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G1 Cartoon

Omega Supreme was a character who joined the Autobots midway through Season 2.  He was an incredibly useful addition to the Autobots.  He was a Transformer who split into two vehicles but had one robot mode.  His tank mode was often a defense for the Ark, and his rocket mode was used as transportation for the Autobots.  Omega Supreme even survived through Rodimus Prime’s era.  In robot mode, he rivaled Devestator’s size and strength.  Omega Supreme was one of the few Autobots that was given a backstory of who he was before he reached Earth.  Omega Supreme was a guardian robot that guarded Crystal City.  In the episode “The Secret of Omega Supreme” the audience learns that Omega Supreme came to Earth to settle a grudge with the Constructicons.

In Omega Supreme’s first appearance, his weapons are being calibrated by Optimus Prime and Sparkplug.  Megatron is successful in disrupting all communications on Earth.  Most of the Autobots are occupied maintaining order across the world, but Powerglide, Spike, Carly and an injured Optimus Prime travel inside of Omega Supreme to the moon to battle the Decepticons.  As Omega Supreme is landing, he destroys the roof of the Decepticon base.  Megatron and Astrotrain exit the Decepticon Moon Base to fight Omega Supreme.  Omega Supreme gently ejects his passengers and transforms.  Megatron runs to Omega Supreme and prepares to fire his fusion cannon.  Omega Supreme grabs him and demands that Megatron releases Blaster and Cosmos.  Astrotrain transforms into train mode and rams Omega Supreme’s leg, making him drop Megatron.  Omega Supreme is about to attack Astrotrain, but Astrotrain transforms into shuttle mode and evades the massive Autobot.  In shuttle mode, Astrotrain is too fast for Omega Supreme.  To remedy this, Omega Supreme transforms again and engages Astrotrain as a rocket.  During the battle, Astrotrain reveals that Omega Supreme is much older than the other Autobots (good subtle characterization, I’m serious).  Omega Supreme transforms into robot mode and grabs Astrotrain.  He throws the Decepticon into space, ending the battle.  After Megatron retreats, the Autobots travel back to Earth inside of Omega Supreme.

Omega Supreme takes Jazz and Perceptor to the moon of Titan to rescue Cosmos.  Omega Supreme tells the Autobots that the trip will exhaust 97% of his energy supply. Omega Supreme will not be able to transform into robot mode after the trip unless he gets more energy.  Omega Supreme exhausts more energy than he expected and winds up crashing on Titan.  He lands near a ravine, so Jazz and Perceptor try to pull him to safety. THey can’t and Omega Supreme tells them to find Cosmos instead of worrying about him.   Jazz jokes with Omega Supreme that he shouldn’t move.  Omega Supreme doesn’t appreciate humor.  Perceptor returns to Omega Supreme a few hours later with energy crystals so he can refuel.  Once Perceptor refuels Omega Supreme, they fly together to the main temple on Titan.  They arrive just in time to save Jazz from the Decepticons.  Omega Supreme transforms into robot mode and battles the Decepticons.  He uses his powerful claw to rip a hole in the temple.  Once Starscream and Thrust see him, they fly away.  Omega Supreme fires his cannon at Astrotrain’s feet.  Astrotrain tries to escape by leaping into a hole.  The Decepticons destroy the energy crystals and the island which the temple is on starts to fall apart.  Omega Supreme transforms into battle station mode and extends his tracks to create a bridge.  The Titans cross the bridge to safety.  The Autobots restore Cosmos and return to Earth.

