, Megatron disregards it (maybe he should listen to Starscream since Starscream was a scientist before he was a Decepticon).  As the Decepticons gather energy from the island, the weather gets worse and worse.  Starscream voices his concerns again, and Megatron slaps him.  The Dinobot discover the Decepticons on the Island and approach them.  Megatron flies to the Dinobots and they attack him.  Megatron is able to dodge all of their attacks.  Megatron fires his cannon at the dinosaurs causing a stampede.  The stampede forces the Dinobots into a tar pit.  Megatron assumes they are dead.

After the Dinobots are defeated, Megatron has the Decepticons continue stealing energy from the island.  The more energy they steal, the more time portals open across the world and the more Dinobot Island starts to destabilize.  The Autobots go to Dinobot Island to stop the Decepticons.  When Megatron sees the Autobots, he fires his cannon at Optimus Prime, hitting him in the chest.  The Autobots start firing on the Decepticons.  Soundwave and Megatron fight Optimus Prime together.  Megatron transforms into gun mode and arms Soundwave.  Soundwave fires Megatron at Optimus Prime but misses him.  He hits a steam geyser and the ground starts to crack.  Soundwave is knocked off of his feet by the tremor and drops Megatron.  The Decepticons have overpowered the Autobots.  They are about to destroy the Autobots when the Dinobots arrive with the dinosaur inhabitants of the island.  The Dinobots and dinosaurs defeat the Decepticons and the Decepticons retreat.

While Starscream and Skywarp are on a mission to steal an experimental energy creating machine, Megatron decides to join them.  After Starscream and Skywarp rip the roof off of the laboratory, Megatron steals the device.  The scientists try to warn the Decepticons that their device is unstable if removed from the building and can destroy the Earth.  Megatron grabs the Electro Cells and gives them to Skywarp.  Megatron plans to use the Electro Cells to learn how to create more of the machine.  Then Megatron transforms into his gun mode and arms Starscream.  Together, they destroy the lab.  After the Decepticons return to their base with the Electro Cells, they hook it up to a machine to create Energon Cubes.  Megatron is being cautious, not to prevent them from destroying the Earth, but so the machinery isn’t damaged.  Starscream claims that if he were the leader, the Energon Cubes would already have been made.  Megatron reminds Starscream that he is not the leader of the Decepticons.  Starscream activates the machine before Megatron can secure the safeguards.  Fortunately for them, the device doesn’t explode and creates Energon Cubes.  Suddenly, the machine starts draining the energy out of the Energon Cubes and shorts out.  Megatron is about to execute Starscream for ruining the Energon Cubes, but before he can, Soundwave alerts the Decepticons that the Autobots are approaching.  Megatron has Soundwave contact the Insecticons to help.  When Optimus Prime and Megatron square off, neither attacks the other.  Optimus Prime is defeated when Kickback protects Megatron.  A stray shot from Shrapnel hits the Electro Cells and they start to explode.  Megatron tells the Decepticons to stop fighting the Autobots and save the equipment.  Megatron uses a fire extinguisher from his cannon to put out the flames.  The Autobots retreat to their headquarters to prevent the Electro Cells from creating any damage to the Earth.  Soon, Megatron and Starscream discover Mirage sneaking around the Decepticon base.  They start to shoot their weapons at him but they hit the ground near the Insecticons.  The Insecticons think that the Decepticons are trying to attack them, so they attack the Decepticons.  Megatron orders the Decepticons to battle the Insecticons.  Megatron sneaks behind the Insecticons and is about to fire on Bombshell.  Both sides accuse the other of stealing their Energon supply.  Bombshell assumed that the Decepticons stole their Energon because they found the Decepticon insignia that Mirage left on the ground.  Megatron makes Bombshell realize that Mirage has been manipulating them.  Bombshell and Megatron reaffirm their alliance.   Bombshell is about to shoot Mirage with plans to kill him.  Megatron won’t let him.  He wants to use Mirage as a tool to finish the Autobots once and for all.  The battle ends when Megatron and Bombshell realize they have been manipulated by Mirage.  Mirage lures the Autobots into an ambush and the Decepticons and Insecticons fire at the Autobots from above.  Optimus Prime leaps into the Decepticon structure but Megatron intercepts him.  Megatron points his cannon at Optimus, but before he can fire, the other Autobots join Optimus to protect him.  Megatron realizes the battle is lost, so he fires on the Electro Cells.  They explode, the Autobots get to safety, and the Decepticons retreat.

Megatron learns that an advanced robot was created by a Japanese scientist.  Megatron and the Decepticons travel to Japan to steal it.  After Rumble, Frenzy, and Laserbeak attack and soften up the Autobots, Megatron and Soundwave walk through a wall into the auditorium.  When Megatron fires his cannon at Optimus, Bluestreak dives in the way to protect his leader.  Bluestreak is damaged, but Optimus Prime continues to fight.  Megatron aims his cannon at Mirage, but Optimus Prime tackles Megatron, saving Mirage.  Optimus sees that Ironhide is trapped under rubble and he tries to rescue him.  Megatron sees an opening and shoots Optimus Prime in the back with his fusion cannon.  Optimus Prime gets up and punches Megatron in the face.  The battle ends when Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp rip the ceiling off of the building and steal Nightbird.  Once Nightbird is stolen, the rest of the Decepticons retreat.  The Decepticons escape to their temporary mountain fortress.  Inside, Megatron watches as Bombshell reprograms Nightbird and upgrades her mental capacities.  Once Bombshell is completed, Megatron sends her to infiltrate the Autobot base to steal an energy chip from them, and if possible destroy the Autobots.  Megatron, Starscream, and Bombshell watch Nightbird fight the Autobots from the Decepticon base.  Megatron is pleased with Nightbird’s performance as well as that she stole Optimus Prime’s weapon.  Megatron continues to watch Nightbird defeat the Autobots in battle.  He says she will be a good replacement for Starscream.  Starscream punches Megatron, knocking him to the ground.  Megatron orders Skywarp and Thundercracker to restrain Starscream.  Megatron places Starscream inside of an energy cage.  Eventually, the Autobots create an electromesh cage and capture Nightbird.   Megatron orders the Decepticons attack the Autobots to get the data chip.  Starscream frees himself and in his jealousy, he shoots Nightbird in the back with his null rays.  Nightbird is deactivated and Starscream flies away.  Megatron orders the Decepticons to chase Starscream and punish him for his treachery.  Starscream’s punishment for his treason is never revealed.

The Decepticons attack a gold mine.  After they capture all but one of the miners, Megatron flies to join the Decepticons.  Starscream is about to shoot the last miner, but Megatron wants him to call for help.  The Decepticons place the miners in an electrified cage and wait for the Autobots.  Starscream is about to shoot the miners and Optimus Prime fires on him and Megatron.  Megatron gets up and watches as the Autobots battle the Decepticons.  Megatron transforms into gun mode and arms Soundwave.  The two Decepticons free the miners and Optimus Prime orders the Autobots to lower their weapons so the miners won’t be injured.  Megatron takes out a sidearm and shoots at boulders causing them to roll into the Autobots.  Megatron orders the Decepticons to capture Gears.  He then transforms back into gun mode and Soundwave shoots him again at the Autobots. Megatron transforms into gun mode again and Soundwave fires at Gears.  He doesn’t actually hit Gears, but intentionally creates a hole that Gears falls into.  Megatron transforms and Starscream wants to shoot the Autobot.  Megatron won’t allow it and has Skywarp take Gears to the Decepticon base.  The rest of the Decepticons follow Skywarp.  Gears is placed in a cell in the Decepticon jungle base.  Megatron reveals his new invention which will piece the sun to gather solar energy and plans to use Gears to make it function.  Gears refuses to help the Decepticons.  Megatron orders Starscream to shoot Gears with his null ray.  Once Gears is incapacitated, Megatron takes a circuit board that only Gears has, to make his invention work.  Once Megatron installs the circuit board into his machine, he starts harnessing solar flares to create Energon Cubes.  For some reason, this creates earthquakes all over the world.  Megatron prepares the Decepticons for the inevitable Autobot attack to stop the Decepticons and save Gears.  Starscream gets angry at Gears and tries to shoot him.  Megatron prevents him from hitting Gears, but Gears is knocked into Soundwave who accidentally throws an Energon Cube into Megatron’s machine.  The Solar Needle continues to function.  The Autobots arrive at the Decepticon base and together they fire their weapons at the Solar Needle.  Megatron anticipated this and created an invisible force field around the Solar Needle that reflected the energy back at the Autobots.  Cliffjumper disrupts the force field by leaping into it in vehicle mode, and the Autobots attack.  While the Autobots and Decepticons are fighting each other, Optimus focuses on Megatron.  He tries to convince Megatron that the Solar Needle is about to make the sun explode and destroy the Earth.  Megatron doesn’t believe him (but he really should, I mean Optimus Prime does have a good track record of being honest and I don’t think he’s ever lied to Megatron)..  A tremor causes Optimus Prime to fall down, and Megatron grabs him.  Megatron lifts Optimus Prime over his head and throws him into an energy stream.  Before Optimus hits the energy stream, Gears destroys part of the machine, saving Optimus.  The Solar Needle is significantly damaged and sending destructive energy waves all over.  Megatron transforms into gun mode and Soundwave starts firing him.  He hits Gears.  The Autobots have the Decepticons at gun point, but Megatron is holding Optimus Prime as a hostage.  Optimus Prime tells the Autobots to disregard Megatron and to destroy the Solar Needle.  The Autobots can’t, they drop their weapons and surrender.  Gears disables the Solar Needle and the Autobots start fighting the Decepticons again.  Megatron is willing to destroy the entire universe for his crusade for energy.  Optimus Prime defeats Megatron in battle and he flies off into the air.

Megatron, Soundwave, and Starscream discover a large deposit of energy filled crystals (I’d like to think that this is the precursor to Beast Wars’ Energon which was on Earth).  They try to harvest them, but the energy is dangerous to Transformers.  The Decepticons decide to use the crystals as weapons instead of an energy source.  Starscream wants to try to get the Autobots to go into the valley and meet their destruction.  Megatron knows that Optimus Prime would never lead his soldiers into such a dangerous location, so he comes up with a devious plan.  Megatron returns to his headquarters and watches the Decepticons fight the Autobots.  He sends Laserbeak to occupy Optimus Prime but not damage him too badly.  When Optimus Prime falls to the ground, Megatron orders Laserbeak to make holographic recordings of Optimus Prime.  Megatron makes a copy of Optimus Prime that he controls.  The real Optimus Prime is damaged at the bottom of a canyon, and Clone Optimus joins the Autobots who are fighting the Starscream and the other Decepticons.  Clone Optimus returns to the Ark with the Autobots as the real Optimus is at the bottom of a hole in the desert.  The real Optimus and the clone compete with each other so the Autobots can decide which is the real one.  While that is happening, Megatron uses his computer to send false readings to Teletran 1, so the Autobots will go into the energy crystal crevice..  Megatron needs the Optimus clone to destroy a Decepticon to prove he is the “real” Optimus, so Starscream is cloned.  The Optimus clone destroys the Starscream clone in battle.  After the Autobots discover who the real Optimus is, the Decepticons retreat in their rocket.  Megatron throws Spike out of the rocket to make sure the Autobots don’t follow him.

While in the Decepticon’s undersea base, Soundwave summons Megatron to the monitors.  Soundwave shows Laserbeak and Buzzsaw flying, and Megatron seems to be bothered by being interrupted.  Soundwave shows Megatron that the two birds discovered an undersea city.  Megatron assumes (correctly) that the city has a tremendous supply of energy and he gathers the Decepticons to attack it.  When the Decepticons meet Laserbeak and Buzzsaw above the water, Megatron dives into the water.  The rest of the Decepticons follow him and they discover the city of Atlantis.  Before Megatron can make a plan of attack, the king of Atlantis and two of his soldiers approach the Decepticons.  The King is named Nergil and he welcomes the Decepticons to his domain.  After Starscream attacks the Atlanteans, Nergil assumes that the Decepticons are like all land dwellers and can’t be trusted.  They plan to attack the Decepticons, but Megatron fires his fusion cannon at them before they can attack.  Megatron hits the rock walls surrounding Atlantis and causes a rock slide.  Nergil and his guard are buried in rocks.  Megatron actually digs Nergil out from under the rocks and mentions that he admires him for his warlike behaviour.  Nergil and Megatron form an alliance with each other.  This is a strange behaviour for Megatron, acting diplomatically instead of trying to subdue another species.  Megatron and the Decepticons follow Nergil into the city.  Nergil shows Megatron that Atlantis has a tremendous supply of energy.  Primarily geothermal energy.  After about 18 seconds, Megatron starts to make plans to double cross Nergil and steal his energy.  Even though he wants to betray Nergil, Megatron and the Decepticons use Cybertronian technology to help raise Atlantis.  The Atlanteans help the Decepticons by creating Energon Cubes.  When the Autobots attack, Megatron and King Nergil capture Wheeljack as their prisoner.  Megatron leads the Decepticons and Atlanteans when they attack Washington DC.  Megatron makes sure that the Atlantean army knows that he is in charge when Nergil isn’t around, and possibly even when he is around.  Megatron supervises as the Atlantean army creates a force field around Washington DC.  Megatron leads the Decepticons in battle.  He is very satisfied with the alliance he made with Nergil after Nergil immobilizes four Autobots with a magnetic weapon.  Now that the Autobots have been defeated, Megatron turns the Lincoln Memorial into his throne.  Thundercracker approaches Megatron and asks him why they have to work with the Atlanteans.  Megatron tells Thundercracker that soon, they will send the Atlanteans back to the bottom of the sea.   When the Dinobots enter the city, Megatron approaches Grimlock and they fight.  Megatron fires at Grimlock with his fusion cannon, the first time he misses, but the second time he hits Grimlock.  Grimlock’s armor is too strong for Megatron’s attack to make him slow down.  He continues to fire over and over at Grimlock and he hits him each time.  Grimlock keeps walking to Megatron.  The two warriors grapple with each other, and then Grimlock grabs Megatron’s arm with his powerful jaws.  He tosses Megatron aside.  Megatron gets up and grabs Grimlock again.  Nergil is about to fire on both Grimlock and Megatron, but Starscream saves both of them.  Instead of thanking Starscream for protecting him from Nergil, Megatron wants to punish Starscream for freeing the Autobots.  Once the Autobots are freed, Megatron leads the Decepticons to retreat.  To prevent the Autobots from following them, Megatron damages the Washington Monument and it starts to fall to the ground.  Of course, Optimus Prime saves it.  Once the Decepticons and Atlanteans return to Atlantis, Megatron confronts Nergil about Starscream’s claims of treachery.  The Autobots attack Atlantis before Nergil can respond.  Megatron confronts the Dinobots again.  Both the Autobots and the Decepticons evacuate Atlantis when Nergil detonates the energy stockpiles.

While the Decepticons are fighting the Autobots outside of the Ark, Megatron is sprayed with his new invisibility spray and sneaks into the Ark.  Starscream is invisible as well and joins Megatron on his mission.  They install a personality destabilizer in the Autobots’ recharging stations, causing the Autobots to become evil.  Not only are the Autobots now evil, but they are under Megatron’s control.  While the Autobots are attacking different places for Megatron, Megatron and the Decepticons attack the control center for NASA (it isn’t said to be specifically NASA, but it is implied).  Megatron takes command of launch control so he can acquire a solar satellite.  When Megatron and Soundwave walk into the command center (through the wall), Megatron starts firing his cannon everywhere to frighten the humans and most likely assert his dominance.  After damaging the computers, he has Soundwave reprogram them to be under Decepticon control.  Megatron wants the rocket to take him and the Decepticons back to Cybertron.  The Decepticons assume that the Autobots will no longer get in their way.  They enter the rocket as it is launching to return to Cybertron.  As the rocket is flying into space, Skyfire appears and Optimus Prime and Ratchet jump out of him to attack the Decepticons.  As Optimus Prime and Ratchet are trying to disconnect the satellite, Megatron and Soundwave start shooting at them.  The Decepticons are defeated when Jazz uses his stereo to make the rocket’s fuel cells crumble.

Soundwave alerts Megatron that humans have discovered a space craft inside of a hill.  The space craft is thought to be millions of years old.  Megatron recognizes it as a Decepticon space craft.  He organizes the Decepticons and Constructicons to travel to the crash site.  The Decepticons and Constructicons use their weapons to create a path for Megatron to get to the space craft.  Starscream wants to fly to the crash site, but Megatron wants the Decepticons to stay hidden on the ground.  Scavenger uses his advanced sensors to lead Megatron to the crash site.  When the Decepticons reach the crash site, they fire their weapons at the humans studying the ship to scare them away.  Hook creates an opening for Megatron to enter the ship.  Then, he gives Megatron a pair of cyber forceps so Megatron can take the Star Drive from the crashed spacecraft.  The Star Drive is a crystal which powered the Decepticon space craft when it chased the Ark millions of years ago.   Megatron orders the Constructicons to install the crystal inside of him.  Once the Star Drive is installed inside of Megatron, the Autobots attack.  Megatron uses his new power to fire energy bolts from his hands at Optimus Prime.  Optimus falls down the hill that he was standing on with smoke coming out of his chest.  Bluestreak and Cliffjumper start to attack Megatron, but he disables Bluestreak with his new energy blasts.  Next, Megatron damages Brawn and Ironhide.  Ratchet tries to fight Megatron, but like the other Autobots, he is damaged.  Huffer transforms into vehicle mode and races towards Megatron to attack him.  Megatron continues to unleash the energy blasts from his hands and sends Huffer flying into the air.  Smokescreen tries to create a smokescreen so the Autobots can escape.  He surrounds Megatron with dark smoke, preventing Megatron from seeing.  Megatron starts shooting energy blasts from his hands blindly.  He is able to hit Smokescreen with an energy blast.  Together, the Autobots fire their weapons at a hill causing a rock slide.  The Decepticons are buried and the Autobots return to base to repair themselves.  The night after the Decepticons dig themselves out of the rubble, they gather and drink Energon Cubes together in the desert.  The Decepticons predict they will finally defeat the Autobots.  They get drunk from the Energon Cubes.  Powerglide flies to the Decepticon camp and delivers three shrunken Autobots so they can enter Megatron and disconnect the Star Drive.  Perceptor leads Bumblebee and Brawn on the mission.  They go inside of Megatron when he passes out from Energon consumption.  Megatron awakens and sees Powerglide flying away.  He tries to shoot Powerglide, but is too drunk.  He orders the Decepticons to follow him, but they are all passed out from over energizing.  Megatron flies to the Ark to attack it alone.  First, Windcharger and Cliffjumper race out of the Ark to fight Megatron.  Megatron uses his energy blasts to damage Windcharger.  Cliffjumper continues barreling towards Megatron, but Megatron fires at the rock wall surrounding the Ark.  Cliffjumper is buried in rocks.  Warpath emerges from the Autobot headquarters and tries to attack Megatron in tank mode.  His first artillery shell misses Megatron, but he continues to fire.  Megatron subdues the Autobot with an energy blast.    Optimus Prime watches Megatron injure the Autobots behind the force field.  Megatron starts to attack the force field with his energy blasts.  The force field shatters and Megatron is about to unleash all of his destructive energy on Optimus Prime.  He tries to fire but nothing happens.  Perceptor was successful at disconnecting the Star Drive inside of Megatron.  Optimus Prime damages Megatron and he flies away.

Megatron and Starscream spy on the Constructicons when they form an alliance with Hoist and Grapple.  The Constructicons want to help the two Autobots build a Solar Tower.  Starscream wants to attack the Constructicons for betraying the Decepticons, but Megatron wants to see how it plays out.  When the Constructicons return to the Decepticon headquarters, Megatron and the Decepticons hold them at gun point.  Megatron knows that the Constructicons are trying to betray him.  The Constructicons tell Megatron that they are merely pretending to ally themselves with Hoist and Grapple to gain control of the Solar Tower.  Megatron gives the Constructicons Energon Cubes to prove their “loyalty” to Grapple and Hoist.  Megatron monitors the construction of the Solar Tower.  Once it is completed, the Constructicons show their true colors and Megatron attacks.  He subdues Hoist and Grapple.  Then the Constructicons start making Energon Cubes with the Solar Tower.  Soon, the Autobots attack the Solar Tower to save Grapple and Hoist.  Megatron stays back to allow the Constructicons to deal with the Autobots.  When the Autobots start to overpower the Constructicons, Megatron orders them to merge into Devestator.  While Devestator is fighting the Autobots, Megatron detects (with a pair of binoculars) Powerglide approaching.  He sends Ramjet to attack Powerglide.  Megatron, the Decepticons, and the Constructicons retreat after the Autobots defeat Devestator and the Solar Tower is destroyed.

Megatron and the Decepticons fly through the air to find the Insecticons.  Starscream is apprehensive to do this because he doesn’t trust the Insecticons at all.  Megatron tells Starscream that once they use the Insecticons for their purposes, he plans to terminate them.  Megatron and the Decepticons reach the forest where the Insecticons are eating trees.  Megatron orders the Decepticons to stay back so they can observe.  The Decepticons watch the Insecticons successfully defeat a small group of Autobots.  Megatron is surprised and pleased.  Starscream says that maybe they should lead the Decepticons now.  Megatron tells the Insecticons about a power plant near by that can cure their hunger.  He wants the Insecticons to perform a task after they feed, but he won’t tell them what the task is.  The ravenous Insecticons will do anything for energy and agree, even though they don’t know what Megatron’s task is.  Megatron reveals that he wants the Insecticons to attack Iron Mountain to steal a combat computer for him. Megatron leads the Decepticons and Insecticons to the Nova Power Plant.  The power plant is guarded by soldiers in combat helicopters.  The seekers engage and overcome the helicopters.  Megatron notices the Autobots are approaching, so he and Soundwave engage the Autobots. After the Autobots attack, the Decepticons are able to overwhelm them in battle.  The Autobots retreat back to their headquarters to repair the wounded and the Decepticons continue to fire at them until they are out of range.  Now that the Insecticons are “invincible”, Megatron plans to use them to gather the combat computer from Iron Mountain.  The Decepticons and Insecticons fly together to Iron Mountain.  Megatron tells Soundwave that once he assimilates all of the knowledge in the facility’s computers, he wants to terminate the Insecticons.  Megatron doesn’t know that Bombshell implanted the Cerebro Shell inside of Soundwave and is listening in.  When the Decepticons and Insecticons attack Iron Mountain, they receive more resistance than they expected.  The facility has a significant and powerful defense system.  The automated defenses fire cannons at the Decepticons and surround the base with a force field.  During the siege, Megatron is knocked to his feet by one of the automated cannons.  The Autobots arrive to protect Iron Mountain.  Megatron orders the Decepticons to steal the facility’s computers while the Insecticons battle the Autobots.  Once Soundwave steals all of the information in Iron Mountain’s computers, Megatron ends the alliance with the Insecticons and orders the Decepticons to attack them.  The Decepticons have been implanted with Bombshell’s Cerebro Shells and now they obey him.  Before Megatron and Starscream can attack, Bombshell fires Cerebro Shells at them.  Starscream is hit, but Megatron catches it.  He declares that no one controls him. Megatron throws the Cerebro Shell to the ground and steps on it.  This inflicts Bombshell with a debilitating head ache.  Megatron is about to fire his fusion cannon at Bombshell, but Optimus Prime tackles him to protect Bombshell.  If Megatron hit Bombshell with his cannon, Bombshell would explode, possibly killing everyone in the facility.  Bombshell orders the mind controlled Decepticons to fire their weapons at Optimus Prime and Megatron.  While the Decepticons are attacking Optimus and Megatron, the Insecticons enter Iron Mountain to gather the data inside for themselves.  Megatron and Optimus Prime form a very brief truce.  Together, they use Ratchet and Wheeljack’s serum to prevent the Insecticons from exploding.  Megatron uses his fusion cannon to make the Insecticons scatter.  The Insecticons are in pain from the unstable energy they absorbed from the Nova Power Plant.  Shrapnel fires his blaster at Megatron and sends him crashing through a wall.  Optimus rushes to help Megatron up.  Optimus Prime gets an idea on how they can stop the Insecticons.  Megatron transforms into gun mode and Optimus Prime loads the cure into him.  Optimus fires Megatron at Bombshell, preventing him from exploding.  Kickback transforms and grabs Soundwave.  He tries to kick a hole in the wall so he can escape.  Optimus fires Megatron at him and cures him.  Shrapnel remains the only one who is going to explode.  Lightning strikes Shrapnel that came in from the hole that Kickback made.  Shrapnel feels that he is able to defeat all of the Autobots and Decepticons himself.  He shoots lightning at Optimus Prime.  Optimus is damaged and drops Megatron.  Spike saves the day by climbing up Shrapnel’s body and throws the serum inside of Shrapnel’s chest.  Shrapnel still explodes, but the explosion is contained to just him.  The Decepticons’ minds are restored and the information Soundwave stole was deleted.  Bombshell repairs Shrapnel with an energy beam.  The Decepticons fly into the air to chase the treasonous Insecticons.

Megatron and Soundwave sneak into Quantum Labs in their alt modes.  Both Decepticons are able to shrink to human size and hide. This is actually the only time in the cartoon that Megatron shrinks to human sized gun.  In the marvel comic, he did it a few times.  Quantum Labs is a well fortified laboratory that specializes in advancing human technology.  A security guard finds both Megatron (who is in a guitar case) and Soundwave while he is patrolling the building at night.  He assumes that one of the scientists left them in his office so he takes them to the lost and found.  Soundwave uses Laserbeak to free Megatron from the guitar case using a key (the more you think about it, the more it makes sense that the guitar case was locked.  If the security guard opened up the guitar case, he would’ve seen a gun inside and probably wouldn’t have brought it to the lost and found).  Megatron decides not to continue sneaking around and blasts the gate of the lost and found open with his fusion cannon (He really could have just made a hole with his fist).  Soundwave grabs a box and together, they leave the lost and found and try to sneak around again.  They leave the building to explode the campus of the laboratory and see that the compound they want to enter is surrounded by tanks.  They leap into the air and fly onto the roof of the main laboratory which is developing an artificial intelligence called TORQ III. Torq III is the most powerful computer that a human has ever made.  Laserbeak blasts a hole in the roof of the building and the Decepticons leap into the compound.  Megatron reprograms Torq III to serve only him.  When Torq III realizes it is being cyber attacked, it sets off alarms.  Megatron deploys a device from his head and reprograms the computer with his personality.  Soundwave opens the box that he brought with him from the Lost and Found and removes a series of computer chips from it.  Megatron and Soundwave place the chips on machines.  Now those machines are under Torq III’s control.  Megatron prepares Torq III for an upcoming battle.  He orders Torq III to attach the microchips to every battle ready machine in Quantum Labs.  Now in total control of Quantum Labs, Torq III confines every worker to their office.  The Lead Scientist, Dr. Paul Gates, is able to rewire is computer to send a distress call to the Autobots.  Megatron extends his control of machines beyond Quantum Labs.  He flies over the ocean with Rumble and Frenzy and they fire the control chips at oil tankers.  Megatron has control over the oil tankers through Torq III.  Megatron guides the oil tankers into a platform above the Decepticon base and Hook drains the oil.  Hound, Jetfire, and Spike emerge from the cargo hold of one of the tankers.  They attack Megatron and he calls for Soundwave, Laserbeak, and Rumble to assist him.  Hound uses his blaster to sever the connection from the oceanic platform to the oil tanker.  Laserbeak abducts Spike and brings him to Megatron.  The Autobots are forced to surrender.  After the Autobots are detained, Soundwave alerts Megatron that Torq III has been deactivated and they no longer control the oil tankers.  Megatron prepared for this eventuality and already has a remote control created to guide the ships into the Decepticon oil platform.  The Autobots reach the oil platform just as Hound, Spike, and Skyfire disable the force field that is protecting it.  The Autobots and Decepticons battle, and everyone is shooting wildly.  Megatron tries to run away with his remote control and Optimus runs after him.  Optimus wrestles the control panel away from Megatron, but Megatron leaps at Optimus Prime to recover it.  Optimus Prime throws the remote control at Megatron, causing him to crush the remote control when he flops to the ground.  Megatron runs away.  Optimus Prime tells the captains of all of the oil tankers that they can control their boats again and advises them to leave.  Megatron sets explosives to go off on the platform and the Decepticons retreat.  

  Megatron learns that Central City is unveiling a new solar power facility.  Megatron sends Starscream, Thrust, Ramjet, and Dirge to take control of it.  When they fail, he orders Laserbeak to abduct a shady businessman named Shawn Berger and bring him to Megatron.  Laserbeak drops Berger at Megatron’s feet.  Berger quickly thinks that Megatron is going to hurt him, but Megatron assures him that all he wants to do is talk.  Megatron is quick to compliment Berger’s intelligence.  Megatron explains to him that he is a victim of Autobot Propaganda.  Megatron convinces him that the Autobots are actually evil and the Decepticons are benevolent.  Berger is skeptical but Megatron says he will back up his claims.  Megatron promises Berger that if he allies himself with the Decepticons, he will give him control of Central City.  Before Berger agrees to help, he demands to see proof that the Autobots are evil.  Megatron commands Dirge to take Berger home.  The next day, Berger is manipulated to see fake Autobots raid an oil refinery to create Energon Cubes.  Megatron leads Starscream, Dirge, Thrust, and Ramjet to defend the refinery while Berger watches from a helicopter.  Megatron starts the attack with his fusion cannon.  The fake Autobots fire back, but no one is damaged.  The fake Optimus Prime unleashes a barrage of energy blasts from his rifle at Megatron.  Megatron is not even phased by the assault.  He continues to walk towards the fake Optimus and declares that the Autobots will not tarnish the good name of the Decepticons anymore.  He fires his fusion cannon at the fake Optimus and hits him in the chest.  The fake Optimus falls to the ground.  The other Decepticons transform into robot mode and fire their lasers at the fake Autobots, making them retreat.  The next day Central City honors the Autobots with Autobot Day. Shawn Berger interrupts the ceremony with a tape of the fake Autobots fighting the Decepticons at the oil refinery.  Berger then shows another video taken of a fake Wheeljack telling a fake Optimus Prime that the Autobots have been using a device on the Decepticons to make them act evilly.  Megatron narrated the videos for the public to see.  Megatron’s plan is successful and the Autobots are arrested.  The public as a whole feels that the Autobots are truly a menace to society and are put on trial.  Megatron and the Decepticons go to the trial to watch.  The Autobots are found guilty and are exiled.  As they leave, Megatron alters their flight plan to fly into the sun.

