Nonnef G2 Sideswipe Upgrade Kit


(picture taken from Nonnef's site)

Original Price: 9.99 on Nonnef's site

Commentary -

Nonnef makes some AMAZING upgrade kits, and most of them are very affordable. The biggest reason I actually bought the Siege G2 Sideswipe figure is because of this upgrade kit. The G2 comic was made in the 90s when everything was gritty and extreme and everyone had a million weapons (in the comic not the toys). This specific set is a phenominal homage to the 1990s. It comes with two guns (which are different from each other). Two fake wheels with spikes that clip onto Sideswipe's shoulders. He also comes with a sword and a holder for the sword which attaches to the back. Finally, he comes with an ammo belt for his chest. The ammo belt is made out of a different material than the other parts so it can remain flexible and not break. Installation of the sword holder is as easy as installing a weaponizer. The ammo belt is very easy to install as well, but I don't think I did it 100% right because sometimes it comes off. On his site, Nonnef put a link to a tutorial on how to install the sash.

Pros -

While it isn't my absolute favorite upgrade kit of all time, it is in the top 10. It really gives G2 Sideswipe is own identity beyond just being a black sideswipe. It is well made and easy to install.

Cons -

Nothing specific is wrong with this set in my eyes.

Grade -

This upgrade kit gets a 9 out of 10.

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