Several Autobots gather by Omega Supreme to start a rescue mission.  Perceptor and Seaspray were kidnapped by the Decepticons.  After the Autobot rescue team was defeated by the Decepticons, Mirage returns to Omega Supreme and gathers more Autobots to defend the Ark.  The Decepticons covered themselves with a substance called Electrum which makes them unable to be damaged.   A heavily damaged Smokescreen approaches Omega Supreme.  Smokescreen tells Omega Supreme that he is the last hope that the Autobots have.  Omega Supreme transforms and prepares to fight the Decepticons.  Omega Supreme boasts that failure is impossible.  Powerglide warns Omega Supreme that the entire Decepticon armada is approaching to attack him.  Omega Supreme does not hesitate to attack the Decepticons first.  He spins his head around to use his tank cannon.  Omega fires laser blasts from the tank cannon and both hands.  The full onslaught of Omega Supreme hits Starscream, but Starscream isn’t even slowed down.  Omega Supreme is both surprised and disappointed.  He continues to fire energy blasts from the tank cannon, but Starscream is unaffected and fires back.  Omega Supreme is hit in both shoulders.  Omega Supreme stomps his foot and forms a fissure in the ground which two of the Coneheads, and one of the Seekers falls into.  Megatron wants to personally finish off Omega Supreme.  He transforms into gun mode and Soundwave fires Megatron.  Omega Supreme is hit in the chest and falls to the ground.  Omega Supreme is repaired by the time that the Autobots discover the source of the Electrum.  Omega Supreme is coated in Electrum to battle the Decepticons.  