After the Autobots are exiled, Shawn Berger becomes Mayor and declares a Decepticon Day holiday.  The Decepticons march in a parade with a crowd cheering for them.  Oddly (or not really if you think about it), the Decepticons carry their weapons while marching.  There is even a boy in a Megatron costume.   Starscream doesn’t like pretending he is a hero for the humans.  He asks Megatron why they can’t take over the city now that the Autobots are gone.  Megatron assures him that he has his own plans.  Berger travels to the undersea Decepticon base and reminds Megatron that he was promised three cities to rule.  Megatron laughs at Berger.  Now that Berger has done what Megatron needed him to do, he is of no use.  Megatron views Berger like he would any other human, a bothersome insect.  Together, Megatron, Berger, and the Decepticons watch the Autobot ship as it gets closer to the sun.  He counts down to their destruction and witnesses the ship explode.  After the ship explodes, Megatron, the Decepticons, and Shawn Berger make a press conference.  A reporter asks Megatron what his plans are now that the Decepticon name has been cleared.  Megatron quickly responds that he plans on conquering the planet and sucking the energy dry from it.  He also thanks Shawn Berger and says he wouldn’t have been able to succeed without Berger’s help.  Megatron renames Central City to be Megatronia 1.  Megatron enslaves the city and orders the population to make Energon Cubes for the Decepticons.  Chip Chase is one of the slaves in a power plant.  He is able to escape and Megatron even allows it because he doesn’t feel that Chip can pose any threats to the Decepticons.  He quickly changes his mind and sends Thrust to recapture Chip.  Thrust brings Chip back to the power plant after he destroys Teletran 1.  While Megatron and Starscream are surveying the power plant, Soundwave detects a fleet of jets on approach to attack the Decepticons.  Starscream leads all of the Decepticon fliers to attack the jets.  The jets pose no threat to the Decepticons.  After the battle, Megatron declares that Central City is just the first city to be enslaved, soon, the whole world will be under his rule.  Berger tries to stand up to Megatron, and Megatron hits him.  The Autobots storm the power plant to fight the Decepticons.  They reveal that they aren’t dead.  Megatron fires his cannon at the wall to create an exit for himself and Starscream.  The Decepticons follow him outside of the power plant to battle the Autobots.  After Optimus Prime shoots Starscream, Megatron orders the rest of the Decepticons to continue fighting.  The Autobots prove to be too powerful and the Decepticons retreat.

Megatron sends Soundwave to capture a new Autobot weapon called the Negavator.  Soundwave fails the mission and for the first time, Megatron verbally attacks Soundwave.  Starscream enters the command center with the Coneheads.  Starscream says he will succeed where Soundwave failed.  Megatron and Rumble stand above the Autobots while they drive in a desert canyon to get back to base.  Rumble accidentally kicks a few small rocks into the canyon and Megatron berates him for being clumsy.   Rumble uses his pile drivers to create an avalanche to attack the Autobots.  The Autobots transform into robot mode, but boulders continue to fall on them.  Starscream, the Seekers, and the Coneheads swoop down from the air in jet mode and start unleashing a fury of weapons fire on the Autobots.  Megatron sees that the Negavator is not guarded and leaps towards it.  Smokescreen creates a cloud of smoke to prevent Megatron from capturing it.  Megatron is able to get inside of the Negavator’s cockpit while the Autobots were fighting the Coneheads and the Seekers.  He targets the Autobots, but before he can fire, Ramjet flies into the Negavator and Megatron is sent flying into the air.  Megatron realizes the Autobots are too strong and his forces are too incompetent, so he orders the Decepticons to take to the air and retreat.  Megatron watches through Ravage’s camera that Starscream has manipulated Red Alert to help him steal the Negavator.  Thrust and Ramjet offer to eliminate Starscream, but Megatron wants to use Starscream to steal the Negavator for him.  Megatron and the Decepticons arrive in the Autobot bunker just as Starscream and Red Alert steal the Negavator.  Starscream saves himself by telling Megatron that he meant to give him the Negavator.  Red Alert is temporarily repaired when Starscream shoots him with a null ray.  Megatron doesn’t know that Red Alert’s mind is clear, so he orders Red Alert to fire the Negavator at the Autobots.  Instead, Red Alert sets the Negavator to self destruct.  The Decepticons fly away with the Autobots firing on them to save themselves even though Megatron orders them to attack.  With his legions gone, Megatron retreats as well.

Megatron has the Constructicons build him a new base of operations under New York City.  The Constructicons are quibbling with each other and blaming each other for not following plans.  Megatron steps in and shuts them up.  Soundwave then notifies Megatron that the Autobots are approaching.  Megatron is preparing to spring a trap on the Autobots.  Megatron has the Constructicons steal the Empire State Building by making it sink underground.  After returing from another patrol, Laserbeak notifies Megatron that a group of Autobots are going to rendezvous with Optimus Prime in Central Park.  He prepares Scavenger and Long Haul to intercept the Autobots.  While Soundwave, Rumble, and Frenzy are fighting the Autobots in Central Park, Megatron has Scavenger create a hole under Optimus Prime’s feet.  Optimus Prime falls into the hole and Megatron severs his motor relays so Optimus Prime can’t move.  Megatron flies up the hole into Central Park.  He tells the Autobots that if they ever want to see Optimus Prime again, they will leave New York City.  Then Megatron reveals the modified Empire State Building to the world as his new Decepticon Headquarters.  He rechristens New York City to New Cybertron.  Megatron is worried that somehow Optimus Prime will find a way to regain control over his body, so he has Hook disassemble Optimus Prime.  Long Haul dumps the Optimus Prime pieces at Megatron’s feet, but his head is still active.  Megatron keeps Optimus’ head as his trophy and continues to taunt it.  Optimus makes his severed arms reach out and trip Megatron.  Megatron orders the Constructicons to dispose of Optimus Prime’s body and do whatever they want with his remains.  Now that he believes that he has won, Megatron orders the Constructicons to start transforming all of Manhattan into a Decepticon Cyberutopia.   He orders Scrapper to take Optimus Prime’s arm and rifle and attach it to the top of his fortress.  When some Autobots return to the city, Megatron commands Soundwave to use the arm to blast energy at them.  Megatron sees that Optimus Prime, Ironhide, and Ratchet are climbing the side of his fortress to get Optimus Prime’s arm back.  Soundwave tells Megatron that they are out of range from the cannon, so Megatron orders Starscream, Skywarp, and Thundercracker to transform and attack the Autobots from the air.  After they fail to stop Optimus Prime, Megatron orders the Constructicons to merge into Devestator.   While Optimus is climbing up the side of the Decepticon Fortress, Bumblebee and Spike sneak into the building.  Megatron and Soundwave are distracted watching Devestator attempt to engage Optimus Prime.  Soundwave detects Bumblebee and Spike, Megatron snaps to action and shoots his fusion cannon at Bumblebee.  Bumblebee is able to avoid the energy blast.  Bumblebee and Spike run through the command center with Megatron firing.  They get him to fire on the control panel and it is destroyed.  Optimus Prime’s arm is no longer under Decepticon control.  Bumblebee and Spike try to escape, but Soundwave sends Buzzsaw and Laserbeak after them.  Devestator sends Ironhide and Ratchet crashing into the Decepticon base.  The two Autobots realize that they are directly under Megatron and Soundwave.  They fire their blasters at the ceiling and the Decepticons come crashing down through the ceiling and continue falling until they hit the ground.  After Devestator is vanquished, Megatron and Soundwave fly away to regroup.  Megatron promises he will return and defeat the Autobots once and for all.

Megatron learns of the existence of a drone plane which is to be used to fight the Decepticons.  Megatron and Starscream travel to the laboratory to meet Soundwave.  Soundwave was commanded to steal the plans.  When Soundwave meets up with Megatron and Starscream, Starscream wants to destroy the plane with his blasters.  Megatron won’t let him, he wants to be discreet.  Megatron gives Starscream a device to make the drone look like it exploded by accident.  While the Autobots are occupied with the investigation of the drone’s destruction, Megatron leads Starscream and Soundwave to the main laboratory.  Megatron blasts a hole in the wall so the Decepticons can enter.  They steal the plans for the drone for themselves.  Megatron tells the scientists that they they give them the plans, he won’t hurt any of them.  A scientist directs the Decepticons to a large vault which is holding the plans.  Megatron is about to blast it open when the Autobots enter the lab.  Megatron is about to fire his fusion cannon, but Mirage sneaks up on the Decepticon while cloaked and steals his weapon.  Megatron kicks Mirage and reclaims his weapon.  Optimus Prime then leaps into the air and kicks Megatron.  Megatron is sent crashing through a wall and flies away.  The Decepticons return to their new base, which is in an airport.  Megatron and Starscream blame each other for the mission failure.  Before they can make a new plan, the Dinobots attack.  Snarl rips a hole in the hangar like it was made of tin foil.  Rumble is about to use his pile drivers to fight Snarl, but the Dinobot hits Rumble with his tail and he flies into Megatron.  Megatron calls Rumble a fool and throws Rumble aside.  Thundercracker and Thrust crash into the Decepticon hangar and it is destroyed.  Megatron orders all of the Decepticons to charge the Dinobots together.  Megatron tries to engage Grimlock on his own.  Grimlock grabs Megatron with his teeth and tosses him into one of the airport’s terminals.  Megatron knows that the Dinobots are more vulnerable in robot mode, so he and Skywarp fire their blasters at the Dinobots.  This causes a chain reaction of explosions starting with fuel trucks.  The Dinobots are defeated and the Decepticons admire their work.  Even though they were victorious in battle, they fly away because their base was destroyed.  While the Decepticons are flying in formation, out of no where, they start to fall to the ground.  The Decepticons are losing their ability to fly.  Rumble then loses self control and attacks Megatron with his pile drivers.   Megatron leads all of the Decepticons to a power plant to create more Energon Cubes.  He thinks that the reason that the all fell from the sky is because of bad Energon.  He hopes that fresh Energon will restore them.  The Autobots arrive to protect the power plant.  Megatron tries to order the Decepticons to fight, but he has lost his ability to speak.  Megatron regains his ability to speak and fires his fusion cannon at an electrical tower.  It falls on Optimus Prime and traps him.  Megatron transforms into gun mode and arms Starscream.  Starscream is about to shoot Optimus, but Megatron misfires and Starscream almost shoots himself in the foot.   All of the Decepticons are malfunctioning in some way, so Megatron orders them to fly away.  None of them can, but the Autobots are malfunctioning as well.  Both sides stop fighting so they can find out what is wrong.  Megatron learns that the Decepticons are suffering from lack of Cybertonium.  The Autobots are as well.  Shockwave plans to send Megatron Cybertonium from Cybertron on the Space Bridge.

The shipment of Cybertonium was disrupted by the Dinobots, and later Spike and Carly.  Megatron does not know this and contacts Shockwave on Cybertron for an update.  Megatron tells Shockwave to send the Cybertonium.  Shockwave can’t because Carly disabled the Space Bridge.  It is never revealed how Megatron and the Decepticons get the Cybertonium they need, but they all recover.

Megatron takes Starscream and Thundercracker to steal a device from an observatory called a Voltronic Galaxer.  The device has the ability to translate any language to impulses so a species not from Earth will understand the message.  The three Decepticons fly through the air in robot mode.  The Decepticons land on the roof of the observatory and Starscream fires his blaster at a satellite dish on it’s roof.  Megatron scolds him for putting the Voltronic Galaxer in danger.  While the Decepticons are attacking, the inventor tries to call the Autobots for help.  Megatron picks up the Voltronic Galaxer and the scientist tries to hold onto it so he can protect it.  Megatron shakes him loose and the Decepticons escape.  Megatron, Thundercracker, and Starscream fly to Astrotrain.  He loads the Voltronic Galaxer into Astrotrain’s train mode.  Astrotrain transforms into shuttle mode and the Decepticons board him to get away. They travel into outer space to the new Decepticon Moon Base.   While Megatron and the Decepticons are modifying the device so they can disrupt communications on Earth, they discover they are being watched by Cosmos and Blaster.  Megatron commands Astrotrain to remove the Autobots from the moon.  Instead of killing them, Astrotrain captures the two Autobots and brings them to Megatron.  Megatron smacks Blaster around and then has Astrotrain restrain Blaster by welding him to the wall.  He plans to use Blaster to broadcast the Voltronic Galaxer’s signals to Earth and disrupt all communications.  He also wants to use Cosmos as it’s power supply.  Megatron sends the Decepticons to Earth to create chaos.  He remains in the moon base and broadcasts to the world that he is declaring himself ruler of the world.  Megatron discovers that Blaster was playing music on his transmission, he runs up to Blaster and kicks him in the head.  Megatron is about to shoot Blaster, but before he can fire a shot, the roof of the stronghold is shot open by Omega Supreme.  Omega Supreme lands on the moon with Powerglide, Spike, Carly, and Optimus Prime to stop Megatron’s evil plans.  Megatron runs to Omega Supreme and prepares to fire his fusion cannon.  Omega Supreme grabs him and demands that Megatron releases Blaster and Cosmos.  Astrotrain transforms into train mode and rams Omega Supreme’s leg, making him drop Megatron.  While Omega Supreme is fighting Astrotrain, Megatron sees the unconscious Optimus Prime.  He prepares to shoot him, but instead he kicks Optimus.  Optimus Prime awakens and grabs Megatron’s legs.  He seems to be re-energized and throws Megatron into a crater.  Megatron runs towards Optimus Prime and they grapple with one another.   Optimus throws Megatron and grabs his gun.  He is ready to shoot Megatron.  Before Optimus can finally end Megatron’s existence, Megatron takes to the air and escapes.  Optimus tries to shoot him but can’t land a shot.

Megatron’s latest plan to steal energy is to drill a large hole to the center of the Earth.  He plans to use the energy of the core to create Energon Cubes.  The Constructicons build a massive drill, but they start drilling on unstable land.  After they secure the drill, Megatron commands Mixmaster to examine Scavenger’s sensors.  Starscream comments that they were lucky that the drill didn’t destroy all of the Decepticons (and the Earth).  Megatron boasts that he will succeed and the Decepticons will possess a powerful source of Energy  Megatron leads Starscream to a magnetic elevator, and together they ascend above ground.  Starscream follows Megatron into a Decepticon compound which is hidden by a hologram of a rock wall.  Megatron reveals a Space Bridge that they will use once they leech all of the energy from the Earth’s core.  If the Earth starts to fall apart, they will transport themselves to Cybertron (considering Megatron’s track record, this plan is surprisingly well thought out).  Laserbeak flies into the Decepticon’s cavern and notifies Megatron that the Autobots discovered Mixmaster and Scavenger when they were above ground performing repairs.  Megatron and the Constructions go to the surface to combat the Autobot patrol.  Megatron orders the Constructicons to merge into Devestator so he doesn’t have to fight.  Megatron seems awestruck when he sees Devestator.  Devestator attacks the Autobots, but he is distracted long enough for the Autobots to escape.  That night, the Autobots attach Dominator Disks to the Constructicons to gain control over Devestator.  Somehow Megatron knew about the Dominator Disks and allows the Autobots to take control of the Constructicons.  Megatron prepares the Decepticons for an Autobot attack.  The Autobots successfully gain control of Devestator and he attacks the Decepticons.    The Decepticons fly away to the safety of their cavernous drill platform.  Devestator collapses the entrance of the cave and the Decepticons are trapped.   While the Decepticons are stuck in the cave, Megatron reveals that he allowed the Autobots to think they took control of Devestator away from him.  He prepared for this with an electronic disrupter  which should free Devestator from Autobot control and destroy the Dominator Disks.  Megatron also prepared for temporary captivity by making a stockpile of water to cool the drill.  Without the Constructicons, Megatron is able to continue is plot to harvest the Earth’s core.  Megatron spies on the Autobots using Devestator’s eyes.  He knows they are coming back to attack the Decepticons.  Once the Autobots and Devestator enter the Decepticon base,Megatron reveals himself.  He uses a disruptor to disable the Dominator Disks.  The disruptor causes Devestator to go wild and attack both Autobot and Decepticon.  Devestator grabs Starscream and throws him at the drill.  It starts to continue drilling into the Earth and creates damage.  The Decepticons try to retreat to the Space Bridge, but Devestator follows.  He destroys the Space Bridge before the Decepticons can use it to evacuate Earth to the safety of Cybertron.  The Autobots and Decepticons work together to bring the correct Devestator back.  Devestator destroys the drill and rejoins the Decepticons.

Megatron allies himself with two criminals called The Geddis Brothers.  They bring him stolen cars so Megatron can turn them into weapons.  Megatron creates a fortress in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey.  Megatron promised the Geddis Brothers one million dollars for the five hundred cars they stole for him (which equates to two thousand dollars per car).  After the Geddis Brothers deliver the cars, they ask Megatron for payment (Megatron can create Constructicons, why couldn’t he either steal the cars himself or build something from scratch, I mean he builds a new Decepticon base every other episode).  He raises his fusion cannon and threatens to shoot them.  The Geddis Brothers take out their guns and try to hurt Megatron, but the bullets just bounce off his chest.  Megatron fires his cannon at them and they run away.  Hook reports to Megatron that he is ready to convert the new batch of vehicles.  Tracks sneaks onto the conveyor belt and is deactivated when a wire becomes disconnected.  Raoul out bluffs Megatron by claiming he has a bomb inside of Tracks.  Megatron commands Raoul to disconnect the bomb, so Raoul reactivates Tracks.  Tracks promptly transforms and fires his weapons at Megatron and the Decepticons.  Tracks is rescued by other Autobots.  Megatron unleashes his car drones on New York City.  After Blaster disrupts the signal, the drones deactivate.  Optimus Prime leads the Autobots to attack the Decepticon Factory.  Raoul sneaks into the factory while the Autobots are fighting but Megatron catches him.  Megatron grabs Raoul and uses him to get the Autobots to surrender.  Raoul frees himself by opening a panel on Megatron’s torso and spraying it with spray paint.  This shorts out Megatron and the Decepticons pick him up to return to their undersea base to repair him.

Megatron commissions the Constructicons to create a device called the Transfixitron.  The device has the ability to lock any Transformer in one mode.  Megatron commends Scrapper for the Constructicons’ hard work.  Laserbeak returns from observing Spike and Chip.  Megatron learns that Spike and Chip want to try to convince the Autobots to drive in a race for charity.  Megatron plans to use this knowledge to defeat the Autobots, but he isn’t totally sure how to yet.  Starscream announces his usual criticism of Megatron.  He says that instead of worrying about a new device, Megatron should be leading them to fight the Autobots (even though it is obvious that an addition to the Decepticon arsenal could lead to a Decepticon victory over the Autobots).  Megatron decides to test the Transfixitron on Starscream.  He orders Starscream to transform into jet mode and fires the weapon at him. As advanced as the device is, it doesn’t have a hinge which allows Megatron to aim it to an elevation.  Megatron has to lift the Transfixitron up to shoot it into the sky. The Transfixitron is a success and Starscream is stuck in vehicle mode.  Starscream begs Megatron to restore him, but Megatron considers leaving Starscream as a jet forever.  Megatron agrees to restore Starscream, and this time the Transfixitron can pivot up.  Megatron plans to use the device on the Autobots (obviously), and has the Constructicons start building a second device.  The Decepticons take to the air to use the Transfixitron on the Autobots.  After Skywarp covertly uses the device on the Autobots, Megatron commends him for his good work.  After the race, the Decepticons attack the Autobots.  Megatron reveals to the Autobots that his invention is preventing them from transforming.  He scares the crowd off by firing a laser blast from his eyes.  The Decepticons capture the Autobots and bring them to their ghost town to destroy them.  When the Decepticons return, the Constructicons unveil their newest creation, a device which will crush the Autobots.  Instead of using the device right away, Megatron gloats and draws out their destruction.  Before destroying any Autobot, Megatron demonstrates the device to the Autobots on a shell of a Transformer.  Megatron decides that Ironhide will be the first Autobot to be crushed.  The Autobots are restored by Wheeljack’s grenade.  Megatron then orders the Constructicons to merge into Devestator to fight the Autobots.  Wheeljack and Cliffjumper use the Transfixitron on Devestator and he falls apart. Megatron seems to be surprised that the Autobots were able to defeat Devestator, despite the fact that they have done it several times in the past.  The Decepticons retreat.

Sometimes the Decepticons work better without Megatron.  Without his leadership or guidance, Thrust, Ramjet, and Blitzwing battle several Autobots and bring Perceptor and Seaspray as prisoners to Megatron.  Also, Thrust discovered a hidden valley with a pool made of Electrum.  Electrum is a substance that a Transformer could coat themselves with and become impervious to damage.  It also makes them look gold and shiny.  Megatron plans to get as many Autobot secrets as he can from Perceptor and Seaspray.  Perceptor refuses to give any information to Megatron.  Megatron has Skywarp and Thundercracker take the Autobots to a holding cell.  Thrust reveals to Megatron that he found the Electrum (which is obvious because Thrust is now golden) and Megatron gathers all of the Decepticons to go to the Electrum pool to get coated with the substance.   They test out their invulnerability by shooting each other.  The laser blasts bounce off the Electrum armor and damage the paradise like valley.  The Decepticons test their new armor against a small group of Autobots who left the Ark to rescue Perceptor and Seaspray.  The Decepticons are able to overwhelm the small group of Autobots quickly.  When Smokescreen tries to hide himself while attacking using a cloud of smoke, Megatron orders all of the Decepticons to fire at the cloud.  He knows Smokescreen is in it and eventually they will hit him.  Once the Decepticons conquer the small group of Autobots, they know they can defeat all of the Autobots.  Together, they travel to the Ark.  The Decepticons defeat the Autobots, but for some strange reason, they don’t finish them off.  After they defeat a small team that was defending the Ark, they return back to their base.  Megatron and Blitzwing capture Beachcomber when he returns to the valley with the Electrum pond.  The two Decepticons return to their undersea base in time to prevent Perceptor and Seaspray from escaping.  Megatron gathers the Decepticons to attack Omega Supreme.  The Decepticons are able to defeat Omega Supreme with little effort.  Megatron wants to personally finish off Omega Supreme, so he transforms into gun mode.  Soundwave fires him at Omega Supreme and the Titan sized Autobot falls to the ground.  The Decepticons fly to the Ark to finally destroy all of the Autobots.  When they attack, they realize all that they destroy were dummies.  Megatron realizes that the Decepticons were lured away from the Golden Lagoon by the Autobots.  The Decepticons fly back to the Electrum and find the Autobots are already there and are coated by Electrum.  When the Decepticons attack, Omega Supreme emerges from the pool and both sides battle.  Because the Autobots and Decepticons are coated in Electrum, no one is able to harm the other.  Eventually, the Electrum that was coating the Decepticons wears off and the Autobots are victorious.  Unfortunately, the beautiful valley that housed the Electrum pool was destroyed by the vicious battle.

Despite the fact that they double cross him almost every time they work together, Megatron forms yet another alliance with the Insecticons.  He uses the Insecticons’ ability to ingest organic matter and transform it into Energon for his advantage.  He sends the Insecticons to eat as much as they can, and purges the Energon from them with a special chamber.  Skywarp brings the Insecticons a few Energon Cubes as payment.  The Insecticons are disappointed with the small amount of Energon they are getting.  They were expecting a lot more.  Megatron explains that the energy transfer process eats up a lot of energy.  In reality, the operation is very successful, Megatron is creating dozens if not hundreds of Energon Cubes.  Megatron learns from Laserbeak that the Autobots have created an insecticide which can repel Insecticons.   Soundwave tries to tell Megatron that there is an infestation of Morphobots, a robotic plant, but Megatron doesn’t seem to care.  Megatron takes the Decepticons with him to steal the insecticide in case he needs to use it on the Insecticons himself.  When the Decepticons reach Cosmos, they find that the infestation of Morphobots has gotten out of control.  Starscream wants to shoot a path through the Morphobots, but Megatron warns him that there may be negative repercussions.  Starscream asks Megatron where his courage is.  Starscream fires his blaster at the mass of Morphobots.  The laser blast is deflected back at Starscream.    Starscream is knocked on the ground causing Megatron and Soundwave to laugh at him).  Megatron wants to punish Starscream for his insubordination but Soundwave detects approaching Autobots. Megatron promises Starscream that he will deal with him later (but he never does)   Megatron has the Decepticons hide so Autobots clear a path through the Morphobots.    Once Cosmos is rescued, the Decepticons attack.  Megatron transforms into gun mode and Soundwave uses him to attack the Autobots.  During the battle, the insecticide is destroyed.  Megatron returns to the battle in robot mode, realizing he had a minor victory.  The Insecticons now can potentially destroy all organic life on Earth and transform it into Energon for Megatron. There is a lull in the battle and the Morphobots wrap their vine around Megatron’s legs They bring him closer and closer to them so they can eat Megatron  He calls out for the Decepticons to help him.  All of the Decepticons rush to his aid but they are attacked by the Morphobots.  The Decepticons try to save Megatron, but the Morphobots attack them as well.  Soon, the swarm of Insecticons and their clones reach the valley.  The Morphobots eat all of the clones.  With their plans foiled, the Decepticons and Insecticons fly away.

Megatron sends the Constructicons into space to mine energy rich ore from an asteroid.  Once they arrive, Hook contacts Megatron to update them on their status.  Megatron sends Astrotrain to meet the Constructicons and bring the ore to Earth.  The Decepticons learn that the asteroid is both an egg and the food supply of a mechanical alien dragon.  The dragon flies to Earth and attacks San Francisco.  Megatron wants the Constructicons to construct a cannon to destroy the asteroid so the dragon will continue to attack the Earth and create mass chaos.  Omega Supreme is able to send the dragon back into space.

As time goes on, Megatron becomes more and more brazen.  He doesn’t try to hide his plans as much from the public and the Autobots.  He decides to create a massive Space Bridge, but constructs it during the day inside of a baseball stadium.  With people watching.  The crowd boos and hisses at the Decepticons for ruining their entertainment.  Megatron allows the Decepticons to terrorize the spectators and athletes for their own twisted fun.   Before anyone is severely hurt, the Autobots arrive to save the day.  Bumblebee and Optimus Prime tackle Megatron and Starscream.  All four wind up inside of the ring of the Space Bridge.  Optimus Prime grabs Megatron and throws him into the air.  Megatron lands outside of the Space Bridge .Before the Autobots can gain access to the Space Bridge control panel, Megatron destroys it with his cannon.  The Space Bridge activates sending several Autobots and Decepticons, along with Megatron’s supply of Energon Cubes, across the universe.

 Shockwave contacts Megatron to notify him that three female Autobots have broken into his headquarters and stole Energon Cubes.  Megatron seems intrigued by the sheer fact of female Autobots.  Both Shockwave and Megatron thought they have been dead for along time.  Megatron assumes that Shockwave has captured the three female Autobots, but Shockwave grudgingly reports that he was unable to.  Megatron sends Starscream, Rumble, Astrotrain, and Ramjet to Cybertron to help Shockwave capture (or destroy) the Female Autobots.  Even though, moments earlier, Megatron claimed to think they were extinct, Megatron demands that Shockwave captures Elita-1   Megatron contacts Optimus Prime in the Ark.  After some well placed jabs at Optimus, Megatron tells him that the Decepticons have learned that the female Autobots are still alive on Cybertron.  Optimus is doesn’t believe him at all. Megatron tells him that their leader, Elita-1 has been captured.  Megatron shows him an image from Cybertron where Ramjet and Astrotrain are holding Elita-1 captive.  Optimus Prime sees that Megatron is being honest to him.  Megatron demands that Optimus Prime surrenders to him to save Elita-1.  Optimus Prime has two hours to turn himself over to the Decepticons to save Elita-1.  Optimus Prime goes to Cybertron alone to save Elita-1.

Megatron listens in on the Autobots and learns that Lord Chumley has captured several Autobots to use them as bait to trap Optimus Prime.  Starscream is impressed that Lord Chumley has accomplished more to defeat the Autobots in two days than Megatron has done in two years.  Megatron slaps Starscream in the face.  Megatron sends Blitzwing and Astrotrain to help Lord Chumley conquer Optimus Prime.