Optimus Prime travels to speak to Omega Supreme when he learns that the Constructicons are in space mining energy rich ore from an asteroid.  Since Omega Supreme is one of the few Autobots who can fly into space, Optimus wants to confer with him about a battle plan.  Omega Supreme doesn’t seem to be interested in fighting until he learns that the Constructicons are involved.  Omega Supreme declares that he wants to kill all of the Constructicons.  Optimus Prime explains to Omega Supreme that this is a military mission, not a personal vendetta.  Omega Supreme tells Optimus that the results of either a military operation or his personal vendetta would be the same.  Omega Supreme then reluctantly tells Optimus Prime about his history with the Constructicons on Cybertron.  Millions of years ago on Cybertron, Omega Supreme was a guardian robot tasked with defending Crystal City.  The Guardian robots were creations of the Quintessons (this was established in season 3) to keep the Transformer slaves pacified.  After the Quintessons were exiled from Cybertron, the Guardian Robots kept the peace, especially before the Autobots and Decepticons started The Great War.  Omega Supreme seems to be the only Guardian Robot who wasn’t blue.  While getting routine maintenance, the mechanic (who kind of reminds me of Run from MTMTE) tells Omega that he is in great condition.  By this point, the Great War has already started and Omega has been a huge asset to the Autobots in their struggle.  Optimus is surprised to hear that Omega Supreme was a Guardian Robot, despite the fact that he looks like EVERY other Guardian Robot.  On Cybertron, Omega Supreme’s main function was to protect Crystal City from Decepticon attack.  According to Optimus Prime, Crystal City was the most beautiful city on Cybertron before it was destroyed (So Optimus Prime remembers Crystal City, but didn’t realize that Omega Supreme was a Guardian Robot???).  The Constructicons also lived in Crystal City, but at this point they weren’t Decepticons.  Omega Supreme and the Constructicons were great friends.  The Constructicons drive to Crystal City to do repairs on the walls.  Once they reach the city, they transform and Scrapper greets Omega.  Omega Supreme doesn’t want to keep the Constructicons from their work, but the Constructicons all agree that it has been too long since they all talked with Omega Supreme.  Megatron uses a device called a Robo-Smasher on the Constructicons and turns them evil.  Omega was unaware that the Constructicons became evil and they lured him away from Crystal City, claiming that he was needed to defend a different city from Decepticons.  Omega Supreme doesn’t want to leave his post, but the Constructicons tell him that they will guard Crystal City for him.  After Omega Supreme slowly walks off as fast as he can to the other city, the Constructicons destroy Crystal City.  Omega Supreme returns to Crystal City in time to see it crumble to the ground.  The Constructicons escape and Omega Supreme vows to restore their goodness.  For sometime, he tracks the now evil Constructicons so he can restore them to be good again.  When he finally finds them, he transforms into his alternate mode and uses the tank to trap the Constructicons in a hole.  Using his cannon as a soldering iron, he tries to repair their altered minds, starting with Scrapper.  He seems to be successful and suggests to the Constructicons that together, they rebuild Crystal City.  Omega Supreme was tricked again.  The Constructicons remained evil and lured him to the Robo-Smasher so he can be turned into a Decepticon.  The Constructicons reveal for the first time that Megatron gave them a new ability, the ability to form Devestator.  Devestator races towards Omega Supreme and grabs him.  Devestator brings Omega Supreme closer and closer to the Robo-Smasher.  The insect like machine jumps on top of Omega to reprogram him.  It plugs a reprogramming tentacle into him and tries to alter his programming.  Omega Supreme pushes Devestator away and destroys the Robo-Smasher.  The Constructicons remain evil, but Omega remains good.  From that day on, the betrayal of the Constructicons and his failure to restore them continues to haunt him.  He even altered his speech patterns.  Omega concludes his story by telling Optimus Prime that since the Constructicons destroyed Crystal City, all he has done is hunt them.  This is why when he learned the Constructicons came to Earth, he followed (finally, an explanation of where a season 2 Autobot came from).  Optimus realizes that Omega Supreme is too emotionally tied to the Constructicons, and despite being the only Autobot who can travel into space to fight them, and despite being the only Autobot who can match Devestator’s strength, he orders Omega to stay on Earth until he hears otherwise.  After Perceptor analyzes the ore from the Asteroid, Optimus Prime contacts Omega Supreme.  He orders Omega to fly to the Asteroid, knock the Constructicons off of it, and then destroy the asteroid.  Omega Supreme is happy to comply.  Optimus soon learns that the asteroid is organic and tries to stop Omega Supreme.  By this point, Omega has turned off his communications.  When the Constructicons see that Omega Supreme is about to land on the asteroid, they take to the air and shoot him.  Omega Supreme stays in rocket mode and fires his blaster at the Constructicons and they scatter.  He lands on the asteroid and transforms into robot mode.  The Constructicons taunt Omega Supreme, and after millions of years, they still comment about the Robo-Smasher.  Omega Supreme picks up a massive boulder and throws it at the Constructicons.  They scatter into the air and start firing their weapons at Omega Supreme again.  He lifts his arms to shield himself from the blasts.  Omega Supreme plods towards Scrapper and tries to punch him.  Scrapper is able to roll away in time to avoid getting hit.  The punch splits the asteroid and reveals an alien dragon’s egg.  The Alien Dragon hatches and flies to Earth.  Scrapper tells Omega that he can either fight the Constructicons or save Earth.  Omega Supreme decides to continue fighting the Constructicons.  The battle spills over onto Earth.  The Constructicons fly to the Arctic and Omega Supreme follows in rocket mode.  The Constructicons realize they can’t split up because Omega Supreme will just hunt the down individually.  They merge into Devestator to defend themselves.  Still in rocket mode, Omega Supreme hurtles towards Devestator.  Devestator deflects Omega with his forearm.  Omega Supreme lands on top of a mountain and transforms into robot mode.  He leaps into the air to attack Devestator.  The two behemoths run at each other, but Omega Supreme gains the upper hand.  He lifts up Devestator and tosses him into a mountain.  Then he opens fire with his cannon arm on the mountain.  An avalanche of rocks and show surround Devestator.  Omega Supreme continues to fire and is trying to kill Devestator, but Optimus Prime intervenes because he needs Omega Supreme’s help.  Devestator returns into the form of the individual Constructicons and retreats.  Omega Supreme wants to pursue the Constructicons, but Optimus Prime gets in his way.  Optimus explains that Omega is the only one who can stop the alien dragon, and Omega caused the alien dragon’s egg to hatch.  Finally feeling a sense of responsibility,  Omega Supreme flies to San Francisco to help the Autobots.  The Dragon is about to swoop down and destroy Beachcomber and Tracks, but Omega Supreme saves them by flying towards the dragon and redirecting it.  He lands on a building and transforms (surprisingly, the building doesn’t crumble) to fight the dragon.  Omega throws a water tower at the flying dragon to get it’s attention.  He transforms into rocket mode and flies into the air while the dragon follows.  Omega Supreme lures the dragon back to the asteroid.  The dragon stays in space and is no longer a threat to the Earth.

Optimus Prime summons Omega Supreme to take him and several Autobots to Cybertron to prevent the Decepticons from giving life to the Stunticons.  The Autobots reach Alpha Trion to get information about Vector Sigma.  They find that Alpha Trion was attacked by the Decepticons and they have control of Vector Sigma’s key.  Omega Supreme follows Optimus Prime to the lower levels of Cybertron to get to Vector Sigma before the Decepticons do.  Omega Supreme doesn’t accompany the Autobots into the underground catacombs, most likely because he is too big.

After the Autobots create the Aerialbots on Cybertron, everyone goes back to Earth inside of Omega Supreme.  The Autobots exit him after he lands, and Omega Supreme explodes (there were scenes in part 1 and part 2 of this episode where Omega Supreme fought Shockwave on Cybertron, his explosion was caused from battle damage that he took on.  Without knowledge of this unmade scene, it really doesn’t make sense why Omega exploded).  Ratchet, Wheeljack and Sparkplug work non stop to repair Omega Supreme.  He is repaired just at the moment that he is needed most.  Superion is battling Menasor and is about to be defeated.  The battle has spilled into Seattle.  Menasor grabs a tall building and breaks the top off.  He throws it at Superion.  Rocks start to tumble down on Superion.  Menasor goes to a large smokestack and grabs it.  Just as Menasor is about to smash Superion with the smokestack, Omega Supreme enters the fight.  He grabs the smokestack away from Menasor and hits him in the head with it.  Superion is very happy to see Omega Supreme.  Together, Omega Supreme and Superion grab Menasor and throw him a considerable distance.  Megatron orders Menasor to split back into the individual Stunticons so they can withdraw.

Omega Supreme continues to be a valued member of the Autobots.  Even though he is very powerful, he is primarily used for transportation.  When Optimus Prime and the Autobots learn of unusual energy on Cybertron, Omega Supreme takes them to investigate.  Omega Supreme is very consistent.  When he reaches Cybertron, he tells the Autobots that the journey has drained his fuel reserves.  This isn’t the first time this has happened.  Omega Supreme shuts down while the other Autobots look for energy for him.

Omega Supreme takes a small group of Autobots to Japan so they can stop the energy creature known as Kremzeek.  Omega Supreme lands on a Japanese beach and the Autobots promptly exit him to find Kremzeek.    Optimus remembers that Omega Supreme isn’t insulated.  He orders Omega to take off to prevent damage from Kremzeek.  Before Omega Supreme can fly to safety, Kremzeek enters him and shorts him out.  Omega Supreme falls out of the sky and sinks into the sand.  Bumblebee promises that the Autobots will repair Omega Supreme as soon as they can.  .

Omega Supreme survives the movie, but is rarely shown.  

He is used in his rocket mode as transportation for Rodimus Prime and a team of Autobots to get to Junkion.  The Junkions have become very aggressive and warlike, and the Autobots need to investigate.  On their trip, they are attacked by Cyclonus and the Sweeps.  Omega Supreme takes on heavy damage and crash lands onto an asteroid.  Ultra Magnus works on repairing Omega Supreme while the other Autobots distract the Decepticons.  As the Autobots are about to be defeated, Ultra Magnus completes his repairs and Omega Supreme turns the tide of the battle.  The Decepticons retreat and the Autobots resume their journey to Junkion.  On Junkion, they find an interstellar war, and Omega Supreme is damaged by the Decepticons (again) and crash lands (again).  The Decepticons land on the Planet of Junk as well.  Galvatron attempts to fire on the Autobots in cannon mode, but Omega Supreme takes the brunt of the blast with significant damage.