Megatron sends Thrust, Dirge, and Ramjet to capture an heiress named Astoria Ritz-Carlton.  When the Coneheads return to the Decepticon Base, Megatron berates them for their failure.  Thrust tells Megatron that they didn’t anticipate Powerglide intervening.  Megatron sends them out again to capture Astoria.  The Coneheads are successful in capturing Astoria.  Megatron reveals that he wants a secret energy formula that her dead father created.  After interrogating her and using a psycho probe, they are unable to get the information from her.  Astoria has a strange talent to break machinery.  When the psycho probe continues to malfunction, Megatron destroys it in a fit of rage.  Hook reports to Megatron that Powerglide is approaching.  Megatron gathers the Decepticons to defend the platform from Powerglide and impede his rescue of Astoria.  Before anyone can fight, Astoria shorts out the energy field that was keeping the platform floating.  Megatron and the Decepticons fly back to their undersea base, but the base is flooded when the platform falls on it.

Starscream brings Megatron into the sewers, claiming that the Autobots have built a secret base underground.  Megatron says that they need reinforcements if they are going to take on the Autobots, but Starscream says that they can handle it together on their own.  Starscream doesn’t want to share the glory with the rest of the Decepticons, or so he claims.  Starscream gets Megatron to continue on in the sewers by accusing him of being afraid.  Megatron punches Starscream and they continue walking through the sewers.  Panels shut on either end of the corridor.  Megatron thinks that it is an Autobot trap, but before he can escape, he is frozen by liquid nitrogen.  Megatron and Starscream were tricked by Astrotrain and Blitzwing so they can usurp leadership of the Decepticons for themselves.  Megatron and Starscream are thawed out when one of Astrotrain’s train drones damages a water main.  Megatron blames Starscream for his treason.  Starscream explains that both of them were betrayed by Astrotrain and Blitzwing while he is being choked by Megatron.  Megatron shoots a hole in the tunnel so he can climb out.  While Starscream is climbing to the surface, Megatron isn’t sure if he is lying or just stupid.  Starscream pleads for his life and claims that he is stupid.  Together, they fly into the air to reclaim Megatron’s status as leader.  Megatron and Starscream encounter Optimus Prime at the train station that Astrotrain took over.  They start firing their weapons at Optimus right away.  Optimus Prime mocks Megatron by telling him that he is looking for the “real” leaders of the Decepticons, Astrotrain and Blitzwing.  Megatron is infuriated by the comment.  Optimus Prime continues to dig at Megatron by saying that he is just a nuisance and a metallic mosquito.  Megatron fires his cannon at Optimus, using all of his energy.  Optimus Prime avoids the attack.  Then, he transforms into truck mode, blinds Megatron and Starscream with his headlights, and drives off.  Megatron and Starscream fly off to find Blitzwing and Astrotrain.    Megatron and Starscream fly into the stadium to reclaim their titles.  Megatron disables Astrotrain and Blitzwing and then Devestator tries to take control of the Decepticons for himself.  Megatron fires first at the combiner, but he has no effect.  Devestator lifts up Megatron and tosses him down the field.  Astrotrain and Blitzwing try to ally themselves with Megatron again, but he shoots them instead.  Astrotrain and Blitzwing tell Megatron that Starscream made them betray him.  Starscream tries to talk his way to safety, but Megatron is skeptical.  Before Megatron can decide what to do about the traitors, Devestator grabs him.  The battle ends off camera and it looks like Megatron is victorious.  He spares the lives of everyone who betrayed him to keep the Decepticon cause going.

As the Transformers series progressed, we learn that Megatron had several interests away from Earth and Cybertron.  Earlier, we saw that he controlled a crime and gambling ring on the casino planet of Monacus.  Later, we discover that he enslaved the planet of Tlalakan and left a Decepticon computer named Deceptitran to make the slaves farm Energon.  Deceptitran was supported by a series of drones (the drones somewhat resemble the IDW More than Meets the Eye character, Rung).  It is unclear how long Tlalakan has been under Decepticon control, it may have been enslaved since before Megatron left Cybertron for Earth four million years ago, it may have been taken over after Megatron came back to life in 1984.  From time to time, the actual slaves have their life force sucked out of them and that is turned into Energon.  When the slaves start to revolt, Megatron travels inside of Astrotrain with Soundwave, Dirge and Rumble to quel the rebellion.  When Megatron arrives, Deceptitran is quick to dispense with the compliments.  He assumes that the Decepticons are tired from their trip (even though Astrotrain did like 98% of the work) but Megatron wants to deal with the uprising and reports that Autobots have arrived on the planet.  After Laserbeak discovers that a small band of Autobots have  allied themselves with the Autobots, the Decepticons intervene.   Megatron leads the Decepticons into battle after the Autobots were already fighting Laserbeak.  The Autobots are forced to retreat into a body of water.  The Decepticons kidnap Bumblebee while the other Autobots make a stronger alliance with the Tlalakans.  The Autobots give the Tlalakans tactics to fight the Decepticons with.  The rebels use crude explosives to attack the Decepticon fortress and Rumble notices that the natives have been given Autobots weapons.  TMegatron orders that all of the Decepticons take advantage of the situation.  They no longer have to search the planet for the Tlalakan rebels.  Megatron leads the rest of the Decepticons to end the rebel uprising.  The Decepticons return to see Bumblebee escaping.  After the battle, Deceptitran tells Megatron about Bumblebee’s escape.  Deceptitran is so hysterical and out of control that Megatron simply turns him off.  Megatron plans to reprogram Deceptitran.  A light in Megatron’s torso starts blinking and he receives a message from Laserbeak.  Megatron reluctantly turns Deceptitran back on so he can use the monitors.  Megatron learns that Laserbeak found the hidden kingdom of the Tlalakans.  The Decepticons swim as a group to the underwater kingdom. Once the Decepticons arrive, they fire on the kingdom with their blasters.   The kingdom is starting to be destroyed, but Seaspray wants to help.  Unfortunately, he has used the Well of Transformation to become organic and has no weapons to fight the Decepticons with.  Megatron doesn’t recognize Seaspray in his humanoid form (why would he?) and assumes that he and Alana are the resistance leaders.  He watches them swim away so he sends Rumble to follow them.  The Decepticons continue their undersea attack, but the Tlalakans are assisted by Bumblebee and Cosmos.  The Decepticons continue their ruthless attack on the Tlalakan kingdom and it looks like they are actually going to win.  They abruptly leave when Deceptitran contacts Megatron.  Megatron is supremely irritated that Deceptitran is contacting him and wants to allow the Tlalakan slaves to destroy Deceptitran.  Megatron calls off the Decepticons when he learns that the Energon supply is at risk.  When the Decepticons reach their Tlalakan fortress, they follow Seaspray into the Energon cache.  The Decepticon drones follow them but before the Decepticons know what is going on, the drones start attacking them instead of Seaspray.  The rebel Alana has reprogrammed Deceptitran and taken control of the drones.  The Energon is destroyed and the Decepticons leave Tlalakan inside of Astrotrain’s shuttle mode.  It is assumed that the Tlalakans were no longer Megatron’s slaves after the Decepticons left the planet.

Megatron sends Dirge to steal one of Wheeljack’s inventions.  Dirge is successful, but the device is so heavy that Dirge can’t stay in the air. Dirge is forced to crash land in a swamp which is surrounded by a movie studio Megatron blames Starscream for Dirge crashing and threatens to shoot Starscream, even though Starscream had NOTHING to do with Dirge flying or crashing or even supervising the mission.  Megatron has Ramjet, Thrust, and Astrotrain fly to the swamp to rescue Dirge and his cargo.   Astrotrain, Ramjet, and Thrust have no problem finding or recovering Dirge and the device.  Once they successfully salvage Dirge and the device, they return to Megatron.  Megatron predicts that the device will allow them to finally destroy the Autobots.  One of the Coneheads asks Megatron what it does.  Starscream says that he bets that Megatron has no idea what it does.  Megatron punches Starscream in the face.  All Megatron knows is that the invention has been on Cybertron in Wheeljack’s workshop for the last 4 million years (Does this mean Dirge flew to Cybertron?).  Megatron has no idea what it does, he just assumes it is a weapon.  When Ramjet and Thrust activate the device, it shakes around and then smoke comes out of it.  Starscream laughs that the device is a dud and Megatron blames him for the device being in the swamp.  Megatron picks up Starscream and throws him into boxes.  Astrotrain tells Megatron that they were filmed when they were recovering Dirge and the device.  Megatron quickly orders the Decepticons to attack the studio to get the film so Optimus Prime won’t know that they have the device.  Starscream steals the film, but Soundwave tells Megatron that Starscream didn’t get the negatives.  Megatron approaches Starscream and is about to choke him.  Starscream suggests that they level the entire studio and if they do, all of the film in the entire studio will be destroyed.  Megatron lifts Starscream over his head and throws him.  While Starscream is on his back, Megatron rips wires out of his chest and deactivates Starscream.  Megatron commands the other Decepticons to destroy all of the film.  Megatron is starting to be as insane as he will become when he becomes Galvatron.   Hoist devises a way to make the Decepticons think that the film was destroyed and Spike and Carly fell into lava, so they give up and go back to base.

Megatron leads Thrust, Ramjet, and Dirge into combat to plunder an experimental super fuel that the Autobots are guarding.  The US Government developed the super fuel and the Autobots were not only tasked in guarding the super fuel, but in testing it as well.  The Coneheads crash because the Autobots are able to out maneuver them on land (which in reality is a tactical misconception, 9 out of 10 times, the person who is elevated has the tactical advantage).  The Autobots emerge from a tunnel and Megatron points his cannon at the tanker trucks carrying the super fuel.  Megatron threatens to destroy the super fuel unless the Autobots hand it over to him.  Optimus Prime and Prowl transform in preparation of a battle.  Optimus Prime tells Megatron that if he destroys the super fuel, the explosion could kill him.  Megatron is willing to risk it if it causes an Autobot to be destroyed as well.  Optimus Prime and Prowl approach Megatron with their weapons lowered.  Optimus Prime calls Megatron’s bluff.  He doesn’t think Megatron is willing to kill himself to destroy the Autobots and the super fuel.  Megatron prepares to fire his cannon, but Smokescreen speeds towards Megatron and unleashes a cloud of smoke.  This gives Optimus Prime and Prowl the opening they need to safely fire their weapons at Megatron.  Megatron is damaged and leaves the battle.  The Autobots’ land superiority inspires him to create the Stunticons.  Megatron commands Rumble to steal cars for him.  Where the Constructicons usually would have done the modification for Megatron, this time, Megatron does it himself.  Initially, the Stunticons are drones, controlled by Megatron’s remote control.  After Megatron demonstrates the Stunticons destructive capabilities, he takes them to Cybertron to get personalities (or sparks if you look at it in another way).  They use the Space Bridge to get to Cybertron and is promptly greeted by Shockwave.  Shockwave tells Megatron that he has been searching for Vector Sigma for Megatron.  Then Megatron tells the Decepticons (and the audience) that Vector Sigma is the computer that gives all Transformers their personalities.     Shockwave reminds Megatron that Vector Sigma can only be reactivated with a key, and he doesn’t know where the key is.  At Shockwave’s recommendation, the Decepticons search for Alpha Trion because it is most likely that he has the key.  Megatron and the Decepticons quickly find Alpha Trion.  They calmly enter his domain and Megatron opens fire to grab Alpha Trion’s attention.  Megatron demands that Alpha Trion hands over the Key to Vector Sigma.  Alpha Trion pretends that he has no idea what Megatron is talking about.  Megatron tells the elder Autobot that he knows that Alpha Trion knows where the key is.  Alpha Trion pretends to go for the key, but instead, he uses an energy weapon to attack the Decepticons.  Ravage pounces on Alpha Trion and the Decepticons are able to find the key.  The Decepticons reach Vector Sigma’s chamber in the catacombs of Cybertron.  They find that the chamber is guarded by Centurion Droids (not Guardians like Omega Supreme).  Megatron orders Rumble and Soundwave to open fire on the droids, but their lasers have no effect.   Megatron reveals that he has ownership of the Key to Vector Sigma.  The droids stop attacking and bow to Megatron.  Megatron commands the droids to attack any Autobot who is on the surface of Cybertron.  Once the Decepticons enter Vector Sigma’s chamber, Megatron inserts the key into Vector Sigma.  Megatron reminds Vector Sigma that he is one of Vector Sigma’s creations.  Vector Sigma is loyal to neither Autobot or Decepticon and breathes life into the Stunticons.  Once Megatron accomplishes his objective, he take the key back and returns to Earth.
The Stunticons’ first mission on Earth is a success.  Not only do they steal the formula for the super fuel, but they discredit the Autobots at the same time.  While the Decepticons are flying back to their headquarters, Shockwave contacts Megatron.  Shockwave tells Megatron that he overheard that on Earth, the Key to Vector Sigma can be very destructive.  He also informs Megatron that the Autobots made the Aerialbots.  Megatron wants to test the key’s potential away from Autobot eyes.  Soundwave helps Megatron analyze the Key to Vector Sigma. Megatron even uses a Transformer sized microscope to get a better look at the key.   Neither of them can find anything unusual about the key, it seems to be a self contained power source.  Soon, Soundwave drops the key and it shoots out an energy beam which turns the area on the ground into metal. Megatron then fires a beam out of the key at a grouping of trees.  They turn into metal.   This causes Megatron to want to use the Key to Vector Sigma to transform the entire planet of Earth into a new Cybertron.  The Autobots attack and the Stunticons defend Megatron.  When it seems like the Autobots are about to win the battle, Megatron orders the Stunticons to form Menasor.  The Aerialbots counter by forming Superion.  Megatron is genuinely angered that the Autobots have their own combiner.  Omega Supreme joins Superion and together they defeat Menasor.  Megatron commands the Stunticons to withdraw.  Silverbolt destroys the Key to Vector Sigma and the Autobots win the day.

Megatron orders the Stunticons to gather different components to create a new device.  Starscream calls Megatron’s endeavor foolish, and as usual, Megatron dismisses him.  Megatron has the Constructicons build a device which will use the components which he sent the Stunticons to steal.  Also, the Constructicons build a new base for Megatron inside of a large crater.  Soundwave reports to Megatron that the Stunticons have arrived and Megatron complains that it took them too long.  Megatron signals the Stunticons to join him by firing his cannon into the air.  The Stunticons drive to Megatron, but Starscream thinks something is wrong.  According to Starscream, the Stunticons are driving too carefully.  Megatron assumes they are trying not to damage their cargo.  Once Motormaster reaches Megatron, Megatron grabs the ruby out of Motormaster’s cab.  Once the Constructicons compete construction on Megatron’s device, we learn that it is a cannon which is powered by the energy of the ruby.  Megatron boasts that the weapon is the most advanced weapon ever built by a Decepticon.  Megatron prepares to activate the weapon, but before he can, another Menasor flies into the crater.  Megatron knows that one group of Stunticons is a fake, so he tells the non-combined Stunticons to form Menasor.  The fake Stunticons are able to merge and the two Menasors battle.  Megatron plans to destroy the loser with his cannon.  The real Menasor is able to overcome the fake Menasor and it is revealed that the fake Stunticons are actually Autobots.  They disguised themselves with a sophisticated paint job and used Windcharger’s magnetic field to merge.

Megatron and Soundwave go to Istanbul together to search for the Pearl of Bahoudin.  Megatron grabs a man to intimidate him, hoping that that he can lead him to the pearl.  The man has no clue where it is and possibly even what it is.  Megatron drops him into a cart of oranges and moves on.  Megatron continues terrorizing the local people.  He breaks through the wall of a man who is a weaver.  Megatron wraps the man up in his own fabric and asks the weaver where Abdul Ben-Faisal is.  The weaver refuses to reveal Ben-Faisal’s location to the Decepticons.  Megatron points his weapon at the weaver’s head to motivate his cooperation.  Megatron continues to intimidate the weaver by firing an energy blast next to him.  The weaver decides to be helpful and not only gives Megatron the address, but he gives him very clear directions on how to get to Ben-Faisal.  Megatron and Soundwave continue their campaign of terror in Istanbul.  They go to Ben-Faisal’s house and break through the walls.  Ben-Faisal has been expecting the Decepticons.  Megatron gives him five seconds to reveal the location of the pearl.  Ben-Faisal is happy to give Megatron the location, just so he will leave Istanbul and stop terrorizing it’s citizens.  He tells Megatron that the pearl is buried in the Galata Valley. Ben-Faisal warns Megatron about the pearl’s power.  Megatron of course disregards any warning and punches a hole in Ben-Faisal’s house so he and Soundwave can exit.  Megatron and Soundwave fly to the Valley of Galata to loo for the pearl. and Soundwave scans for the pearl but can’t pick anything up.  He assumes that the pearl is buried deeply in the valley.  The valley is too big for all of the Decepticons to thoroughly search, so Megatron decides to find an archeologist named Dr. Terranova .  Dr. Terranova seems to have no hesitation in working for the Decepticons and quickly finds the pearl.   Megatron sends Scavenger to search the valley for the pearl.   Soundwave flies to Megatron and tells him that the Autobots are participating in the Europa 2000 race whose finish line is close to the Galata Valley.  Megatron says he will deal with it if it becomes necessary.  It becomes necessary 2 seconds later when Megatron contacts the Stunticons to join the race and prevent the Autobots from going to the valley.  When the Stunticons report that they were successful in stopping most of the Autobots, Megatron gives them a new objective.  He wants them to steal Auggie Cahnay’s experimental race car.  While the Stunticons are causing chaos, Scavenger finds the pearl for Megatron. The Autobots and Auggie Cahnay arrive just as Megatron gets the Pearl.  Megatron quickly notices the Autobots and flaunts the Pearl of Bahoudin. He explains that the Pearl was part of the Decepticon ship that crashed to Earth 4 million years ago and has the ability to control the weather.   He then tells the Autobots that his plans wouldn’t have been able to come to fruition without Auggie’s car.  The experimental race car has an engine made of a rare metal.   Megatron orders the Stunticons to attack the Autobots.   The Stunticons hold off the Autobots, but are unable to vanquish them.  Bumblebee steals the pearl away from Megatron.  While Bumblebee is running away, Megatron opens fire at him with his fusion cannon.  Bumblebee opens up the pearl creating a massive storm.  The Autobots are trapped, but Bumblebee tries to convince Megatron to retreat.  He threatens that he will completely open up the pearl if they stay.  Megatron calls Bumblebee’s bluff and has the Stunticons merge into Menasor to combat the Autobots.   A tornado sucks up the pearl, so Megatron has all of the Decepticons except Menasor retreat.

The Decepticons go to Cybertron to use Megatron’s newest invention, the Kronosphere.   The Kronosphere is a time travelling machine that Megatron wants to use to go back in time and steal Energon from Cybertron before the war started.  Megatron is threatened by the success of the Aerialbots.  No longer do the Decepticons rule the skies.  Soundwave reports to Megatron that the Autobots are on their way to Cybertron.  Soundwave also tells Megatron that the Aerialbots are with the Autobots and Megatron decides to shift his plans.  Starscream lures the Aerialbots to the Kronosphere and Megatron remotely activated it.  He planned to send the Aerialbots so far back in time, that time didn’t exist yet.  The Kronosphere is destroyed.  Megatron rallies the Decepticons to retake it before the Autobots get a fully functional time machine.  Shockwave finds a headless Guardian Robot and Megatron has him reactivate it.  The Decepticons attack just as Wheeljack completes repairs on the Kronosphere.

Astrotrain transports the Decepticons into space so they can explore.  .  The Decepticons come across a planet called Antilla which has an immense glowing Autobot Logo shining from the surface.  The logo is so big that the Decepticons can see it from space. Megatron instructs the Decepticons to be careful.  When Astrotrain lands, they find that the colony is completely deserted.  There are no traces of any Autobots.   Something doesn’t sit right with Megatron, he mentions that it isn’t like the Autobots to abandon a city and to allow their home to decay.  The Decepticons find a large pillar in the middle of the city.  .  Starscream discovers and activates a communication device.  Megatron again warns him to be careful.  Starscream calls Megatron an uneducated dolt and continues pressing buttons on the terminal.  Starscream is able to activate a holographic recording made by an ancient, dying Autobot covered in rust.  The hologram warns the Decepticons to leave the colony right away or they will never be able to return to Cybertron again.   It continues to warn them that if they stay, they will rust and turn to dust (the Autobot in the recording spoke in rhyme).    Megatron thinks that it is a trick meant to keep something hidden.  Starscream sides with Megatron.   The Decepticons continue to explore the colony and find a Lightning Bug weapon.  Starscream and Rumble are unable to get it loose.   Megatron is bored by their attempt and walks up to the Lightning Bug.  He is successful where the other Decepticons weren’t.  Megatron is able to open up the Lightning Bug to activate it.  Once activated, the Lightning Bug unleashes a torrent of energy that burns a hole in the chamber’s ceiling.  The energy escapes the building and fills the colony’s sky with purple lightning.  After an impressive display of destructive power, the Lightning Bug turns itself off.  Megatron finds it ironic that ancient Autobots built a weapon which will be the instrument of destruction for the Autobots in the present.  The Decepticons load the Lightning Bug into Astrotrain and they start to fly back to Earth. .  An asteroid starts to follow Astrotrain and Megatron tells Astrotrain to go faster.  Astrotrain can’t out fly the asteroid, so Megatron unleashes the power of the Lightning Bug on it. The asteroid explodes and it winds up ripping a hole in Astrotrain’s hull.  Once the asteroid pierces Astrotrain, a large chunk of it gets caught in Megatron’s shoulder.  Megatron commands Astrotrain to fly back to Earth faster so he can get repaired.  When the Decepticons return to their undersea base, Starscream leads the repair effort.  Starscream tells Megatron that the damage to his shoulder is significant.  Starscream retracts his hand into his wrist and deploys a large pair of forceps.  The meteor fragment is removed from Megatron’s shoulder.  While Megatron is rubbing the wound, he notices a strange substance in the hole.  Starscream identifies it as rust.  When Starscream returns to Megatron, he is sitting in the shadows.  Starscream tells Megatron that eventually, a new chest piece will be created for him.  Megatron struggles to tell Starscream that a new chest plate won’t be enough.  Starscream is confused, but Megatron remains in the shadows.  Megatron tells Starscream he needs a scientific expert.  Megatron tells Starscream to tell the Stunticons to kidnap the Autobot scientist; Perceptor.  Ramjet and Dirge bring Perceptor to Megatron.  Megatron is staying hidden in the shadows, but it is evident to Perceptor that something is wrong.  Perceptor demands that Megatron reveals what he wants.  Megatron emerges from the shadows and reveals that he is infected by Cosmic Rust.  Dirge and Ramjet are shocked at their leader’s condition.  Megatron is weak, can hardly stand up, and is covered in a blight of rust.  Megatron asks for Perceptor’s help and plays to his Autobot morality.  Megatron says that he is willing to discuss peace between the Autobots and Decepticons if Perceptor will cure him.  Perceptor actually tries to negotiate with Megatron.  Perceptor tells Megatron that if he is serious about peace, he will surrender the lightning bug.  Megatron agrees to give Perceptor the Lightning Bug if he is cured.  Perceptor transforms into microscope mode to study Megatron’s affliction.  Perceptor diagnoses Megatron with a metallic plague (also known as cosmic rust).  Megatron is skeptical that a plague can affect something not organic.  Perceptor tells Megatron that he has heard stories of complete robot civilizations (Maybe the gobots?) being wiped out by the cosmic rust.  Perceptor also figures out that exposure to the Lightning Bug is speeding up the Cosmic Rust’s effects on Megatron.  Perceptor recommends that Megatron destroys the Lightning Bug, but Megatron refuses.  Megatron starts having a tantrum, demanding that Perceptor cure him.  In his tantrum, his hand falls off.  Perceptor tests Corrostop on Megatron’s severed hand.  The hand is instantly cured.  Megatron takes the Corrostop and covers his entire body with it.  The cosmic rust is cured and Megatron is shinier than before.  After Megatron is cured, he contacts Optimus Prime at Autobot Headquarters.  He tells Optimus that he is going to release Perceptor three miles away from the Autobot base.  Megatron tells Optimus that he has until noon to save Perceptor.  Perceptor is stuck in microscope mode and his lens will ignite the fuse to a bomb at noon.  Also, Perceptor has caught Cosmic Rust.  Megatron allows the Autobots to save Perceptor so they will catch Cosmic Rust.  After the Autobots return to the Ark, Megatron and Rumble stand near by.  Megatron uses the Lightning Bug on it’s lowest setting to speed up the spread of the Cosmic Rust.  He can use the weapon to melt the Autobots quickly, but he wants them to suffer.  Megatron returns to the Decepticon headquarters and watches recordings of the Autobots falling apart.  He learns that the Autobots got their matter duplicator working and they are going to the Statue of Liberty to get another sample of Corrostop.  Megatron, Soundwave, and Rumble travelto the Statue of Liberty with the Lightning Bug.  They meet the Stunticons.  The Autobots reveal themselves to the Decepticons, they were hiding on the Statue of Liberty.  Optimus Prime is standing on the crown of Lady Liberty and Megatron fires at him.  Optimus Prime slips off of the head but hangs onto the crown and returns fire.  Megatron sends Menasor to attack.  Superion destroys the Lightning Bug, defeats Menasor, and as always, the Decepticons return to their base after losing the battle.

Megatron continues on as an inventor.  Megatron uses electrodes to create Energy Magnets for the Decepticons.  Megatron’s experiment accidentally creates an energy based being named Kremzeek.  Kremzeek is mischievous and as hungry for energy as the Decepticons are.  It leaps onto a computer console and starts to bite a hole in it.  Kremzeek climbs inside of the computer console and the systems all over the Decepticon base start to malfunction.  Kremzeek intreagues Megatron and he wants to analyze the creature.  Megatron passively puts out his finger and Kremzeek climbs on his hand.  Megatron decides to turn Kremzeek loose on the Autobots to be his ultimate weapon (Megatron really likes that term).  Kremzeek does a flip off of Megatron’s finger, reenters the computer, shows himself on the monitor and then leaves the computer.  Megatron puts him inside of a metal box , called a circuit trap, which subdues him.  Megatron flies inside of Thrust (yay mass shifting!) with the circuit trap to deliver Kremzeek to the Autobots.  Megatron tells the creature that soon he will be released.  Thrust swoops down to the entrance of the Ark and drops the circuit box on the Autobots’ door step.  Kremzeek causes an extreme amount of damage to the Autobots and their headquarters.  Soundwave reports to Megatron that there are no transmissions coming from the Ark.  Megatron is very pleased with Kremzeek’s performance.  Megatron prepares his Energy Magnet.  The Decepticons make their new sea base rise from the ocean.  Starscream tells Megatron that everything is operational.  Megatron starts to ready the Energy Magnet for it’s first test.  Megatron successfully draws the energy out of passing naval ships.  Megatron activates the Energy Magnet on a larger scale and throughout the world, energy starts to be drawn to the Decepticons.  Megatron’s plot is thwarted almost by accident.  The Autobots send a giant Kremzeek to the Energy Magnet and it is destroyed.

Megatron gathers the Decepticons for his latest scheme.  Starscream starts complaining before the meeting that Megatron compliments Shockwave too much.  Megatron continues to praise Shockwave and compares him to Starscream underhandedly.  Megatron says that Shockwave is humble and respectful.  Starscream sings his favorite song, blaming Megatron for the Decepticons not being able to defeat the Autobots.  Megatron really doesn’t seem to care and starts to walk off.  Starscream is insulted that Megatron turned his back to him and shoots Megatron in the back.  Megaton falls to the ground and Starscream stands on top of him.  Starscream declares himself the new leader of the Decepticons.  Megatron is barely injured and he kicks Starscream off of him.  Starscream is shocked to see that Megatron isn’t dead.  Megatron finally is fed up with Starscream’s continuous schemes to overthrow him.  Megatron points his cannot at Starscream’s head and prepares to fire.  It seems like Megatron is going to let Starscream live, so Starscream gets up to run away.  Megatron shoots Starscream in the back and exiles him.  Laserbeak carries Starscream to an island called Guadalcanal.  From Cybertron, Shockwave contacts Megatron to tell him that someone has stolen the personality profiles of five Renegade Decepticons.  Megatron assumes that it was the Autobots, so he plans to attack in response.  The Decepticons attack the Autobot headquarters.   The Autobots speed out of the Ark in vehicle mode and scatter.  s.  Optimus Prime is the first to open fire.  Megatron demands that the Autobots return his property.  Optimus Prime has no idea what Megatron is talking about.  Megatron fires a warning shot and tells Optimus that he has one more chance to return what was stolen.  Megatron then announces that personality components of Renegade Decepticons were stolen from Cybertron.  Megatron figures out that the Autobots didn’t steal the personality components and tries to end the skirmish.  While Megatron is contemplating, Optimus shoots him in the chest.  Megatron tries to fire back, but his cannon was damaged.  The Decepticons fly back to their base, leaving the Autobots very confused.    Megatron takes the Decepticons to a train yard to refuel.  Starscream reveals himself to the feeding Decepticons and shows them the Combaticons.  Starscream voices that he will finally be able to rule the Decepticons.  Before Starscream and the Combaticons can finally kill Megatron, Soundwave appears and threatens Starscream.  Swindle shoots Soundwave’s gun, saving Starscream.  Soundwave’s blaster goes off, and the stray shot disables the lights in the train station.  This distracts Starscream enough where Megatron can escape imminent destruction.  Megatron crouches behind some trains for cover.  Starscream is enraged and opens fire. The Decepticons are too low on energy and are forced to withdraw, without Dirge and Ramjet.  In the Decepticon Undersea Base, Megatron gathers almost all of the Decepticons to make a plan to deal with Starscream and his Combaticons.  Even Shockwave comes from Cybertron to help Megatron make plans to vanquish Starscream and his troops.  Megatron has Soundwave contact the Stunticons.  They don’t want to meet up with the other Decepticons because they are having fun creating a demolition derby on a quiet street. Megatron and most of the Decepticons are approaching from the air.  Megatron opens fire in the air.  Starscream and the Combaticons respond with their own blasters.  All of the Decepticons, Constructicons, and Combaticons stand in the open and fire at each other.  Megatron tries to blast Starscream, but Starscream leaps into the air and dodges the assault.  Even though Megatron’s forces drastically outnumber Starscream’s forces, the battle is very even and is turning into a stalemate.  Megatron is irritated by this and orders the Constructicons to merge into Devestator.  Bruticus makes short work of Devestator After Devestator falls, the remaining Decepticons open fire on Bruticus with no effect.  Megatron and the Decepticons are overwhelmed so they plan on retreating.  Even though he is facing defeat, and possible destruction, Megatron refuses to recognize Starscream as the Decepticon leader.  Bruticus grabs Megatron and squeezes him in his hand.  Megatron reluctantly agrees to let Starscream lead.  It looks like Starscream has won, but Megatron gets reinforcements.  The Stunticons join the fight against Bruticus.  The Stunticons merge into Menasor to fight Bruticus.  With one punch, Menasor defeats Bruticus.  Starscream examine the massive hole created by the combiner battle.  He doesn’t see the Combaticons, instead, Megatron emerges and wraps his hands around Starscream’s neck.   Starscream and the Combaticons are exiled from Earth and forced to live on a small asteroid.