Marvel G1 Comic


Omega Supreme was designed and built by Grapple, and given life by Optimus Prime.  He had one purpose, defend The Ark.  Omega Supreme was also built to be a counterpoint to the combined form of The Constructicons, Devestator.  Optimus Prime takes a team of Autobots to the new Decepticon base and leaves Omega Supreme along with Ratchet to guard the Ark.  Megatron learns of the lightly crewed Ark and underestimates Omega Supreme.  A full attack from most of the Decepticons didn’t even scratch Omega Supreme’s tank mode.  Omega noticed that several Decepticons were standing on his track, so he electrified his track, shaking the Decepticons loose and causing them pain.  Omega Supreme then transforms into a titan sized robot.  He quickly defeats the entire Decepticon force and even fights Megatron one on one.  Megatron looses and orders the Decepticons to retreat.

Omega Supreme is next shown after the death of Optimus Prime, promising the Autobots that the funeral will be safe for them to attend.

Omega Supreme stays aboard The Ark, and when it lands on the moon for a battle between Grimlock and Blaster, Omega Supreme acts as the referee.

When the Autobots are ambushed in the arctic by the Decepticons, Omega Supreme is damaged by Buzzsaw.  Omega is quickly repaired and sent to Buenos Aires, as part of a team to defend the city from Starscream.  When Fortress Maximus is about to be killed by Starscream, Omega Supreme defends him and fights Starscream.  Starscream lets loose with his full strength and kills Omega Supreme.

IDW Re-Generation One

Omega Supreme returns in the Regeneration One book.  Prowl awakens him to help fight against Bludgeon’s attack on Cybertron which is using Matrix Energy fueled battle drones.  Omega Supreme helps tip the tide of the battle, and Soundwave orders Monstructor to attack him.  The two titans viciously fight each other, Monstructor using his corrosive touch to rip holes into the Autobot.  As the Autobots start to win the battle, Omega Supreme kills Monstructor.

IDW Transformers

In IDW, Omega Supreme is very close to his G1 Cartoon version.  He is an Omega Sentinel and one of the last surviving ones.

Omega Supreme winds up in the arctic zone of Cybertron standing watch.  He is found by Optimus Prime and Ironhide.   Optimus asks Omega Supreme what he is doing.  Omega tells him that they are trespassing and he is waiting for the Prime.  Optimus Prime tells Omega Supreme that he is the Prime, but Omega only knows of Nova Prime.  To prove that he is the current Prime, Optimus shows Omega Supreme the Matrix.  Omega Supreme accepts Optimus as the true leader of the Autobots.  He asks what happened to Nova Prime, Optimus tells him that Nova Prime has been missing for a very long time.  Omega Supreme transforms into rocket mode and brings Optimus Prime and Ironhide back to civilization.  Once they return to Iacon, Omega Supreme stands outside of Metroplex on guard.

Omega Supreme is stationed inside of a fake asteroid in the Muta-Gaath nebula.  Optimus Prime seeks his council.  Optimus Prime has been having visions of Nova Prime and asks Omega Supreme to tell him about Nova Prime and the first Ark.  Omega Supreme asks why he wants to learn about Nova Prime and the first Ark, and Optimus explains that the visions he has been having feel like a warning of a danger approaching.  Optimus asks if it is possible that Nova Prime could be corrupted.   Omega Supreme tells Optimus Prime that he and Nova Prime had a difference of opinion on some things.   Omega Supreme continues to tell Optimus that Nova Prime wanted to expand the bounds of Cybertron’s influence and be imperialistic.  Nova Prime felt that the Cybertronians should shape the entire universe in their image.  Optimus Prime realizes that the first Ark wasn’t meant for exploration, but expansion.  Monstructor tries to tackle Omega Supreme, and Omega unsuccessfully tries to defend himself.   Suddenly the fake asteroid starts to shake.  Monstructor bursts into the facility. Omega Supreme and Monstructor fight hand to hand and damage much of the facility. Monstructor rips off one of Omega Supreme’s arms and tosses him aside.  Optimus Prime tries to defend Omega Supreme, but he is not strong enough.  Optimus shoots the ground below Omega Supreme, causing both of them to fly into the vacuum of space.  Optimus grabs onto Omega Supreme and they fly to a safe place in the nebula.  Optimus Prime tells Omega that it is time for answers and asks about Monstructor.  Omega Supreme tells him that Nova Prime’s science officer, Jhiaxus, created them.  Omega explains that the experiment went bad and after Nova Prime and Jhiaxus disappeared, Omega made it his responsibility to make sure that Monstructor doesn’t cause havoc through the universe.  Monstructor was kept in a dimensional prison (kind of like the phantom zone in Superman). Omega Supreme tells Optimus Prime that Monstructor has a weakness in his chest.  Optimus Prime tries to talk Monstructor down, but Monstructor grabs Optimus to kill him.  Optimus Prime punches Monstructor’s chest and exploits the weakness.  Omega Supreme is repaired