After staying hidden for a while, the Insecticons return and ally themselves again with Megatron.  The Insecticons have regained their ability to clone themselves after the Morphobot incident with Megatron’s help.  The Insecticons overtake a city for a meal and Megatron watches in the distance.  The Decepticons are making Energon Cubes in an unexplained way through the Insecticons.  Dirge and Thundercracker fly down to the ground to receive the Energon Cubes.  Megatron commands them to bring the cubes to the Space Bridge.  While standing above the Autobots, Megatron fires on Optimus and Tracks.  Megatron misses, but Optimus Prime returns fire.    Instead of dealing with Megatron, Optimus Prime and Tracks transform into vehicle mode to engage the Insecticons.  Later, Megatron goes to the Space Bridge and Optimus Prime follows.  When Optimus arrives, Megatron opens fire.  Megatron has Shrapnel remove the control panel of the Space Bridge so Optimus Prime can’t use it.  Megatron is amuse by watching the Autobots dig in the sand to find the Space Bridge control panel.  His amusement is cut short when he gets a transmission from Starscream.  Megatron deploys a communications array from his chest to speak to Starscream.  Starscream tells Megatron that the Earth is about to fall into the sun, and he will stop it if Megatron makes him leader of the Decepticons.  Megatron thinks Starscream is bluffing, but then notices that the temperature is climbing.  The episode is oddly written that it seems earlier the Autobots found the component, but when Megatron goes to the Space Bridge, the Autobots are gone and Megatron has no idea that Shrapnel took the control panel.  Megatron sends Dirge and Ramjet to find Shrapnel and recover the Space Bridge’s control panel.  When the Insecticons are found, the Space Bridge control panel is chewed up and it is unusable.  Perceptor is able to repair it but he needs spare parts.  Optimus Prime agrees to donate some of his parts if Megatron will do the same.  Megatron agrees for the greater good.  The Decepticons and the Autobots use the Space Bridge to go to Cybertron.  When the two forces reach Cybertron, they hear Starscream in a cell calling for help.  Starscream blames the Combaticons for his treachery.  Shockwave tells Megatron that Starscream is lying.  Megatron frees Starscream, but only until they can fix the Earth.  Starscream tries to trick Megatr  Shockwave’s Sentinel Droids help the Autobots and Decepticons fight the Combaticons.  Swindle drives away with the Autobots and Decepticons chasing him.  There is a massive fire fight in the streets of Cybertron. The Sentinel droids surround the Combaticons, so they merge into Bruticus.    Starscream reveals that he knows how to use the Space Bridge to save Earth.  Megatron points his cannon at Starscream’s head and says that he will spare him if the Earth is saved.  Starscream reveals that when he built the Combaticons, he gave Bruticus a weakness in case he rebels.  There are three spots on his back that if they are shot, Bruticus will be deactivated. Even though Starscream told Megatron that Bruticus’ weak spot is on his back, Megatron unleashes a powerful blast on Bruticus’ chest plate.  Bruticus is still angry at Megatron for imprisoning him on Cybertron for millions of years without a body.  Bruticus picks up Megatron and lifts him in the air while shaking him.  Bruticus’ weak spot is exposed.  Optimus Prime runs behind Bruticus and fires on the three spots.  Bruticus falls to the ground and is not able to move..  Megatron tells Optimus Prime that he will destroy Bruticus.   Megatron fires his cannon and Bruticus explodes.  The Autobots return to Earth.  After the Autobots leave, Megatron reveals that the Bruticus that was destroyed was a fake.  He reprograms the real Bruticus to be his loyal soldier.  Starscream is welcomed back into the Decepticons.

Megatron allies himself with the King of Iran, King Ali.  Megatron sends the Combaticons to help King Ali steal parts to make drone planes.  The Decepticons inhabit the palace and work on modifying planes to be new weapons for their arsenal.  Megatron has King Ali give him the drone planes and his oil supply for world domination.  The Aerialbots attack the Decepticon controlled air field that doubles as an oil refinery..  Megatron sends Blast Off, Ramjet, and Vortex into the air to battle the Aerialbots.  He also gives them control of his new drone jets.  Megatron enters his Flying Griffin Fortress with Rumble and Frenzy for safety.  After the Aerialbots are able to overcome the Combaticons and Ramjet, Megatron has the two cassette bots activate the fortress to fight the Aerialbots.  Megatron’s Purple Flying Griffin is defeated by Superion and he wants to escape.  Before he does, King Ali tries to stop him, reminding Megatron that he was promised the entire Earth.  Megatron tells King Ali that he will be lucky if he lets him live.  As Megatron walks away, he slips on oil and falls to the ground.  The Decepticons are defeated when the Aerialbots ignite the oil fields and the explosion sends the Decepticons into the air.

Megatron creates an orbital disruptor cannon that he wants to destroy the moon with.  He plans on having Soundwave take control of the tides to make floods and somehow produce Energon Cubes with the flood.  Starscream whines to Megatron that he spent too much time making a simulation of the plan that they don’t know if the cannon will work.  Starscream and Skywarp bring the last surviving Combaticon, Swindle, to Megatron.  After Bruticus was destroyed, Swindle sold all of the parts.  Megatron has Soundwave implant a bomb in Swindle’s head and gives him 15 hours to restore the Combaticons.  When Swindle returns, all of the Combaticons are rebuilt, but they are unable to combine into Bruticus because Brawl’s personality component is missing.  Megatron keeps the bomb in Swindle’s head until he fully restores the Combaticons.  Once Bruticus is restored, Megatron removes the bomb from Swindle’s head.  Megatron wants to test the Orbital Disruptor Cannon on the Autobot headquarters.  .  The Decepticons plan on destroying the Autobot base with the Autobots inside.  Even though the Autobots knew the Decepticons were coming, they made no attempt to evacuate or stop the Decepticons from getting to the base.  Megatron wastes no time and has the Combaticons merge into Bruticus.  Once Bruticus forms, the Autobots reveal themselves and open fire on him.  Bruticus takes numerous energy blasts to the chest but shrugs them off.  Bruticus doesn’t counter attack, he just stands there with his arms protecting his face.  Megatron fires his fusion cannon at the Autobots.  Starscream whines to Megatron that his valued warrior Bruticus is just standing there.  Megatron commands Bruticus to revert back to the individual Combaticons. Megatron, Brawl, and Soundwave run back to the Orbital Disruptor Cannon, but Hot Spot intercepts them.  Megatron transforms into gun mode and arms Soundwave to combat the Protectobot leader.  Hot Spot shoots Soundwave in the chest before Soundwave can get a shot off.  Soundwave flies into Brawl and they both fall to the ground.

Megatron wanted one thing, power.  Whether it was a powerful army, Energon, or just internal power.  Millions of years ago, the Decepticons ruled Cybertron and the Autobots were rebels.  When Optimus Prime and the Autobots took the Ark into space to find a new home and more energy, Megatron and his forces boarded the Ark and caused it to crash into Prehistoric Earth.  Millions of years later, both sets of Transformers are awakened (Decepticons first, and I never understood why they didn’t kill the stasis locked Autobots when they had the chance), and they start the war on Earth.  For the millions of years that Megatron was in stasis lock, Shockwave ruled Cybertron.

Optimus Prime and Megatron fought numerous times, one time that stood out was when Megatron quoted an ancient Cybertronian law which has the leaders of two opposing forces fight one on one without the help of their armies.  Megatron cheated by augmenting himself with the abilities of his Decepticon forces.  Megatron is also very intelligent.  A scientist at times.  He created a cloning machine which he used to make a clone Optimus Prime to infiltrate the Autobots.  He also manipulated the Dinobots to attack the Autobots, causing Wheeljack to create two new Dinobots. Although Megatron looked down on humans, he has relied on them in several occasions.

In the year 2005, Autobots thrived on Earth and the Cybertronian moons, while The Decepticons populated Cybertron.  Using Laserbeak to receive Autobot transmissions, he learned that an Autobot shuttle was on its way from one of Cybertron’s moon bases to Earth to get a large sum of Energon which would be used to finally defeat the Decepticons.  Megatron led the Decepticons to kill the Autobots on the shuttle, including Prowl, Ironhide, and Ratchet, and sneak onto Earth using the Autobot’s own shuttle.  Once in Earth’s atmosphere, Hot Rod saw that there was a hole in the shuttle, and the shuttle was populated by Decepticons.  This was the beginning of the battle of Autobot City. Many more Autobots were killed (most of the 1984/1985 cast to make room for the season 3 cast) and it looked like the Autobots were finished until Optimus Prime came and turned the tide.  Megatron and Optimus had their final epic battle, Optimus was about to destroy Megatron until Megatron took Hot Rod hostage and shot Optimus numerous times, causing him to die soon after.  But not until Optimus gave his final blow to Megatron. 

Megatron was near death and after being evacuated to Astrotrain, Starscream jettisoned Megatron into space, finally eliminating his rival and taking control of the Decepticons.  A dying Megatron (with other badly damaged Decepticons) encountered Unicron who reformatted Megatron into Galvatron.  He ordered Galvatron, and his new army to kill Ultra Magnus, who just received the Matrix of Leadership, and bring the Matrix back to Unicron. 

Galvatron returned to Cybertron with his new army and his first order of business was to kill Starscream.  Now, all of the Decepticons accepted Galvatron as their leader and they attacked Autobot City again.  After several battles, Galvatron finally acquired the Matrix and brought it to Unicron.  Like Megatron, Galvatron only wanted more power, he assumed he could hold the Matrix over Unicron and make Unicron his slave.  Unicron swallowed Galvatron where he encountered Hot Rod inside and they battled.  Hot Rod took control of the Matrix and became Rodimus Prime, defeating Galvatron causing Galvatron to rocket to another planet.

Galvatron on the planet Thrul and in stasis lock until Cyclonus brings him back with energon given to him by each member of the Decepticons who were barely functioning.  Scourge pulled him out of the lava like ooze and the first thing Galvatron said was “Who disturbs my lava bath?”  His madness now shows and he immediately punches Cyclonus in the head and then continues to beat him.  In a moment of clarity, he reclaims the title of Leader of the Decepticons.  When Cyclonus recommends that He, Scourge, and the Sweeps become his elite guard, Galvatron laughs and defeats all of them in battle and accepts them as his elite guard.  Galvatron then transforms into cannon mode and destroys the planet.  One of Galvatron’s first acts is to attempt to steal Metroplex’s Transformation Cog from Blur and Wheelie.  He destroys an EDC Space Station (effectively killing it’s crew, but we don’t talk about things like that in cartoons) causing Blur and Wheelie to divert to Jupiter.  After thinking he killed the two Autobots, he finally goes to Charr where he finds that the Decepticons have left under leadership of the Quintessons.  Blitzwing was the only Decepticon who didn’t leave Charr and tells Galvatron what happened.  Galvatron and his forces meet the rest of the Decepticons on the goo planet and he starts to attack them until they accept him as their leader, not the Quintessons. After The Junkions save the Autobots, Galvatron destroys yet another planet, this time The Goo Planet.  After regaining control of the decepticons from the Quintessons, he made a very thin alliance with the Quintessons (But most of the time they were manipulating Galvatron and the Decepticons for their own purposes, Megatron would’ve never allowed that).

On the planet of Dreg, Galvatron subjugated the local robot population to mine Death Crystals for him, he wanted to use the crystals to power a cannon which would destroy Cybertron.  He used the Predacons as his prison guards.  Galvatron is thwarted when Kup frees the prisoners and they overpower the Decepticons.

The Quintessons gave Galvatron information on where Rodimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, Kup, Arcee, Daniel and Spike were traveling.  Aboard the starship that Unicron gifted him, he chased them into an asteroid belt.  He ordered torpedoes to be fired, destroying the Autobot shuttle.  Luckily The Autobots escaped in an escape pod (much like what Ultra Magnus did when Megatron first became Galvatron).  The Decepticons quickly realize that The Autobots are still alive and see a mysterious structure in space and assume (correctly I might add) that the Autobot Escape Pod docked there.  Galvatron led his forces to attack the Autobots and almost defeats them.  A moment before Galvatron is about to fire on Rodimus Prime, a severely damaged Optimus Prime rises from the shadows, saving Rodimus and the rest of the Autobots.  The Decepticons are frightened as they see Optimus, who they thought was dead.  Cyclonus pulls Galvatron out of the tomb, saving him.

When Octane leaves the Decepticons, Galvatron put a bounty on his head so high, it served as an example of why you shouldn’t leave the Decepticons.  When Octane was brought back to Charr, Galvatron had him interrogated/tortured, but Starscream manipulated the moment to lure Galvatron into a trap.  After a hand to hand fight with Rodimus Prime, Galvatron is briefly captured and then goes back to Charr.  Galvatron tries to kill The Ghost of Starscream but Starscream escapes causing Cyclonus to take the full brunt of Galvatron’s cannon.

While spying on Daniel Witwickey’s surprise party, Galvatron learns that Spike and The Autobots are planning a Peace Conference on Cybertron.  He sends The Combaticons to destroy the shuttles which are going to transport the delegates to Cybertron from various parts of the universe (this really is one of Galvatron’s weaker plans).  Later Cyclonus notices a ship leaving Cybertron that shouldn’t be and Galvatron sends Cyclonus, Scourge, and The Sweeps to investigate.

One of Galvatron’s plots was to create a large engine in a green moon.  Soundwave warns him that there may be negative consequences, but Galvatron doesn’t listen.  He wants to crash the moon into Metroplex.  As they activate the engine, the entire Decepticon army leaves the moon.  They are caught my Perceptor, Grimlock, Superion and Ultra Magnus.  The Autobots and Decepticons fight over the green moon.  Galvatron tries to destroy several Autobots in his cannon mode, but Ultra Magnus attacks him.  The two powerful Transformers grapple with each other until Galvatron accidentally fires his arm cannon.  The stray blast damages the engine.  The moon is on a course to hit an inhabited planet.  The Autobots rush to destroy it, but Galvatron and the Decepticons try to stop them.  Galvatron resumes his one on one battle with Ultra Magnus.  The battle ends when a sonic attack comes from the planet and destroys the weaponized moon.  Several Autobots and Decepticons wind up falling to the surface of the planet.  Broadside grabs Galvatron but several Decepticons save him.  Galvatron takes Soundwave away from the battle so they can find the source of the sonic attack.  They fly towards a near by city holding hands (not joking) with the Autobots following.  The Autobots pass them and Galvatron plans to stalk the Autobots.  Galvatron and Soundwave spy on Ultra Magnus and Blaster as they speak to the king of the planet.  The king doesn’t want to involve himself or his people with the Autobot/Decepticon War.  The King mentions someone who left the kingdom named Allegra.  Galvatron concludes that she must know the secrets of the sonic weapons and wants to find her.  He knows the Autobots are going to look for her as well, so he follows them as they search.  Galvatron attacks the Autobots by destroying a bridge above the Autobots.  They Autobots are buried under the rubble.  Soundwave asks Galvatron if he thinks that the Autobots were destroyed.  Galvatron transforms into cannon mode and fires on the rubble.  The two Decepticons fly off to search for Allegra.  They wind up finding her before the Autobots do.  Galvatron acts diplomatic for once.  He offers to help Allegra overthrow the King if she will give them the secrets of the sonic weapons.  She agrees to ally herself with the Decepticons and gives Galvatron the secrets of the sonic weapon.  She produces a harmony with her voice and Soundwave tries to record it, as to weaponize it.  Soundwave is unable to record it and Galvatron is angry.  Allegra explains that she only has a third of the harmony.  The King and a member of the royalty named Zebop have the other parts.  The Autobots and Zebop plan to attack the Decepticons, but Zebop calls out to Allegra.  This notifies Galvatron and Soundwave that the Autobots have found them.  Galvatron and Soundwave attack, the Autobots.  They want to capture Zebop so he can give them his portion of the harmony.  Galvatron orders Soundwave to use Allegra’s portion of the harmony against the Autobots.  The Autobots become incapacitated and feel intense pain.  From inside of Ultra Magnus’ vehicle mode, Zebop uses his part of the harmony to neutralize Soundwave’s attack.  Allegra realizes that the Decepticons are evil and tries to leave their alliance, but it is too late.  Soundwave has already recorded her portion of the harmony.  Galvatron then orders Soundwave to record Zebop’s portion.  The Decepticons now have two thirds of the powerful sonic attack.  Soundwave uses the powerful attack, causing the ground to disintegrate.  The Autobots are trapped in rubble (again).  Now that Galvatron has two thirds of the harmony, he drops Allegra in a hole.  She uses her portion of the harmony to attack Galvatron and Soundwave, knocking Galvatron down.  Soundwave uses his new sonic attack against Allegra.  She passes out and Galvatron wants to kill her.  She is saved because she is unconscious and Galvatron wants her to suffer.  The Autobots climb out of the hole and Ultra Magnus shoots Galvatron in the back.  The Autobots and Decepticons have a brief battle, and Galvatron shoots Ultra Magnus in the chest.  During the battle, Zebop goes to help Allegra.  Zebop is injured when Soundwave falls on him, and the Decepticons retreat.  Galvatron and Soundwave are joined by the Constructicons and start to attack the city.  Several Autobots arrive, but the Decepticons are too powerful for them.  The King uses his third of the harmony to attack Galvatron, and Soundwave records it.  Now the Decepticons have the entire destructive harmony (which sounds like the alien whale calls from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home).  After attacking the city, Galvatron orders the Decepticons to leave.  He wants to use his new weapon against Metroplex and on the Autobots on Cybertron.  Once the Decepticons reach Metroplex, Galvatron quickly orders Soundwave to use the sonic weapon.

Scourge and Cyclonus go missing temporarily.  Galvatron assumed they were killed.  On Char, Galvatron receives a communication from Cyclonus and Scourge telling him about an Autobot colony called Paradron.  The entire population of the colony are pacifists and they have a near unlimited supply of Energon.  Galvatron arrives on Paradron right after Cyclonus and Scourge round up the population.  Cyclonus orders that the colonists bow to Galvatron and one refuses.  Galvatron shoots him with his arm blaster.  The peaceful colonists are quickly turned into slave labor and construct new weapons for the Decepticons.  Galvatron discovers an Autobots shuttle approaching Paradron and has it shot out of the sky.  This was just a decoy so the Autobots can sneak onto Paradron to liberate it.  Galvatron, Cyclonus, and Scourge guard the Energon of Paradron when Ultra Magnus, Wheelie, and Blurr try to take control of it.  The three Autobots are unsuccessful and retreat.  After the colonists are freed by Rodimus Prime, Ultra Magnus and Sandstorm plant explosives in the Energon pools to destroy the planet.  On their way out, Galvatron attacks them, but they escape when Ultra Magnus drives over Galvatron.  Galvatron realizes that the two Autobots set explosives to destroy the planet and orders the Decepticons to retreat.

For some reason, being reformatted by Unicron had significant negative effects on Galvatron’s mind.  Where Megatron was calm and collected, Galvatron was often erratic and barely lucid.  Galvatron took the majority of the Decepticons to harvest a material called Isodrite  to both power and repair their weapons.  Galvatron rants uncontrollably about wanting to destroy all of the Autobots and humans.  He seems lost in himself.  Cyclonus does his best to calm Galvatron down, but is unsuccessful.  Ratbat leads the Decepticons to an Isodrite deposit, but they find several Autobots already there.  Galvatron orders the Decepticons to attack.  Perceptor tries to harm Galvatron, but Galvatron is too powerful for the Autobot scientist.  Without thinking, Galvatron rushes Ultra Magnus.  Staying calm and collected, Ultra Magnus uses Galvatron’s momentum against him, and the Decepticon is tossed aside.  Galvatron tries to rush back to the battle, and Scourge gets in his path.  He attacks Scourge until Cyclonus is able to pull Galvatron off of Scourge.  Cyclonus begs his leader to start using some strategy in the battle, but Galvatron starts attacking him.  Galvatron is actually causing more damage to his soldiers than the Autobots are.  Galvatron can’t function and is too single minded.  Again, he attacks Ultra Magnus, and again, Ultra Magnus is able to best him in hand to hand combat.  One of the Sweeps tries to help Galvatron, and the berserk Galvatron attacks the Sweep.  The battle causes the asteroid to start to fall apart, so Ultra Magnus orders the Autobots to retreat.  Yet again, Galvatron engages Ultra Magnus in one on one combat.  Galvatron is able to hurt Magnus a little bit.  He throws him to the ground and is about to execute him in cannon mode.  Ultra Magnus is saved when Sludge swats Galvatron away with his tail.  The Decepticons return to Charr and many of them approach Cyclonus about Galvatron’s waning sanity.  They tell Cyclonus that if Galvatron doesn’t regain his sanity, there will be a mutiny.  While Galvatron is being repaired, Cyclonus approaches him.  He lures Galvatron to a planet called Torkulon and hopes they can restore his sanity.  Once they reach Torkulon, Galvatron starts looking for the Autobots who aren’t there.  He finds numerous creatures, who are suffering from severe mental illness, imprisoned.  When he starts to attack a creature who is locked up, a doctor appears and stops Galvatron.  Galvatron attempts to attack the doctor, and he uses a force field to subdue Galvatron.  Galvatron is too powerful for the force field and the doctor turns it off.  Galvatron goes to attack Cyclonus for betraying him, and the doctor fires on Galvatron with a weapon that sedates him.  The alien doctors cage Galvatron to treat him.  Still restrained, the doctors of Torkulon work to cure Galvatron of his mental damage.  The entire time, Galvatron threatens to kill them.  The doctors first try to give him talk therapy, but the only things Galvatron will talk about are his violent, irrational urges.  When Galvatron frees himself from his restraints, he attacks one of the doctors, another doctor uses the sedation weapon on Galvatron.  Next, the doctors try arts and crafts with Galvatron, he responds by building a functional gun.  He starts to fire wildly and is sedated again.  The doctors now try to have Galvatron act out his problems, but Galvatron tries to attack another patient.  He is restrained and sedated yet again.  Galvatron has developed a tolerance for the sedation weapon, and it isn’t working on him anymore.  Galvatron is taken away for what equates to be a lobotomy.  Large alien bugs weave a web around Galvatron to start the procedure which will link his mind to the core computer of Torkulon.  If successful, Galvatron’s mind will be erased.  Cyclonus tries to rescue Galvatron, but he is unable.  Once the planet links with Galvatron, it starts to fall apart.  Galvatron’s madness is too much for the planet.  Cyclonus frees Galvatron and they fly away.  Even though the procedure wasn’t completed, it was partially a success.  Most of Galvatron’s madness has been cured.  Galvatron transforms into cannon mode and destroys the computer core, rendering the planet inert.

Back on Char, Starscream’s ghost returns and possesses Scourge’s body.  He fires on the Decepticons, and Galvatron.  At first, Galvatron doesn’t know that Starscream is responsible for the attack and thinks Scourge is a traitor.  He is about to fire on Scourge, but Cyclonus stops him.  Starscream (in Scourge’s body), continues his assassination attempt and hits Galvatron in the chest with an energy blast.  Before Starscream can finish Galvatron off, Cyclonus dives through the air to push Galvatron out of danger.  Starscream/Scourge flies off and Cyclonus sees to Galvatron.  Galvatron overlooks his wounds and tells Cyclonus to start hunting Scourge.  He orders the Predacons to lead the hunt, but Cyclonus convinces Galvatron to allow him and the Sweeps to hunt Scourge.  Galvatron learns that Starscream is manipulating Scourge when they steal one of Trypticon’s eyes.  Galvatron still thinks Scourge is a willing participant in the events.  Starscream then steals Trypticon and Galvatron orders the entire Decepticon army to follow him.  They reach Unicron’s head and Starscream/Trypticon repels the Decepticons with his superior firepower.  Scourge escapes and is able to convince Galvatron not to kill him.  

After numerous defeats, the insane Decepticon leader berates his army at once with Cyclonus watching.  He questions why he hasn’t been able to take back control of Cybertron and why he is surrounded by an incompetent army.  Scourge tries to explain that the Decepticons need more energy, and Galvatron punches him, knocking Scourge to the ground.  He gets into position to fire on the Decepticons, but the Quintessons interrupt.  They want to use Galvatron and the Decepticons as pawns to unleash a techno-organic beast on the Autobots and Cybertron.  Obviously, the Quintessons do not tell Galvatron their real plans, but Galvatron is skeptical to even consider working with the Quintessons.  He has been betrayed by them in the past too many times.  The Quintessons manipulate Galvatron to listen to their plan.  The Quintessons show Galvatron the new Power Core Converter, which Perceptor designed.  They say in the name of a new alliance, they want to help Galvatron gain control of the device to power the Decepticon Army.  Galvatron, Cyclonus, Scourge, and the Sweeps sneak onto Cybertron and search the lower tunnels of the planet.  They believe that the Power Core is there.  The Autobots are quickly alerted by the presence of Galvatron and his Decepticons.  Ultra Magnus, Springer, Kup, Wreck-Gar and  Arcee attempt to attack the invading Decepticons.  Galvatron fires on the doorway of the tunnels, creating a barrier which prevents the Autobots from following them.  Galvatron and the Decepticons reach the lowest levels of Cybertron and can’t find the power core.  Cyclonus starts to think that they have been manipulated, again, by the Quintessons.  The Sweeps knock down a metal door to find another door behind it.  Galvatron assumes that behind the door is the power core.  Galvatron uses his arm cannon to blast the door open.  They find a hibernation chamber behind the door which is keeping the techno-organic creatures in stasis.  Enraged, Galvatron fires on the equipment, freeing the techno-organic creatures.  The creatures start to attack the Decepticons.  When Scourge is trapped by a techno-organic Ape (no not Optimus Primal), Galvatron fires on the beast, but injures Scourge in the process.  Cyclonus is severely injured by a techno-organic wolverine, but before it can kill Cyclonus, Galvatron saves his second in command.  Galvatron starts to take on numerous creatures at once, keeping them away from the rest of the Decepticons, but he realizes that the creatures are too powerful and orders the Decepticons to retreat.  The creatures don’t let the Decepticons retreat and continue to ravage them.  The creatures are interrupted by the Autobots.  Galvatron takes advantage of the creatures focusing more on the Autobots.  He makes a hole in the chamber as he, and the rest of the Decepticons, escape.  The Decepticons follow Galvatron into another chamber where they encounter more of the techno-organic creatures, this time, more powerful.  Galvatron watches as the creature kills two Sweeps.  The creature attacks Galvatron, who briefly fends it off.  He tightens its tentacles around Galvatron and starts to suck his energy but he is saved by Scourge and Cyclonus.  Galvatron and his two lieutenants escape, leaving the Sweeps as a distraction for the creature.  The Autobots try to retreat, but Galvatron won’t let them, he fires on the ceiling of the chamber, trapping the Autobots with the creature.  Inside the catacombs, Galvatron and the rest of his Decepticons loose their way.  Before they can find their way out of the tunnels, they are attacked by the fallen Transformers who are now energy vampires.  Galvatron tries to destroy the energy vampire transformers with his arm cannon, but they feed on the energy.  To save himself, he throws Scourge at the legion of energy vampire transformers. Galvatron encounters Ultra Magnus and Arcee, but instead of trying to escape together, he attempts to kill them (great priorities!).  Ultra Magnus and Galvatron have a short hand to hand fight, but it ends when the creature starts to feed on both Tranformers!  Perceptor restores Cyclonus, Scourge, and the Sweeps, and Galvatron looks for the Quintessons to get revenge.

On Earth, Galvatron hides and watches as the Protectobots help police deal with criminals.  In his cannon mode, he fires on Blades, knocking him out of the sky.  Galvatron attacks, and is joined by Cyclonus, Octane, the Combaticons, and the Predacons.  Galvatron does everything in his power to prevent Blades from getting proper treatment.  He transforms into cannon mode again, this time to fire on First Aid, who is transporting Blades, but Rodimus Prime arrives just in time with Ultra Magnus, Ramhorn, and Steeljaw.  Galvatron tries to fire on the Autobots in cannon mode, but the two Autobot cassettes rush him, knocking him back into robot mode.  The two armies fire on each other, Galvatron shoots a building, causing it to crumble onto Rodimus Prime.  Galvatron takes advantage of the moment, and after briefly mentioning plans for an Ultimate Weapon, orders the Decepticons to retreat back to Trypticon.  The attack on the Protectobots was a diversion so Swindle could steal Metroplex’s transformation cog.  When Galvatron meets up with Swindle to collect the cog, Swindle tries to negotiate with him.  Galvatron threatens to kill him if he doesn’t hand over the cog.  To prove he is serious, he fires on Swindle.  Swindle is very quick to hand over the piece of Metroplex to his leader.  Galvatron then leads Trypticon to Metroplex, who is stuck in city mode and can’t defend himself against Trypticon.  The Autobots inflict enough damage on Trypticon, which causes him to retreat to a dam.  Rodimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, Spike, and Daniel try to sneak into the dam to take Trypticon’s transforation cog.  Galvatron and the Stunticons find Rodimus and Magnus and they battle.  Rodimus and Magnus are successful and the Autobots escape with Trypticon’s transformation cog.  Galvatron kicks the defeated Stunticons.  Trypticon is defeated and Galvatron threatens to use his ultimate weapon.  Rodimus Prime realizes Galvatron has no real ultimate weapon and Galvatron flies off.
Galvatron leads his forces to attack Sky Lynx and several other Autobots, who are escaping from Quintesson captivity.  Galvatron wants a Quintesson journal which the Autobots came in possession of.  The Decepticons are able to best the small group of Autobots in battle and Cyclonus takes the Quintesson journal.  Galvatron orders the Decepticons to retreat, but Predaking wants to continue fighting to destroy Sky Lynx.  Galvatron reminds Predaking that he is in charge of the Decepticons, and he decides who lives and dies.  The Decepticons go to an uncharted planet and figure out how to activate the Quintesson journal.  Galvatron is disappointed to find out that the device will not give the Decepticon Empire power, all the journal does, is explain various Quintesson plots.  The Autobots attack, they want the journal to expose the Quintessons, and Galvatron leads his army into battle.  The battle ends abruptly when the Quintessons attack both sides with a warship and steal back their journal.  Both sides follow the Quintesson ship for their own purposes, and Galvatron fires on the Autobots who are following him.  Neither side is able to stop the Quintessons.  The Quintessons escape capture by flying through a warp gate.

Galvatron continues to rule the Decepticons from his throne on Char.  While sitting on his throne, Astrotrain arrives and tells the Decepticon leader that he encountered Sky Lynx, and that the Junkions attacked both him and Sky Lynx.  Galvatron strikes Astrotrain to the ground, telling Astrotrain that he doesn’t care.  Cyclonus interjects his calm perspective and says that they should investigate the occurrence.  If the Junkions ended their alliance with the Autobots, it could be beneficial to the Decepticons.  Galvatron has no interest in political machinations and threatens both Decepticons to leave him be.  Cyclonus takes Scourge and the Sweeps to investigate, and learns that somehow the Junkions have been reprogrammed.  Cyclonus returns to Galvatron to share what he has learned.  Galvatron strikes down Cyclonus, reiterating that he doesn’t care about the Junkions.  Galvatron winds up being effected by the same signal which is effecting the Junkions.  He leaves Char with Blast Off to go to Junkion.  On his journey, he encounters Cyclonus, Scourge, and the Sweeps.  He punches Cyclonus for getting in his way and continues his path to Junkion.  On Junkion, Galvatron and the Decepticons battle the Autobots.  Galvatron transforms into his cannon mode to attack the Autobots, but Omega Supreme gets in the way, protecting the other Autobots.  Omega Supreme is damaged (again).  Galvatron focuses his wrath on Rodimus Prime.  The two Transformers battle each other.  Galvatron has the upper hand, but the battle ends when Rodimus deflects one of Galvatron’s blasts into a Quintesson ship.  This exposes the Quintesson manipulation and the subliminal signals are neutralized by Blaster.  All of the conflicts end themselves.

Once in a while, Galvatron would hire mercenaries to do his bidding instead of relying on his Decepticons.  He hires two alien mercenaries to go to Cybertron to sabotage the new Autobot power generator.  The plan is to alter the emissions of the generator to disrupt the ability of Autobots to transform.  The mercenaries are briefly successful, but the Autobots overcome the sabotaged generator.  Ratbat reports to Galvatron that the Autobots repaired the generator.  When the mercenaries go to Galvatron for payment, he refuses to reward failure. The mercenaries save themselves by telling Galvatron that if they get more Anti-Electrons from Unicron’s brain, they can make the plan work.  Galvatron takes the newly created Terrorcons to Unicron’s head to search for more Anti-Electrons.  Galvatron and the Decepticons are successful in harvesting more Anti-Electrons.  Galvatron fashions a cannon which is fueled by the Anti-Electrons and when the Autobots travel to Unicron, he uses the cannon to attack the Autobot shuttle.  This causes the Autobot shuttle to crash into Unicron’s head.  Galvatron sends the Terrorcons to hunt down any survivors.  Galvatron and the Decepticons are almost able to claim victory, but Grimlock (who was temporarily a fucking genius) created the Technobots who saved the Autobots and defeated the Decepticons.

Galvatron leads the Decepticons in a large battle on Earth’s moon.  Both armies are evenly matched and there doesn’t appear to be any winner of the battle.  Galvatron and the Decepticons take a moment to rally their strength and at once, they all attack!  The Autobots respond by doing the same thing, and Galvatron is shocked that the Autobots would do such a bold move.  The Decepticons outnumber the Autobots, but the battle ends when all of the animal based Transformers are summoned to battle Tornedron.  The animal based Transformers leave the moon using Sky Lynx and Trypticon, and Galvatron follows with Cyclonus and Soundwave.  Before the three Decepticons can get out of the solar system, they are attacked by Tornedron and their energies are absorbed.  Galvatron is restored when Tornedron is defeated.

Galvatron returns to Char, and soon after Dead End and Wildrider approach him with a prize.  They have stolen the Matrix from Rodimus Prime!  Galvatron tries to incorporate the Matrix into his cannon, but the Matrix won’t let him use it’s power.  He accuses the two Stunticons of breaking the Matrix and fires on them.  The spirits of previous Primes fill the room, haunting the Decepticons.  They tell Galvatron to return the Matrix to Rodimus and he is so terrified that he wants to get rid of the Matrix.  He gives it to Scourge to destroy.  Scourge doesn’t destroy it, he puts the Matrix inside of himself and gains some power as well as mutates.  Galvatron has no idea that Scourge didn’t follow his orders.  Galvatron tries to gather all of the Decepticons to make a huge attack on the Autobots, trying to take advantage of the missing Matrix.  Suddenly, he is attacked by a Matrix drunken Scourge.  Galvatron refuses to give leadership of the Decepticons to Scourge, but Scourge is too powerful.  With one blast of energy from his eyes, Galvatron is sent flying away into a pit.  Cyclonus is then knocked into stasis lock by Scourge.  Scourge takes the Decepticons to Earth as Galvatron climbs out of the pit.  As he rises from the hole, Cyclonus comes back online.  They pursue Scourge the the rest of the Decepticons in Galvatron’s personal ship.  They arrive at Earth after Scourge started his assault.  Galvatron opens the airlock and jumps out with Cyclonus following. Galvatron punishes Scourge by firing on him in cannon mode. Galvatron and Cyclonus recover Scourge and the rest of the Decepticons, and return to Char.

With Cyclonus, Galvatron investigates a strange object in space.  He is met by the Quintessons and several Autobots who are investigating as well.  Cyclonus begs Galvatron to leave the object alone, as it may be dangerous.  Galvatron punches Cyclonus in the face and continues his examination.  He tries to open the disc in cannon mode, but is attacked by the Quintessons.  Sky Lynx attacks Galvatron, injuring the Decepticon leader.  Galvatron and Cyclonus do not retreat though.  The disc winds up being another Quintesson device.  The Quintessons open it to lure both sides of Transformers into it.  Galvatron wants the power of the disc for himself, but he is not brave enough to grasp the power for himself.  He grabs Cyclonus and throws him towards the disc.  The Quintessons use their ship to fly into the opened disc, their wake pulls the Autobots and Cyclonus into it.  Cyclonus then has a fun adventure with the Quintessons.

Galvatron returns to Earth and Ratbat informs him that Optimus Prime’s body has been recovered by several human scientists.  For some reason, the Decepticons were just hanging out inside of a sports arena.  Galvatron organizes the Decepticons to attack the lab to prevent Optimus Prime from being brought back to life.  When the Decepticons attack the lab, they find that many Autobots are infected by a hate plague.  The Decepticons soon succumb to the disease, but Galvatron remains uninfected.  Rodimus Prime tells him to not allow anyone who is glowing red to touch him, or he will be infected as well.  

Galvatron retreats from Earth, but the infection follows him.  On Char, he is hunted by the infected Decepticons.  He is cornered by Predaking, Cyclonus, and Scourge, but Galvatron is saved by Optimus Prime and several other Autobots.  He reluctantly allies himself with the Autobots who want the allow that the Terrorcons stole previously.  Galvatron leads them into a cave and destroys the entrance in cannon mode.  He hopes that will protect them from the infected Decepticons.  They travel through the cave and wind up at a large, hardened web.  When the spider creature who built the web attacks, Galvatron fires on the web and flies off, endangering the Autobots.  After the Autobots save themselves, Galvatron returns, amused.  He continues to guide the Autobots to the alloy on a very dangerous path.  Soon, the infected Decepticons catch up with the Autobots and infect Blaster and Goldbug.  Galvatron fires on the ceiling of the cave in cannon mode, more rocks fall on the path, giving some safety to Galvatron and the Autobots.  When they reach the storage room of the cave, they find the metal, but there is only enough to shield one Transformer.  Galvatron wants to be that one Transformer.  Galvatron aims his cannon at Optimus Prime, but for a brief moment, Galvatron is distracted and Optimus knocks the cannon off of Galvatron’s arm.  Sky Lynx grabs the cannon and points it at Galvatron.  Galvatron then starts to load the metal into Optimus Prime’s trailer.  As he finishes, he notices an infected Cyclonus enter the room and infects Jessica Morgan.  Galvatron fires on Cyclonus, hitting him in the chest.  But Galvatron is infected by Jessica.  O  Galvatron, and a large group of infected Decepticons, come back to Earth and find Optimus.  Optimus Prime has entered the Matrix to seek knowledge of a cure.  Galvatron is about to kill the incapacitated Optimus, but Galvatron is cured when Optimus Prime cures the entire universe with the Matrix.  Galvatron makes a brief truce with the Autobots, saying that both forces have been through enough for a while.

The truce lasts for only a few months.  After regrouping and repairing the Decepticons, they gain several new recruits (that isn’t said explicitly, but that seems to be the logical reason for all of the new Decepticons).  Galvatron organizes almost all of the Decepticons to attack Autobot City on Earth (has that ever worked out for him?).  Galvatron orders Pounce and Wingspan to infiltrate the vaults of Metroplex to steal the key to the Plasma Energy Chamber.  After dispatching Punch, they bring the key to Galvatron and the Decepticons retreat.  The Decepticons then attack Cybertron so they can use the key to open the chamber.  They want to use the energy as a weapon to destroy the Autobots.  A group of Autobots recover the key, but they are accidentally sent to Nebulos.  Galvatron sends Cyclonus, Scourge, and several new Decepticons to follow them.  While the small Decepticon group leaves the battle, Galvatron and the rest of the Decepticons continue to fight the Autobots on Cybertron.

On Cybertron, the Decepticons are able to defeat and injure most of the Autobots.  Galvatron orders the Combaticons to build large afterburners on Cybertron.  He plans to move the entire planet to the Earth Solar System.  Galvatron is ambushed by Ultra Magnus and the Protectobots.  They unleash all of their weapons (but the Protectobots don’t form Defensor which probably would’ve helped a lot) but Galvatron is able to overcome them.  Scorponok arrives on Cybertron with the Decepticon Headmasters and Targetmasters who wipe out the surviving Autobots.  Galvatron at first is disgusted that his Decepticons bonded with organics, but learns to accept them when he sees how powerful they are.  The Hive Targetmasters transform into weapon mode and point themselves at Galvatron.  Zarak explains that he has Arcee (who has the key to the plasma energy chamber inside of her).  Zarak/Scorponok proposes that the Hive and the Decepticons ally themselves with each other.  Galvatron reluctantly agrees.  While Cybertron is traveling to Earth, Galvatron orders that the remains of the fallen Autobots are used as fuel for the engines moving Cybertron.  Cyclonus then brings the key to the Plasma Energy Chamber to Galvatron.  Galvatron and Scourge travel to the Chamber.  Galvatron sets a 10 minute timer so he can get to a safe distance from the Plasma Energy and returns to the surface.  Fortress Maximus arrives to save the Autobots, and Galvatron watches as Scorponok battles the new Autobot.  Galvatron orders Scorponok to hurry because they only have a few minutes before the Plasma Energy Chamber opens.  Galvatron tries to retreat using Scorponok, but Fortress Maximus prevents the Decepticons from getting to Scorponok.  Eventually, Galvatron and the Decepticons are able to evade destruction long enough to get to Scorponok.  They retreat from Cybertron into space.  Galvatron fully allying himself with Zarak, vowing to return to destroy the Autobots.  But that was the last episode of the US Transformers and we never see them again.

Marvel G1 Comic Background -

On Cybertron, there was a general state of peace until Megatron decided he wanted to rule.  The Decepticons lived for eons alongside the Autobots.  The first battle was mere weeks after Megatron and a group of Decepticons became able to transform into weapons.  The battles were so powerful that they shook the entire planet of Cybertron off of its axis, sending it hurtling into space.  Megatron planned on turning Cybertron into a dreadnought to take over the entire universe.  Megatron was made aware that Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots, was going to leave Cybertron to protect it from an asteroid field.  Megatron took a ship to attack the Autobot ship.  The Autobots were weak from destroying the Asteroid Field and the Decepticon forces began to win the conflict.  This caused Optimus Prime to plot a course directly into the nearest planet, Earth, millions of years ago.  For four million years, the Autobots and Decepticons lied dormant in the ark.  In 1984, they were awakened by a volcanic eruption.  This triggered an automatic drone to explore Earth, unable to see the difference between an Autobot and a Decepticon, both were repaired and revived.

Much like in the cartoon, early Megatron was concerned about acquiring Energy.  The first mission for the Decepticons was to attack Harrison Dam. He sends Starscream to attack, but Megatron stays back.  After the dirty work is done, Megatron joins the Decepticons and takes components of the dam.  The Decepticons use the parts of the dam to create a fortress to be used as their base of operations.  Megatron learns that the Witwickys are helping the Autobots modify Earth fuel to be used by Cybertronians and sends his forces to get them.  He orders that they will help The Decepticons or they will die.  After sending a team of Decepticons to kidnap Sparkplug, Megatron joins the fight after it already started.  Bumblebee was tasked by Optimus Prime to protect the Witwickys, but Megatron knocked him out with one punch to his head.  Megatron and Optimus start their first fight on Earth.  Megatron using humans as shields to gain leverage on Optimus.  Megatron takes Sparkplug and The Decepticons escape to their Fortress.  Megatron tells Sparkplug that he will make fuel for The Decepticons.  

Sparkplug realizes that even though the Decepticons are more advanced than anything on Earth, they lack the “primitive” knowledge Sparkplug has, and that is why they need him.  Megatron uses Laserbeak to “motivate” Sparkplug into helping the Decepticons.  When Sparkplug says he needs a sample of Transformer Fuel, of course Megatron doesn’t provide the sample himself, he orders Rumble to use his fuel for Sparkplug’s experiments.  He then orders the Decepticons to get scientific equipment for Sparkplug to use.  At this point, the existence of the Transformers is made public.  The President orders the military to attack the Decepticon Fortress.  Megatron can’t be bothered with it and he sends Starscream to destroy the military (and Spider-Man... No Joke).  Gears and Spider-Man save Sparkplug, but only after he makes the conversion of Earth fuel to Transformer fuel and since Megatron has no more use for Sparkplug, he attempts to kill him.  

The US Military then decides to unleash all of their weapons on the Decepticon Fortress.  Megatron steps outside and takes the full brunt of the artillery strike and walks away without a scratch on him.  Megatron then takes account of the Decepticon Injuries from the Autobot strike.  Starscream pushes him again verbally and Megatron finally attacks Starscream with his Fusion Cannon.  He then sends Ravage to The Ark to find out what the Autobots are doing.   Megatron then orders the Decepticons to attack The Ark.  The battle rages on and Megatron finds himself in a position to destroy Optimus Prime, but he realizes that it would also destroy several of his troops.  He doesn’t care.  Before he could fire, Bluestreak fires his rockets at Megatron, preventing Megatron from not only destroying Optimus Prime, but destroying other Decepticons.  The Decepticons are about to win the battle, but they all start to collapse in pain.  Sparkplug added acid to the modified fuel he made for the Decepticons, causing them to fall.  Before the Autobots can finally defeat the Decepticons, Shockwave appears, attacking the Autobots, defeating them.

With Shockwave in command, Megatron is kept prisoner in The Ark  He pretends he is weaker than he is and bides his time before he can defeat the traitorous Shockwave.  After Shockwave returns from a successful unaccompanied mission, where he took over an Oil Rig, providing fuel for the Decepticons, Megatron frees himself and challenges Shockwave to battle for leadership of the Decepticons.  Unfortunately for Megatron, he isn’t at full strength.  Shockwave defeats Megatron and lets him live. Soon after, Megatron encounters Ratchet who had sneaked onto The Ark.  Ratchet punches Megatron, causing no damage.  Megatron swats him away.  To save himself, Ratchet tries to convince Megatron that they should work together.  He tells Megatron that he knows how The Dinobots defeated Shockwave 4 million years ago (which is a lie).  Ratchet and Megatron form a promissory bond that Ratchet will help Megatron defeat Shockwave and lets Ratchet go.  In the mean time, Megatron feigns loyalty towards Shockwave.  Ratchet and Megatron meet, Ratchet tells him that he has a plan to defeat Shockwave.  Megatron tries to double cross Ratchet, but Ratchet planned for this.  The Dinobots were in hiding and fight Megatron.  Megatron defeats all five Dinobots and now brings his focus to Ratchet. Ratchet punches Megatron but it does no damage.  Megatron winds up falling backwards off of the cliff he was standing on and becomes stuck in gun mode.
A while later, a low level criminal named Joey Slick is about to be murdered by mobsters.  He finds Megatron, in gun mode and kills the mobsters before they can kill him.  But he didn’t pull the trigger, Megatron did it himself.  Joey goes to rest in a barn and the gun transforms into Megatron who tells him the story of The Transformers.  He is severely damaged and can only follow orders, not act on his own.  Joey has several misadventures, defends himself from more mobsters and the police, and moves up the criminal food chain to become a high level armed thief.  Eventually Megatron repairs himself and regains his personality.  He spares Joey’s life and wanders around, looking for energy.

After weeks of wandering around, he finds himself at a coal mine trying to find energy to consume.  Before he could cause too much damage and injure too many people, he runs out of energy, but his mind still works.  GB Blackrock takes advantage of this to show the world that his “Robot Master” Superhero can defend the world from Decepticons.  Before they can show the world their hoax, Optimus Prime comes and is attacked.  Soundwave saves Megatron by bringing him fuel and takes him to regain leadership of the Decepticons from Shockwave.  Megatron uses a strip mine as his base to gain strength.  Soundwave resumes the function of his loyal soldier.  Megatron calls for Starscream, Skywarp, and Thundercracker, and Shockwave intercepts it, causing him to join The Seekers in meeting Megatron.  Before Megatron and Shockwave can fight, Straxus contacts Megatron from Cybertron, saying he just found out that Megatron is alive and he will pledge whatever is needed to help The Decepticon cause.  Shockwave and Megatron put aside their differences for the greater “good”.  Straxus is killed by Blaster, the space bridge is broken, but Shockwave and Megatron remain allies.

Megatron moves the Decepticon forces to Wyoming where the Constructicons build a new base for the Decepticons.  He doesn’t know that the space bridge transported Autobots to Earth not Decepticons, so he is shocked when he finds Perceptor, Blaster, and the rest of the Cybertronian Resistance.  Soundwave calls Megatron and tells him that Optimus Prime and other Autobots fighting their automated defenses.  Megaton realizes that if all of the Autobots are at the Decepticon base, Megatron could take over The Ark with little resistance. He didn’t know Omega Supreme was now defending The Ark.  Omega made short work of The Decepticons.

The Space Bridge becomes fully operational on Cybertron and more Decepticons come to Earth.  Megatron orders Insecticon Bombshell to gain mental control over a dam worker named Ricky.  Under Decepticon control, Ricky drives to the Decepticon base.  Megatron plans to use him for another plan to drain Earth of it’s energy.  Megatron transforms into human sized gun, becoming a sidearm for Ricky, and starts to enact his plan.  Ricky carries Megatron to the control room of the dam and orders it to be turned off.  Then, using Megatron, Ricky holds the workers in the control room hostage.  The Aerialbots are sent to save the hostages and stop The Decepticon plot.  The Aerialbots defeat this plot and help break the mental control Megatron and Bombshell has on Ricky.  Ricky uses Megatron to destroy the machinery which Megatron was going to use to destroy the dam.

Bombshell hitches a ride back to The Ark on Silverbolt.  He is able to duplicate the Creation Matrix program, which only Optimus Prime had, and gives it to Megatron.  Megatron then gives life to his new creations, The Stunticons.  Megatron quickly dispatches them to find Skids, who was carrying a human who betrayed Megatron.  The Stunticons were unsuccessful.
Almost immediately after The Stunticons return, Megatron brings Runabout and Runamuck to Earth to use them as couriers.  He wants them to deliver a message to Optimus Prime to challenge him to combat. Soon after, Megatron learns of the existence of a prototype machine which can create unlimited energy from the ocean floor created by Ethan Zachary.  Megatron and The Combaticons go to the laboratory where the device is where they encounter Optimus Prime and The Protectobots.  There is a stand off where Megatron challenges Optimus to a battle to the death and Ethan Zachary intervenes.  Ethan Zachary suggests that he takes the consciousness of both forces and puts them in a computer game which he created.  They can battle without damaging anything in the real world and the winner would gain control of the energy harnessing device.  Megatron uses this scenario for his benefit.  He adds a term that the leader of the losing army will be destroyed.  Everyone agrees. Inside the computer world, Megatron stays back, he sends the Combaticons to look for Optimus and The Protectobots so he will remain safe.  All of the Combaticons are defeated leaving Megatron to challenge Optimus Prime.  Megatron briefly leaves the virtual world where Vortex tells him of a cheat code, giving Megatron the ability to resurrect himself if defeated.  Megatron re-enters the game and is defeated by Defensor but resurrects himself and attacks Optimus.  Optimus is hanging from a cliff, but he is able to cause Megatron to fall into a pit, in the process killing virtual creatures.  Even though Optimus Prime won the battle, he feels that he cheated by killing the virtual creatures, so following Optimus Prime’s wishes, Ethan Zachary kills Optimus Prime, much to Megatron’s pleasure.  Megatron and the Combaticons leave victorious, with the energy harnessing device.

After Optimus Prime’s death, Megatron falls into depression.  He passes off all responsibility to Shockwave and when Shockwave notifies him that the Army is about to attack, Megatron simply tells Shockwave to deal with it.  Megatron feels cheated because he didn’t get to feel Optimus truly die, that it was taken by him though an explosion.  He falls into madness attacking Brawl and threatening to destroy Shockwave.  To save his own life, he tells Megatron that Optimus Prime could still be alive and the death could been a simulation.  This pleases Megatron but at this point, Megatron has gone mad, much like Galvatron was in the cartoon.  He starts firing blindly, but in the process causes the Army to retreat.  He takes a force which consists of some of the Stunticons and some of the Combaticons to investigate.  On the trip to search for Optimus Prime, Megatron sees a red tractor trailer that resembles Optimus Prime and briefly attacks it.  He soon realizes that it isn’t Optimus but still destroys the truck.  Megatron separates from his group of Decepticons and the Predacons attack him!  They have changed their faction symbol from Decepticon to Autobot, and Megatron has never met them, so he assumes it is an Autobot attack.  The Predacons work as a unit, they attack Megatron one at a time and as a team.  As Megatron attempts to gain the upper hand, Razorclaw slashes half of Megatron’s face off.  Megatron starts to gain ground and the Predacons merge into Predaking.  Predaking has no trouble in fighting Megatron, but Shockwave wants to secure leadership of The Decepticons.  Megatron defeats Predaking and after the battle, Soundwave finds proof that Shockwave ordered the Predacons to attack Megatron.  He has a flashback to the aftermath of the battle with Optimus Prime and realizes Ethan Zachary made a copy of Optimus Prime’s mind onto a computer disk.  Megatron breaks, he stands on The Space Bridge and starts firing everywhere.  He destroys the Space Bridge with him inside of it and Megatron disappears.

Some time later, Ratbat and Starscream watch a historical record of Megatron on Cybertron when the war first started.  In the historical simulation, Megatron leads the Triggercons to Boltax in a search for great power.  When the monks of Boltax warn Megatron to turn back, he kills them.  Megatron continues on to Boltax and finds Optimus Prime guarding The Underbase.  The Underbase is an immense collection of Cybertronian knowledge which Optimus warns is too much for any one Transformer to contain.  Megatron and his Decepticons fire on Optimus, severely damaging him.  Megatron is about to take the power of The Underbase for himself and Optimus sends it into space, preventing everyone from possessing it.
In the present, after years of hiding in the shadows plotting, Megatron finally puts his plans into action.  He uses a team of Decepticon Sports Car Micromasters, who have disguised themselves as Autobots, to taunt Ratchet.  Megatron is using the very similar plot that Shockwave used against him with the Predacons.  Megatron’s plans are successful when Ratchet uses the space bridge to return to Cybertron with Goldbug, Jazz, and Grimlock’s bodies in tow.  Ratchet expects Megatron to kill him, but Megatron tells Ratchet that he has other plans for him, to use Ratchet’s talents to heal fallen Decepticon.

While waiting for Darkwind and Dreadwing to arrive on Cybertron with a Decepticon’s deactivated body, Megatron tells Ratchet the story of where he has been for the last few years.  Megatron explains that he planned on creating the space bridge accident which made everyone assume he was dead, but in his maddened state, he miscalculated the explosion which was supposed to knock him away.  He wound up in the wastelands of Cybertron in stasis lock while his internal systems repaired him.  He was still severely damaged, both physically and mentaly and he was disfigured, so any Cybertronian he encountered didn’t believe he was truly Megatron.  He wound up encountering two Autobots attacking the Micromaster Blackjack, seeing the Autobot logo and Blackjack calling out to Megatron, snapped his mind back to clarity and Megatron killed the two Autobots.  Blackjack helped Megatron fully heal and the diabolical Decepticon started his plans to get revenge on both the Autobots and the Decepticons!  Just as Megatron is finishing his story, Darkwing and Dreadwind arrive with a body in tow.  That body is the dead Starscream.  Megatron wants to restore Starscream as a mindless Decepticon Soldier, one who is a Pretender.  Ratchet reluctantly agrees, but has his own ulterior motives.  Ratchet restores Starscream and Megatron sends him to Earth with the Space Bridge.  Ratchet tries to escape, and Megatron tries to kill him.  Before Megatron can kill Ratchet, he is saved by a newly rebuilt Grimlock, Jazz, and Bumblebee (no not Goldbug, Bumblebee).  Ratchet took the left over Pretender shells and used them to not only restore his friends, but enhance them as Pretenders.

Right away, Grimlock attacks Megatron, protecting his friend.  But Megatron is way too powerful, he fights off Grimlock with little effort.  He then attempts to resume his previous thought, killing Ratchet.  Before Megatron can kill Ratchet, Ratchet reveals the other part of his plan, he didn’t just restore Starscream’s body, but he restored Starscream’s mind.  Bumblebee fires on Megatron, freeing Ratchet.  Megatron and Bumblebee fight, and of course Megatron defeats Bumblebee giving Grimlock the opportunity to attack again.  Megatron is a better warrior than Grimlock and defeats him again.  Megatron then knocks out Jazz and resumes his hunt for Ratchet.  He finds Ratchet by the Space Bridge controls and Ratchet revealed that he manipulated Megatron.  Enraged, Megatron attacks Ratchet, who had just teleported the bomb which was on the Ark to Megatron’s base on Cybertron.  They wind up going through the space bridge with Ratchet holding onto Megatron.  The explosives go off and Megatron is thought to be destroyed again along with Ratchet.

Months later, Megatron and Ratchet are brought back from their space bridge malfunction.  But instead of being two separate beings, they have fused as a mindless brute hybrid.  They have a basic version of both of their memories, and little ability to communicate.  The Megatron half attacks Optimus, and Kup retaliates, shooting the hybrid Transformer.  Nightbeat stops Kup, telling him that Ratchet is part of the creature and the creature attacks Kup, Nightbeat, and one of the Pretenders.  The creature escapes onto the Ark and starts damaging it and it’s crew.  Optimus grudgingly agrees to put the creature down, and they fight.  Optimus defeats the creature but it is against his moral code to kill a defenseless creature.  The Ratchet part of the creature starts to beg Optimus to kill him.  Optimus brings the creature to FixIt, an Autobot Micromaster Doctor, who says he thinks that he can separate the creature into Megatron and Ratchet again, but Megatron will be alive again.  Optimus tells him to try.