While Metroplex and Trypticon are fighting, Optimus realizes that a small ship left Trypticon before he landed on Cybertron.  Optimus Prime asks Omega Supreme if he knows the status of the second ship.  Omega tells Optimus Prime that the ship is staying in low orbit of Cybertron.

Megatron invades Cybertron and Omega Supreme uses his artillery to disperse the Decepticon legions.  Omega admits to Optimus Prime that he didn’t like his former commander, Nova Prime, because he was corrupt.  The Decepticons focus all of their firepower on Omega Supreme and he falls.

Omega Supreme recovers quickly and continues his defence of Iacon.  When Omega Supreme sees that the Stunticons are about to attack Optimus, he fires on them, protecting his leader

Omega Supreme returns to Cybertron.  The Autobots are about to lose a battle with an Insecticon swarm, but they are saved by Omega Supreme.  Omega Supreme stomps a lot of Insecticons and then fires his blaster at them.  Optimus asks how Omega Supreme knew they needed help.  Hot Rod tells Optimus Prime that he signaled Omega.  Omega Supreme transforms into rocket mode and the Autobots escape back to Earth.

The Autobots try to gain ground.  The Autobots lose some ground, but they split up.  Megatron assumes that the Autobots are retreating.  In reality, they are giving Omega Supreme room to fight Devestator.  Optimus Prime tells Omega Supreme to move the fight so he doesn’t destroy the city.  Omega Supreme grabs Devestator and flies into the air.

Omega Supreme and Devestator continue their battle on Liberty Island.  Omega points his blaster arm at Devestator and shoots a hole through him, hitting the Statue of Liberty.

Hot Rod and several other Autobots leave the Autobot base.  They go to Omega Supreme to try to leave Earth.  Omega says that he doesn’t have enough Energon to get back to Cybertron.  Hot Rod and the other Autobots are willing to give Omega Supreme some of their Energon so they can go to a new planet.  Omega Supreme refuses to leave Earth unless Optimus Prime comes with him

Omega Supreme is stuck inside of the Autobot cavern base.  Bumblebee goes to talk to him.  Bumblebee tells Omega that he can’t leave the cave because he is so big that the humans would find them.  Omega changed his robot mode(?) (Doesn’t look any different in the pics) so he could adapt.  He asks Bumblebee for Energon so he can transform into base mode and not be as cramped.  Bumblebee explains they don’t have the spare Energon.

After the Autobots leave the Skywatch base, they move into Omega Supreme in base mode.

While on Cybertron, Omega Supreme remains transformed to act as a field base for the Autobots.  When the Deceptigod known as D-Void appears, the first thing it does is attack Omega Supreme



Omega Supreme is one of the strongest Autobots. He has demonstrated that his strength is equal to, or possibly greater than, a Combiner. He is able to fly in space without assistance, but this drains a lot of his energy. In rocket mode, several Autobots at a time can fit inside of him. He can also deploy the tracks of his tank to form a bridge.

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