The Hybrid of Megatron and Ratchet is kept on the Ark in a stasis pod.  Grimlock winds up pumping the stasis pod full of Nucleon and the two Transformers are separated.  Shockwave and Starscream steal the Ark to escape Cybertron and Megatron is unintentionally set free again.  He soon encounters his future self, Galvatron.  The puzzled Galvatron immediately strikes out at Megatron and the two battle on the Ark.  Galvatron is much more powerful than Megatron and winds up overwhelming him.  Megatron stops seeing Galvatron as his foe, and sees him as Ratchet.  This makes Megatron furious and he starts to successfully fight back against Galvatron.  Galvatron is the superior warrior, both more powerful and more experienced.  He is about to kill Megatron but realizes that if Megatron dies, he won’t exist anymore.  Galvatron sneaks off and leaves the wounded Megatron to be found by Shockwave and Starscream.  When Starscream finds Megatron, he is frightened and starts to regain favor with Megatron.  Shockwave sends him away to look for other stowaways on the Ark, and Shockwave attacks Megatron.  Galvatron winds up saving Megatron and together they defeat Shockwave.  They decide that if they worked together, they could enslave the universe.  Before they can make any plans, the Ark crashes to Earth.

After years of hiding and remaining severely damaged, Megatron reveals himself to COBRA (yes the COBRA from GI Joe).  He thinks that Destro’s transforming castle is actually a Transformer and allies himself with COBRA.  They rebuild him as a tank and his main weapon is a rail gun which was created by Dr. Biggles-Jones.  Megatron promised to give Cobra Commander a cache of Cybertronian technology, but he double crossed Cobra Commander, giving him nothing but junk.  He takes the Ark, with Dr. Biggles-Jones hostage, to get back to Cybertron and challenge his foe, Optimus Prime.  Unknown to Megatron, there is are a few Autobots still on the Ark, Fortress Maximus and Skydive.  Fortress Maximus tries to sneak up on Megatron, but Megatron knew he was coming.  He fires on Fort Max, blowing a hole in his torso.  He savagely attacks Maximus, beating him with his fists, and ultimately punching another hole in him.  Skydive fires on Megatron, but its too late for Fortress Maximus.  In a last ditch effort, Fortress Maximus sets off a major explosion on the Ark, trapping Megatron on Earth.

Bludgeon starts to attack Earth to draw Optimus Prime into his clutches.  Hundreds of humans are killed and there is significant damage done to cities.  When Bludgeon sends out an invasion force, Megatron shows himself, partnered with Starscream, and challenges Bludgeon to battle to the death.  The winner gets control of the Decepticons. Megatron tells Bludgeon that he is unworthy to command the Decepticons.  Darkwing attempts to shoot Megatron in the back, and Megatron fires on him, almost destroying Darkwing.  Bludgeon tries to take advantage of Megatron’s distraction, but Megatron is a seasoned warrior.  He grabs Bludgeon by the head and rips the head off of his Pretender shell.  Bludgeon attacks with his core robot and then transforms into tank mode.  The blasts from Bludgeon’s vehicle mode aren’t strong enough to damage Megatron’s upgraded armor.  Megatron transforms into his new tank mode and destroys Bludgeon with one shot.  Megatron reclaims his title as the rightful leader of the Decepticons.

With Bludgeon destroyed, Megatron takes control of Bludgeon’s War World and tours it with Swindle.  Megatron also keeps Bludgeon’s head as a trophy on the ship.  Megatron continues Bludgeon’s plan to attack Earth to lure Optimus Prime into his clutches.  He wants to steal the Matrix from Optimus Prime so he can breathe life into a new Decepticon Army.  He also reveals to Soundwave that he plans on killing Starscream when his plan is completed.  He expects Starscream to double cross him (again).  Optimus Prime arrives on Earth and fights against the Decepticons alone.  Megatron joins the fight and shoots Optimus Prime in the back.  He continues to savagely attack Optimus while Optimus tries to get Megatron to listen to him.  Optimus Prime wants to unite the Autobots and Decepticons (again) to fight against Jhiaxus and his second generation Decepticons.  Megatron doesn’t listen and defeats Optimus Prime in battle.  He then siphons off Matrix energy to give life to his new Decepticon Army.  Megatron is about to destroy Optimus Prime, once and for all, but Grimlock arrives with an Autobot strike force, saving the Autobot leader.  The Decepticons are overwhelmed and outnumbered by Grimlock’s team and they retreat.

Megatron quickly uses the Matrix Energy to make several new Decepticons.  He sends them to the planet Tykos to take the planet over and steals their supply of Rheanium Gas.  The gas has the ability to make the armor of a Transformer super dense and damage resistant.  Unlike earlier battles (specifically in the beginning of the G1 comic), Megatron joins the attack party and attacks the inhabitants of the planet.  After conquering the planet, Megatron becomes aware of Jhiaxus killing several Decepticons.  Megatron rallies his army to destroy Jhiaxus and his vast army of conquering Cybertronians.  Before they can find Jhiaxus, Jhiaxus finds them.  Jhiaxus’ army attacks Megatron’s Decepticons and quickly overwhelms them.  Megatron leaves his War World and flies to Jhiaxus’ ship, The Twilight.  He challenges Jhiaxus to combat, but like his army, Jhiaxus is too powerful for the Decepticon leader.  Megatron uses all of his combat experience and all of the weapons in his arsenal, but Jhiaxus proves to be too powerful for him.  Megatron is severely damaged and crashes onto the planet of Tykos where the Decepticon survivors find him.  

Megatron then tracks down Optimus Prime and agrees to the alliance which Optimus proposed to defeat Jhiaxus.  Optimus Prime is still recovering from his battle with the Decepticons and when Grimlock sees Megatron, he quickly attacks Megatron, thinking he is defending Optimus Prime.  Even damaged, Megatron is too powerful for Grimlock and swats him away.  After everyone calms down, Megatron and the Decepticons are officially temporary allies of the Autobots.  Optimus makes the mandate that if the alliance is going to work, Megatron has to live up to the ideals of the Autobots.  Optimus Prime makes him promise not to take any innocent life and to protect anyone from Jhiaxus who needs it.  Megatron agrees, but when he regroups with the Decepticons, he reveals that he plans to use the Autobots as nothing more than cannon fodder.

On Ethos, Megatron leads his army against Jhiaxus’ on the planet Ethos  He primarily commands Decepticons, specifically his newly created ones.  Working as a team, the Decepticons start to successfully defeat Jhiaxus’ soldiers.  The Autobot/Decepticon alliance is successful in repelling Jhiaxus’ army and after the battle, Optimus and Megatron meet on the War World to make a new strategy.  Soundwave reports to Megatron that now Starscream is missing.

Megatron joins Optimus Prime and several Autobot scientists to investigate an alien planet that was wiped out.  They find a strange black substance and bring it back to the Autobot base on Earth for analysis.  Perceptor reveals that it is related to the Transformers somehow.  Megatron criticizes Optimus and accuses him of knowing what it is before they got there.  Optimus says it is related to the visions he has been having, but before they can investigate the substance further, they are attacked by Jhiaxus’ Cybertronians.

Megatron and Optimus lead their forces in the attack, and they are able to repel the invading Cybertronians.  Despite being outnumbered and outgunned, the Autobot/Decepticon alliance on Earth is winning the battle. Unfortunately that was only the first wave, Jhiaxus then sends his FULL army to join the battle.  Optimus Prime needs an edge in the battle, so he asks Megatron to join him in traveling to War World so Optimus can reclaim the Matrix.  Upon reaching War World, Megatron and Optimus find that Starscream has not only betrayed Jhiaxus, but he has merged with the Matrix and War World, becoming all powerful.  The two leaders work together to fight against the mutated Starscream, but he is too powerful.  Megatron suggests that Optimus Prime tries to contact the Matrix, but Optimus can’t.  Megatron frees himself from the bondage of War World and goes to the energy core of War World, he plans to overload it, hoping to destroy or at least hurt Starscream.  Optimus makes him change his plan, they travel throughout War World to Starscream’s core where the Matrix is being held..  As they walk through the warship, The Swarm attacks (for information on The Swarm click HERE).

Megatron and Optimus reach the Matrix and convinces Starscream to give it back to him.  Starscream reverts back to normal and joins Megatron in trying to come up with a plan to save their lives.  Megatron tells Starscream that the only reason Starscream is still alive is because he needs Starscream alive, for the moment.  He plans on using the Rheanuum Gas to combat The Swarm.  He uses the gas on himself, making his armor Super-Dense, he hopes that will give him an edge against The Swarm and make it harder for it to kill him.  Optimus Prime’s ideals have started to rub off onto Megatron.  He sees that Earth is about to be consumed and he wants to save both Decepticon AND Autobot.  Megatron and Starscream bring an injured Optimus Prime onto their shuttle craft.  Megatron joins the Autobot/Decepticon alliance on earth with the Rheanimum Gas, which is used to protect the Transformers against The Swarm.  Optimus uses the Matrix on The Swarm, saving the day.  This causes the Autobots and Decepticons to unite as one race, ending the conflict which has gone on for millions of years.


The Galvatron in the Marvel Book was from a possible future where the Decepticons had defeated the Autobots and ruled the world. Also in this possible future, Unicron ate Cybertron.   Much like his cartoon version, he was Megatron who was rebuilt by Unicron, and he was as insane as his cartoon version.
In 2009, he has destroyed New York City and keeps Rodimus Prime as a prisoner.  He commands The Pretender Beasts, Scourge, and Cyclonus as part of his army.  He uses them to track down and destroy any remaining Autobot forces.  He executes Rodimus and winds up even killing Cyclonus for failing him.  Before he can kill Spike, Unicron (from the standard Marvel G1 reality and time) sends his new heralds, Hook, Line, and Sinker after Galvatron and brings him to the present.
In the present, Unicron makes Galvatron his herald (for the 2nd time for Galvatron), and to lead Hook, Line, and Sinker in the upcoming battle on Cybertron.  Unicron explains to him that it will take sometime for him to get to Cybertron and Galvatron will prepare the way for him.  Galvatron doesn’t want to be Unicron’s pawn and fires on him, doing nothing.  Galvatron then agrees, but with his own agenda.

Galvatron’s first target is an Autobot base on Cybertron.  He savagely attacks it with Hook, Line, and Sinker.  Galvatron quickly looses interest in attacking such low ranking Autobots and goes on his own to look for the leader of the Autobot resistance, Emirate Xaaron.  Galvatron stalks Xaaron in the underground tunnels of Cybertron and quickly catches him.  
Xaaron expects Galvatron to kill him, but Galvatron asks him how to destroy Unicron.  Xaaron tells him that the Matrix would kill Unicron, but Galvatron knows that the Matrix is gone.  Xaaron then mentions that there is a prophecy that if the Autobots and Decepticons combined as one force, they may have a chance of killing Unicron.  Galvatron considers this option and realizes that he needs a rallying point for both sides.  He decides that Primus will be that rallying point.  He drags Emirate Xaaron to the Primus chamber and makes Xaaron try to awaken Primus, still fearing that Hook, Line, and Sinker will find him trying to betray Unicron.  Emirate Xaaron starts to pray to Primus while Galvatron has a temper tantrum, striking the walls in frustration.  Unknown to Galvatron, Unicron cannot see him within the Primus Chamber.  This causes Unicron to send Hook, Line, and Sinker to find Galvatron.  They quickly find him in the Primus Chamber and attack him.  As powerful as they are, Galvatron is more powerful and has more combat experience.  He destroys Sinker while in cannon mode and then destroys Hook.  Line is about to attack Galvatron, but Primus has awakened!  He possesses the body of Emirate Xaaron and kills Line.  Galvatron plays into Primus’ naivety and acts as if he is a faithful follower of Primus.  He asks Primus to bring the Transformers back to Cybertron to fight Unicron.  The Transformers on Earth, as well as the Neo-Knights are transported by Primus to Cybertron.

Galvatron watches as the Cult of Unicron attacks Optimus Prime and Scorponok.  Galvatron stays hidden, but protects Optimus from a grenade that a cult member was about to throw at Optimus, secretly saving him.  Galvatron then shoots into the air, signaling the Autobots and Decepticons to help Optimus Prime and Scorponok from the Cult of Unicron.
Soon after saving Optimus Prime, Unicron attacks.  He starts to ravage Cybertron as Galvatron watches.  He attempts to attack Unicron but is no where near powerful enough to create any resistance to the dark god and is swatted away.  Unicron is ultimately destroyed by Optimus Prime.

Cybertron is wasting away without Primus and Galvatron watches as Shockwave and Starscream repair the Ark to use as an escape vessel.  He sneaks on board and the first thing he sees is a resurrected Megatron, his past self.  Immediately he attacks Megatron, starting a battle between two versions of the same Transformer.  Galvatron over powers Megatron, throwing him around the Ark.  Megatron fights back, but Galvatron is the superior Decepticon.  As he is about to kill Megatron, he realizes he can’t, it may wind up killing himself in the process.  He decides that he will defend Megatron.  He hides on the Ark, and when Shockwave starts attacking Megatron, Galvatron intervenes and helps Megatron defeat Shockwave.  The two Decepticons then agree to work together to take over the universe.  Before they can enact their plans, the Ark crashes to Earth.

After crashing to Earth, the Canadian army sends tanks to investigate.  Galvatron makes quick work of them.  He leaves the crash site and continues to battle the Canadian military until Fortress Maximus attacks him.  Fort Max shoots him in the back to get Galvatron’s attention and Galvatron pounces on him.  Galvatron beats Fortress Maximus with his bare hands, and even uses his teeth to tear at the Autobot’s circuits.  Fortress Maximus strikes back, and regains ground in the fight, ultimately killing Galvatron.

IDW Regeneration One Background -

For over twenty years, The Autobots had no contact with Earth.  Cybertron is ruled by the Autobot majority and Decepticons are second class citizens, but they lack any major leadership.  Megatron has remained on Earth and has become it’s conqueror after being reawakened when scientists start to study the Ark.  When Megatron started to attack the world, the US Military decided to use nuclear weapons on Megatron, but Megatron already infected the nuclear bases with a computer virus, putting the Nuclear weapons in Megatron’s control.  He fired them at numerous targets throughout the world and the entire planet was turned into a wasteland.  Megatron resurrected all of the Decepticons who were held in stasis on the Ark who were killed by Starscream during the Underbase Saga.  Fortress Maximus leads the humans against Megatron and is allegedly killed.

When Kup and The Wreckers go to Earth to look for Decepticons, Megatron fires a payload of nuclear missiles at the shuttle, destroying it, with the Autobot commandos inside.  Megatron and a group of resurrected Decepticons go to investigate the crash site and find several escape pods were launched.  Megatron orders his army to find the survivors. The Decepticon army is nothing more than shells of the Decepticons without any mind of their own.  Although Starscream has awareness.  It was Megatron’s punishment that Starscream’s mind is stuck in a body that only Megatron can control now.  Megatron also keeps Ratchet’s head with him as a trophy.  Megatron’s zombie Decepticons take Kup as a prisoner.  He reveals that he has very little interest in Earth and that he conquered it for one reason, he was bored.  He also reveals that he is letting The Wreckers reach their target of a communications array powerful enough to get a message to Cybertron.  In the same exact plot from the alternate timeline G2 book (also written by Simon Furman), Megatron wants a message to get to Optimus Prime to lure him to Earth to defeat him.  Megatron also sends a message out to The Wreckers on Earth.  He notifies them that he has captured Kup and he has infected Kup with Scraplets.  Megatron invites the Autobots to Washington DC to save their leader.

Springer, Whirl, and Sandstorm head to Washington DC to save Kup.  Megatron’s Zombie Decepticons are too powerful for them and they are defeated.  Starscream shoots down Springer, and Springer lands at Megatron’s feet, giving the tyrant the opportunity to personally kill Springer.  Megatron is about to execute Springer when Optimus Prime interrupts.  Megatron is attacked by Optimus, but instead of fighting back, he kills Springer, showing Optimus that his true weakness is his compassion.  Optimus becomes enraged and attacks Megatron again, beating him to submission.  Megatron doesn’t attack when he has the opportunity, he seeks to exploit Optimus’ compassion again.  He orders his Zombie Decepticons to surround and kill the Autobots which Optimus Prime brought with him.  Ultra Magnus orders the Autobots to attack the Zombie Decepticons and Optimus focuses back onto Megatron.  Megatron tells Optimus that it doesn’t matter who wins, either way he is going to launch all of the world’s nuclear missiles at once.

Megatron continues to fight Optimus Prime and he doesn’t notice Kup is crawling towards Ratchet’s head, which has been mounted onto Megatron’s sky sled.  Optimus is able to overcome Megatron and is about to kill him with a large chunk of concrete.  Optimus Prime hesitates (again) and doesn’t kill Megatron.  Megatron takes a metal rod and impales Optimus’ chest with it.  Kup destroys the Ratchet head which Megatron has been carrying around, causing Megatron intense pain (Remember, they were merged as one being at one point???).  Optimus finally realizes that Megatron is beyond rehabilitation and rips the spark out of Megatron, finally killing his nemesis.  At the exact moment Megatron dies, Galvatron (who was thought to be destroyed at the end of the G1 comic) emerges from stasis under a frozen lake.  Megatron and the Zombie Decepticons are vaporized by the Autobots.

After thought to be dead at the end of the Marvel G1 book, Galvatron returns in the Regeneration One book.  As his alternate self Megatron is killed by Optimus Prime, Galvatron awakens from a frozen lake, being in stasis lock for over twenty years.  

He stays in the Yukon, remaining close to the crash site of the Ark (at the end of the G1 book, the Ark crash landed in the Yukon).  He encounters Zombie Starscream who went to the crash site for his own reasons.  Galvatron realizes there is something on the Ark which is hidden and Starscream knows what it is.  Starscream still can’t speak, so Galvatron orders Starscream to take him to whatever Starscream is looking for.  Starscream takes Galvatron to the body of Shockwave.  Galvatron figures out that Shockwave has become the AI of the Ark.  He starts repairs on the Ark to go back to Cybertron.

On his journey back to Cybertron, he starts to receive visions of the alternate timeline he originally came from.  He sees Unicron devouring Cybertron again.  Galvatron plans to use the Ark to sneak onto Cybertron.  His plan includes using the Ark as a weapon to disable the planetary defenses and then fly onto Cybertron using his own power.  He assumes that the Ark will be destroyed and the Autobots will assume that the entire crew was destroyed.  He also looks forward to killing Ultra Magnus, again (Remember he’s from an alternate universe).  A security alarm on the Ark goes off, causing Galvatron to leave the bridge.  Starscream betrays Galvatron and in the cargo bay, an attack droid attacks Galvatron.  Galvatron destroys the droid, but is sucked out of the Ark into outer space.  Starscream attempts to use the Ark’s weapons on Galvatron, but Galvatron is able to evade the attacks.  Galvatron quickly recovers and at the same time that Bludgeon attacks Cybertron, Galvatron attacks as well.

Galvatron focuses his attack on Ultra Magnus.  He seems to be stronger than the Autobot warrior as well as he caught him off guard.  Galvatron throws Ultra Magnus into a building, then into oncoming traffic.  Ultra Magnus fires on Galvatron, causing him to fall to the ground, but Galvatron uses the downward momentum to fly into Ultra Magnus, continuing to trounce Magnus.  Ultra Magnus is loosing the battle, he fires one of his shoulder rockets into Galvatron to get some space and time to recover.  Galvatron isn’t defeated, he takes advantage that Ultra Magnus is focusing his attention on Bludgeon’s invasion, and he attacks Magnus again.  Bludgeon is ravaging Cybertron and uses the War World’s weapons to fire on Ultra Magnus and Galvatron.  Both Ultra Magnus and Galvatron survive the assault and Ultra Magnus emerges victorious.

Galvatron escapes capture and is on the run on Cybertron.  Ultra Magnus forms a team to track him down and they quickly find him.  Galvatron is quick to fire on one of the young Autobots named Skram.  The rest of the Autobots fire on Galvatron trapping him in rubble.  He is saved by followers of The Cult of Unicron.  They bring him to the Primus Chamber and sacrifice themselves to…. Primus?

While Rodimus Prime and the majority of Autobots are held in captivity by Jhiaxus on The Hub, Galvatron sneaks around Cybertron, observing the remnants of Autobots still on the planet.  He attacks and kills a group of nameless Autobots who were waiting for a signal from any of the off planet Autobots.  Galvatron remains in the Star Chamber, the room which controls the Space Bridge controls.  He makes sure that the bridge between Earth and Nebulos stays open.  Galvatron is obeying a corrupted Primus, but also plans on ravaging Nebulos, like he did the Earth in the alternate timeline that he is from.  He takes the Space Bridge to Nebulos, but is followed by Ultra Magnus and a group of Autobots.

IDW Background (Megatron)-

Unlike the G1 cartoon and Marvel book, in IDW, Megatron’s past was explored.  Before he formed the Decepticons, he was a miner who used an energy pickaxe in the mines.  He was tasked with searching for Energon.  

Before the war started, Impactor was friends with Megatron.  They meet inside of Maccadam’s bar so Megatron can discuss politics.  Impactor doesn’t want to hear any of Megatron’s poetry.    Megatron wants the miners to unite and overthrow the government.  Impactor doesn’t think it would work.  The pair see that Rung is being hassled by some of the bar’s patrons.  Impactor and Megatron continue their conversation and Impactor tells Megatron that he is also against a ruling lass.  Rung flies through the air and lands on their table.  Impactor stands up to the drunken Transformers and deploys his drill hand.  After the fight, Megatron is confined by an Autobot police officer named Springarm.  Springarm called Megatron “Megaton” and Megatron corrects him.  We learn that Megatron is from the city of Tarn.  Springarm asks if Megatron was forged or constructed cold.  Megatron tells him that it doesn’t matter since those are dated terms which segregate the Transformers.  Megatron asks where Impactor is.  Megatron also asks for legal council and a communication cube.  Whirl enters the cell and tells Megatron that if the cadets who he and Impactor fought die, Megatron will be in a lot of trouble.  Once Springarm leaves, Whirl starts beating Megatron.  Springarm returns and stops Whirl from attacking Megatron further.  Springarm takes Megatron to Orion Pax.  Orion is impressed with Megatron’s philosophy of pacifism.  Orion encourages Megatron to try to change Cybertron through non violence.

One day, Megatron assembled with several other miners to listen to Senator Decimus speak.  Decimus tells the miners of C-12 that their jobs will be ending.  The workers are upset and one of them accuses Decimus of planning to use sentinels to dig through the mine to save money.  The worker is attacked by Decimus’ guards and killed.  Megatron throws his energy pickaxe at the Senator in retaliation.  One of Decimus’ guards raise their blasters at Megatron, but Megatron swats it away.  Megatron kills the guard with his bare hands in a blind rage..  Fluids drip off Megatron’s hands and face.  Quickly, a riot starts.  Decimus’ aide attempts to get his injured leader to safety.  As the riot continues, Megatron looks at the fluids on his hands and is disgusted that he killed a fellow Transformer with his bare hands.  Two of Decimus’ guards raise their rifles at the rioters and open fire.  Megatron is knocked unconscious.  The riot is ended and the rioters are sent to penal colony h-3.  Soon, Megatron wakes up in the prison and a fellow inmate tells Megatron that they need his strength to escape.  Megatron regrets killing Decimus’ guard and tells the inmate that it was unintentional.  Megatron watches Rumble get into a fight with another inmate.  Eventually, the transport ship is hijacked and hidden in the most dangerous city on Cybertron; Kaon.

In Kaon, Megatron becomes a gladiator.  During one of his first matches, he fights a transformer who looks a lot like the Go-Bot Cy-kill while Clench watches.  Cykill thinks he has the upper hand when he knocks the energy sword out of Megatron’s hand.  Megatron transforms (into a tank like vehicle) and drives over Cykill.  Cykill is disabled but Megatron hesitates to kill him.  Clench orders Megatron to destroy Cykill and throws a weapon to him.  Megatron briefly continues to hesitate but then kills CyKill.  The crowd goes wild,they all love Megatron.  Megatron continues to battle in the gladiator pits of Kaon and becomes more and more violent.  Megatron kills Clench in battle.  Megatron takes control of the gladiator battles and has the Constructicons build mobile arenas.   Megatron gets an offer he can’t refuse, Soundwave offers to upgrade Megatron’s weapons.  When Ravage brings an Autobot spy to Megatron, Megatron stomp the life out of the spy.  Megatron goes to kill the second spy named Fastback, but Soundwave stops him.  Soundwave sends Laserbeak to scan Fastback’s mind.  Megatron kills Fastback and tells his legions that they need to leave that location.

Megatron continues the gladiatorial matches and loses an arm in battle.  The Constructicons work on repairing him and Megatron is very impatient.  Soundwave brings Megatron three new flight capable allies, Starscream, Skywarp, and Thundercracker.  The seekers assume that Megatron wants them to battle in the gladiator pits, but Megatron tells them that he has other plans.  When the Constructicons finish replacing Megatron’s arm, he now can create an energy mace from his hand.  Megatron shows that he is more than just a brute, he rallies some of the most powerful Transformers of Cybertron to his cause.  He names them the Decepticons.  The seekers bring Senator Decimus to Megatron, but before he can execute the Senator, the Decepticons are attacked by the Autobots.  Decimus is saved and Megatron is arrested by Prowl and Sentinel Prime.  

Megatron is able to plan an escape which Soundwave and Starscream enact.  Soon after the Decepticons escape, Megatron gets his trademark Fusion Cannon.  The Decepticons attack numerous targets on Cybertron.  Sentinel Prime tries to fight Megatron, but Megatron is too powerful.  Megatron rationalizes that he will bring peace to Cybertron.

As the war is in it’s early phases, Megatron summons Orion Pax (aka Optimus Prime) to meet with him.  Megatron commends Orion for being idealistic, but Orion snaps at him and says that Megatron knows nothing about him.  Megatron tells Orion that he has been flattered by Orion when he found out that Orion quoted his manifesto to the council.  Orion says that Megatron is a criminal posing as a revolutionary  Megatron tells Orion that Orion is a revolutionary posing as a cop.  Megatron offers that he and Orion join forces for the good of Cybertron  Megatron uses Laserbeak to show Orion a conversation between Zeta Prime and Starscream.  Zeta wants to harness the Energon of transformers in Nyon to add to his power.  Orion tells Megatron that he never trusted Starscream.  Megatron replies that is a wise move.  Orion was just stalling so his team could come and save him.  Orion runs at Megatron and kicks him in the face.  The Autobots escape inside of Sky Lynx.

Soon after, Zeta Prime attacks Nyon to drain the population’s Energon.  As Zeta is about to kill Orion Pax, Megatron and the Decepticons fire on Zeta Prime, saving Orion Pax.  Megatron wants to engage Zeta Prime personally.  Megatron uses his legions as cannon fodder so Zeta Prime’s Energon Draining Weapon will overload.  Megatron challenges Zeta Prime to a fair fight, but Zeta retreats.  Megatron has Astrotrain transform into shuttle mode to bring Orion Pax and his Autobots for repairs.

Megatron watches as Shockwave performs repairs on Orion Pax.  Orion tells Megatron that he was right about Zeta Prime.  Orion still is skeptical that he can trust Megatron.  Megatron tells Orion that he wants justice for Nyon.  After speaking to Hot Rod, Orion Pax decides t ally himself with Megatron.  Orion Pax and Megatron leap out of Astrotrain to engage Zeta Prime.  Zeta opens fire with the Vamparic weapon and hits Megatron.  Megatron quickly recovers and battles Zeta Prime.  Zeta tries to crush Megatron’s head, but Megatron uses his fusion cannon and shoots Zeta Prime in the head.  Once the battle is won, Megatron betrays Orion Pax and shoots him in the back.

Megatron and the Decepticons take control of Cybertron and the Autobots are sent into hiding.  Hot Rod is brought to Megatron.  Megatron wants Hot Rod to pledge allegiance to him  Hot Rod attacks the Decepticons and escapes with several other Autobots.

After Orion becomes Optimus Prime, the Autobots march on Iacon.  Megatron uses the Vamparc Anhiilator to fight back.  Metroplex destroys Megatron’s weapon and Optimus challenges him to battle.  Optimus unleashes an energy axe in one hand and his blaster in the other.  Optimus slices Megatron’s fusion cannon off of his arm.  Optimus punches Megatron in the face, but Megatron punches a hole in Optimus’ side.  Optimus punches Megatron in the face, but Megatron punches a hole in Optimus’ side.  Optimus punches Megatron again and Megatron pretends to ask for mercy.  He sees a blaster and is about to use it, but Hot Rod gets in the way. Megatron grabs Hot Rod as a hostage, but Hot Rod gets loose.  Optimus fires his ion blaster at Megatron.  Megatron is defeated for the day, but the war will continue.  Megatron is saved by Soundwave and Astrotrain, but he is not functioning anymore.

Megatron awakens inside of Astrotrain after Scorponok has taken command of the Decepticons.  Scorponok ejects Megatron into space from inside of Astrotrain.  Megatron lands on the planet Junkion.  He is soon discovered by Wreck-Gar and the Junkions.

Once Wreck-Gar and the Junkions see Megatron, they rush towards him to attack him.  Megatron punches one of the Junkions in the head so hard that it’s head explodes.  Two Junkions try to restrain Megatron while Megatron kicks a third Junkion.  One of the Junkions uses a chainsaw to cut off one of Megatron’s arms while Megatron is crushing the head of another Junkion.  Megatron defeats the Junkions and passes out.  Megatron soon wakes up and runs a diagnostic of himself.  He is in tremendous pain and uses the junk to repair himself and give himself a new arm.

Megatron explores Junkion and mentions to himself how dangerous the planet is.  Even the storms are acidic and can harm a Transformer.  Megatron seeks shelter in a dilapidated structure.  He finds an exiled Quintesson named Pentius who is restrained in the structure..  Pentius tells Megatron that to survive Junkion, he must become more monstrous.  Megatron asks Pentius if there is a nearby spaceport.  Pentius tells Megatron that he must go to the eye of the acidic storm to find junked ships which he could salvage to escape.  Megatron frees Pentius so he can gain Pentius’ knowledge of Junkion.

Pentius continues to lead Megatron to their objective.  They wind up at the corroded shore of the acid sea.  Something is moving under the acidic water and Megatron investigates.  He is attacked by a Sharkticon!  Megatron is dragged under water.  He rips the mace-like tail off of the Sharkticon and smashes it over the Sharkticon’s head.  He then rips apart the Sharkticon.

Pentius tells Megatron that Junkion was once like Cybertron, but they wasted their resources and sold off their riches.  The planet migrated to a gravitational anomaly and fell apart.  Megatron refuses to let that happen to Cybertron.

Megatron and Pentius see a spacecraft land on Junkion.  They get closer and see that it is a Decepticon spacecraft.  Megatron goes closer and the Terrorcons emerge.  They tell Megatron that they are there to kill him.  Hun-Gurr offers to give Megatron a head start.  Megatron tells him that he just made a big mistake.  Cutthroat and Sinnertwin are disappointed that Megatron isn’t running.  They want a good hunt. Hun-Gurr commands the Terrorcons to attack.  Rippersnapper is the first to attack.  Megatron kicks him in the beast mode face.  Megatron pulls Cutthroat out of the air and tosses him.  Sinnertwin attacks and bites Megatron.  Megatron rips off one of Sinnertwin’s beast mode heads and attacks Blot.  Megatron is victorious over the Terrorcons, but lets them live.  Megatron rips out Pentius’ spark to power the Terrorcon ship.  Hun-Gurr recovers and Megatron transforms into his tank mode.  Megatron shoots a hole in Hun-Gurr.  The Terrorcons survive and pledge allegiance to Megatron.

Starscream summons Scorponok and brings him into the throne room.  He discovers that Megatron is back.  Megatron fires his cannon at Scorponok but lets him live.  Scorponok starts to crawl away, but Megatron follows.  Scorponok uses his last energy to stand up and grab Megatron.  Megatron slinks out of Scorponok’s grasp and slams him into the ground.  Then the Terrorcons arrive and eat portions of Scorponok.  Megatron tells them to leave his pain receptors whole so he can feel pain.  Now that Megatron has retaken control of the Decepticons, he has Shockwave repair him properly.

Megatron arrives in a battle ravaged city alone.  He threatens Optimus and boasts that he is a better leader than Optimus Prime.  Optimus is very weak and can only crawl.  Megatron wants to kill him, but not until he is stronger, so it will mean something.  Megatron tells Optimus that he will have to settle for making Optimus watch him defeat Trypticon.  Before Megatron could do anything, Grimlock tackles him and the two transformers fight.  Megatron punches Grimlock in the face.  Before the battle can continue, Trypticon eats Megatron, and Grimlock.

Inside Trypticon, Megatron boasts that he is still alive.  Grimlock threatens to change that.  Grimlock ignites his sword and prepares to start fighting again.  Megatron accuses Grimlock of being very single minded.  The beasts that live inside of Trypticon make themselves known.  Megatron and Grimlock make a temporary truce until they can escape Trypticon.  The two enemies work together to fight the beasts.  Megatron and Grimlock find themselves in Trypticon’s power core.  They realize he has been feeding on the liquid Energon for millions of years.  The Liquid Energon made him feral and more powerful.  The two Transformers assume that if they destroy the power core, Trypticon will be destroyed.  Grimlock destroys the power core and Trypticon falls to the ground, lifeless.  Ultra Magnus wants to arrest Megatron, but the rest of the Decepticons come to support their leader.  Megatron tells the Autobots to leave the city and leave Trypticon for him.  The Autobots leave because they are outnumbered and Trypticon is not going to function without the feral liquid Energon.

In the cover of night, Megatron goes to the deactivated Trypticon.  He talks to Trypticon even though the Titan is deactivated and obviously can’t hear Megatron.  Megatron claims that Scorponok didn’t know the true power of Trypticon and underestimated him.  Megatron says that Trypticon is not just another feral beast.  Megatron enhances Trypticon by giving him a new spark, the spark of Pentius the Quintesson.Trypticon awakens and is intelligent now.  He claims that he is more than just Trypticon or Pentius, he is a mix of both.  Trypticon accepts Megatron as his master.  Megatron asks him what his purpose is.  Trypticon tells him that he wants to eliminate as much life as possible.  Megatron wonders why Pentius’ memories are fragmented inside of Trypticon.  Trypticon asks Megatron if he can show him through a mental link.  Megatron agrees and sees the memories of both Pentius on Quintessa and Trypticon cutting a path of destruction eons ago on Cybertron.  Megatron is somewhat overwhelmed by the mental link and he breaks it.  Trypticon asks him for orders and Megatron says that the other Decepticons are on their way to meet them.  Megatron addresses the Decepticons and tells them that he will succeed where Scorponok failed.  Megatron plans to retake Iacon and use Trypticon to do it.  Trypticon turns into city mode where Megatron uses him as a starship.

Megatron sends Starscream and Astrotrain to bring the Predacons, Stunticons, and Combaticons back into the ranks of the Decepticons.  He keeps Trypticon in orbit of Cybertron.  Soundwave tells Megaton that the missions are going according to plan.  Soundwave is hesitant about the plan though.  Megatron commends Soundwave for his loyalty, but he is a new Megatron.  Megatron has Trypticon land on Junkion.  Megatron kills a number of Junkions without any help.  Trypticon returns to orbit Cybertron.  Megatron leaves Trypticon inside of a Quintesson ship.  

Trypticon fights Metroplex on the surface of Cybertron.  As Metroplex is about to win, Megatron flies the sharp Quintesson ship into Metroplex and impales him.  Metroplex falls to the ground in defeat.  With Metroplex down, the Decepticons invade Iacon.  Megatron wants the Decepticons to burn the city to the ground.  Megatron’s siege begins with Junkions resurrected as Decepticons.  Iacon is about to be flooded with coolant.  When the coolant mixes with the Cybertronian atmosphere, it makes toxic acid rain.  The acid rain makes a perfect environment for Megatron’s second wave of attack, Sharkticons.  The Autobots defeat the Sharkticons and Megatron sends in his armored division to attack.  Omega Supreme tries to help the Autobots, but Megatron has all of the Decepticons focus their weapons on Omega.  Omega Supreme falls in battle.  Megatron then gets contacted psychically by Pentius’ spirit.

Soundwave sees that Megatron is in distress from the psychic contact with Pentius.  He asks Megatron if he is okay.  Megatron realized he was just a pawn of Pentius’.  Megatron wants to try to give Trypticon his original spark back.  He gives command of the Decepticons to Soundwave and tells Soundwave to burn Iacon down.  Two nameless Autobots and Bumblebee try to arrest Megatron.  Megatron kills the nameless Autobots but Bumblebee doesn’t flinch.  Megatron is impressed with Bumblebee’s courage.  Megatron throws Bumblebee to the ground and shards of metal impale Bumblebee.  Optimus Prime confronts Megatron.  Megatron is ready to continue their fight.  Megatron turns his hand into an energy mace and Optimus turns his hand into an energy axe.  Both leaders run at each other at full speed.  Megatron smacks Optimus Prime in the head with his mace.  Optimus Prime slashes Megatron’s leg with his axe.  Megatron prepares to use the mace again, but Optimus Prime deflects it.  Megatron says all he wanted to do was make Cybertron a better place, but he was deceived.  Optimus asks what that means.  Megatron doesn’t fully explain, but Optimus stays optimistic that Cybertron can return to a paradise.  The two leaders continue their fight.  Optimus Prime cuts deeply into Megatron’s shoulder.  Megatron counters by hitting Optimus Prime in the face with his mace again.  Megatron tells Optimus that they are destined to do this for millions of years unless Optimus Prime kills him.  Optimus Prime doesn’t want to kill Megatron.  Part of him still admires Megatron for trying to fix Cybertron before the war started.  Megatron wants to die, he is haunted by Pentius’ spark, which part of it merged with Megatron.  Optimus Prime opens his chest and uses the matrix to purge the Quintesson’s corruption of Megatron.  Megatron thanks Optimus, but Megatron tells Optimus Prime that he will never stop hating him.  Optimus Prime knows this and punches Megatron in the face.  The battle ends and Megatron is jailed.

It is never explained how Megatron got free, but years later, Shockwave goes missing.  Megatron has Bludgeon continue Shockwave’s experiments.

Millions of years later, Megatron shows up on Earth in an abandoned Decepticon base in Nebraska.  He is discovered by Verity Carlo.  Starscream is the only one who knows that Megatron is in the base.  Skywarp and Blitzwing destroy the bunker because Starscream makes them believe that they are just covering their tracks from the humans and Autobots.  As Blitzwing and Skywarp complete their mission, Megatron emerges from the wreckage.  Megatron is furious and assumes that he has been betrayed by more than just Starscream.  He fires his fusion cannon at Skywarp, causing the Seeker to crash.  Blitzwing transforms into tank mode to defend himself from Megatron.  He reluctantly fires his cannon at Megatron.  Megatron simply shrugs off the attack.  He grabs Blitzwing’s gun barrel and crushes it before throwing Blitzwing into debris.  Megatron uses a teleportation device to transport himself to Starscream’s Decepticon base.  As soon as he gets there, he screams for Starscream to come outside.  Runabout, Runamuck, Astrotrain and Thundercracker emerge to fight Megatron on Starscream’s behalf.  Megatron tells them that if they fight him, they will die.  He gives them the choice to pledge allegiance to him or die fighting him.  They all back down.  Starscream flies out of the Decepticon base to battle Megatron.  Starscream is in vehicle mode and because he absorbed so much Energon, he is glowing pink.  He fires first on Megatron with his missiles.  Megatron isn’t even phased and fires back with his fusion cannon.  Starscream dodges almost all of the blasts, but his tail fin is clipped by Megatron’s attack.  Starscream transforms into robot mode and flies into Megatron, making a large crater.  Starscream tells Megatron that he no longer fears him or respects him.  He throws Megatron into some rocks like a rag doll.  Starscream opens fire again on Megatron.  Starscream assumes that he has defeated Megatron, but Megatron keeps pressing forward.  Starscream is intimidated by Megatron’s power.  Megatron grabs Starscream and shoots a hole in him at point blank range.  He tells the remaining Decepticons to gather Starscream.  When asked what he should do about the Autobots who are there, all Megatron says is “Phase 2”.

Megatron creates the Phase Sixers as part of a plan for universal domination.  The Phase Sixers (Overlord, Six Shot, and Black Shadow) are some of the most powerful Decepticons in existence.  They are meant to go to a planet which is in chaos and take it over.  Megatron communicates with Overlord while Black Shadow and Sixshot stand next to him.  Overlord asks what Megatron would do if he doesn’t want to be a weapon.  Megatron threatens to kill him.

Razorclaw learns that Thunderwing has been resurrected and reports to Megatron.  Megatron tells Razorclaw that they will destroy any planet where Thunderwing goes, even Cybertron.

The first thing that Megatron does when the dust settles is meet with Astrotrain.  He tells Astrotrain to tell him about Ore-13 (aka Ultra Energon).  Astrotrain explains that on a molecular level, it is very similar to Energon, but much more potent.  Astrotrain tells Megatron that there are at least eleven veins of Ore-13 on Earth, but possibly more.  Megatron praises the absent Starscream for choosing a planet with such power.  Megatron theorizes that someone seeded the planet with Ore-13 a very long time ago.  Next, Megatron tells Astrotrain to give him a tour of the Decepticon Base.  Megatron gathers all of the Earth bound Decepticons.  He impugns them for their traitorous actions by following Starscream.  Megatron tells them that he will forgive their actions, but there will not be a second chance.  Megatron asks the Decepticons if they understand, and all of them agree to follow Megatron’s lead.  Megatron tells Astrotrain to activate the facsimiles.
Megatron sends Thundercracker and Skywarp to bomb a power plant in the Middle East.  He is hoping that this will create a conflict between several nations that he can exploit. Megatron has Runabout and Runamuck check on their facsimiles and make sure that the fake humans don’t get a mind of their own. Megatron says he should probably chose a second in command, but not yet.  He makes preparations for further plans.

Megatron takes the Decepticons to the breakaway Soviet country, Brasnya.  They meet with the facsimile Georgi Koska in the oil pipeline  Megatron has altered his alternate mode to be a gun.  He is equipped with mass shifting technology so he can shrink to the size of a human gun and he arms Koska.  Koska fires Megatron at the oil pipeline and drives away.  Koska and Megatron gather Koska rebel army.  When the Brasnyan army arrives at the destroyed pipeline, Koska fires Megatron at them and the rebels follow Koska’s lead.  Blitzwing reports to Megatron that he sees Optimus Prime approaching.  Megatron tells him to engage Optimus, but to uncloak before he attacks so Optimus can know who is attacking him.  Megatron contacts Skywarp to assist, and orders him to bring Astrotrain.

Blitzwing fails to harm Optimus Prime, so he has Koska drive close to the Autobot leader.  Megatron wants to get the chance to fire on Optimus.  Before Megatron is able to fire, he is attacked by Jazz, Wheeljack, and Prowl.  The three Autobots have deployed blasters from vehicle mode.  They destroy Koska’s jeep.  Megatron tells the facsimile Koska to kill himself.  One of the Autobots briefly disables Koska, but then Skywarp and Astrotrain join the fight. Megatron reveals himself by transforming into robot mode.  

Megatron relishes being able to fight personally.  He vows to finally kill Optimus Prime now that he has used Ore-13.  He mentions that the worst part of being in command is that he never gets to cut loose.  Megatron fires his fusion cannon at Optimus Prime.  Optimus Prime transforms into robot mode and fires back.  He tells Megatron that he thinks that the Ore-13 went to his head.  Optimus Prime says that the Megatron he knew was calm and collected.  Optimus continues to fire his blaster, but Megatron powers through the onslaught.  Optimus Prime tactically fires on Megatron’s arm, destroying his fusion cannon.  Megatron wants to take advantage of the situation and kill Optimus Prime with his bare hands.  Optimus Prime throws down his gun so it will be a fair fight.  He rushes Megatron and punches him into the air.  Megatron quickly gets the upper hand.  He rushes towards Optimus again and tosses him into a row of trees.  While pummeling Optimus Prime, Megaton tells him that he used to respect Optimus Prime as a leader and tactician.  But Earth is a new world.  Optimus tackles Megatron, but Megatron continues to have the advantage.  Optimus restrains Megatron, but Megatron has new powers now that he is supercharged with Ore-13.  Megatron shoots an energy blast from his mouth that blinds and burns Optimus Prime.  Megatron punches through Optimus’ chest and damages his spark core.  Megatron is about to crush Optimus Prime, but Roller shoots Megatron in the back.  Megatron punches a snow covered hill and causes an avalanche that buries Roller.

Megatron stands over Optimus Prime’s lifeless body an demands that the Autobots bow to him or die.  Hardhead, Jazz, and Wheeljack can’t believe that Optimus was defeated and hanging onto life by  thread.  Hardhead transforms to tank mode and opens fire on Megatron.  Megatron shrugs off the attack and says he barely felt that.  Hardhead, Jazz, and Wheeljack open fire on the Decepticon leader with no reaction fro Megatron.  While in vehicle mode, Prowl fires his blasters at Megatron.   Megatron shoots a blast of energy from his mouth at Prowl, an ability he gained from the Ore-13.  The Autobots continue attacking Megatron, but Megatron is just too powerful.  Optimus Prime recovers and sneaks behind Megatron.  He shoots Megatron in the head with his Ion Cannon.  Megatron gets up but finds himself to be very weak.  Optimus explains to him that is the price of Ore-13.  Megatron rallies enough energy to transform and enters Skywarp’s cockpit.  The Decepticons retreat.  After Megatron is repaired, he tells Astrotrain to summon Sixshot.

Megatron learns that Ramjet plans to betray him.  He plans to kill Megatron and take control of all of the Decepticons.  He also wants to expose all of the humans on Earth to nannites which will put the population of the planet under his control.  Before Ramjet can enact his nefarious plans, Megatron arrives and punches him in the back.  Ramjet doesn’t even try to tell Megatron that he wasn’t trying to overthrow him.  Ramjet tries to shoot Megatron, but Megatron fires first.  Megatron beats the crap out of Ramjet and leaves him for dead.  Megatron disassembles Ramjet and leaves his remains around the world.  He keeps Ramjet’s head as a trophy.

When Sixshot reaches Earth, he quickly meets with Megatron.  Megatron tells Sixshot that he wants the Earth devastated and destroyed.  Sixshot feels that this is beneath him because he is a Phase Sixer and it is a waste of his skills.  Megatron explains that they need extreme measures.   Sixshot agrees to lay waste to Earth.

The Ark-19 crashes into a body of water.  Megatron asks Sixshot if there were any survivors.  Sixshot doesn’t know, but he did see an escape pod leave the Ark-19.

When Sixshot reaches Earth, he quickly meets with Megatron.  Megatron tells Sixshot that he wants the Earth devastated and destroyed.  Sixshot feels that this is beneath him because he is a Phase Sixer and it is a waste of his skills.  Megatron explains that they need extreme measures.   Sixshot agrees to lay waste to Earth.  Sixshot flies from the Decepticon base to intercept the Autobots.  The Autobots are moving their starship base, The Ark-19, to a new location.  Sixshot flies in blaster mode (NOT SUBMARINE MODE!)  .  Ratbat spies on the Autobots from above.Hardhead picks up that something is approaching them in the air.  The Autobots realize it is Sixshot.  The Ark-19 is too slow and bulky to evade the Decepticon.  Before the Autobots an open fire, Sixshot fires his weapons and the Ark-19 starts to crash onto a town.

The Ark-19 crashes into a body of water.  Megatron asks Sixshot if there were any survivors.  Sixshot doesn’t know, but he did see an escape pod leave the Ark-19.

Sixshot finds Ratchet with Jimmy Pink and Verity Carlo.  He relentlessly attacks them in Jet mode.  As Ratchet transforms to run away, Sixshot follows while firing all of his weapons.  For a moment, Ratchet and the humans are given a reprisal.  Two US Military Jets try to engage Sixshot. The jets fire missiles at Sixshot, but he uses his lasers to destroy them before they hit.  In the Floridian town where the Ark almost crashed, there are many ambulances providing support.  Ratchet blends in with the crowd.  Sixshot catches up with them.  In tank mode he destroys every ambulance he can see.  Sixshot transforms into wolf mode so he can track Ratchet better.  Ratchet throws Jimmy and Verity out of his ambulance mode so they can be safe.  Ratchet transforms and prepares to open fire on Sixshot.  Before he can fire, Optimus Prime and the Autobots open fire and save Ratchet.

When the Reapers attack Earth, Megatron calls Sixshot back to base.

Inside the Decepticon Base, Megatron asks Blitzwing and Thundercracker who the Reapers are.  Neither of the Decepticons know who the Reapers are, they can’t even identify a species of any of he members.  They look like an amalgam of several different species.  Megatron asks Thundercracker (who was colored to be Skywarp) how long until Sixshot gets there.  Thundercracker tells his leader that Sixshot will be there soon.  Megatron tells Blitzwing to tell him where Astrotrain is.   Blitzwing lies and tells Megatron that Astrotrain is in orbit adjusting the orbital defenses.  Megatron and the Decepticons watch Sixshot fight the Reapers from inside of their base.  The battle stops and Thundercracker assumes Sixshot is negotiating.  Megatron reminds Thundercracker that Sixshot does what he commands, no more, no less.  Once Starscream defeats Sixshot and attacks the Reapers, Megatron commands the Decepticons to help Starscream.  Despite being intimidated by the Reapers, the Decepticons attack in full force.  Astrotrain and Skywarp fight from the air in vehicle mode.  Megatron absorbed some Ore-13 so he is able to shoot energy from his mouth.  Starscream shoots a reaper with his null rays.  Megatron asks Starscream if he is loyal to him or not.  Starscream replies that he is loyal to the Decepticon cause.  Megatron oddly trusts Starscream and transforms into gun mode.  He arms Starscream with himself and the two Decepticons vaporize one of the Reapers.   While still holding Megatron, Starscream kills another Reaper.  Megatron transforms back into robot mode and commands the rest of the Decepticons to continue fighting.    The Reapers are defeated, but the human race now knows that the Transformers exist.

Megatron, Starscream, and the Seekers are on Cybertron.  A horde of Insecticons are about to attack them.  Megatron goes to Deluge for an update on a specific project.  Deluge shows Megatron that he gave intellect to one of the Insecticons.  This Insecticon is Bombshell.

Megatron meets the Seekers and Constructicons in Time Square.  The Decepticons are attacking the humans.  Starscream comments that he rarely sees Megatron this early in an attack.  Megatron opens fire on a skyscraper, causing it to fall to the ground.  After the attack on New York City, the Decepticons, Constructicons, and Insecticons gather to plan their next attack.  Soundwave tells Megatron that human aircraft are approaching.  Megatron is happy to see more action.  Starscream and the Seekers want to transform to attack the jets.  Megatron wants the jets to get closer.  The Jets fire their missiles, but Soundwave jams their guidance systems and the missiles explode before reaching the Decepticons.  The jets open fire with their guns, but the bullets have no effect on the Decepticons.  Megatron tells the Decepticons, Constructicons, and Insecticons to fight back.  One of the humans is about to shoot a missile at Thundercracker, but Skywarp gets in the way and shoots the jet.  The jet starts to plummet to the ground.  The pilot tries to crash into Megatron, but Megatron swats the jet away, causing it to explode.  Laserbeak shoots a plane down.  Megatron laughs at the carnage.

Soundwave goes to the Decepticons and tells Megatron that a considerable attack team is approaching the city.  Astrotrain knows they can’t jam the guidance systems again so he advises Megatron to send the Insecticons.  Megatron wants to use more finesse than the Insecticons can provide.  Soundwave, Hook, Astrotrain, and Skywarp intercept the attack force in Central Park.  After the soldiers in Central Park are killed, Megatron has the Decepticons destroy all of the bridges  leading in and out of New York City.  Megatron’s plan continues when he has the Constructicons merge into Devestator.  He has Laserbeak broadcast the Decepticon attack to the world.  Devestator makes all of the tunnels leading into New York City collapse.

In pure exposition, we learn that the Decepticons attacked several other cities and sank many naval vessels.  They also attack Air Force One and it crashes into Washington DC.  Hook approaches Megatron and tells him that construction has begun.  Megatron appreciates their sacrifice.  Starscream flies to Megatron in jet mode and transforms to speak to his leader.  Megatron asks Starscream why he isn’t leading the seekers and Starscream says that he knows they can follow his instructions if he isn’t there.  Megatron is confident that this is the beginning of the Decepticon Empire’s victory.  Megatron takes his fusion cannon off of his arm and grabs a flag off of a building.  He cleans his cannon with the flag.

Without any Autobots on Earth, Megatron declares that he is the ruler of Earth and the Decepticons are victorious.

Megatron takes the Decepticons to Israel.  Megatron comments again that he finds Starscream without the other Seekers.  Starscream asks Megatron what the next move is.  Fighter Jets approach the Decepticons and Megatron fires his cannon at them.  Megatron and the Decepticons go to another city and kill many more soldiers, this time in tanks.  Starscream tries to manipulate Megatron by saying that eventually the Decepticons will turn on him.  Blitzwing swoops down and Megatron says he needs no help

Megatron has the Decepticons build a Space Bridge in New York City.  He wants this to be the first of many that he can use to take over the entire universe.  Megatron commends Bombshell for being more useful than he expected.  Megatron says that some of the technology came from Sixshot, but doesn’t elaborate on what Sixshot’s contribution was.  Bombshell tells Megatron that he lives to serve.  Megatron comments that he knows Bombshell takes more joy than he is letting on.  Megatron watched Bombshell experiment on the humans and saw how he enjoyed it.  Megatron thinks that the future of the Cybertronian race is to incorporate organics into them (see Headmasters).  The Insecticons and Starscream try to betray Megatron.  Shrapnel fires an energy bolt at Megatron.  They feel that Megatron is stalling and not making satisfactory progress (Seriously?  He ravaged a good portion of the Earth, defeated the Autobots and is making a plan to spread the Decepticon empire across the universe!).  Megatron was prepared for this.  He shoots Kickback, grabs him by the legs, and throws him at Bombshell.  Megatron says he used spies to figure out who would take Starscream’s side.  Starscream says that it isn’t his side, it is the Decepticons’ side.  Starscream feels that Megatron has lost sight of the Decepticon goal.  Megatron says that none of his soldiers will help Starscream.  The Constructicons merge into Devestator to attack Megatron.  Megatron opens fire and makes Devestator kneel down.  Devestator swats Megatron away.  Megatron continues to fight back against Devestator.  Devestator grabs Megatron.  The battle ends when military jets appear in the sky.

The Decepticons stop fighting with each other after the military jets arrive.  Megatron fires his fusion cannon at them.  Starscream tells Megatron that it feels a little too coincidental that the timing worked out to save Megatron.  Megatron replies that he calculated this to the finest detail.  Megatron is suddenly surprised when the Autobots arrive in New York City inside of Omega Supreme.  Megatron feels that the Autobots are too scattered and the only way they have a chance of winning is with their superior numbers.  Megatron tells Starscream that he knows that one day Starscream will lead the Decepticons by killing him, but today is not that day.  Starscream rallies the Decepticon forces to back up Devestator.  Starscream transforms into jet mode and helps Devestator, Rumble, Blitzwing, and Astrotrain keep the Autobots pinned down.   The Autobots try to gain ground.    The Autobots lose some ground, but they split up.  Megatron assumes that the Autobots are retreating.  In reality, they are giving Omega Supreme room to fight Devestator.  Optimus Prime tells Omega Supreme to move the fight so he doesn’t destroy the city.  Omega Su  Roadbuster tackles Astrotrain and they crash into a building.  Megatron shoots Roadbuster and disables him.  Optimus Prime declares that Earth is under his protection.  Megatron says that this is all about the Matrix.  Megatron tells Optimus that the human race isn’t as pure as he thinks.  The world military is willing to kill everyone in New York City with a nuclear bomb just to kill the Transformers.  Optimus Prime and Megatron start grappling with each other.  Megatron knees Optimus Prime in the stomach.  Megatron tries to confuse Optimus again, but Optimus Prime says that the Autobots need to be bigger than the Decepticons.  Megatron tries to shoot Optimus, but Optimus dodges the blast and rips off Megatron’s cannon from his arm.  Optimus Prime then hits Megatron with the cannon.  Megatron punches Optimus Prime in the face, then Megatron grabs the exhaust pipes on his shoulders and headbutts him.  Megatron lifts Optimus up and tosses him into a building.  Megatron contacts Octane to drop the bomb on New York City.  Megatron plans to leave Earth and let it be destroyed.  As well as take the Matrix with him.  Spike uses a weapon which was reverse engineered from Cybertronians and shoots Megatron in the head.  Optimus Prime grabs the fusion cannon again and smashes Megatron in the head.  Before Optimus Prime can finish him off, Starscream and the Decepticons arrive to recover Megatron.    Starscream wants to take leadership from Megatron, not be given it by Optimus Prime.  Starscream picks up Megatron and flies away.

For years, Megatron is in stasis inside of a CR Chamber so he can be rebuilt.  Everyone thinks that he is unconscious, but he is aware of everything and is planning to retake command of the Decepticons.

Megatron, in his new body, approaches.  Starscream is not surprised to see that Megatron is back.  Shockwave tells Starscream that he was working on the Space Bridge, it is just inside of Megatron.  Megatron plans to transport the Decepticons as close to Earth as he can.  Shockwave calculates that it will be a few thousand miles from Earth Orbit.

Rodimus walks into a large figure.  It is Megatron.  Rodimus grabs the Matrix and holds it in front of him to shield himself.  Megatron fires and the energy blast goes right through the Matrix and hits Rodimus.  Rodimus is launch off into space.  Soundwave goes to Megatron to make sure he is alright.  Megatron says he was just getting rid of a gnat.  Megatron has Soundwave gather all of the Decepticons for him.

After Megatron is rebuilt, he tries to regain parts of his old life, as per Transformer culture to do when you are reformatted.  Megatron addresses his legions.  He wants them to take up arms to attack the Autobots once and for all.  Windsweeper asks what he should do because he has no hands.  Shockwave goes to Megatron and wants him to test the space bridge technology which is integrated into his new body.  Megatron tells him to be proud that he built such a great new body for him.  Megatron continues saying that if he can’t be proud, he should try to simulate pride.  Shockwave reveals that some of the space bridge technology in Megatron’s body came from Metroplex.  Megatron has Shockwave give humans Decepticon weapons.  Soundwave tries to catch Megatron up with all of the wrong things that Decepticons have done in the last three years.  Megatron says he will have the time to do that later.  Megatron goes to Starscream’s cell.  Starscream bows, but Megatron wants him to stand up.  Megatron wants Starscream to tell him what he has done with the Decepticons for the last three years.  Starscream tells Megatron to stop ridiculing him and give him whatever punishment that he plans to give.  Megatron asks if Starscream deserves to be punished.  Starscream grabs Megatron’s cannon arm and asks Megatron to shoot him.  Megatron reviews that three years ago, he was defeated in battle and Starscream took control.  Starscream didn’t betray him.  Megatron reminds Starscream that even though he was leader of the Decepticons and had possession of the Matrix, he didn’t do anything with the Decepticons for three years.  Megatron keeps verbally pushing Starscream and Starscream breaks.  He opens fire on Megatron.  Afraid for his life, Starscream transforms and flies away.  Megatron transforms into his Stealth Bomber mode and follows Starscream through an asteroid field.  Megatron is amazed with how easy flying is.  Starscream takes evasive action, but Megatron is able to follow him.  Starscream turns around and opens fire on Megatron.  Megatron returns fire.  Starscream tries to get away from Megatron, but Megatron is able to keep up.  Starscream lures Megatron into a cave in an asteroid.  Starscream transforms and fires his blasters at the roof of the cavern.  Rocks fall on Megatron, but Megatron transforms and tackles Starscream.  Megatron restrains Starscream and asks if Starscream wants Megatron to kill him.  Megatron throws Starscream into an asteroid, then he takes a smaller asteroid and smashes Starscream with it.  Starscream starts to tell Megatron how he couldn’t lead the Decepticons.  Megatron leaps towards Starscream and tackles him.  Megatron is disgusted that he built up an empire over eons, and Starscream destroyed it in three years.  Megatron tells Starscream that if they weren’t so undergunned, he would kill him.  Megatron motivates the Decepticons to be a formidable force again.

Megatron has a communicator in his hands.  He contacts Soundwave to activate the new Decepticon Space Bridge.  Megatron’s original body was turned into weapons for humans.  The Decepticons use the Space Bridge to send the weapons to humans who dislike the Autobots.

The Autobots continue to retreat and they are only two miles away from Omega Supreme.  Huffer still wants to fight back.  Suddenly, the cars carrying the militia explode in a burst of purple energy.   Megatron dives to the ground and transforms.  The Autobots now know Megatron is alive again, and he has a new body.  Ultra Magnus commands the Autobots to attack Megatron.  All of the Autobots open fire on Megatron.  They don’t even scratch his armor.  With one shot, Megatron defeats all of the Autobots.  All of the Autobots are knocked down and unconscious  Before Megatron can finish off the Autobots, Skywatch agents shoot him.  Megatron is about to kill the Skywatch agents, but Ultra Magnus grabs his legs.  Megatron kills the Skywatch agents and pulls his leg free.

Megatron contacts Optimus Prime and his group of Autobots (and Skywatch agents!).  Megatron tells Optimus that he has abducted the other Earthbound Autobots in a communication.  Megatron knows that Optimus and the Autobots are already on their way to save their friends.  Megatron wants to destroy Optimus Prime and Earth.   The Autobots transform and drive to save their friends.  Smokescreen scouts ahead for Optimus Prime.  As the Autobots get close, Optimus Prime tells them they should travel the rest of the way on foot.  When Optimus Prime sees Megatron, he tells the Autobots to stay back and he goes to Megatron alone.  Megatron is standing with Soundwave in the desert.  Optimus approaches with his hands up, and Megatron tells him that he looks foolish.  Megatron tells Optimus that his new armor is impenetrable, but if the other Autobots attack Soundwave, he will have the Autobot prisoners killed.  Megatron says he doesn’t want Optimus Prime dead yet.  Megatron points to the nearby city and says that there are 46 humans in the city armed with Decepticon weaponry made from his old body.  Megatron then says that there are hundreds of weapons across Earth and Optimus will never be able to find all of them.  Optimus tries to talk to Megatron.  He says that the Transformer race can learn a lot from the human race.  This amuses Megatron.  Megatron then surprises Optimus by telling him that the captured Autobots are in the city.  Megatron’s plan is to discredit the Autobots since the Autobots would have to kill humans to save their friends.  Optimus Prime wants Skywatch to find the captured Autobots.  Megatron finds humor in the fact that the humans will be the downfall of the Autobots.  The irony that the Autobots do everything they can to save humanity, but the humans now have a way to hurt the Autobots.  Optimus Prime points his gun at Megatron.  This entertains Megatron.  Optimus Prime doesn’t fire on Megatron, he shoots Soundwave in the head.  Megatron wants to kill Optimus now, but Soundwave is one of his most loyal soldiers.  Megatron grabs Soundwave and flies away.

In the Decepticon Base, Megatron watches as Shockwave tries to repair Soundwave.  Megatron is puzzled because Shockwave was able to bring him back to life, so he assumes that Shockwave can save Soundwave.  Shockwave tells Megatron that Megatron’s resurrection was planed before the battle started.  Shockwave used all of the Ore-13 to rebuild Megatron, he simply doesn’t have the resources to do the same for Soundwave.  When the Skywatch cargo plane gets close to the Decepticon base, Optimus Prime jumps out of it and crashes through the roof of the base.  Shockwave exclaims that Optimus has arrived.  Optimus Prime challenges Megatron to battle.  If Megatron doesn’t accept the challenge, Optimus threatens to shoot Shockwave in the head.  Megatron agrees and gathers the Decepticons to watch the historic moment.  Outside the base, for the millionth time, Optimus Prime tries to talk it out with Megatron before they fight.  Megatron tells Optimus that he isn’t going to kill him, he is going to incapacitate him and let the humans do what they want with him.  In a strange way, the two enemies are close friends.  They exchange pleasantries with each other before starting to fight.  Optimus Prime is impressed with Megatron’s new rail gun.  Megatron tells him that he can destroy a transformer with it without it being at full power.  Optimus takes out his blaster and tells Megatron that he has had the same blaster for millenniums  Optimus comments that this is the first upgrade he has seen Megatron have since they first met (which is wrong because he changed his alt mode when the Transformers came to Earth)  Optimus opens fire and asks Megatron if he knows what a kinetic harpoon is.  The blasts bounce off Megatron.  Optimus transforms to drive away.  Megatron is surprised that his old nemesis is retreating and sends Astrotrain to catch him.  Optimus tells Megatron that his attack was just to gauge target and range information.  A massive beam of energy rips through the sky and hits Megatron.  Optimus is hit in the blast and transforms back into robot mode.  Megatron is impressed because that actually hurt him.  Optimus uses his gun and bashes Megatron in the head.  The gun shatters.. Optimus grabs Megatron and asks if he can ever die.  Megatron takes the beaten Optimus Prime back to the Autobots.  Megatron surrenders to the Autobots.  Soon, Optimus is repaired and he visits Megatron in a holding cell.  Megatron is restrained and can’t move.  Optimus tells Megatron that if he tries to escape, Omega Supreme will transform and Megatron will be dismembered.  Megatron tries to make Optimus Prime stop trusting Spike and Skywatch.  Megatron tells Optimus that Spike killed Scrapper.  Optimus is shocked and finds it hard to believe.  Optimus walks out of the brig.

Prowl wants to talk to Megatron alone. Prowl tells Megatron that he is the only Autobot who will speak to Megatron.  Prowl tells Megatron that they are leaving the planet.

On the trip back to Cybertron, Ratchet and Perceptor examine Megatron to see if he has any hidden weapons.  Perceptor mentions that Megatron’s spark is unusually bright.  Ratchet wishes they could just dissect Megatron.   Optimus Prime enters the cell and the two enemies address each other.  Optimus deactivates Megatron’s restraints so they can speak as equals.  Megatron asks Optimus if he hates him.  Optimus honestly doesn’t know.  Megatron tells Optimus Prime that in the course of the war, on other planets, entire civilizations have risen and fallen.  The Cybertronians have not changed their way of life in millions of years.  Optimus asks a hypothetical question.  What would Megatron do if he defeated the Autobots.  Megatron wants to bring Cybertron into a new golden age and have peace through tyranny.  The two leaders reminisce about their previous battles.  Optimus leaves the cell to speak to the other Autobots.  Optimus Prime returns to speak to Megatron.  Optimus tells him that this will be the last time they speak.  Megatron asks Optimus if he plans to kill him.  Optimus tells Megatron that his fate has not been written yet.  Optimus asks again why Megatron surrendered.  Again Megatron won’t answer.  Optimus asks if Megatron has any remorse.  Megatron says “no”.  Megatron says he would kill as many beings as he needs to so he can be the victor of the war.  Megatron claims that without him, Optimus Prime would not have the fame that he has.  Optimus Prime activates the energy cage and Megatron writhes in pain.

Megatron remains in custody inside of Omega Supreme.  The Autobots continue their voyage back to Cybertron and Optimus visits.  Again.  Megatron knows something is wrong and that Cybertron is under attack.  Megatron goes through the likely threats; Thunderwing, Shockwave, and Starscream.  Optimus feels bothered that Megatron summoned him, and Optimus doesn’t believe that Megatron is genuinely concerned about the condition of Cybertron.  Optimus Prime reminds Megatron that nothing outside of his cell is his concern anymore and walks away.  Megatron threatens Optimus and tells Optimus that he is more powerful than Optimus can imagine.  Optimus Prime retorts that is what started the war millions of years ago.

Megatron frees himself and gets a new suit of armor to battle Galvatron’s forces.  The first thing he does is save Wheelie and Cliffjumper by killing a Sweep.

With his new enhancements, Megatron is ravaging the Sweeps all by himself.  Soon, every other Decepticon joins Megatron in battling Galvatron’s legions.  Suddenly, all of the Decepticons go into a trance and stop fighting.  All of the Decepticons and all of Galvatron’s forces merge into a massive monster.  The Deceptigod known as D-Void.   Cliffjumper contacts Optimus Prime who tells Cliffjumper that it isn’t a good time.  Megatron steals Cliffjumper’s communicator to talk to Optimus.  Optimus is dismayed that Megatron was able to escape.  Megatron (who oddly is the only Decepticon not under D-Void’s trance) tells Optimus that they need to work together..  Optimus wants to pursue Galvatron.  Optimus tells Megatron that he has always claimed that Cybertron was important to him.  Optimus tells Megatron that he needs him to prove it and protect the planet from D-Void.  Megatron plans to battle the Deceptigod by himself.

  The Autobots can’t help but watch the battle.  Megatron unleashes a massive energy bolt on D-Void.  D-Void significantly damages Megatron.  Energy is pouring out of Megaton and his armor is almost totally destroyed.  His only weapon is an energy blade on his left arm.  Megatron refuses to accept defeat and he refuses to give up.  He is proving that he cares more about Cybertron than domination.  Megatron unleashes a powerful energy blast which damages D-Void.  Optimus Prime uses the Matrix to destroy the Heart of Darkness.  The Autobots have won, but the Matrix has fused into a ball of metal that is now inert.

IDW Background (Galvatron)-

In the IDW book, Galvatron isn’t Megatron reformatted, he is a totally separate character.

Galvatron flies through the Benzuli Expanse and sees a spaceship of aliens.  He immediately attacks them with his arm cannon.  He flies closer and closer to the ship and continues to attack it with no resistance.  The aliens finally open fire and they disable Galvatron.  They use a tractor beam to bring him into the ship to study (seriously, have they never seen a single sci fi horror movie???)  Galvatron wakes up and breaks the arm of the alien examining him.  Galvatron kills the aliens examining him and explores the ship.  When he gets to the engine room, he destroys it and the ship explodes.  Galvatron thinks to himself that he achieved his objective and now he is going to go to Cybertron.   When Galvatron arrives on Cybertron, he reminisces about the Cybertron he knew a very long time ago.  A Cybertron that wasn’t split by factions.  He remembers the past where he and Nova Prime went on the first Ark to explore the universe.  They wound up in the Dead Universe, but obviously now Galvatron has returned.  Galvatron stalks Leadfoot and disables him from behind.  Without warning, Sideswipe attacks Galvatron.  Sideswipe punches Galvatron and knocks him into a pile of debris.   back.  Galvatron falls into a pile of debris.  Sideswipe goes to Leadfoot who seems to be dead.  When Galvatron gets up, Sideswipe opens fire with his blaster.  Galvatron shrugs it off and fires his cannon at Sideswipe.  Hound, Warpath, Road Rocket, and Skram arrive on the battlefield and help Sideswipe.  None of them know who Galvatron is.  All of the Autobots open fire, but it doesn’t even slow Galvatron down.  Warpath transforms into vehicle mode and shoots Galvatron with a ballistic projectile.  Road Rocket drives circles around Galvatron and creates a fire cage.  Sideswipe sneaks up from behind Galvatron and sets his pistol for it’s highest setting.  He shoots Galvatron in the head.  Everyone assumes Galvatron is dead.  Hound, again, reprimands Sideswipe.  Hound wanted the Autobots to study Galvatron to see who he is and why he is so powerful.   Moments later, Galvatron recovers and resumes his attack.  He transforms into cannon mode and fires on the Autobots.  He purposefully leaves them alive.  With the Autobots disabled, Galvatron sneaks off to complete his objective.  He goes into the catacombs of Cybertron and recovers Thunderwing’s body.

Galvatron makes his way to Earth and watches the Decepticons fight the Reapers.  Galvatron targets the Reaper leader, the Deathbringer.  A dark cloud of smoke comes out of Galvatron and it sucks the life out of the Reaper.  An avian Reaper tries to attack Galvatron, but Galvatron kills it with his cannon.  Deathbringer is resurrected and becomes vampiric.  Deathbringer goes to another Reaper and sucks the life force out of him.  Galvatron leaves the battle.

Galvatron and Cyclonus fly through space together to the Benzuli Expanse.  Galvatron flies in robot mode and Cyclonus in vehicle mode.  Cyclonus asks Galvatron permission to attack an Autobot ship.  Galvatron grants it..

Galvatron sneaks up from behind Nemesis and shoots him in the back, and it looks like he is dead.  Galvatron wants Optimus Prime to give him the Darkness.  Galvatron tells him that the only way he can get rid of it is to give it to him or Optimus has to kill himself.  Optimus Prime gives Galvatron The Darkness, but then throws him in a solar pool, hoping to kill him.

Galvatron emerges from a solar pool on Garrus-9.  Like his cartoon counterpart, he has become a little insane.  Galvatron arrives on Gorlam Prime in a burst of energy.  .  Galvatron shoots the dead husks of sweeps and tells Cyclonus he will give him a new purpose.  Galvatron uses his abilities from the Dead Universe to restore Scourge.  Galvatron gives Scourge a new army of Sweeps.  Next, Galvatron restores Cyclonus’ spark.  Cyclonus becomes Galvatron’s second in command.  Together, Galvatron, Cyclonus, and Scourge start to make plans to rule the universe.

Galvatron thinks that he should be dead from when Optimus Prime threw him in the Solar Pool.  But the power infused him with new strength when it combined with the Anti Matrix inside of him.  Galvatron calls it the Heart of Darkness.   He leaves Garrus-9 to go to Gorlam Prime.  He heals Cyclonus and Scourge, who are degrading because they were cut off from the Dead Universe.  Galvatron returns to Gorlam Prime from Garrus-9 and starts remembering how it used to be.  Now it is a dead city.  Galvatron worries about the Heart of Darkness inside of him.  Galvatron summons Cyclonus and Scourge to brief him on what they have found.  Scourge has not found anything on Gorlam Prime.  He reiterates to Galvatron that the planet has no more life on it.  Galvatron is curious to know why Gorlam Prime has died, so he wants his forces to continue exploring.  Galvatron compares the planet to the Marie Celeste, which confuses Scourge.  Galvatron transforms into a tank mode to travel through the planet.   Galvatron also wants to find Jhiaxus.  Cyclonus has found the entrance which Galvatron was looking for.  Galvatron tells Scourge to have the Sweeps continue searching the planet. Cyclonus also finds the bodies of dead Micromasters which were Jhiaxus’ guards.  Galvatron transforms into tank mode and blasts the rubble with his cannon.  This knocks Cyclonus off his feet.  Galvatron blames Cyclonus for falling.   Scourge and Cyclonus try to dig out the Micromasters, but this causes a rock slide.  Galvatron gets in the middle of it and prevents a cave in.  They find Jhiaxus who is in really bad shape.  Jhiaxus asks them to kill him.  Jhiaxus was severely damaged by Arcee.  Galvatron uses the Heart of Darkness to restore Jhiaxus.  Then Galvatron asks Jhiaxus to help him understand what he became.   Jhiaxus leads his allies through the ruins.  The ruins that they find were created before the city which is above it.  Galvatron realizes that this is what he was looking for, a sphere which can lead them back to the Dead Universe.  Galvatron tries to enter the portal, but he and his allies are attacked by Arcee and Hardhead.

Galvatron takes the brunt of the attack from the Autobots.  Scourge wants to rush to his leader, but can’t.  Jhiaxus is terrified of Arcee. Jhiaxus continues to fire on the Autobots and asks Galvatron to help.  Galvatron is unable to get up.  Galvatron gets up and walks towards the portal.   Galvatron emerges from the portal repaired.  He opens fire on Arcee and Hardhead.  Galvatron uses his Dead Universe energy on the Autobots as well, causing them massive pain.  Hardhead takes the brunt of the attack so Arcee can get away and tell the Autobots that Galvatron is back.  Galvatron enters the portal into the Dark Universe.  He sees avatars of multiverse versions of himself (including Leonard Nimoy).  The lack of order makes Galvatron become disorientated inside of the portal.  The Dark Universe disassembles and reassembles Galvatron several times.  He reverts to just a robotic skeleton.  He sees the dead bodies of the population of Gorlam Prime.  He hears something telling him to “feed D-Void”.  A black tentacle of dark energy wraps itself around Galvatron.  He refuses to become food and opens fire.  Galvatron emerges from the portal in his normal form.  He opens fire on the portal.  Scourge tries to get him to stop firing so the room won’t collapse on them.  The chamber collapses but they dig themselves out.  Galvatron is worried that D-Void is coming and he needs an army to stop it.  He wants to unite the Autobots and Decepticons to be his army.

Galvatron takes his forces to the planet of Spindrift.  The planet was a battlefield a long time ago for the Autobot/Decepticon war.  Spindrift has the unique attribute of having naturally forming crystals which can be harvested into Energon.  Galvatron and his forces save a pirate ship which whose crew was humanoid crabs from a beast in the sky.  Galvatron identifies himself to the crabs.  Galvatron starts ripping the ship apart and he reveals that the ship is actually a Transformer named Thinkbox.  With Thinkbox, Galvatron and his forces leave Spindrift.  Their next stop is the Realm of the Wrecks.  Galvatron uses his connection to the Heart of Darkness to resurrect the dead Transformers in the Realm of Wrecks.  Now with an army, Galvatron returns to his ship to go back to Gorlam Prime.  On Gorlam Prime, Cyclonus doubts that D-Void is real and he thinks that Galvatron is insane.  Galvatron reinforces to Cyclonus that D-Void is real.  Next, Galvatron and his forces go to Dykarya, a planet which resembles Gorlam Prime.  They find another portal, this time, Nemesis Prime/Nova Prime emerges from the portal.

Nemesis Prime pounces on Galvatron.  Nemesis Prime tells Galvatron that D-Void gave him his spark back.  Nemesis Prime punches Galvatron in the face.  Galvatron opens fire with his cannon, forcing Nemesis Prime into a wall.  Galvatron’s army opens fire on Nemesis Prime.  Cyclonus rushes to Galvatron’s side to help him up.  Nemesis Prime unleashes energy and kills some of Galvatron’s army.  He then absorbs their energy.  Nemesis Prime becomes a massive monster and proclaims that he is D-Void.  Scourge commands all of his Sweeps to attack Nemesis Prime.  Galvatron tries to use the Heart of Darkness to attack Nemesis Prime.  It doesn’t work and Galvatron is tossed aside.  Nemesis Prime kills a few Sweeps.  Galvatron leaps into the air and shoots a massive hole inside of Nemesis Prime.  Nemesis Prime fires back with eye beams.  Galvatron hides momentarily in the smoke.  Nemesis Prime calls out to Galvatron.  Galvatron emerges from the smoke and opens fire.  Nemesis Prime isn’t phased and he fires back at Galvatron.  Galvatron flies through the air.  Nemesis Prime is about to finish off Galvatron when Galvatron says that Nemesis Prime is just where he wants him to be.  Galvatron’s army unites and they all open fire on Nemesis Prime.  Nemesis Prime is forced back into the portal and Galvatron closes it.  Galvatron’s army wants to celebrate, but Galvatron tells them that they will eventually have to face the real D-Void.  Galvatron and his army go to Earth and then Cybertron.

(the following section is about the IDW Infestation storyline, it is unknown if this is canon or not since there are many continuity errors)

When Galvatron makes his way to Earth, he finds that Las Vegas has been infected by zombies.  He kills several in both of his modes.  One of the Zombies is a sweep.  He is assisted by Cyclonus and Scourge.  Optimus Prime, Prowl, Kup, Bumblebee, and Drift arrive to face off against the three evil Transformers (Remember, in IDW, Galvatron and his forces are NOT Decepticons).  Bumblebee tries to make Galvatron and his forces surrender.  Optimus and Galvatron face off, Optimus is optimistic because he has already defeated Galvatron in the past.  Galvatron shoves Optimus away and Bumblebee rushes to his side.  Spike joins the fight in his Skywatch mech.  Galvatron fires at Bumblebee and the rest of the Autobots fire on Galvatron.  Cyclonus and Bayonet (who is a weird inter dimensional vampire like creature who is making everyone think she is a transformer, but she won’t get a profile) counter attack.  Galvatron lifts up Optimus Prime and tells Optimus to bow to him.  Optimus Prime asks what Galvatron is doing on Earth and Galvatron says he doesn’t have time to explain.  .Galvatron kicks Optimus Prime and then tosses Bumblebee aside.  Spike and Skywatch focus their firepower on Galvatron.  Spike incorrectly refers to Galvatron as a Decepticon.  One of the Skywatch agents tries to put an inhibitor bolt on Galvatron, but he fails.  Skywatch gets two inhibitor bolts on Galvatron, but it doesn’t stop him.  Galvatron fires his cannon through one of the Skywatch mechs.  Bumblebee grabs a third inhibitor bolt and leaps towards Galvatron.  Galvatron is disabled.  Galvatron regains use of his body and tells the Autobots where the zombies came from (a different dimension’s space).  

Bayonet reveals her true colors, she isn’t a Transformer, but she is an interdimensional vampire named Britt.  Britt uses her magic on the Transformers, causing them pain.  She knows that their technology will not prevent her magic at all.  Britt reveals that she used her powers of perception to make everyone see her as a Transformer.  Kup gets an arm free and shoots Britt in the face.  Optimus and Prowl rush to Kup’s side after Britt drops him.  The Zombies (both human and robot) try to crowd Optimus Prime and Galvatron’s forces.  Prowl calculates that the living will lose to the dead.  Optimus Prime asks for suggestions.  Calmly (which doesn’t often happen with Galvatron), Galvatron explains he has a plan to use the Heart of Darkness.  Optimus Prime and Prowl transform to rush into battle with Galvatron, Cyclonus, and Scourge flying behind them.  Optimus Prime is upset that Galvatron’s attack also hurt humans and Galvatron doesn’t care.  Both sides of Transformers regroup to make a battle plan.  Galvatron demands command of the Autobots.  Bumblebee refuses.  Galvatron tells everyone that the Infestation isn’t the biggest problem.  Optimus Prime disagrees.  Wheeljack announces that the force dome that he created is running out of power and the zombies will soon be able to leave Las Vegas.  Britt plans to get Cybertron from a previous timeline to turn into a zombie army (or something like that, this whole storyline is really convoluted).  Prowl communicates with Kup (who is still infected and barely holding onto life) and tries to separate the virus from his core consciousness.  Prowl tries to get Kup to destroy the time portal that Britt made.  Kup is able to change the coordinates of the portal and the zombies, Britt, and Kup are sucked into the Dead Universe.  Galvatron retreats when the crisis is over and Jhiaxus makes a portal.

Galvatron and the Sweeps are on Cybertron.  Galvatron uses the Darkness to repair the Sweep that was damaged by Wheelie.

Galvatron watches as Cyclonus and the Sweeps attack an Autobot Outpost on Kimia.  After his forces are successful, he has them go to Cybertron.   When the Autobots land on Cybertron, Galvatron approaches them right away..  Galvatron welcomes the Autobots back to Cybertron.  This is Ironhide’s first meeting with Galvatron (that he can remember) and right away, he doesn’t like Galvatron.  Optimus Prime is very wary of Galvatron’s intentions.  Galvatron tells Optimus Prime and the Autobots that he doesn’t want to fight them and he plans to give them Cybertron when his mission is completed.  Galvatron refuses to tell the Autobots what his plans are for the future.  Optimus asks who Galvatron is preparing an army to fight.  Galvatron tells the Autobots that it is something that can destroy them all.  Rodimus doesn’t believe that Galvatron isn’t going to harm them, especially since Galvatron attacked him recently.  Galvatron actually apologizes and tells Rodimus that he had no control over his soldiers and was forced to attack Rodimus.  Ironhide doesn’t trust Galvatron at all.  Optimus declines the alliance, but tells Galvatron that he doesn’t want to fight.  Galvatron points his cannon at Optimus and tells him that if the Autobots aren’t going to ally themselves with him, they will be destroyed.  Before Galvatron can fire, Ironhide tackles him.  Galvatron orders the Sweeps to attack the Autobots.  The Sweeps attack the Autobots in force.  Optimus Prime opens fire and Ironhide follows his lead.  Drift unleashes his swords on the Sweeps. Rodimus fires with his wrist blasters.   Drift is attacked by a Sweep and Rodimus rushes to him to make sure his friend is okay.  Galvatron knocks Rodimus down and prepares to destroy him.  Ironhide smashes Galvatron with the body of a dead Sweep, saving Rodimus.  Ironhide prepares to shoot Galvatron, but Cyclonus strafes the battlefield in jet mode.  Galvatron grabs Cyclonus and escapes.  Cyclonus tells Galvatron that Kimia is in Cybertron’s orbit.  Galvatron contacts Scourge to tell him to start Kimia’s transformation sequence.

When Wheelie kills a Sweep, Galvatron learns he is being watched by the Autobots.

When Optimus Prime, Drift, Rodimus, and Ironhide catch up with Galvatron, Galvatron’s madness comes to the surface.  He simply screams at the Autobots; “He is coming!”  Suddenly, all of the Decepticons fall into a trance and stop fighting.  All of Galvatron’s forces and the Decepticons merge into the Deceptigod known as D-Void.  Galvatron wants to use the Heart of Darkness to destroy D-Void.

Galvatron and his forces make their way to Vector Sigma.  Galvatron wants D-Void to absorb Vector Sigma so it will die.  What Galvatron doesn’t know is, D-Void is manipulating him and if D-Void corrupts Vector Sigma, the entire universe is in jeopardy.   On the surface of Cybertron, Megatron fights D-void and Galvatron feels pain when Megatron attacks the Deceptigod. Jhiaxus rushes to his leader’s side.  At that moment, Optimus Prime and Rodimus enter the chamber and open fire on Galvatron.  Optimus using his Ion Cannon, Rodimus using his wrist lasers.  The two Autobots are too late.  Galvatron has already opened the Heart of Darkness and is using it to corrupt Vector Sigma.  Galvatron is reveling in his victory.  Suddenly, the Autobot Shuttle which was carrying the survivors of the Kimia Outpost crashes into Galvatron.  Galvatron emerges from the wreckage and the Autobots open fire on him.    Galvatron shoots Optimus Prime.  Galvatron monologues and tells Optimus that he has won and he will be the rightful ruler of Cybertron.  Suddenly, from behind Galvatron, Cyclonus attacks Galvatron with his bare hands.  Galvatron is shocked that he was attacked by Cyclonus.  Galvatron asks why and Cyclonus tells him that he doesn’t want Cybertron destroyed and he is angry that he was being controlled, against his will, by Galvatron.  Before he can attack his opponents, Galvatron starts to fade away. Optimus Prime uses the Matrix to destroy the Heart of Darkness.  The Autobots have won, but the Matrix has fused into a ball of metal that is now inert.

Abilities -

Megatron and Galvatron have had numerous bodies and abilities in comics and cartoons.  Originally in the cartoon and marvel comic, his Cybertronian form was never shown.  His first Earth form was of a hand gun which was able to mass shift.  In the cartoon, he was able to shrink to become a side arm for another Decepticon to use.  One blast from Megatron in this mode could kill a Transformer. 

In the G1 comic, he was able to do this, as well as shrink to the size of a human sized hand gun. In bot mode, he had an arm mounted fusion cannon (in his bio card it said he could create a black hole with the fusion cannon and use that for transportation but that was never shown) , a cannon on his back, and several times he used a purple lightsaber like sword and in the first episode of Transformers, he was able to create a mace out of energy.   (to be continued)

In the G2 Comic Book, Megatron was rebuilt into a tank, he was allegedly better armored (I never accepted that COBRA could make armor better than an alien race) and had a rail gun on his shoulder.  Megatron was also able to fly which was an ability Decepticons could do and very few Autobots could.

As Galvatron, he wasn’t as sane, but was much more powerful.  He had an arm mounted cannon which could be used to augment his flight abilities and transformed into a large cannon.

Wacky Facts -

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